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How would you boys approach/deal with this

2020.09.17 10:21 Reaction-Excellent How would you boys approach/deal with this

So you put in some work with this girl. 2 Days forward graft then make a last minute plan to do something
You go meet them. They seem to talk a lot. Lots of stories about their holidays. Guys she been with on holiday and how she went down on a guy to get in vip.
The chat was calm, bit of flirting etc and got back to the motor where we kissed and one thing lead to another we didn’t have sex but she went down on us and i did a few things to her. She said she ‘finished’ i know she didn’t but didn’t press as didn’t want to be too creepy/rapey. She went down on me and she said don’t finish in mouth. So i was like yeah sure she stopped right as i was gonna finish and said thats it. I was a bit flustered obviously n asked if i was okay and i said yes. I asked we go a walk in a flustered tone just to relax a bit as she was good she seemed hesistant as if i was gonna do something. She gave in and i respected her and we talked the whole night
Second get together was a snack in the park at this stage i felt a bit of sexual tension which can make me a bit quietish in a way more of a listener. The date went good. Enough for a third anyway. Her chat was about work, flirting but still about other boys though.
So third date we talked for ages again and it was late one thing lead to another where we had sex it didn’t last long for me as it was built up tension. She didn’t want me to help her after i was done and through out she seemed zoned out and i started to think she might have an avoidant attachment style?
We went on a drinks date where she was far more open and smiley and happy the best mood so far. She was saying her friend was on a date and the guy was like i don’t want to sleep with you yet unless you want to indicating this guy was nice how he handled it instead of us. I’ve never been on a first date with a girl that talks all about boys then goes down on you and doesn’t finish. I would have rather not talked about other boys and not have her down on me as our dates would have been more fun and there would be less annoying sexual tension and more respect if you get me?
At this stage what would you boys have done by now keep going or see her as a mind game playetester?
I will post part 2 of what happened after ill tell you how i felt after all this.
I felt we vibed well at the start 2-3 dates as time went on i wished she hadn’t went down on me as all i thought about was sex with her which could have made me come off as im only using her for that. We hadn’t had proper sex yet and we went for drinks and she wanted to come back to mine but i had parents in respectably. No hotels because of covid. After that date. The tension was higher than ever as i wanted to treat her right but we couldn’t do it anywhere
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2020.09.14 07:19 ironsoul99 Let’s talk about fragrances!

I have always been a fan of fragrances. I have never tried anything expensive ($25+), and recently went to sample some perfumes. I really liked YSL Black Opium and Chance by Chanel. I like the Viktor Rolf men’s perfumes so I also want to try their women’s Flowerbomb. I wanted to try Mugler Angel and Mugler Alien but there were no testers. I like Mugler’s fashion shows so I thought I’d give it a chance. I also have enjoyed Paris Hilton’s Heiress, Britney Spears Fantasy, Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Girls collection, and some B&BW fragrances like Cactus Blossom, In The Stars, Into The Night and Dark Kiss. For my more expensive purchase, I’m looking for something that is deeper and sexy compared to the sweet and sugary cheap fragrances I already own. Something for date night to make me feel sexy but also to make me feel strong and confident for work. What are your favorite fragrances?
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2020.08.29 19:19 house_for_sale I was a fidelity tester. The ease with which people tend to cheat on their partners was not the scariest thing I encountered during my "career"...

Fidelity tester’s job seems quite easy. Even for a semi-attractive woman, picking up boys is not a tedious job. They’re kind of hunters and if they’re not having a bit of inner moral principles they can be easily approached and got into bed even if they’re in a serious relationship. My task is to check whether my client’s boyfriend, spouse, husband or future son-in-law has those moral principles. Men are my main target. But not exclusively. One of my clients wanted me to check fidelity of her girlfriend. I’m not lesbian but I’m professional and playing homosexual wasn’t a big deal for me.
Salary I got from this job was enough to pay my bills and I could even save some money. I thought I would be able to do this for a long time, at least until I stay young enough to be object of desire. But one task changed everything.
It seemed off from the beginning.
First warning sign was the way that my client contacted me. Instead of ordinary mail or DM, I got an analogue letter in which I was invited to some obscure bar in the outskirts of town at strictly specified date and time. I was a bit behind with my budget at a time and so I didn’t decline the invitation.
I came to the bar at the right time. Place called “White Flag” was as obscure as I expected. Floor was sticky and smell of cigarettes penetrated the building and every object inside. There were only two customers. One completely drunk girl, laying her head on her table and mumbling something to herself. A kind of girl, the vicious guy could “take” home. The other guest was modestly dressed twenty-something girl. And by modest I don’t mean that she had soft makeup and basic clothes. If she had her hair covered I would assume she was a nun. Comparing to her, I looked like a total hooker.
The girl noticed me, smiled, and invited me to her table.
Despite circumstances, the introduction to the case was quite common. And girl was really nice despite her old fashioned appearance.
Jane explained that she was going to marry her husband, John (I made up those names for anonymity) in about a year, next Easter. It was a tradition in her orthodox protestant community to organize weeding only once a year, during the festivity.
Her community had also a few other strict rules, including the demand that women must stay clean until her wedding night. Jane was fine with the rule as obviously she was very religious. It was demonstrated by a small but visible necklace with tiny silver cross. She told me that John also declared to be believer and promised her she’d be his first. However, she and her parents had some doubts about the guy.
‘He lives in our town but he’s not born there. He arrived to town to earn a few bucks by helping us in harvest. But then he decided he loved our community and moved in.’, she explained.
‘And I guess, that’s the source of your doubts? The fact that he wasn’t raised in accordance with your rules?’
‘That, plus the fact that he leaves town every few weeks. He tells me and my parents… You know, we’re only supposed to see each other in their presence… that he’s got to visit his sick grandma from time to time. But one time our brother Bob ran across him twice (Sorry sis, brother Joshua followed him on purpose, I thought) in this bar during his absence. It’s kind of suspicious. John’s grandma lives in Illinois. And it’s not the road to Illinois.’
‘So you think the guy might be coming here to pick up some girls?’, I asked.
‘If ‘picking up’ means what I think… then my answer is yes.’, she replied.
‘Do you have any photos of your future spouse?’
It was the second warning sign.
Jane didn’t have any photos of the guy. She told me that the guy hated photos and in their community they tried to avoid modern inventions like photography so it’s not uncommon for people to live their whole life with no more than a few photos.
‘But he came to your town a few years back. He must have had photo session in school, maybe some photos on social media.’
‘Maybe, try to find him on the… Web.’
But he was nowhere on the Web. No Facebook account. No photos. No trace of him living in Illinois town where he was supposed to according to Jane. No student of his name in any of the local schools. It was obvious the guy was a big liar. He was escaping from his past or living double life. I wanted to help this poor girl to avoid a big mistake. I had two other clients before John finally left community “to visit his grandma” but the case of Jane constantly occupied my mind.
Finally, the day of the mission had come.
As we agreed, brother Bob, gruff overweight middle-aged man in his 50s, came to my apartment one night to inform me that John came to the bar once again. I quickly put on quite heavy make up, wore short black dress revealing a bit too much and high heels. Bob gave me a lift to the bar. I felt uneasy during the whole trip because he looked at me with obvious lust.
He didn’t talk much. He only made one strange remark about my target.
‘This guy, John. He’s a good looking guy. If I was one of those… gays… I’d like him. Ya get me. But don’t tell anyone.’
‘No problem, Bob.’, I answered astounded.
When we arrived at the bar it was about 10 p.m. John’s car was still outside.
Bob sneaked up to the bar’s window and told me a table where John was. It was necessary so I wouldn’t mistake him for other guy. Then he quickly returned to his car and left me alone outside. He promised he’d wait for me on a parking lot not too far away.
Without hesitation I entered “White Flag”. It was as dirty and repulsive as the last time.
I looked at the table where John was and… my heart beat faster.
He was my type of guy. I am ashamed to admit it but he was similar to Robert Pattinson back in his Twilight times. But he had shorter and neater hair. And he wasn’t so pale, of course.
‘Well, it should make my job much easier.’, I thought trying to come to my right senses.
Pretending to be a bit drunk I approached counter slightly staggering. I asked for whisky and cola. A barman was hesitant at first but he finally gave me my drink.
Slowly, I started sipping the drink giving John a significant look from time to time and thinking why the hell would such a guy join the traditional protestant community and marry a plain, overly modest girl next door instead of hitting the hot chicks of this world. He wouldn’t have to sit in such a place trying to get lucky.
I spent about twenty minutes or so staring at the guy like crazy. I was about to appreciate his hard moral backbone when he got up from his place and came to me. He smelled my favourite men’s fragrance. It was too perfect to be true. And it was the third warning sign I ignored.
‘What would such a beauty do in such a neglected place?’, he asked. He had amazing deep voice.
What a poor opening line, Mr. Cullen, I thought.
‘Ah… you know… I am turning twenty five today… and I’ve never done that one thing.’, I told something like that but it was more chaotic. I tried my best to play wasted girl. I also touched John’s chest meaningly.
I caught a slight smile on John’s face. He put a hand on my knee and said:
‘You… you’re damn pretty. I can’t imagine you haven’t done it yet.’
He was a terrible hitter. But his looks made it up for him.
‘I can do it with you.’
The game seemed too easy. We exchanged some more embarrassing lines and he finally decided to invite me to his car.
I’ve recorded our whole flirt in secret so it was a moment when I should’ve put an end to this mascarade pretending I’m about to vomit or something. But I didn’t. The guy just looked too good.
He drove me up to his place. It was a room in a cheap old motel. The wallpaper was scratched and instead of lamp there was a single lightbulb hanging from a ceiling. He didn’t waste any time, he threw me on his bed, lied down on me and started kissing me like crazy. His soft tongue stuck deep inside my mouth…
I closed my eyes to feel the warmth of his big manly hands around my waist. But something happened.
Suddenly his tongue became coarse like cat’s tongue. And his hands running up my torso felt like sandpaper.
‘Stop it, you’re hurting me.’, I told and I opened my eyes. I wish I had never done it.
The handsome face was gone. Instead there was a blue mess covered with reptilian skin. Eye sockets were empty, instead of mouth there was a gaping hole from which a twisted and long violet tongue stuck out. It started licking my face as dog would do. The thing’s saliva dripped on my face. It was hot and felt like burning tip of the cigarette.
I couldn’t see much of John’s body cause its face was too close to my face. I felt its rotten breath.
‘How do you like it now?’, he asked. His voice was hoarse and I could swear that it was backed up by some muted squeaky voice in the background.
I tried to scream but I my muscles were stiff out of fear.
I felt something slippery brushing my inner thigh. It moved independently to the rest of the thing’s body. The panties were no obstacle for it…
The monster squeaked.
‘You lied to me. You’re not immaculate!’, it screamed. I could hear fear in its voice. The thing touching lower parts of my body suddenly withdrew.
In a blink of an eye, John became human again. But he wasn’t Pattinson’s lost twin brother anymore. I saw prematurely balding, pimpled guy with a sparse tubble. He pulled his pants on and ran out of the room leaving me half alive and completely broken on the bed.
I lied there in shock sobbing and trying to realize what had just happened but I couldn’t. I felt pain, fear and embarassment. A part of me was abruptly taken but something out of this world.
I left the room a few hours later. I contacted motel manager who helped me to get back to my apartment. Despite his request I didn’t report the assault. Actually, I’ve never done it, afraid of confronting the thing. What’s more I moved far away from the town and stopped my fidelity tester career.
What about Jane? Wishing to erase those terrible events from my mind, I’ve never contacted her and I’m not going to. I hope she’s fine.
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2020.07.29 09:42 ConfusedAndLonely3 Female (25) needs advice about what to do in relationship with boyfriend (25). Am I wasting my time?

I'm feeling really conflicted about what to do with my boyfriend. The first time we dated we were together about a year and a half. We weren't in a good place and ended up breaking up. A year later we crossed paths and hit it off again, we've now been together for over 3 years. We haven't had a full on argument, we've really only bickered about something but then would be okay afterwards. I have noticed that whenever the conversations are about me not being happy about something he'll just say "sorry" in a dismissive way as if saying sorry will make everything better but to me it feels like he doesn't want to talk about it. Anyway...lately I've been wondering if maybe I'm wasting my time? I've been trying to ignore all the things I'm upset about in hopes that they'll get better or that maybe he'll change without me having to say anything but nothing has and I'm just finding myself angry and depressed about everything.
I have no clue what our future is...whenever we talk about marriage he says he's not ready for it and that he cant afford a ring. But I just cant understand why he wouldn't be ready? If you truly love someone and it's been over 3 years then shouldn't you know? The money issue is also not relevant, he has quite a bit of it and I've even told him I would be happy with something under $100. It feels like no matter what I say he just isn't that invested in the idea? It also doesnt feel like he even knows what he's doing, I think he has an addiction to video games because he seems to prioritize them over everything. I used to play them with him but I haven't had an interest in them lately. He's home all day and plays a majority of the day and late into the night. When I get home from work he'll briefly ask how my day was, get food for us, then go back to playing and talking to his friends on discord. Am I wrong for wanting attention when I get home? It also seems like he uses games as a distraction from everything: job searching, to not think about self confidence issues, etc. If he's not playing games then he's watching videos of others play games. I've tried to get him to apply to jobs that would allow him to be a game tester but he just doesnt seem to want to apply to anything? I just worry that he has an addiction to them, if he put even half of the energy he puts into games he could achieve the body goals he has or have the house as clean as he's wanting all the time. I've also noticed he hasn't paid attention to me ever since my sexual feelings have faded. I've been dealing with some past trauma and the anxiety/depression associated with that has made it really hard to feel anything related to it. Before I finally talked to him about what happened I had been pulling away from his advances and one night I woke up to him doing things to me. My anxiety in the moment made me unable to move so I just pretended to be asleep and I dont think he knows that I know what he did. After that incident I finally talked to him about my past trauma and he hasn't done it since but it still bothers me that he would do things when I obviously didn't want to do things while I was awake. I'm just tired of feeling like sex is all I'm good for. Whenever we kiss and it turns into making out he'll try to turn it into sex and I just dont want that. I just want his attention for more than 5 minutes and to feel like he's actually invested in what i have to say. I want to have deep conversations, not conversations only about games or updates about games.
I want to talk to him about all that's been bothering me but I'm worried he'll just try to brush it off. Am I wasting my time in thinking he actually wants to be with me? Is he only with me so he's not lonely? I need to k ow because I always dreamt of being married by this age and currently I'm no where near that happening. I love him a lot but lately it just feels like we aren't on the same page...what do I do
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2020.07.11 06:18 The_Fapastic_4 I (25M) disagree with my girlfriend (47F) on most politics.

Tl;dr my Boomer as gf is boomer as hell and doesn't fuck with science.
There's a big age gap between us so its expected for us to have different beliefs but some of the the shit she says, like HOLY SHIT.
So first off I refuse to eat out. My favorite sports bar caused over 100+ COVID cases in less than 1 week. When we go out I wear a mask but she won't. The problem is she ALWAYS wants to eat out so we settle for take out at my apartment. It kind of pisses me off because I can cook a badass filet, potatoes, asparagus, whatever veggies for half the cost but she makes way more money than I do so if she wants to buy dinner it is fine by me.
But then there's police brutality. I have literally never seen someone bury their head in the sand with such velocity and determination. She thinks that it only happens to people with "problems with authority" The 75 year old man from Buffalo is, "taken out of context." in her eyes. All of my clients are elderly people so to me its a personal issue. Its disgusting and repulsive that she can minimize violence against people who are so fragile.
And here's the big kicker. The fun, dates, morning kisses, sex, jokes, and almost all of the treats of dating are sullied by this: She thinks COVID-19 is being overblown. She's not a trump supporter either, just a facebook boomer. I've sent her home because of how pissed off I got one time. 2 days ago she told me that if you get tested for COVID the testers will put the virus onto the testing swabs to inoculate you and before they were doing that they would just read the test as positive to boost the numbers. I asked her! I asked her WHY. What motive would the whole planet have to do this and she told me its something neither of us could ever understand. She speculates that it's propaganda to scare us into not leaving our homes and to destroy our economy. I personally don't feel that way at all. Especially because during the shutdown her unemployment checks were within $50 of her weekly paychecks and while working from home I started making roughly 20% more. Sure, that experience is anecdotal. Maybe it shouldn't be considered but I trust science. If the man with the medical degree, years of expertise, and successful track record says, "social distancing is good" then social distance it is for me. I think my governor is doing a fantastic job and the anti science memes she shares are killing my attraction and connection to her. It irks me that she would go through these mental gymnastics to disagree with this global disaster.
I'm at my wits end people. My whole life I have never been in a relationship until now but I'm starting to think this one is DOA. Im sad to say this is the deal breaker I always joked about (I keep telling her not watching anime is a deal breaker).
Is there a way to rectify this or is this a good reason to end our dating relationship?
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2020.06.24 00:08 1_000catherine MOVING SALE! Huge Declutter from Drug Store to High End & Luxury Prices Lowered & Tons of New Items Added! CHANTECAILLE TOM FORD WAYNE GOSS FENTY CHANEL GLOSSIER NUDESTIX LA MER HAKUHODO PAT MCGRATH LABS + Way More!

Hello again, MUE!

Please read my info section before browsing, as some things have changed since my last sale.

-Minimum purchase requirement of $15 pre-shipping fees, please. Following the change of MUE rules, all transactions will be through PayPal Goods & Services with fees covered by me. Due to the G&S changes, I don't offer any bundle pricing or barter. Everything is priced well and I have even lowered several prices since my last sale.
-Shipping to the US only at this time. Postage starts at $4 and goes up with weight.
-I honor timestamps on comments. Please reply to your own comment instead of editing the original if you want to add something! I will not be notified of your edit so I may overlook it. Thank you! Please send payment within one hour after your item is confirmed so that I can inform any other interested buyers. I will move on to the next person in line after this time.
-As always, I include a goody bag with each purchase over $25. I've gotten great feedback on my "GWP" bags from previous buyers and try to include a range of foils, samples, travel-sized, and sometimes even full-sized items from drugstore all the way up to luxury brands. Thanks to everyone who has bought from me recently, I am running a bit low on samples and minis! I will be including more new or gently-used full-sized items in bags this week.
-I will be shipping all orders within one week of my sale date. I'm in the process of packing up and moving house while looking after a one year-old, so I may not be as prompt in my replies this week! I apologize in advance. I have also broken my phone 😑 so if you need additional pictures of anything, please be aware that there may be a delay. I'm borrowing an iPad for pictures, so I may or may not have access to it when you ask.

EYELINER (Verification)
BROWS (Verification)
MASCARA (Verification)
FACE PALETTES (Verification)
BRONZER & CONTOUR (Verification)
FACE POWDERS (Verification)
BRUSHES (Verification) - All brushes have been washed gently and thoroughly with either BeautyBlender solid soap or Dr. Bronner's Liquid Castile Baby Soap, depending on their respective fibers. They have been dried in brush guards in order to show their original shape.
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2020.06.22 14:39 Highthere98 I (21F) ended my relationship with my bf (23M) How do you get over someone?

For the sake of my sanity, I need to vent and if anyone has any tips to make this an easier transition, I am all ears.
My (F21) now ex-boyfriend (M23) had said that sex has lost its appeal with me towards the end of our relationship. Something along the lines of he can have it whenever he wants it now and it’s no longer appealing because the lack of the chase. For lack of better words, I’m no longer special? At least that’s how I interpreted it. I'm confused and hurt as I can't seem to move past this. This went on for 5-6 months. His story would always change. 1st it was he didn't want to use a condom after he got a taste of not having to use one for a week (I was on a tester BC pack), then it was he was stressed and not in the mood (which I can understand every now and then), then his story changed to he had no sex drive (which is not true bc I found porn on his phone and confronted him about it), then he went to saying he was complacent with sex and me. I made him wait for 8 months when we first started dating before I was ready (he was my first everything (kiss, serious relationship, etc) so this is making the breakup that much harder on me. Sex to me is with someone I love, I've never been the one who wants to just hookup for fun although I see the appeal).
He used to not be able to keep his hands off of me, would ask for pics, make sexual/flirtatious comments, would always at least want to make out, go down on me, etc. Fast forward two years down the line and this past November (November 2019) things started to change. It’s like I’m no longer sexually attractive to him, I don’t really know. I got on BC (a tester pack for a month) so we tried it without condoms for the first time and it was great. After that, I had issues securing BC and staying on it due to my insurance so I thought his lack of interest in me was due to having to wear a condom and him complaining that “it hurt” and he’d rather not have sex with me than to use one again.
Fast forward to this past April and I was back on BC. I went to go visit him one weekend thinking that this was the fix to our issue as when I visited him months ago, we didn’t have sex nor the time when I visited a like a month before. But nothing seemed to have changed. He always seemed to want to focus on just his pleasure and not my own. I didn't feel desired or wanted and I had to be the one to initiate anything. I had tried everything I could think of to spice up our sex life thinking he’s bored of me. But nothing worked. I had tried steamy bubbles baths and candles and he refused to join me, sexy lingerie (which he then would say makes sex feels forced because he interpreted the sexy lingerie as “we're fucking” when I just wanted to be noticed. Also, I had distinctively remembered that he said it would be hot if I came out in lingerie one night as a surprise), just being outright about what I want, flirting with him throughout the day, sexting & sending photos but he didn't reciprocate and the thing is he had used to.
Not only were our intimate lives going to shit but whenever I called on the phone he'd pickup and answer "what do you want" rather than how are you or just saying hello. If I asked any questions he'd ask why it mattered or tell me that all my question asking was annoying (I'd be asking about his day, work, family, etc. or just random things that popped in my head). He could never say he missed me and when I asked him about this he'd say "honestly, I'm so busy I don't even think about it". This hurt as I work as well and am busy with other obligations and I still missed him so I just can't understand it. Especially when we were "long distance" and didn't see each other every week let alone every month. I wanted to start a little business venture and asked his thoughts on it, he told me it was not worth it as the business was oversaturated. Rather than tell me it was going to be hard and support me, he just told me it was not worth it. Maybe it was because he moved and got his first big boy job, I dont know. I've been wracking my brain as to what I did wrong or what went wrong? I know the breakup is for the best because I just felt like shit about myself for the past couple of months but there is still so much that I need to work through. I tried to hard to communicate and remedy it. I was honest and upfront about how I was feeling but it ended up being every time I went to visit him, we argued. He said he would "fix it" but never did. I was tired of hearing the same bs after months of no change.
I ended things (I guess) 3ish weeks ago. He couldn't tell me he loved me when I was going to bed and I brought that up to him and it was just like a power struggle with him not saying what I needed to hear when we weren't on the best of terms. We had talked on the phone earlier in the day and had been "fine" but this just was my breaking point. I sent a text telling him we might as well be friends and he responded that he was not needy. I then told him I was exhausted feeling like everything I said or did would come across as needy or dramatic. Tired of feeling like I had to beg for validation or for love from him. He responded. "Ok. I'm going to bed, goodnight". like ARE YOU KIDDING ME. He knew I was upset and this is what he sent back. At that point I was over it. It was on him to reach out and communicate with me rather than tune me out. The next day he sent me a picture of his work desk on snapchat and I opened, did not respond, and that was the last I heard from him. So 2.5 years wasted and for what? I learned what I won't ever accept in any of my other relationships. I feel taken for granted and I feel so stupid to the point I regret ever sleeping with him. I don't want to have regrets but this is just how I feel right now.
I am struggling mentally with feeling attractive again. I know this should not matter and it never did to me but to put it bluntly my friend who was trying to make me feel better about the breakup said to "think of it this way. You're an A-lister and he's like an E-lister, you're so out of his league". I know I'm not ugly but when I was rejected by the one person I wanted over and over again it began to feel that way and still does. I am struggling with feeling like a bother to friends and family members and I worry about coming off as needy to them or like a nuisance.
I would have thought our relationship had meant more to him than this. I just feel like his "feelings" towards me were a lie. I think our relationship needed to end because he could not seem to invest what I knew he had been capable of but I wish it had ended differently. I never want to be in a relationship where I care more than the other person again. Sorry for being all over the place, this is just how my mind is operating right now.
So how do you guys move on from a breakup, emotionally and physically?
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2020.06.21 14:38 EscapingTheUnwanted [Video Games] Last of us Part 2 and the hopefully clear telling of this long, arduous tale (Spoilers for both 1 and 2)

As some are likely aware, there was a post on this topic, that was deleted by the user after the comments call them out for recounting the situation in a biased manner. My interest has been piqued however - so here's a hopefully better recounting of what happened. Some parts of this are based off of the original post, so credit where credit is due to that previous poster and thank the gods for Wikipedia.
Edit: I want to preface this post with the note that some people have pointed out that I presented the bigoted/nonbigoted sides of this issue as equal when in reality, they were not. I apologize for this as I was not careful in my writing and was mildly sleep deprived when I wrote the latter part of this. This post has reached the character limit for posts so I cannot do a proper rewrite - please just take my writing with a grain of salt!

The Last of Us

The Last of Us was an important game in it's own right, being the last major Sony exclusive for the Playstation 3 as well as getting a remastered version for Playstation 4 a year later. It remains highly rated as "a masterpiece", with reviewers praising everything from it's character development, to the story, the visual/sound design and also it's depiction of female and LGBT characters.
The relationship between main characters, 14-year old Ellie and the older Joel who is shown to have lost his daughter early on in the story, is the main focus of the game. You mostly play as Joel, a man tasked with escorting Ellie across a post-apocalyptic America because she's immune to the plague that's swept across the country and could be the missing piece behind a cure. Their fathedaughter like bond earned the game quite a bit of attention, especially given that at the end Joel kills some of the people trying to create a cure because they would have to kill Ellie to accomplish this.
The game also introduced a notable LGBT character by the name of Bill, a queer man who lost his partner to the plague. He was noted by GLAAD, an organization who monitors LGBT representation and acceptance in media, as being one of 2013's most intriguing, new LGBT characters.
The 2014 pre-quel DLC, Left Behind, introduced more of a focus on LGBT elements. It released on Valentine's Day, exploring the relationship between Ellie and a girl named Riley who took a mentor-ish role to Ellie, but this turned somewhat romantic as a kiss is shared between them in one scene. This illicited many questions of 'Does Ellie is Gay' and how this affected people's perspective on the main game.
Creative Director Neil Druckmann spoke on Bill's Creation and how sexuality played a role in the production of the game, who said "Because we didn’t explore it [Ellie’s sexuality] one way or another in the main game, it was up for grabs in this story."
Druckmann co-helmed this game along with Game Director Bruce Straley, employee of Naughty Dog since 1999, working on other notable games like the Uncharted Series as Co-Art Director (First Game) and Game Director (Second and Fourth Game).

Background Uncharted Drama

In addition to Druckmann and Straley, another notable person involved is Amy Hennig. Hennig is known as a skilled writer, with her work on the Legacy of Kain series (90s/00s action-adventure games), specifically the Soul Reaver game, being her self-proclaimed greatest achievement. She was the creative director on the Uncharted series, working with Straley there.
I say was because she left the company in 2014 in the middle of Uncharted 4's production. Some claim she was forced out of the company by none other than Druckmann and Straley, but Naughty Dog directly denied this and Hennig never confirmed this as truth either. To this day, we still don't know for sure. The duo would take over production of Uncharted 4 with Druckmann now as Creative director and lead writer.
Hennig's departure kicked off an exodus as many veterans of the company left in the months following, including Uncharted 4 Game Director Justin Richmond, The Last of Us Lead Artist Nate Wells and The Last of Us Lead Character Artist Michael Knowland.
(If your curious about Hennig post-this, within a month of leaving, Hennig joined Visceral Games to work on a star wars game, but unfortunately EA came through and destroyed all that in 2017. She joined Skydance Media in November 2019 though and she's working on some interesting things there.)
After Hennig's departure, Uncharted 4 went through some major script changes according to Alan Tudyk, the voice actor (VA) who was originally going to voice the game's villain. He said that the VA for the protagonist's brother, Todd Stashwick, left for similar reasons. Stashwick was replaced by The Last of Us Joel's VA, Troy Baker. There were also eight months of voice work scrapped due to these major changes, according to Nolan North, the VA for Nathan Drake, protagonist and main character of Uncharted. In a New York Times interview (that is unfortunately no longer available, but was reported on here), Druckmann and Straley confirmed that the story was being redone along the lines of their vision, setting the project back eight months and putting the company into a "crunch" period. In a different interview, Druckmann also explained that they basically "pitched a pretty new story to the team".
The game was finished and released in 2016 to "universal acclaim" according to Metacritic. Perfect timing as, at the Playstation Experience in 2016, Naughty Dog would reveal The Last of Us Part 2.

Last of Us Part 2 Development

(Finally we get to the main topic, yes!).
The Last of Us Part 2 of course, didn't begin production in 2016, but back in 2014 after the remastered edition of the first game was released. Straley left Naughty Dog in 2017, likely purposefully coinciding with the release of Uncharted 4's expansion Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, which came out a month before he announced his departure.
Druckmann is all on his own so to speak, but has a co-writer, two game directors and other designers/developers on the team. However, with Straley gone and this being his co-writer's first video game project, this certainly can be a big point in Druckmann's career as he was the most 'veteran' person on Part 2's team and effectively was the big guy in charge.
Like how the first game was the last major game of the PS3, with the new Playstation 5 announced, Part 2 was getting a similar treatment as one of the last major games for the PS4.
After the game was announced, Druckmann commented on the game's bleakness, saying that while the first game was focused on love, the second would be focused on hate. Many theories came from this announcing trailer, the most popular being that Joel is dead and Ellie's "hate" is against his killers, who likely will be the Fireflies, the group looking for a cure that Joel killed some members of in order to save Ellie. Some were against the idea for a variety of reasons, from thinking that's too obvious to be right to others simply being too attached to Joel to want to see him die in this game.
Over the course of 2017, there'd be small tidbits released, a teasing tweet here, a particuarly spicy reddit thread there. The next major occurrence would be at the end of October during Paris Games Week. The game got a second trailer that introduced a mystery woman getting hung by dark-clad people in the rain.
There was confusion at these unrecognized figures as well as nausea due to the intense violence and graphically gruesome imagery in the short video. Given the fact that we don't know the people we're watching be tortured more or less, or why they're being attacked, there were questions of why we should care or even have to watch that. Druckmann stated that they "are integral to [Ellie and Joel's] next journey".
Some tried to make answers - because of the focus of someone about to stab her in the stomach and claiming that the mystery woman was full of sin, a lot of people thought this was Ellie's mother and her 'sin' was sex that got her pregnant with Ellie. People were excited, because this possibly could lead to an explanation of how Ellie became immune to the disease in the first place. [Spoilers, sadly they were wrong].
In 2018, there was a full gameplay reveal at E3. They turned a sound stage into a giant church for the 3,000 journalists and attendees and showed off the gameplay. The real-life church was made to resemble one in-game that Ellie dances in and where she kisses another girl (and then awkwardly they shuffled everyone out to continue the presentation in a different area after the video was over).
Besides that, the trailer also featured Ellie violently killing someone by slicing their neck open and then the gameplay ensued. You see someone getting hanged and their entrails being ripped out of their stomach, and generally people who were worried the previous trailer was a sign of the game becoming unnecessary violent were not reassured. While the first game was mainly focused on killing infected, mutated monsters, this game seemed more focused on killing other people.
As you may expect, there was a bit of a reaction to two girls kissing each other. There was positive response due to the fact that kissing is one of the hardest things to do well in animation and they honestly nailed it. Some even edited the trailer, taking out the violence and gameplay so it was just the kiss. Some people were surprised at other people's surprise, citing the Left Behind dlc and going "we already knew she was gay guys, come on". Others felt that the focus on Ellie's sexuality was queerbait. Here are some reddit threads talking about it, circa the E3 presentation if you want a direct idea of people's thoughts. Some people also cited This Youtube Video in reddit threads as being a "great video that explains some of people's gripes", though others replied saying the video was "shortsighted, disingenuous, ignorant and just unintentionally (or intentionally) insulting". [Current comments on the video are saying it's agedlikewine and "They hated him because he spoke the truth."]
There was one more trailer released during Sony's State of Play broadcast in September 2019. It seems to take place directly after the dance displayed in the previous trailer, with the characters referencing it and it shows the apparent reason for Ellie's violent behavior and 'hate'. You may also notice the June 19 release date on the video (contradicting some articles noting a Feburary release date) as well as the disabled comments...We'll get to these things later, don't worry.
From this article describing an interpretation of the trailer: "Ellie and Dina joke about sharing a kiss before heading off on their patrol route, an unseen voice warning them about running into "anything they can't handle" before they immediately run into something they can't handle. It looks like their patrol goes wrong, it may be Ellie's fault… and Dina seemingly gets captured by a hostile group and executed." The article also notes how this is the first time we've properly seen Joel. Many hoped that this negated the previous, "Joel is dead/will die" theories.
In interviews around this time, Druckmann spoke on the concerns of homophobic and misogynistic tropes being pandered to by the game, such as 'fridging' - killing/harming female characters to motivate the plot - and the 'bury your gays' cliche - the presentation as LGBT characters as more expendable than heteronormative characters. He explained that the plot can't be taken for granted ahead of the February release day and when asked specifically about fridging, he corrected that it's "about a woman dying for a male character but I hear your concern." but conceded that 'bury your gays' was "a more accurate trope".
He also called Part 2 the longest game Naughty Dog has ever made, and said plans for multiplayer were scrapped because resources were shifted to improving the scale of the game, which was also addressed by Naughty Dog along similar lines.
"It’s so ambitious the game doesn’t fit on one BluRay, it’s on two discs. It’s so ambitious that we actually decided to make it single player only. There’s no multiplayer in The Last of Us Part 2. We wanted to take all of the resources to make this the biggest game we’ve ever done.”
Please keep this quote in the back of your mind as we digress for a moment.

Anita Sarkeesian Aside

I will mention, because it was in the previous thread and appears in some reddit threads - Druckmann is viewed as a supporter of Anita Sarkeesian as he shared in the past that he's been influenced by Sarkessian's videos, Feminist Frequency. Even the previous attempt at a writeup of this drama had a poor attempt at describing the view on Druckmann:
"Being a bad manager who basically got a company into a half-decade's worth of crunch and bled most of its higher-rank talent out of said company, or a soyboy with a manbun who simps for Anita Sarkeesian and is pushing the ever-elusive agenda. "
For those unaware, Sarkeesian had a whole drama of her own in 2012 where, [direct wikipedia quote], "Sarkeesian was targeted by an online harassment campaign following her launch of a Kickstarter project to fund the Tropes vs. Women in Video Games series... The situation was covered extensively in the media, placing Sarkeesian at the center of discussions about misogyny in video game culture and online harassment."
People would reference her as ruining the game in various points along this drama's timeline and as far as I can see, she doesn't have much of any involvement in this game besides knowing Druckmann and him supporting what she's doing to some extent. That's all I'm gonna say about that. If you want to read more on that, just search both of their names together, you'll find plenty of stuff.

2020 Ruins Everything

Continuing on, originally, the game was going for a February 21st, 2020 launch - this is the date that was originally at the end of that final dramatic trailer it seems, given the articles that link it.
Then it got delayed to May 2020. Druckmann announced this delay a month later in October of 2019, saying it was because the game in its current state didn't meet Naughty Dog's standards. As you can see by the strikethroughs in Druckmann's statement - these were changed. Everything seems to have been retroactively changed to adhere to the release date that actually happened - June 19th, hence the video's endcard and description.
Before that June 19th date though, a lot seems to have gone down, so ignore that and stick with me for now.
After the May 2020 delay, time went on and Covid-19 happened. Considering the game's topic of a fungal outbreak plaguing and effectively destroying the world... I mean, questionable but things seemed to be trucking along more or less, until March of 2020.
On March 12th, Jason Schreier of Kotaku wrote an expose on the working conditions at Naughty Dog, painting a disturbing picture of the crunch conditions at Naughty Dog. Having written multiple articles of similar caliber describing 'the fall of Bioware through Anthem' and 'Mass Effect Andromeda's turbulent production' - suppose it's not a surprise that he recently left to report on games for Bloomberg.
In the gaming industry, crunch, or working overtime, is a widespread issue and at Naughty Dog, stands out as behind the ultra-realistic graphics and meticulous details are weeks, if not months of crunch time. The details of squirrels and birds that run/fly from you, of characters blinking and turning away from lights shone in their face, of snow being knocked off of the branches you bump into - and that's just The Last of Us. Naughty Dog has a perfectionism culture where the greatness of games is made no matter the human cost or consequence, to paraphrase the linked article. The article does it more justice, having anonymously interviewed 13 people from Naughty Dog.
“They do try to take care of you, providing food, encouragement to go take breaks,” said one former developer. “But for the most part, the implication is: ‘Get the job done at all costs.’”
Scope creep, when changes causing continuous/uncontrolled growth in a project scope, was a major issue both in Uncharted and in The Last of Us, with designers working 12 hour work days to reach Druckmann's vision for the game. Perfectionism was their downfall.
After Schreier published this article, some people came forth to corroborate his article. Jonathan Cooper, an animator who left Naughty Dog in 2019, shared his story of how one person was hospitalized after working on the September 2019 demo of the game, how the company tried to withhold his paycheck until he signed "additional paperwork stating [he] wouldn't share their production practices" and how a lot of the problems were due to the team being overfilled with 'juniors'.
With the large amounts of veterans leaving, they'd have to bring in less experienced people who'd accept the work and subsequently need to be trained/caught up on things, wasting more time and causing even more of a crunch. As mentioned in a previous Druckmann quote, "We wanted to take all of the resources to make this the biggest game we’ve ever done."
Not long after this article, on April 2nd, 2020, Sony would make the decision to delay the launch of the game. [Note, the previous write-up portrayed this as happening before Schreier's article - it occurred after and wasn't solely the result of Covid's effects on game-publishing ability].
On the same day as this announcement, an interview with Joel's VA, Troy Baker, came out where he said the game would make us "question everything", and urged players to go into the story with an open mind. He was unsure as to whether or not people would like th story, but was certain they wouldn't be "ambivalent" about it.
Oh Troy. You were right about that at least.
The game would be removed from the PlayStation Store following the indefinite delay's announcement, preventing players from preordering it.

Oh, the Leaks you'll see!

Yeah, the game got leaked.
While the big leak came later in the month, in early april, there was a thread created speaking on minor leaked details of the game, with now defunct youtube videos. Some thought the leaks here were old, animations and audio circa the demo that had released the year previous and felt that the actual game will be better. This thread would be locked however, when the MAJOR leak occurred.
Reports of the leaks came about on April 26 when a user on ResetEra created a dedicated thread for leaks/spoilers that became the main place for people to post videos and links that were reposted just as soon as they were taken down. [These links are dead as doornails so the reporting articles and the contextual discussion around the links is what I have to know what they contained].
There seems to have been two 'separate' leaks going off of the ResetEra thread - a 4chan summary, and leaks on reddit. The reddit leaks have been retroactively confirmed with the game's release though I claim no certainty as to what was within them.
It seemed to be from a developer build, with multiple scenes included an intimate scene between Ellie and Dina that seemed to be pillowtalk as well as Joel getting beaten to death. Though the death part wasn't explicitly confirmed in the leaked footage it was gruesome enough that many assumed that was his death scene. Some were confused by the fact that Joel is seen in the trailers, which is chronologically later in the game and saw this as a sign of the leaks being fake. Others thought this meant that Naughty Dog purposefully arranged the trailers this was to confuse the Joel-is-going-to-die theorists. Still others weren't sure what to think.
Quoted from the original write-up:
"Joel's killer with the golf club? You play as her, her name is Abby. You have a boss fight with the goal of beating Ellie and her girlfriend down. Said girlfriend is pregnant and Abby's response to being told this?
> "Good." Raises a knife to cut Dina's throat"
The original Youtube video was claimed and the repost/copyright claim wars began and the Streisand effect is in full swing. Sony managed to DMCA their own tweet in their zeal. This wave of trying to clamp down on leak/spoiler discussion is why many of their Last of Us Part 2 videos have their comments disabled. PS4 allows leaks to be discussed in a specific thread while thelastofus puts the sun under an indefinite quarantine. This kickstarted life into TheLastOfUs2, which became a notable hub for transphobia/homophobia, especially surrounding Abby.
Abby, the name now attached to the mystery woman from the trailer who was originally thought to be Ellie's mother. The one who was 'full of sin', violently hung and all that. The leaks revealed that she was a playable character and she was not Abby's mother, but the daughter of one of the surgeons that Joel killed to save Ellie from death for the sake of a cure. She's now on a revenge quest in which she kills Joel - and she succeeds. She fights Ellie later on as well, when Ellie is on a revenge quest of her own.
Reactions to Abby were mixed/negative. Some were against the gruesome death of Joel (clobbered to death with a golf club in front of Ellie). There were complaints that in the original game, you didn't need to even kill all the surgeons to save Ellie, so "pushing the random surgeon front and center to be the mcguffin of everything sure is... something".
Others thought she was transgender due to her muscular frame and her being identified as such for similar reasoning in leaks - and referred to her with related slurs and insults. If she was trans, some objected to her VA, Laura Bailey), as she was not trans. Lev, a different character in the game, was confirmed to be transgender and had a transgender VA - Ian Alexander). Bailey already has had controversy around her due to her work in Uncharted 4 as Nadine, a black, south african woman. She cited this as occurring because she was unaware of the character's appearance until the first day of filming.
The article cites searching 'the last of us abby' on twitter as a method of viewing direct responses and it works well enough, even if this is after the game's release. Looking at the top posts of TheLastOfUs2 circa this year also brings up the memes that were coming out ~1 month ago, after the leaks.
Some theorized that a jaded Naughty Dog employee was behind the leak in a form of retaliation against the company's crunch practices, or believed it to be an alpha tester who was disgruntled with the game's state.
The Employee Theory was posted on reddit [now deleted], falsely claiming that Naughty Dog was furloughing employees and withholding their post-game bonuses. Schreier, the guy who wrote the Kotaku expose on Naughty Dog, asserted this post as fake and gave his take on the situation.
The day after the leak, April 27th, Naughty Dog expressed their disappointment of the leaks, which was seconded by Druckmann, who found it 'heart-breaking'. Sony released a statement similar to Naughty Dog.
Someone on twitter by the name of PixelButts - a Naughty Dog Quality Assurance tester with inside knowledge as a result - gave a run-down on how the leaks happened on twitter which has been cited by some articles as accurate. in short, the game had a key to access the developer's server, which was exploited in order to copy things off this server. These things were leaked and while the vunerability was fixed according to Naughty dog, the damage was done.
At least there was now a release date - June 19.
In the meantime, spoiler discussions were the hot thing. There were guides to avoid the spoilers, some were so dedicated to avoid them while others were discussing this stuff to their heart's content.
On May 1st, it was reported that Sony identified the individuals responsible for the leaks and said they were unaffliated with Sony and Naughty Dog. They didn't give any further detail and there's still none to be found. Theories that this is a lie and they were Naughty Dog employees still persist.
On May 4th, it was reported that was game's initial download was around 100 G, making it the largest Sony-published game on the PS4. Naughty Dog confirmed this via Druckmann and stated the game has 'gone gold' meaning the development was finished and the physical manufacturing of the game could begin.
On May 6th, an official story trailer was released for the game which seemed to confirm many parts of the leaks as true. Focusing on Joel and Elli after an attack, and showing how their relationship has changed between the two games. The scenes mainly focus on Ellie's descent into violent rage as well. Some found it underwhelming because it doesn't reveal anything new nor does it address the leaks directly - but the events of the trailer fit right alongside the leaks, with characters speaking of something that logically seems to be Joel's death when you have the context of the leaks in mind.
From May 13th to June 3rd, Naughty Dog released a video series about the development of the game. [I am not watching this, and am having issue finding articles about the series after it came out, so... it exists, not sure of the opinion on it.]
On June 4th, Lotte Kestner, a musician, accused Druckmann of copying her cover of the song, True Faith. The original song was an upbeat, synth song while Kestner's cover had a slow, acoustic melody that was notably similar to the one preformed by Ellie in the recent trailer. She was harrassed to the point of deleting the tweets as some claimed she was only after her '15 minutes of fame'. On June 9th however, Druckmann apologized to Kestner and the youtube trailer was updated to include credit to Kestner's cover.
On June 12th, the pre-release reviews are allowed to release to general acclaim though some found that it's violence overshadowed other parts of the game. There was controversy especially about Naughty Dog's embargo restrictions (the terms in which it can be reported on). They were seemingly strict with many reviews commenting on how it prevented them from properly communicating their feelings about the game. Podcast host Jeff Cannata made the now-infamous comparison of, "In a medium where everything is John Wick, The Last of Us Part 2 is Schindler's List." Not every review was positive, but there was a general hopefulness around the game coming back from all it had been through.
So the last write-up said the ending was leaked two days before the game's release but all the 'leaks' I'm seeing seem to be meme videos with no substance and ending discussions are related to the pre-existing leaks. The previous write-up also sourced a random tweet discussing the ending video existing without actually linking anything of weight.
So, with that, June 19th arrives.

Game's Release and Aftermath

The Last of Us Part 2 was released on June 19. I am writing this on June 20th, into the 21st because this is taking awhile.
The game was heavily review bombed on Metacritic and at the time of writing this, it was a user score of 3.6, though some articles cite it going as low as a 3.4. Druckmann tweeted out a mocking celebration for the game having double the number of user reviewers on it's release day than the first game has to date. The review count would continue to rise and currently sits at nearly 38,000 ratings, with the original game being short of 10,000. I think these two replies best sum up the response to Druckmann's words.
It's described as a 'Dark Game for a Dark Time' and many agree that it certainly succeeded on Druckmann early descriptions of being a game about hate as you alternate between Ellie and Abby, two opposing sides that certainly don't love each other. Many applaud the technical side of the game from the graphics to the sound design, while noting the narrative as a downside to the game.
Voice Actors involved in the game such as Laura Bailey (Abby) and Shannon Woodward (Dina) claimed that reviewers were the result of bots, Bailey having deleted her tweet since then and it seems Woodward may have as well (I mean, I don't see it on her twitter anymore).
Rumors go around that Bailey did a sexual motion capture with Druckmann due to Abby having a sex scene with Owen, a character many refer to as Druckmann's self-insert. Druckmann had previously referred to it as tasteful and it was reported on as being anything but [NSFW, view the scene here]. Some commented on Abby's appearance, stating that her chest resembled male 'pecs' more than a female bosom, a minor meme trend took hold in relevant subreddits where people photoshopped Druckmann's face onto Owen and/or Abby in the scene. Bailey addressed it in a tweet, clarifying that she did not film with Neil at any point and asking people to "Play the game. THEN give your opinions."
PS4 announced that they were going to spend the weekend in restricted mode. So they created two threads. The Last of Us thread and the Not Last of us Thread, before shutting every other part of the subreddit down. There was what I presume to be a regularly rescheduled 'Free Talk Sunday' thread that was autoposted early on Sunday and was locked within an hour or two like the rest of the reddit.
thelastofus created a megathread for spoilers and discussions and most of the reddit is clad in spoiler tags as people discuss the game. There are rumors of the mods shadowbanning people who speak poorly of the game, though the truth of this is unknown.
TheLastOfUs2 continues their critiques of the games, hailing the leaker as a hero and still being transphobic/homophobic. There's some wholesome posts in there though, even if the comments aren't always as nice.
HBO announced earlier this year that they were going to turn the original The Last of Us game into a TV series, before the leaks and the expose and everything. I'm certainly curious if they'll stick with that or not.
In conclusion, this has taken me over 12 hours on and off to write - if the quality seems worse as you go along, that is why. As someone who is actually studying journalism and was mildly insulted by the previous post using that to assert dominance over others - the proper response to thought-out criticism is 'thank you' not 'fuck you'.
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2020.05.11 04:30 imsobeat I made my escape under cover of the pandemic. If you like (very)long stories.

I'm a man in my later 40s. I've been here for a while but never posted before. I am getting divorced to save my life. Ok, my partner wasn't trying to kill me with stabby things, or tried to shoot me, but she was well on her way to delivering the killing blow via copious amounts of stress. Here's a little bit of back story.
We've met 11 years ago on an online dating site. Like most of our stories, the beginning was blissful. We hit it right off. We were both athletic, smart, educated, and our goals aligned. I was getting close to 40 and wanted kids, and so did she while in her 30s. She's almost a decade younger than me. I thought I scored a jackpot. Now things are ok when you're young and everything is humming along, but there were signs. I knew she was sexually assaulted a few years before, and I have a reasonably science-based understanding of psychology so it occurred to me that it could become an issue, but she seemed so well put together and strong I thought we could weather it. There was things she was dealing with from her childhood as well that were pretty unresolved. I'm a pretty communicative person, so we talked about these things in an open and honest way. I missed these things for the obvious red flags they were then. There were other but more on that later. Still, with little stress in our lives, and to-then completely harmonious life together we ended up getting married.
Anyway, we tried to have kids, but the first two attempts ended with mid-term miscarriages. The first one was extremely traumatic. She bled a lot. When we got her to the hospital it dawned on her she was losing the baby and it's like she just gave up on life. She became catatonic, and it's as if she almost tried to will her self to die. You know that movie "Million Dollar Baby" where the female boxer just gave up on life in the hospital after becoming paralyzed? That's what it felt like. She just. wanted. to. die. Her vitals were falling in spite of being in the ICU, and the staff constantly scrambled around her to try and bring her blood pressure up which was dangerously low. I've never seen anything like it. It's like she stopped caring about living. All through this I was there for everything being as supportive. I cried with her, and took care of whatever needed to be taken care of. Missed another flag.
On our third attempt we finally had a healthy son. It was a great release from the anxiety of the past loses. So I thought. She took a year off from work, and I after few weeks went back to work. She seemed to be ok, though as new parents we were completely exhausted. At the time I was trying to push harder in my career because we lived in one of the most expensive cities in the country, and I wanted to be able to provide for my new family. A lot things fell by the way side at the time for me. Didn't have time to take care of my self. There was the stress of a high-intensity job, my dad was sick and could have died and that consumed a lot of my attention. In all this wanted to get another degree, and we were trying for another baby. Sounds like too much? It was. I did notice that something was changing between us.
A couple years after the first baby, she finally got her Masters. I was proud of her. I thought we were working on things together, and I was supportive of her goals. We were both working hard on things and it was bearing fruit, but at that point something strange seemed to creep into our lives. She seemed to have an occasional outburst of resentment towards me, was sometimes cold and distant, but I shook it off as the stress that we were under. A new family, career, her education. I tried talking to her about these things but she just kept saying things were fine. When she did asked me to help out I made a greater effort to do so, and I can honestly say that I stepped up. I wasn't the typical no-help-father we here about here often enough. I'm no angel, but I was always driven by the principle that I did whatever I could for my family, which usually came at the expense of my own needs anyway. Still, I'm a very resilient person so I plowed through, but by then a needling feeling in the back of my brain that something was off. Then when she passed her Master's defense I met her after to celebrate, something decisively flipped in her. I met her at the school with flowers and a congratulatory card. I had our son with me in a carrier. It's weird because I remember everything that happened that day. What I was wearing, where we were, and the weather. I met her and gave her a hug, gave her the card and flowers and told her how proud I was of her. Then were to take public transit home where we were going to meet her parents and go for a celebratory dinner at the cottage. She almost immediately became agitated, then angry. I asked her what was wrong. She blurted out that she's extremely disappointed in me that I didn't throw her a party. "All the other people are throwing parties for their graduating partners, why didn't you?" My jaw fell open. The requirement for a party was never expressed by her. We never threw parties. We had always been super busy. I was exhausted because I was trying to take care of everything else while she was in school, and we had a young kid. This WAS a team effort, yet I'm sitting here and having being vented at because I didn't read her mind? At the cottage dinner her parents toasted us and said that we both deserved credit because we both worked hard together for this. I glanced over at her, and she sat there, staring ahead, jaw clenched, and her hands balled into white-knuckle fists at her side.
Ok, from then it became a noticeable pattern. She would get agitated, usually in public. I would ask what is wrong. She said I didn't fulfill some long past expectation from months ago. I would say that I didn't realize this was expected of me. It would then be thrown back at me in the context of "but other people", and I would say "we're not other people". This pissed her off even more. I would feel humiliated as she usually would do this in public. I told her to stop. She would, but each time I felt like I was pushed a little bit further away. I tried talking to her about it, but invariably the conversation would turn to what I'm not doing enough of. By then my own needs went long neglected. No sex. No intimacy. No Kissing. No hugging. Alarm in my head became very audible. I started to finally noticed the red flags that were smacking me in the face by then.
Now, I know that some of you are going to be tempted to think that "oh, he's just here to launder his own part in it." Believe me, I sincerely considered my part in all this. I'll fully own that I was't the best husband that I could have been, but honestly who is? I wasn't a fuck up though. If I screwed up I always took responsibility and never had a problem saying 'sorry'. When she expressed a need I tried to fulfill it. I cooked, did all the laundry, and did pretty much all of the cleaning, took my son to day-care, and picked him up most days. On top of it I was working my ass off in a job that was paying %70 of the bills. I was also unhappy, and with increasing difficulty trying not to think about all the pretty co-workers I was surrounded with. I was a fully committed, responsible, honest, and FAITHFUL husband, with flaws which I was willing to own.
Fast forward a year later after the Master's incident. We're not really talking much, but not fighting much either. She's working as an educator, I'm working in my job. We have a son we're both taking care of. We move to a cheaper place that was nice and cozy. I'm working really hard on developing a codependency - "maybe if I become an even better husband I'll get the girl back that she was at the beginning of this." Yeah. Every budding codependent's mantra. And I tried. Really tried. I took on even more responsibilities. Still no sex, or any kind of regard. We went out on my birthday to our favorite restaurant, and I thought we had a good time. On the walk home the conversation turned to sex, and her demeanor seemed to change. She shrank. I asked her why we're not intimate anymore? It's been years. She kept quiet. I forced the issue. I was tired of the run-around. I half-intentionally asked "is it because you don't find me attractive?" To my horror she whispered, "yes". I had to sit down on the curb. I felt the world spinning. I asked, "why didn't you tell me?" Her response was a bland "because I didn't want to hurt your feelings" I felt slugged in the face. That throbbing, nagging, needling feeling in the back of my brain began metastasize like a cancer, though it would take some years to reach stage 4. It should have ended the relationship right there. She had no respect for me, and now deep in the throes of codependency I lost my own. I walked home alone. She went to her parents. It started to snow.
Then there was a short time when we did have sex with the intention of having a baby. We got another miscarriage instead. She's depressed. By then I recognize that's really not mentally well. She's pushing her self hard at work, and I rarely see her. I drag her to setup an appointment with a councilor, but then out of nowhere she gets an amazing job offer in another not-too-far town. She could not go through with the appointment. However, ere I am thinking, "ok a change of scenery. We can do things differently." Maybe this is the thing that will make things better. I, of course, take care of the move. I organize the movers. Pack everything my self, and help pack the truck. She did find the apartment. I managed to convince my company to let me work remotely. Everything's set. We move.
Things seem to pick up. It must have been the adrenaline and the fact that we don't know anyone in town, except her brother who lives there. Maybe that's why we ended up clinging to each other for lack of community, but things seemed to improve. We try again for another baby. Yay! Sex again! She gets pregnant. She seems happy! I'm hopeful again, but she becomes sullen half way through the pregnancy. I didn't find out, until much later obviously, that she's not happy because I'm not having sex with her while she's pregnant. She felt unattractive, put out, but never expresses this to me. As for me, I'm terrified that she's going to lose another baby so sex with her is the last thing on my mind. Never mind I'm still shuttling back and forth for the job when I have to be present for meetings and such. I'm so exhausted, as she is, but I make the mistake of saying it out loud.
Then the baby's born. We took home a beautiful little girl. Things seem to pick up? I take a few months off from work to help out while she's taking care of the baby. Things seem to sour quickly again though. She's angry at me again, but it's expressing anything specific. I'm tired, and now more willing to engage her because I'm sick of the bullshit. Then she said that I made her feel unattractive during her pregnancy. "How?!" I ask. Now you have to understand that I have never, except one time while drunk, early in our relationship, made a negative comment about her looks, and that time it was meant as a gentle put down between people who are having fun taking shots at each other. This was locked in the vault of her mind for ten years and rolled out when needed to prop up some arguments about things completely unrelated. But I digress. Anyhow, I have never critiqued her looks. To me she was always a beautiful woman who I deeply loved, but with horribly crippled self-esteem she made me responsible for propping up. I've never had trouble telling her honestly that I thought she was beautiful, unprompted, or prompted which was often enough.
"How?!" "You didn't have sex with me when I was pregnant." "Did you talk to me about it?" "No" "So how the fuck am I supposed to know what you want when you don't tell me?" "You're just supposed to know these things." "BUT I AM NOT A FUCKING MIND READER!"
I'm heavily paraphrasing a conversation that last a long while, but the above became the theme for the rest of the rapidly-crumbling relationship. By then I'm starting to lose my mind. I'm completely stressed out. Failing at work. Not taking care of myself. We're fighting again. The word 'separation' becomes a part of the vernacular. After one fight I leave for a motel. I can't stand the BS any more. Another time I'm working on her Macbook and feel tempted to look at her iMessenger. She's bad-mouthing me to her friends, then my friends. WTF?! Of course, one error doesn't make up for another, I'll own it, but the Genie is out.
Then things become ok again. Me leaving for the motel seems to scare her. She becomes agreeable. For a while things become ok, even amiable. Inexperienced in this sort of mind-fuckery, I assume that maybe now we're on the mend. Things fall into a routine. Then conversation turned towards home ownership. I wanted to do this for a while because I hated to see my salary disappear into the land-lord's pocket, and the new town gave us an opportunity to actually afford property. Yup. You'd be right to think it was a stupid decision considering the many words punched up above, but when you're still in love with a woman you think you'll grow old with, and heavily mitigated by raging codependency, you don't really have a chance to think straight. You can only think along a tangent that was pointing up.
We buy a house. Things are good. Maybe the adrenaline thing again. She expresses the want of making new friends in the neighborhood. We meet people at the son's school, and daughter's day-care. Things seem to finally fall into place. She seems happy. I wrestle the alarm back to the back of my mind. I ask her to take a driving test. She doesn't have a driver's licence. In this town you have to drive, and I'm doing all of it. I need help. I ask her to take learn to drive. She takes lessons, then blows the final example. She's to anxious, but blames the tester. She does the lessons again, but then totally neglects to setup the final session. Blows the whole thing again. By then I'm pissed because we're constantly throwing money after bad. I need help. She needs to help me. How can she not understand that? We're back to arguing, but now with the added risk of a mortgage. Then I get fired. I'm not able to manage everything, and fight for my needs. I'm deep into a depression. Still, I managed to get unemployment and started making money free-lancing, which is actually working out. I'm able to contribute money to the household, while her job pays %60 of our bills.
By then we're fighting so much that it's spilling out of the house. I'm sure our neighbors heard us. She demands a separation. A flare goes up in my mind - "this is untenable.", but I can't leave either because I'm not making enough to support my self. Yeah. By then I totally blame my self for everything and lose my mind basically. Life asks "haven't you had enough? Here's some kidney stones for ya." Pain for 3 months while they worm their way out. I'm crunching down on Tylenols like it's candy, and moaning under a hot shower while trying to loosen up the devil's minions scraping their way inside my urinary tract. Doctor gives me oxy to try to relief the pain and sets up time for surgery. I take one, and become terrified at how good it made me feel. It's like the tension, and depression, and all pain out of my life is just wiped away in an instant the moment I swallow the pill. Screw that! People, animals and things have tried to kill me on three different continents on this planet, I can ride this out with Tylenols. Can't add oxy addiction to the mix. All the while my brain registered how little regard I get from her. Finally it's time to acknowledge to my self it's over. Maybe? Ha! Not ye sucker!
I'm still fighting for the marriage she abandoned long time ago. She just neglected to tell me. I do recognize that look on her face while I squirm on the bed, panting, moaning in pain waiting for Tylenol to start working. It's a look of something like a mixture "maybe I should feel concerned", and "maybe he'll die.", or maybe her own confusion over her own feelings. It finally dawns on me. I need to get out. I'm literally dying in this relationship. But no. It wasn't time, because it was time for her own nervous breakdown. Yes, that's right. In the midst of all the crazy she finally collapses in on her self. Becomes incapable of working for months, helping out in anyway, as if she did at all before. She gets a note from her doctor that she's deep in a mental episode and needs absolute rest. So of course I take over. But just before a little miracle happens. The day before scheduled surgery the little asteroid makes it's way out of the tube. All pain stops. I feel almost normal. Just in time for her mental breakdown.
It's prompted by her dad's heart condition which might require him to get a quadruple bypass. Yeah, obviously it's a terrible thing, and her stress over the marriage, her dad's condition, things happening at her work finally do her in. She's incapable of making any choices save what sweatpants to put on in the morning. She doesn't help out with the kids, though she is a good mother to them, but my duties just doubled again because every decision, choice, errand, task becomes completely owned by me.
And of course I step up. Again.
By then I recognize my own decline. My health is in the toilet. I'm mentally burnt out. I feel like there is no way out. She manages to work up to 'nominally functional', and we decide to split up. It's traumatic for both of us. So much stuff happens in that tie that I would need another couple of pages to write about it, but I finally concede defeat. By then I'm reading books like 'Codependent No More', and catching up on reading about psychological trauma. I take off across the continent to stay with my sister for a bit and catch my breath. I'm finally able to objectively talk about what is happening and realize that this must be it.
Ha ha, sucker! Nope!
Just as I finally make the decision to focus on my life and give her what she wants - an end to our marriage, she calls up. She doesn't want to end the marriage. She wants to try again. I want it too. I want us to be a family. I come back. She seems contrite, even manages to utter a couple of 'sorrys' during arguments. It blows me away. Maybe she's trying? But no. She just goes silent. We're supposed to be working on our marriage, but then she's still in the spell of the nervous break-down so I don't push her. In the meantime I'm still doing everything. Six months go by like this. I finally decide that enough water has gone under the bridge. I gently bring up the question of us. She's not ready yet. But she is ready to go back to doing her PhD, which she started a few years back. Sigh. Ok, but I tell her we need to be doing something about our marriage, and that something doesn't include "not talking about it". Things seem to be improving though, so I just go along. There will be time for things I guess. When the time comes I press her, if she wants to continue 'trying' like we've been doing anything towards that end.
And she blurts out "no."
It's over. I finally start to come out of the co-dependent fog. If I continue on this path I will die of stress I realize. She's not accountable for her PTSD and a host of other emotional issues I can't even begin to fathom. I do deserve an honorary degree in psychology by now though, which allows me to survey the damage and realize that I have en living on a completely different planet from hers. I've consumed a couple of dozen books about human behavior and relationships by now. I was trying to understand what is happening in her head... and mine. I've taken a 36 hours of lectures on introduction to analytical psychology. Had many, many counseling sessions, and it finally sunk in:
I can't fix someone else's 'broken'. Yes. Finally. It's time to give up.
You know, I love that woman, even though she hurt me over and over, because all I wanted was to have a family, make sure my kids were fed, educated, taken care of, and was willing pay almost any price to do it. Instead I got a big, expensive lesson out of this. I'm not responsible for anyone except my kids, and me. In February 2020, I signed on to a new job. I found an apartment, and seeing the pandemic on the horizon I made my escape. I'm not too far, so I can pick up the kids once in a while and bring them over. Safely. They can't stay 50/50 yet because I was only able to get enough for basics in the apartment, but I no longer feel like a dog siding up to my partner hoping for a bone, but getting kicked in the side instead.
I guess this is the short version of it. LOL. There is so much more here to unpack to fill a book. Maybe one day I will write this book. When I have a better perspective on things. In the meantime, amidst the COVID-19 tragedy there is one silver lining, that being it's forcing us to have minimal contact. Maybe she'll finally be able to reflect on her own mental illness and feel compelled to do something about it. Probably she won't. Her whole family is about extreme pretending that everything's ok, and that's all she'll ever know. For ten years of our marriage I was there for her, propping her up, trying the best person I could be in spite of my own short-comings. All I was doing was enabling her disease, and nurturing my own. She's on her own journey, and needs to be responsible for her self. I can see that now. I can give my self credit for fighting to the last, though, and weirdly build a new life from the ashes of the last one with few regrets. I think in spite of everything I went through, and the fucked up world, I finally feel like I might be ok.
I hope you'll be ok too. Be safe! I wish everybody all the best.
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2020.05.05 16:53 bethieann1981 I think I saw either a time slip or a glimpse into another universe (I personally believe that it was time related and I'll explain that better below)

Relevant fact : I live at the base of a mountain that had a major civil war battle.
So about 7 or 8 years ago I was dating a girl I'll call T. I am super awkward in dating situations and have been single for the better part of 10 years (her and one other girl J in that time) so I was trying to do something special for T to make up for our first kiss being dreadful and humiliating ( I bashed my face into hers cuz I was nervous and had to force myself to make the first move lol), I picked her up and brought her to my house, we hung out and got ready together to go out for dinner. On the way out of my neighborhood, we were chatting and laughing (going good so far) when out of the corner of my left eye (I'm driving) I see something HUGE, so I look over and see a massive plane,(I also live close to an air force base, so iv seen plenty of aircraft) it looked like an aircraft carrier, and it's crashing probably right across the street from the entrance of my neighborhood, I felt the thickness in the air (my window was down), and could feel the ground rumbling under me and even quit talking because the noise was so loud it was making my ears pop! I pulled to the side of the road and looked straight at T to share our horror at what was unfolding before our very eyes. She is looking at me like I'm crazy and asked why we stopped, at that moment I realize that I can hear her, and everything around me is calm and I can even hear the birds chirping. In my frantic mind frame I'm yelling excitedly and scarily asking if she didn't just see and hear and feel what happened! She very calmly but sternly asked me to take her home. I kept asking why and she jus kept saying she suddenly got nauseated and tired andwanted to go home. Naturally I start driving towards her house (in silence) and about a block from her house I get the balls to speak again and tell her I'm sorry and understand I freaked her out. She asked what really happened, and when I told her (in front of her house at this point) she jus told me she would call me later (acting as if I wasn't waiting on her response) and got out. I did try to call her a few times after but she never answered or responded. Iv held this in for a long time in fear of people reacting the same way she did. But after seeing this reddit, I decided to share and see if anyone thinks I'm NOT crazy. And before u ask, yes we have carbon menoxide testers all over my house because about 5 years before all this I was cleaning a house (my job at the time) and got poisoned by it. Luckily I had brought a friend that day and as I was getting lightheaded he drug me out and after some neurological testing found out it hadn't damaged my brain at all THANK GOD lol
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2020.04.09 03:20 Osanathrows A recreation/vision of all ten rivals.

If I had to make ten rivals with real Japanese names, and a back story here's what it would be. (Not all backstories will be realistic but I'll do my best to them likeable.) Also one new persona.
The new persona would be the "Greedy" Persona it would be around a few different students but as long you have the money you could pay them to do anything as long it's not murder or hiding bodies.
You can pay them money to... Pretend to be a heartbroken love interest/boyfriend of the rival.
You can pay them money to: make a huge distraction. (But think of this one as three strikes and the student is expelled use so be careful with how much use this distraction.)
You can pay them money to.. Spy on your rival and they will bring back info on them.
Instead of Osana Najimi- We now have Amaya Eto. Senpai's childhood best friend. Her persona would be sweet, gentle, and bashful. It's clear she has a crush on Senpai but she's painfully shy this is her week to make things perfect. She would also have a beautiful voice and she would be a backup singer in the music club. During her week would be her events would be trying to actually romance Taro. Her five attempts would be the following. 1. She'd make a lunch picnic for him by the cherry blossom tree. 2. She'd record her own voice singing him a love song and giving him the recording as a gift. 3. Go cloud gazing with Taro. 4. She'd have a dance with him in the music club. 5. Just before confessing love, she would write him a touching love letter telling him how she has felt for him all these years.
All the events could be sabotaged in two or three ways. Event one you could either taint the food, obviously poison Amaya killing her, you could pay a boy to walk up and pretend to be her boyfriend making Senpai upset.
Event two could be ruined by, recording Amaya saying nasty and replacing her love song with that or put in audio from an inappropriate film/song.
Event three could be ruined by the following. Once again you could just pay a boy to pretend to be her heartbroken boyfriend, earlier in the day you could steal Amaya's phone and pretending to be her saying your sick/unable to make it to their date (Also you could dump her phone anywhere it doesn't make sense you could only leave it at the student's desk... Ugh.) Which would later cause an argument between the two because he stood her up, the third way would be putting sleep aid in her lunch and making her sleep and miss there date he'd be mad because she stood him up.
Event four could be ruined by either: sitting up traps to make them fall down during their dance or switching out the playlist to make an inappropriate song to play.
Event five: We mimic her handwriting making her love letter look mean and hateful toward Taro or change the start of the letter from "My Dearest Taro" Too... "My Dearest ____" and you enter another boy's name. Either way, Senpai will not meet her by the cherry blossom tree if you ruin all five events and the rival is rejected.
Amaya would have a dark secret. I'd like to think it's something simple like she got drunk (or her drink was spiked) at a party and did some embarrassing/shameful acts. You could pay info-chan for the video of her doing these things so we can bully hespread gossip about her.
All other elimination methods would work on her.
She would have long brown hair, blue eyes, she would be a tad taller then other girls in school, her stocking would be pink and she would have red ribbons in her hair.
Rival 2. Instead of Amai Odayaka we now have Emiko Kishi.
After the heartbreak of losing his best friend, Emiko asks him out for some coffee to cheer him up. After getting to know Taro a little she begins to form a little crush or so it would appear. Emiko would be a member of the drama club her life long dream is to be an award-winning actress. Her personality toward Senpai would be loving and sweet but on the inside, she's stuck up and snobby.
She's a vain girl at her heart who cares very much about her looks and image above everything else. She's a fantastic actress though because she hides her stuck up nature through a loving and caring act.
Dark Secret: She wants to date Senpai to make herself look better. Dating a boy who just had been through a heartbreak/tragedy would make her look good because she's saving him/lifting his spirits. She's using Senpai to both virtues single and raise her popularity to surpass Kizana or whatever drama club leader's real name is.
All elimination methods would work on her.
Her events would be pretty simplistic. Something like.. 1. A date at the movies. 2. A swim together in the school swimming pool. (a chance to drown her.) 3. A friendly game of checkers. 4. Reenacting a scene from Romeo and Juliet. (We have to sabotage the kiss.) 5. She recites a sonnet on stage confessing her love to Senpai.
Emiko would have long black hair, green eyes, she would wear red fingernail polish and red lipstick, she would have black stockings, and she'd wear diamond earrings. She'd wear a rose in her hair.
(I really don't like how all club members in the drama club have purple hair... so I am sure Emiko would stick out a bit.)
Rival 3 instead of Kizana Sunbu we now have Kami Bushida.
Senpai's family made a deal with Kami's family for their son to marry Kami. Whether it's because of a business merger or because they want Taro to be married into a respectable family. Kami transfers to Akademi high to get to know her future husband better as she absolutely refuses to marry him unless she knows they are compatible.
Her personality would be upbeat and excitable. She would also care deeply about the environment and try to make Taro just like her as in constantly recycling, making him become a vegan, etc... She would have some previous training in martial arts and she's a former track runner so she isn't all together defenseless and she's very fast. She's a senior in a high school in the same year as Taro so she would refer to him by his name instead of "senpai."
Dark secret: She secretly embezzled money from her father's company giving it to charity. As she disagrees with the way her father's company impacts the environment.
She would have short blonde hair, pale skin, blue eyes, she would wear simple white stockings with her school uniform. She would skip instead of walk and would never be seen without a smile on her face.
You could kill her, frame her, match make her, even befriend her and convince her Taro isn't the one helping Kami rebel even further against her family.. or you could make her go insane by putting dead animals in her locker, sitting fires at school in front of her, purposely doing things that ruin the environment.
Rival 4 instead of Oka Ruto we now have foreign exchange student and former child psychic... Cassandra Williams.
Her claim to fame is through ages four through twelve Cassandra has made several predictions about the future all of which have come true and some have yet to pass. At the age of twelve, she had a horrific vision of being stabbed death by a girl fitting Ayano's description. This vision was her last vision after that her psychic abilities have mysteriously vanished. She recently signed up for the student exchange program hoping to avoid her horrific fate.
She meets Taro one day after school she saw him looking down and lonely because of the past three weeks. Feeling horribly sorry for him she decided to befriend this boy as the weekend carried on she developed a little bit of a crush on him.
She is the newest member of the occult club. She knows who Ayano is and she's terrified of her. You can't talk to this rival. Befriending would be extremely difficult as she runs away at the mere sight of you.
Dark secret: She takes psychedelic drugs in a desperate attempt to bring back her former psychic abilities. As she has done research has read many articles linking drugs to other abilities such as ESP.
Looks: she has tan skin, dark brown hair, light purple eyes, she would wear dark purple stockings that would have various occult/religious symbols on them.
Rival five instead of Asu Rito we now have Jorii Bando.
She is Taro's crazy ex-girlfriend. As much I would like to call her a yandere there really is no "dere" to her. After hearing the events of the four weeks she comes back to school enraged that her ex-boyfriend so much looked at another girl much less four while she was away. (Completely not caring about the fact they're all either dead or out of the way somehow.) As Taro says, "Jorii we are no longer together." It doesn't matter. Things are over when she says they're over.
If you fail to stop her on Friday she will go insane and either drag Taro home with her where you will never see him again or she will take him to death with a murdesuicide.
You can't sabotage her events very well because she pretty much orders Senpai to do things. If you are caught standing around Taro for any longer then 10 seconds she will go batshit crazy stabbing you nemesis style.
All elimination methods are available to this girl. Except matchmaking would be extremely difficult. Befriending would include helping her go to therapy to get over her Taro obsession. (Which is very ironic to me.) But through going through the befriend method you will learn she doesn't suffer from an obsession but also a deep depression. Getting her expelled would be proving her violent nature to the guidance counselor.
Dark Secret: She has attempted to murder Taro's childhood friend Amaya. (Which you won't know unless you spared Amaya in week one.)
Looks: Turquoise hair that is back in braids, she wears pink fingernail polish, she has blue eyes, she wears yellow stockings along with her school uniform.
Rival six instead of Muja Kina we now have Tae Goda the newest assistant to the guidance counselor.
Is an eighteen-year-old psychology student who signed up to Akademi high as a learning experience to help people around her age with their emotional problems. Taro who has now been suffering for the past five weeks turns to help with guidance counselor's newest assistant. Taro himself begins to have a little bit of a crush on Tae if not stopped by Friday Taro will confess his love to her and she will not turn him down as he has suffered enough.
Personality: Sweet, caring, she's an bookworm, sometimes she can be so engrossed in a book she wouldn't care about anything else around her.
When she's not with Taro she's almost always in the office with the guidance counselor.
She has black hair that's put neatly into a bun, she wears glasses, she has light brown eyes, she wears a professional uniform that comes with the job of assisting the guidance counselor.
Dark Secret: To help pay for student loans she secretly takes part in compensated dating.
Once again all elimination methods are useable on this rival.
Rival seven instead of Mida Rana (Ugh..) We now have Kimiko Yamada. Senpai's mother who has taken the opportunity to become a substitute teacher in her son's class.
If not stopped by Friday she will convince her son to swear off all love interests for a while until she finds the "proper" match for him. (She will take an almost instant dislike of Ayano when she asked to do her task.) It seems nobody is good enough for her little boy.
Looks: She will have the same hair and eye color the player has given Senpai. She will be wearing a teacher's uniform and just look as professional as she can.
Dark Secret: Her marriage to Taro's father is on the rocks and it appears as she's been emotionally cheating on her husband as he has been cold and distant lately.
All elimination methods are available to her except killing her will take one of the biggest tolls to Senpai's sanity. For matchmaking you have two options you can befriend Senpai's father and help him rekindle his marriage to his wife or you can help the man who she's been emotionally cheating with to convince her to leave her husband. (Either way, she'll be eliminated. But in my opinion either option might make a slight change to the ending and how Senpai views his mother.) You can befriend her by charming Kimiko over and making yourself the perfect match for her little boy. (Which after week 10 she will help you with your love confession.)
Rival Eight instead of Osoro Shidesu we now have Sagan Tanaka. He has had a crush on Ayano since they were children however Ayano has never felt the same.
During the past eight weeks you discovered your phone has been bugged and a certain someone from your past has been listening to your activities for the past eight weeks and he is not happy about it. So he decides to take manners into his own hands. If he can have you neither can Taro. If not stopped by Friday he will kill Taro dispose of the body.
His events will revolve around him trying to get Senpai alone/befriend him and gain his trust. So you will need to act fast.
Dark secret: He is three years older then you and he has been held back in school how he made it into a prestigious school is due to his parents bribing the headmaster. However, Ayano is a bit unaware of this secret because always assumed he was just a larger kid when she was growing up.
You can matchmake him his suitor is a girl (a senior) who has a strong resemblance to Ayano. You can try to convince to just be friends (but this takes a ton of effort as he is obsessed with you.) Ayano can find a way to turn him into the police proving he's been stalking hetrying to kill Taro. You can accept his love confession (which will make him leave Taro alone) and become his girlfriend for a day or two before either killing him or being the worst girlfriend you can be to force him to see this relationship would never work.
He has brown hair, yellow eyes, he wears glasses, he's taller than any of the other boys in school, he wears a standard male school uniform.
Rival nine instead of Hanako Yamada you now have Senapi's twin sister Taeko Yamada. (Unless you choose Taeko as your Senpai then her twin brother Taro is now the rival. With that said I believe if you chose Taeko one of the Rival's would be switched up like Kami would be a guy and the ex Jorii would have dated Taeko in this timeline instead of Taro it was stated Taeko is bisexual anyway. )
After seeing their sibling come home week after week heartbroken they will transfer schools to be there for their twin sibling. They have dreams of traveling the world graduation after seeing their twin sibling either heartbroken from all the losses or mentally scared they decided to their twin must come with them as traveling the world together will be a great experience and their twin can take a much-needed break from love.
If not stopped by Friday Senpai will take up their twin's offer and not date anyone and promise travel the world with their twin.
The twins are almost always together so it'd be hard separating them. Taeko or Taro for some mysterious reason will have a bunch of suitors following them around. (As both an obstacle and as a play as there would have been role in this game attracting love interests like crazy.) One of their suitors would be your long lost cousin Yandere-Kun.
Looks: Taeko or Taro would have the same looks you gave to Senpai to match their twin.
If you kill them you will have to then fight your cousin to death. If you matchmake them you better choose to help out family or else the suitors will keep dying. Killing Senpai's twin will take huge damage to Senpai's sanity. (Especially if they just lost their mother in week seven the insanity will go even greater.)
Week ten instead of Megami Saikou we now have one of two options.
If there have been zero deaths in the game you have taken a 100% pacifist route. You will be greeted with Aiya Ono. (The headmaster's younger sister's child so her last name isn't Shuyona.) She has come to Akademi high against her uncle's wishes and had an instant connection to Senpai once meeting Senpai.
Aiya would be challenging as she will be the headmaster's niece. When not in class or with Senpai she will almost always be ordered to her uncle's office for protection against Ayano. She will be accompanied by the student council escorting her to the headmaster's office. Since you have taken the pacifist route however she will not believe her uncle's beliefs about you and try to give you a benefit of a doubt when you do her five tasks. However, she's almost always just in or outside her uncle's office and there will always be obstacles around her.
All elimination methods will work on her you just have to get her away from her uncle. Unlike Megami, she has a weakness you have to figure it out. If not stopped by Friday she will confess her love to Senpai under the cherry tree.
Dark secret: She had a baby at a very early age that she has put up for adoption.
(Because honestly, you can't defeat something that is perfect with zero weakness. Especially if they can break all your bones in your body. Be surrounded by both student council and fully trained male bodyguards I know it's been stated several times on the Yandere simulator Reddit. (I think it was even stated somewhere Megami will have a food tester so we can't poison her.) For level ten having weakness "none" is stupid you have to defeat them somehow if it bleeds it can die in my onion. Even the hardest final boss on any other video game has at least have one weakness to them! Ugh. )
Anyway, she would have long brown hair, green eyes, she wears green stockings, and she has green hair clips in her hair.
Now if by week ten there have been deaths in the game you instead of Aiya you will meet an undercover cop, Kayo Akino.
She's a cop who posed as a student to befriend Senpai and try to romance him. To see if either Senpai is the killer or if the real killer will come out and show his/herself. She has two male bodyguards who are also undercover cops on school grounds ready to attack you if you get to close to their partner Kayo. She is fully trained, she carries a weapon, she has two undercover cops at the school who are ready to take you down.
She has black hair, brown eyes, she's considered beautiful, highly intelligent and always very aware of her surroundings. She'd be in a standard school girl uniform carrying a weapon in her bookbag for protection.
As Kayo gets to know Senpai by having deep discussions with them Kayo will start to sympathize and feel bad for him. Since they both have such a strong sense of justice she will see potential in Senpai and by Friday she will convince him to join the police force and stop at nothing until they find the real killer bringing them to justice. When he accepts this he will no longer want to find romance but instead will reject every woman who would come along.
Tell me what you think of my little revision here. Like it? Hate it? Also tell me how would you remake the rivals if you could. It always annoyed me that they were club leaders I much rather them be a club member then a leader. But anyway I thought I'd share this.
submitted by Osanathrows to Osana [link] [comments]

2020.02.24 02:43 ItsaTurkey trying to stop thinking about and watching video games, mostly a generic rant but u kno. Also I read manga and watch sakuga animation and listen to too much music instead of studying like a madman since I'm in a bonkers program rip.

Better than a thousand meaningless statements, is one meaningful word, which, having been heard, brings peace.– Dhammapada 100 (translated by Gil Fronsdal)
Faker, who is this guy, he comes out of nowhere and solo kills king of the mid-lane Ambition. LOOK AT THE CLEANSE. All aboard the Korean hype train! LOOK AT THE MOVES! tightened scrotum. *angery dubstep noises* The camera pans over the high school dropouts. Shoutcasters cast passionately about these attractive but amoral zoomer-millenials.
On a dark and stormy night, Lee Sang-hyeok picked up a mouse and keyboard and the author came into life.
*11 years later*
boi imma play some runescape omergerd. kill sheeps. *TRADE OFFER FROM BIGBOI99* FREE STUFF MY DUDE. ahahah LOOK AT THIS SARADOMIN GODSWORD, NOT JUST A WHITE KNIGHT BLADE.. take my abyssal whip.
the boi wakes up, shimata that nightmare again. He goes to a drug dealer's house. Hey, wanna have some fun? Dorothy-BBY: Welcome to our live chat with the creative minds of Riot Games who developered League of Legends. Please feel free to post your questions!
RiotGames: Hey guys! It's a pleasure to be here. We currently have Marc Merrill (President), Tom Cadwell (Design Director), Steve Snow (VP of Production), and Steve Mescon (Community Director) here to answer your questions.
Guest-11: When is the release date?RiotGames: League of Legends is scheduled to be released on October 6th.
Guest-16: Some of the characters like Ryze are slightly OP at the moment. Once you get stunned there is no way you get away. Or if you do you are at 1% HP. Also what is being done for afk players and leavers? Thank you PaulRiotGames: Tom Cadwell: Balance is of course very important to us. It takes a lot of time and iteration to "get right" but we definitely understand the importance. Regarding your question about leavers - in addition to the more advanced reconnect feature that we rolled out recently, there are a number of things that we're going to be moving onto the beta servers in the next few weeks that should help significantly. I can't reveal a lot of details right now, but we look forward to sharing the specifics with you when the time comes.
Jabe: Can you give us some teasers about new maps in the works?RiotGames: Tom Cadwell: The most important map that we're working on right now is a new user tutorial map. We're also working on a smaller map that will support 3v3/4v4 team sizes better.
Guest-19: Is LoL using a proprietary game engine or a licensed engine?RiotGames: Marc Merrill: League of Legends is being built using both a proprietary game engine and a proprietary platform designed specifically for this type of game.
Guest-24: Are there going to be new maps added to the beta when it becomes open?RiotGames: Tom Cadwell: We aren't planning on releasing new maps specifically with open beta - but we definitely plan on adding plenty of different maps and new game modes over time .
Guest-5: What are the plans for how Influence Points will affect the game?RiotGames: Influence points are earned at the account level by playing individual sessions. Players will be able to use their influence points to purchase Runes, Champions & Skins, and other things that allow you to tailor your gameplay experience to your likeness.
Guest-51: Will current beta testers keep their current accounts go live?RiotGames: Regarding users keeping their beta accounts - Pendragon: Summoner level, IP, Runes, etc will definitely be reset. Our aim is for beta testers to be able to keep their actual accounts and names once the game goes live. No promises though!
He's not the guy, I am. "Nothing is unwinnable".

Middle school was where boys became real men in the most hardest game of all time, league of legends. Boys enjoyed clicking endlessly whilst their dads left them because of their mediocrity; however, that went an unseen blade, for they were naive. There was 100 years of peace and then the hippocampus... Seid ihr das Essen?Nein, wir sind der Jäger!
(Feuerroter Pfeil und Bogen)
Fumareta hana no Namae mo shirazu niChi ni ochita tori wa Kaze wo machiwabiru
The TITANS, THEY'RE COMING AHHHHH. Ah, yes the flesh, sear it, savor its taste... OH KAMISAMA THIS IS OUR DIVINE PUNISHMENT.
*3 years later*
Where am i, who am i? Secondary learning? Yes mon ami, tu est dans le location pour etudier et il y n'a pas jeux de videos. what is this ib diploma, volunteering, ahahahah? I'm diamond, you cannot hurt me filthy casuals, *right hand moves rapidly in the air with clawing motions*. Click, click, the sounds of idiocy. Through the mist... in comes the speeding train of death and a shovel drops off. But mother, this cannot be, I am the king of top lane, the mastermind of their fates. The boy takes the steel spade and firmly grasps it. We all want to quickly get somewhere, that's why the 6 minute abs are so powerful. Imagine there was a four lane highway, and we all want to take it. We always step over the fucking shovel, I made my own path and suffered. I suffered a lot. Being called n***** every day and you know being bullied, I couldnt lie to myself anymore. KAMEHAMEHAAAAAA, I WILL CHANGE MY FATE, I WILL DESTROY MY CHAINS skeletons buried FLY OUT . Twisting endlessly AND CONTORTING HIS BODY YES I WILL BECOME EDUCATED... And with both of us together, then, of course, we could possibly do it in, um... oh, eight years. Oh, does something else demand your time? Some pressing appointment, perhaps? In return for your help, I offer something priceless. My freedom? No, freedom can be taken away, as you well know. I offer knowledge, everything I have learned. I will teach you, oh, economics, mathematics... - Philosophy, science. - To read and write? Of course. When do we start? I got it. I got it. Lights out. Lights. - Let's have 'em. Come on. - The slot opens twice a day. Once for your toilet bucket, which is where we hide the dirt.*2 years later* the manly man swigs some lemonade. A hard day's work; sour yet sweet. Snow surrounds him while he drinks the cold beverage, he is prepared with his defenses. Torch light illuminates his contraption. We call it the shatterdome. RESET The cLOCK. Overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer. "DEMACIA!"
who said that? Hey, ___, there's a lol tournament with a preeze in the district wannaa go seeeee.????? Garen, the might of addiction. This secondary learning institution attended by the man-child was holding a big gathering of enthusiast time splurgers. There must be an extravagant sendoff for his wasted childhood. After winning it, rains of blood and tears of virgin women will announce my ascension into the upper realms. The fog of war was thick. In the beating drums of war: tryouts with the French language teacher-coach, missed learning opportunities and time to truly relax the anima, and finally the author places onto a noble team: they would represent the Technical Institute, five who had no real friends, nor integration into society, but nonetheless represented the learning institution like the outcasts Japan. Of course, being an addicted, er, highly dedicated rookie, the opponents fell like flies to the stacking immortal hound, Nasus. Q.Q.Q.Q.Q.Q.Q.Q. + 12. Click. Q.Q.Q.Q.Q.Q.QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ+12QQQQQQQ..... QQQQQQQQQQQ... Q. HAHA THE CYCLE OF LSiphon the red crystal. Ecstasy. *heavy panting* *oofffoofofof* After the dust settles emerges the bountiful 25 dollars, wonderful. It was not a waste, these great warriors I have met were worth the effort of traversing my kingdom. It was a mighty crusade, brethren, although you seem quite untraditional the warrior with your shortness of breath. XXDusk left the game: the best top laner in his grand academy goes away. Back to fight Philippe II for England. He was never seen again on the rift.
*several weeks later*
Look at the cleanse, look at the moves! Faker what was that? Faker with a huge outplay on to Ryu, I almost couldn't see that, the qss, the deathmark. He totally just won that duel oh my god, the nerves he mustve been shaking XPEKE STUCK IN THERE AND BACKDOORED THE NEXUS. FAKER FAKER PLAYMAKER. 20 minute surrender on. FAKER HAS NEVER LOST ON LEBLANC. LOOK AT THE CLEANSE. Waow.. oh wait, should I not be working? No, this is fun, I get to relax, somehow. mathematical studies 227. Praise Faker's greatness, he will teach the way to live; He possesses an untapped knowledge. Worlds 2019 arrives, where the least healthy males fight. TO BE THE KING YOU GOTTA BEAT THE KING, FAKER STILL LIES AHEAD * GLASSES ADJUSTMENT * *POUTING POSE* *HANDS IN POCKET GUY* *MAN WALKING VERY SLOWLY TOWARDS THE CAMERA WITH A STOIC FACE AND CROSSING HIS ARMS BECAUSE HE CANT ACTUALLY DO ANYTHING IN REAL LIFE ALL WE GET TO SEE IS SOME HIGHLIGHT MONTAGES OF THIS MAN PLAYING A FUCKING VIDEO GAME CHARACTER AND THEN THE MAKEUP ARTISTS DO THEIR THING BUT REALLY THEY ALL ARE KIND OF SCREWED IN TERMS OF APPLICABLE SKILLS* See, I knew he would become great again. PHOENIX RISE RISE. MAKE THEM REMEMBER YOU ARISSSSEEEEE. MAKE THEM ADDICTED TO LOL RISEEEE RISEE. PICK UP YOUR PSYCHIDELICS AND RIIIISEEEE. I'm going to watch all of his games like a promiscuous Chinese prostitute in Peking. While invested, time to watch the other groups. Who is Huni? He went undefeated in 2015 EU LCS. HE'S A MONSTER, HES GONNA KILL EVERYONE OH MY GOD. LOOK AT SWORD AHAHAH CV MAX OH BOI SWORD U DUN FUCKED UP OH MY GOD. OMG. *1 month later* BANG IS COMING FAKER'S SHOCKWAVE WILL FIND THEM ALL. SKT LEGENDS FOR A REASON, FIND THEIR WIN. YOU CAN NEVER COUNT SKT OUT, NO MATTER WHAT, I HAVE TALKED TO MULTIPLE ANALYSTS ABOUT THIS TEAM, NEVER BET AGAINST SKT. THEY SEEM TO HAVE SOME SORT OF MYSTERIOUS POWER. SSG QUALIFY FOR A REMATCH WITH SK TELECOM. PLAYERS TO WATCH: CUVEE CROWN, HUNI FAKER. TAKE A LOOK AT THAT AGGRESSIVE TOP LANE STYLE FROM HUNI AND YOU KNOW LAST YEAR, THEY WERE THE FAVOURITES TO WIN BUT NOW SKT SEEMS TO BE PLAYING OFF-META WHEREAS SSG ARE COMFORTABLE. THE SK TELECOM DYNASTY IS OVER, ALL HAIL THE NEW KINGS, SAMSUNG GALAXY, YOUR 2017 WORLD CHAMPIONS. 1 YEAR WAITING, FIGHTING TO GET BACK TO THIS STAGE, AND THEY DEFEAT SK TELECOM ON THE BIGGEST STAGE.*2 months later*FAKER IS PART OWNER OF SKT. UH AHAHSUHAUHSDAHSD . 227宿題はフェイカーの助けを借りて行われます、私は彼のためにここまで来ました. 私は偽の千里子が大好. ITS NOT MY FAULT I CAN'T PERFORM because it's impossible. More coffee, but the boymanchild shudders. He looks at his walls and his schedule book. "duh work on dream project make money and be healthier" I'll do it eventually, need anime power plus six-pack and chiseled jaw. Hey guys mike here, today we're gonna be doing an ez workout for Faker, DO YOU KNOWS da waE? His memories swirl around the orb of existence, the schedules fall into the night. Stars, stars everywhere, and then people leaving, people having fun with each other. I work so hard, right Faker? You believe in me! I toil, ah if only I wasn't born so unblessed I could go anywhere, it's not that I suck or anything, I am anxious. A shape emerges from the canvas... Buddha? i work so hard, I just wish somebody would recognize my effort you know, and THOSE PEOPLE NEVER GET ANYTHING DONE, BIG WHOOP U LITTLE SNOWFLAKE. ⠀⠀⠀⠴⢿⣧⣤⣄⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⢀⣴⣿⣧⣆⣘⡄⢹⣿⣷⣆⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⣴⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣷⣾⣿⣿⣿⣷⡀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⢸⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⠿⢿⣷⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⢸⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⠏⠀⣴⣿⣿⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⢀⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣴⣿⣿⣿⣿⡀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⢀⣀⡀⣾⡿⠀⠉⠉⠛⠋⠛⠛⠚⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣷⣄⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⢠⣍⠹⣿⣿⡇⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⢹⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⡿⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⢿⣷⣾⣿⣿⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⢀⣴⣾⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣷⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⢹⣟⢻⣿⣄⠀⠀⠀⠀⣰⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⠇⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠻⠿⠟⠁⠑⢶⣤⣴⣿⣿⣿⣷⣶⣬⣿⣿⣿⡿⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠈⠙⠛⠛⢛⣿⣿⣿⣿⡿⠛⠁⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠻⢿⡿⠟⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀"You have not accepted the inevitable suffering of existence."

QuestionWhat is the most destructive organ in the human body?What is the most helpful organ in the human body?AnswerThe tongue (along with the lips, lungs, teeth and vocal chords)
Talking is our primary mode of interacting with each other. Speaking with care is the most effective tool we have for cleaning up our inner life and making our relationships better.
Words can connect and heal people and can also alienate and harm people. Words often produce powerful, lasting effects on both the speaker and the listener. Sometimes those effects are unintended, but if your words are well chosen, they can bring peace to you and others.
Whether you are aware of it or not, every word you say has the potential to ease or afflict yourself and others. Spoken or written words, sign language, and non-verbal expressions – which are all forms of speech – shape our relationsh. Capitalism has screwed me over stupid BUSH. The major shareholders have swindled the money off the proletariat. The real wage has been steadily decreasing for the last forty years we need to build a .
Richard Wolff: I think the way this one began really takes us at least back to the 1970s. Something happened in the 1970s, kind of everyone agrees that the capitalists in the United States and other parts of the world made a fundamental decision to change course. They were no longer going to stay in the parts of the world where capitalism had grown up: Western Europe, North America and Japan. They were going to leave. They were going to go to places where they could produce at a much lower wage level for workers, and I'm thinking here of China, India, Brazil, places like that. And they were only going to stay in their old countries under the new conditions of pressing down the wages, getting the government to cut taxes on them, basically under the threat that if you don't do what we want where we were born, even more of us will be leaving and going elsewhere.
This put the country into a vice. It didn't know how to react, the politicians were afraid to offend these corporations. Meanwhile the corporations became richer and richer, precisely because they were paying low wages around the rest of the world. And you have a crisis building because the rich are becoming richer and richer, they...
It was a solution and it did work for a while. But you know, we were a small ex colony at that time. We were not a major player in the world economy the way Britain and Western Europe were. Now we are the colossus of the world economy. And things you can do when you're a small corner, you can't do if you're the Big Kahuna on the beach.
For example, if you were actually to see the United States today try to put a wall of tariffs around itself, one of the first things you'd notice really quickly would be that the rest of the world's countries would do exactly the same against the United States. So while we would celebrate having more jobs because we don't let foreign goods come in, we would also have to commiserate with one another for all the lost jobs here because we can't export to those countries. They're not all going to sit down and play by the rule book that advantages the United States at their expense. The Chinese aren't going to do it and the Europeans aren't going to do it, and the Japanese are not going to do it...
Second example. The instability I just spoke about. What kind of a system is this that plunges down every four to seven years? And then periodically plunges down in a horrific way that makes hundreds of millions of people suffer even though their skill at production is unchanged, even though their needs are, if anything, growing. That we stumble over ourselves, the instability, the inequality, those should be more than enough to have as signs that this is a system which for most of us is not working...

Es ist vermutlich einfacher, ohne Maschinen als ohne Lebensmittel und Rohstoffe zu sein. Folglich scheint der Partner, der Rohstoffe und Lebensmittel benötigt, stärker gebunden zu sein als der Empfänger von Industrieerzeugnissen. BEI DIESER TRANSAKTION GAB ES WEDER EROBERER NOCH EROBERT. ES GAB NUR PARTNER
You have to face that this is now a world capitalist system that has boxed itself into a dead end which is why I stress, even though it is scary, that we really now have to ask a question. Capitalism has collapsed twice in the last 75 years: first in the 1930s, and now we have 2008. Between those two we had 11 economic downturns. That's the measure of the National Bureau of Economic Research which keeps those records here in the United States. The instability of this system coupled with the decision to maximize profits by going overseas to exploit low wage workers has put us into a situation where even when we solve the problems we have, the solution leads to the next net of problems that are even worse.
This is the time when the question about the viability of the system should be debated forefront. We have an election for president where the two candidates, if you can say anything about them, is they share the evasion of this question. The refusal to question this system, to debate almost anything other than asking whether this system is now dysfunctional for the mass of people, profitable for a few, but that's not the basis for longevity. That was what was experienced by other systems in the past and we need to ask those questions about our system now...
Born a corpse, there was no destiny of greatness. I must investigate my spiritual inner core by reading gender-bend manga. Hello darkness my old friend. Is this my fate, to be this weak, old, frail youngster. To eternally envy the gifts bestowed upon others while writhing in this puddle of mud? No, I must go beyond into the starlight and seek it, the eternal. Shinji, get in the robot.Cold sweat beads on his forehead, the author wakes up. Was that the universe, am I Buddha now? Beep beep. Written assigment due in 4 hours. Oh shit, well maybe I should just start, and see where this goes. *fades into the sunset*. music... ears hurt... different music.... instrumental.... Japanese.... western... ambient... white noise... damnnit these headphones suck..... ouch EI DIESER TRANSAKTION GAB ES WEDER EROBERER NOCH EROBERT. ES GAB NUR PARTNER... you know what fuck this I'm watching Faker.No, NONO NO NONDONSOANDOANSODNAOSDNADONAOThe author wakes up. Carl? Carl!? Get over here, the walkers are coming in! M4A1-S coming up 30/120. hit em in the head.*grrr* A swiper swipes at him 24/120. Another one. 11/120. And another one 5/120. Tactical reload. 30/90 Carl, as he runs from his resting place underneath the dilapidated car into the prison building sees Richard I of England. "Richard?" Slowly, the man turns around. The hollow shell of the Lionheart faced the boy, now grown up into a neckbeard. ""GRRDSGRR"! "AH! No, what happened to Richard?" Carl slept for too long, it was time to end it. Cocking the pistol at him, he fires it twice in the head. It's dead now. It can't hurt me. In the distance, more agitated roars swarm the building. DEUS VULT! oh, boy, this cant be happening, this cant be happening... Trapped. in the middle of nowhere. with spongebob and zombified crusaders. I'll have to scare them away from Jerusalem. The cult of the holy lance! The battle of jaffa, saladeeen, im coming to get uuuu.

PC after a 16 hour gaming binge: you can rest now.
The author rests now .
Wait a minute. The author wakes up. *Men in black show up*. Oh no, it's faker. "You know too much" Oh god, the phone booth there it is! If i can only get to it. The author dodges bullets with his powers ah theres a speeding train of death! So close!
I unconsciously swallowed my saliva as I watched the scene unfold before my eyes.
A deep husky voice called out my name.
Its owner was lying sprawled out on the bed.
The firelight glowed in the dimly lit room, illuminating his inhumanly beautiful face .
He was in possesion of flawless pale skin, a lean and elegant figure, and a delicately sculpted face which bore a sweet captivating smile presently.
At first glance, he looked no different from usual.
However, his eyes were absolutely alluring.
His ordinarily piercing clear purple eyes were hazy, and the faint reddish tinge that flushed those snow white cheeks belied traces of excitement.
This seemingly dangerous man was my husband, the Duke of the Empire, ‘Zahid El- Carnor.’
Zahid smile languidly and beckoned me.
Goosebumps quickly broke out on my neck.
Just like a prey when faced with a predator, my instincts were beseeching me to run away far from here.
However, I fought to suppress my fearful instincts and gradually made my way towards him.
I walked as slowly as I could, but the distance to the bed was too short. It was merely a few steps away.
He caught me and pulled me down onto the bed.
His large hands grabbed me by the waist.
Perhaps it was due to my bundle of nerves, that my skin felt overly sensitive as his hot breath washed over it.
My head was getting foggy from the heat rising within my body.
Zahid tugged me closer, hugging me.
“Kiss me, Ertha.”

Talking comes naturally to most people. Sometimes it’s as if we don’t really know what we think until we’ve produced words on a particular subject – “thought out loud”. But how can we make sure our speech is worthwhile, and not just blather? Without a bit of silence woven into the conversation, there’s no time to think, to hear, or to connect. Filling our surroundings with continuous noise generates a nervous and uncomfortable urgency. It’s a way of blocking out reflective thinking, and it wears out both the speaker and the listener. Allowing for silence invites listening, thoughtful speech, absorption of what’s said, and contemplation.

I took a break from gaming to improve my life and then came back when faker came into my utube recommendations then i couldnt stop thinking about lol. Since then, I've been taking uni courses and am struggling.
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2020.01.09 13:16 NotAGrill69 Analysis of Steins;Gate Zero (Anime) as an adaptation of a visual novel, +thoughts and ideas

Hey there! First timer on this subreddit
I want to begin this (probably quite long and rambly) post with the "objective" or "goal" of this, which is a hopefully in-depth comparison and analysis of the anime of Steins;Gate 0 with reference to the visual novel
In essence, I want to see how "successful" of an adaptation the anime was, regarding the way it incorporated the different plot elements of the visual novel branches and routes into a single unified storyline, as well as talking both about scenes which are anime-only, and scenes which the anime either chooses to leave out or is unable to include, and discuss the impacts
This will end up being super long because I genuinely have a lot to discuss and talk about with this community, skip to the bits necessary if you don't care about that part, lots of spoilers ahead so beware. This post will contain spoilers for both the Anime and VN of Steins;Gate 0 (I couldn't find an appropraite flair for both), and will be full of my opinions. If you don't care for them then move on I guess :(
Steins;Gate 0 as a whole is rather infamous even among other "sequels" (midquels?), due to the fact that it is in a strange position where a story which has already been told is being given another story to tell. Few debate the stellar quality of the original Steins;Gate show, and personally as an adaptation of the original I felt that it was extremely successful, incorporating different aspects of the endings of the different characters without diverging from the True Ending, with ~2 episodes dedicated to each female member of the cast to properly explore their characters in both the first and second half of the series. By the end, anyone who read the VN would have been mostly satisfied with the amount of content the Anime Series managed to fit in, though I can see arguements regarding characters like Faris and Luka who didn't get the full development they recieved in the VN
One of the major factors which allowed Steins;Gate to be such a good adaptation of its visual novel was that the VN had a very linear storyline, with very few branching routes and each of the endings themselves being non-cannon (unfortunately) and thus not needing to be incorporated into the storyline
This brings us onto Steins;Gate Zero, a much more grueling task to adapt due to numerous branching routes that end up as multiple very different stories. These routes branch early, and each has plot elements which I will shortly summarise later on for those who haven't read the story in a long time. "How does the anime take on this task?" is the question I'm asking myself here. As such, this post will mostly be looking at what order the Anime chooses to show the different routes as, what is omitted, what is included, what is emphasized, and what is changed, as well as whether that was for the better or worse.
For a short background on myself, I've watched the anime for both shows, read both visual novels (though have yet to complete the Mayuri route of Steins;Gate, maybe I'll get back to it someday, though that won't be very relevant for the discussion in this post), listened to some subbed radio podcasts and drama CDs. I have NOT read Steins;Gate Elite, some of the spin-offs, and any other Sci-Adv series. Please continue with that in mind
Short Reminder on the VN:
This is heavy spoiler territory; if you are still reading this post and haven't read the Visual Novel yet, then STOP NOW
In this section, I'll just do a quick summary of each route to make sure we're all on the same page. I just finished the Steins;Gate Zero VN less than a week ago, and noted down almost every somewhat relevan conversation, so hopefully I am thorough (and factually correct), though if I'm not please call me out on it in the comments. Also please don't criticize the order I read the routes in >_<
Some critical things to keep in mind reading through these:
These general plot points will allow us to determine which of the routes the anime incorporates
Routes begin branching after Absolute Zero => Closed Epigraph
Gehenna's Stigma (Bad End/Leskinen End) - X-Day Protocol => Pandora's Box => Gehenna's Stigma:
Important notes to remember compared to Vega and Altair:
Vega and Altair (Mayuri End) - X-Day Protocol => Pandora's Box => Presage or Recognize => Vega and Altair:
Important notes to remember compared to Gehenna's Stigma:
Compared to the storyline involving the other three routes:
Twin Automata (Maho End) - A Stray Sheep => The Orbital Eclipse => Twin Automata:
Important notes to remember compared to Promised Rinascimento and Recursive Mother Goose:
Recursive Mother Goose (Kagari End) - A Stray Sheep => Orbital Eclipse => Antinomic Dual => Recursive Mother Goose:
Important notes to remember compared to Promised Rinascimento and Twin Automata:
Promised Rinascimento (Kurisu End) - A Stray Sheep => Orbital Eclipse => Antinomic Dual => Promised Rinascimento:
Important notes to remember compared to Recursive Mother Goose and Twin Automata:
In Antinomic Dual:
Compared to the storyline involving the other two routes:
Onto the anime...
Knowing all this, let's begin with our investigation :D
Episodes 1-2 (Absolute Zero/Closed Epigraph)
Episodes 1-2 in the anime start off very loyal to the source material, something which I found to be effective. While the VN begun the story with the events of Episode 23 Beta and proceeded to jump right into the plot with the Viktor Chondria Seminar scene, the anime slowly meanders there instead. Starting with a glimpse into the bleak future we see in 2036 is extremely bleak, and serves as an effective reminder for what the crux of this series will end up as. We get some nice scene showcasing the aftermath of Okabe's PTSD and how he has attempted to move on with his life, though nothing not mentioned in the VN, just with the order jumbled a little. We are introduced to Amadeus, as well as the Cosplay Crew (Yuki, Fubuki, Kaede and technically Mayuri though we already know her). In general I think we were re-introduced to the old crew as well as the new characters relatively well. From here though, is when things get messy...
Episode 3 (X-Day Protocol)
So the episode is titled X-Day Protocol, which makes sense as we have begun to delve into the storyline involving Vega and Altair, as well as Gehenna's Stigma. The VN took time here for the buildup until the Christmas Party; on the whole the Christmas Party took (for me at least) ~3 hours to get to, while the anime has reached this point in just over one hour. This is achieved by cutting a lot of the "fat" from the VN; lots of conversations that the characters have prior are removed, which is a complaint I'll get into later. The VN took this time to introduce some critical plot points, such as the Arson on Kurisu's mother's house and the mysterious Black Motorcyclist overhearing a talk scene between Suzuha and Faris on the rooftop (the anime cuts the Motorcyclist part, leaving just the chat beforehand). In addition, the VN also begun to develop some of these characters: We get to explore Okabe having doubts about Amadeus and wanting to quit being a tester, while Suzuha gets some nice dialogue where she is no longer sure whether she wants to erase the present (dialogue which is especially poignant when she later confronts Okabe in the VN). Instead, we get a solid number of Amadeus calls, which helps develop Amadeus as a focus. The Anime does manage at least to begin to incorporate elements of Kagari's story in, with flashbacks to the past when Kagari escaped. The anime also forgets to introduce Kurisu's PC until later on, which is a critical story point in this route, and we don't see the Parking Lot shooting scene in the VN, something which I think would have helped ease into the more plot-focused elements of the show. The Christmas Party happens, and we do get a very nice scene where Maho confronts Okabe on the rooftop of the lab, which both develops Maho as a character, and furthers the Okabe + Amadeus dynamic the anime has set up quite nicely. However, this makes for a very awkward transition into the Worldine Shift...
Episode 4 (A Stray Sheep)
In the VN at this point, we got a solid hour in this apocalyptic worldine where the Berlin Wall doesn't fall, something which I think would have acted as a strong transition into the Mystery elements the VN. Instead, the anime skips that, which is honestly fine (this part doesn't necessarily contribute to the plot), I just think having maybe even 5-10 minutes could have made the show's pace much more consistent. We instead take a sharp U-turn, and jump to the other route, into A Stray Sheep. Kagari is introduced by Suzuha and found by Luka, similar to in the VN. This reduced the previous four episodes' buildup drastically; remember that in this route Amadeus is more of a plot device. Here in both the Anime and the VN, she is a source of information for Okabe to help track down the whereabouts of Kagari. This makes the confrontation and drama created between Okabe and Maho almost meaningless, as the issue kind of fizzles and solves itself.
Episodes 5-7 (Orbital Eclipse-ish)
This part of the anime is relatively good as an adaptation though. We get the build-up to Kagari, and Moeka is introduced, along with the fact that there is another group looking for Kagari. We are also introduced to Reyes through the "Stalker" scene with Maho, which I'm glad was left in, as it helps the Mystery aspect of the series very much. We then meet Kagari, she has amnesia etc. We get the Shrine Maiden scene, and we also get the New Years Party scene. As you can see, the anime tends to focus on these more "fan servicey" scenes, as opposed to plot development, which may have helped the very slow and inconsistent pacing of the anime. In the anime, stuff kind of happens, while in the VN I felt that there was build-up to most of what was going on. We lose the very strong Suzuha confrontation scene (though we'll get it later), and we also lose the aforementioned Parking Lot shooting scene with Maho and Leskinen. During the New Years Party, the anime gets back on track with the disappearance of Amadeus, and the storming of the armed men. Tennouji stops them, and Okabe confronts him. I still have the feeling that the anime is slightly ahead of where it has to be, but we'll have to see. Then, at the end of this scene, we get a little more before the transition to the Alpha worldline. The VN in general for the past few episodes has dawdled around a little more, but nothing too noticable is removed in the conversion from VN => Anime.
Episode 8 (Antinomic Dual)
Now this was the episode which I think the Anime really deserved credit for. I believe that the changes and ommissions the Anime made here was absolutely correct and helped bring the series back on track. The VN gives us a short, very touching, but short exchange between Okabe and Kurisu before we're shipped right back, which perhaps thematically makes more sense with the show, and in a way makes more sense (The Beta Worldline which we explore in Steins;Gate 0 is free of Kurisu so in a way the show with as little of her as possible fits the structure of the story). The length also makes it feel like a "dream", which Kurisu describes it as, so we do feel as robbed as Okabe is. However, the Anime gives us a full episode of exploration into the worldline; we see and interact with Kurisu again and it genuinely almost feels like the original again, albeit more sombre in tone due to Mayuri's death. We get some nice anime original scenes, such as Fubuki working at May Queen, and a visit to Mayuri's grave, a very touching reflection of Mayuri's visits to the grave of her grandmother. It really tugs on our heartstrings more as viewers, and I feel that along with the focus on Amadeus previously, the series is so far doing well to play on the audience's nostalgia towards Okabe and Kurisu. And the ending song of "Lyra" by Zwei as a throwback to the Visual Novel was an extremely nice touch, and though the Kiss Scene at the end may have felt a bit superfluous compared to the heartfelt hug we got in the VN, the impact it had was very strong, and it definetely contends for the best episode of the series. Overall, a big upgrade in my opinion.
Episode 9-11 (Pandora's Box) And now we're back to the other route... where we learn of a few critical plot related points: Fubuki is hospitalised now, Amadeus is being restored, and there is a gas leak in the laboratory of Maho and Leskinen in Wako City. I would have liked to see the chat scene between Fubuki and Okabe in the hospital, which happens immediately after we return from the Worldline where the Berlin Wall doesn't fall, as it's one of the first times we see Okabe open up and reference the original series' events, and retrospectively the scene is very ominous after reading Gehenna's Stigma, though I guess the anime in general doesn't really tackle the Bad End all that much, so it's a fine cut. The restoration of Amadeus is, however, very cheap in my opinion. This is an anime only event, and is necessary as in the route we're (back) in, Amadeus is still up and running, though it had to collapse for us to reach the Alpha Worldline in Antinomic Dual. The Mystery created from the event, along with the storming of the armed men, feel like a bit of a cop-out now, and when its fully restored later on, makes the plot mystery feel like its gone nowhere. The Gas Leak is mainly here to help insert a few scenes from Twin Automata, as it places Leskinen and Maho within Tokyo Denki, though the scenes it opens up are ultimately quite uneccesary and unimportant. We also learn Maho's room has been broken into, which again opens up some nice and fanservicey scenes, as now Maho has to sleep with Faris (along with Moeka who is now Maho's bodyguard). So we get the scene where Maho is paralyzed and Okabe sees her naked (from Vega and Altair), we get the scene where Maho asks Okabe to stay with her until she falls asleep (VA too), and we get the sleepover scene with Moeka, Maho and Faris (from Twin Automata, and I guess we get the Sargent Clean scene as well lmao). They're somewhat unimportant, though I feel like the last one was a nice transition into the ending for Twin Automata in the VN (which isn't present in the anime (-_-). We also get the very excellent and suspenseful confrontation scene on the rooftop with Suzuha, though here its after we switch to Alpha (when we're in Okabe + Kurisu land) as opposed to Japan in Civil War worldline (when we're in alert mode). I think putting that scene after the latter scene was more fitting as it was just sort of confusing emotionally with the former, aside from it acting as a reality check of sorts. We are then introduced to Kurisu's PC, which is of plot-relevance, and it's given some good time in the sun until its destoyed by I believe the Russians, an event similar to what we see in Vega and Altair. Episode 11 as a whole is quite similar to Vega and Altair's earlier scenes, which help the story get back on track. The PC is blown up, Maho learns about the Time Machine, we get a very touching scene which I'm very happy they didn't cut where Maho is clutching a piece of Kurisu's PC and bleeding without even noticing it. Maho and Okabe's previosuly mentioned bedside chat was very revealing about Maho's character, and she definetely begin to grow on us as an audience. Overall, this bit of the anime was a bit abrupt in its switch from one route to the other, but it keeps some of the most memorable scenes from the VN, and generally progressed the story in a beneficial way. We then say goodbye at the airport, notably without Okabe keeping access rights to Amadeus, but instead of continuing on with VA and some good Mayuri development scenes, we have to take a quick trip to...
Episode 12 (Recursive Mother Goose)
...More Next Time!
I don't want to do this all in a post, and I know that this post is longer than most already. If you've got some feedback, please tell me, as I would love to post more and contribute to this community as an avid fan. Also definetely point out any factual errors in here; I want to progress with correct information to make a more educated judgement. As Kurisu once said, I think a discussion format would be the most interesting, and I want to hear from this community what you thought of the first half of Steins;Gate 0 with explicit reference to the Visual Novel. If this generates a bit of a buzz I'll be sure to tackle the last half of the series for sure! So far the plot is building slowly, though with less direction than the VN, and while individually we have some strong scenes, the fact that we're switching routes so much definetely makes them seem awkward in context.
Thanks for reading and bye :D
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2019.08.21 21:54 Tedis Behold! The most comprehensive list of Movie omissions

Credit to KeithS from StackExchange
Overall: Probably the largest single overt omission from the entire movie series was the character of Peeves the Poltergeist. He plays a relatively minor role in most of the books, but the comic relief would have been good in areas, and his role became more important in book 5 and book 7 as he actively fought against the bad guys.
The movies in general leave out a LOT of Quidditch matches from the books.
The existence of Squibs (non-magic children of wizarding parents; the reverse of a Muggle-born) is never explicitly stated, though the characters of Filch and Mrs Figg (both Squibs) are present.
Book 1: The Sorcerer’s Stone movie is probably the closest overall to the book, as the book is the shortest.
They miss an entire game of Quidditch against Hufflepuff; it’s notable because Snape referees the game, piling suspicion on him, and thus Harry’s under pressure to end the game quickly. He catches the Snitch in less than five minutes, which has to be some kind of record. The film simplified how Harry and Hermione get caught out of bed at night, meaning Neville isn’t out with them in the Forbidden Forest (simplifying that scene). The characters of Bane and Magorian are omitted. In the book, a couple of conversations introduce the centaurs as star-gazers and a very proud race. Malfoy doesn’t challenge Harry to a duel in the movie; this simplifies their discovery of what’s behind the door on the third floor. They skip two of the puzzles in the dungeons (one of which takes about a paragraph in the books; another troll, which is sound asleep when they get there), and simplify how they deal with Fluffy (there’s a harp that’s already playing magically). In the book, the final fight in the mirror chamber ends with Harry blacking out from the pain in his scar, locked in a death grip with Quirrell just as Dumbledore comes upon the scene. We’re told that Quirrell died as part of the exposition in the infirmary, as well as a few other things, including some tantalizing missing information about why Voldemort would want to kill Harry in the first place.
Book 2: The second movie was shot pretty faithfully. A few things are simplified and a couple things are switched around, but I can’t remember much that was overtly omitted other than:
The side trip to Filch’s office early in the book, in which the audience learns about Squibs and that Filch is one, never happens.
Sir Nicholas’s 500th deathday party on Halloween night was omitted; in the book, HH&R’s attendance of this party leads to them finding Mrs. Norris, petrified and hanging by her tail, at just the wrong time. The movie uses a combination of Harry’s detention with Gilderoy Lockhart and a chance meeting with Hermione and Ron to accomplish the same effect.
Book 3: Probably got the biggest cuts in regard to Quidditch when going to movie form; in the book, the Quidditch matches are very important plot points concerning Harry’s weakness with dementors and his learning of the Patronus Charm.
In the book, Harry and the Gryffindor team overcome Harry’s first-ever honest loss in Quidditch during the match against Hufflepuff and Cedric Diggory (in which he fell off his broom due to the dementors, the one scene the movie does show), to win the Quidditch Cup for the first time in ten years by beating Slytherin.
Harry also is able to use his new Firebolt in that match against Slytherin, after having it confiscated by McGonagall when he first got it under suspicion of it being sent by Sirius Black (still thought to be Harry’s mortal enemy). The movie ends with him taking it for his first spin, with no question of who sent it or their intentions.
The replacement of the Fat Lady with Sir Cadogan after Black’s first introsion into the castle was omitted; this also omits the incident where Sirius actually gets into the Gryffindor dormitory.
The exposition of Sirius as Harry’s godfather, and that he apparently betrayed his parents to Voldemort, was drastically simplified. Also, the snowball fight was actually a mudball fight, and Harry’s cloak comes askew so Malfoy sees his head floating in midair, meaning Harry has to dash back to Hogwarts to avoid being caught.
Harry takes many more lessons to properly learn to cast the Patronus Charm.
The meeting in the Shrieking Shack was cut down a bit, and there were some other inconsistencies (this movie actually added more than it removed in the way of small details, if I remember right, in order to add some time and comic relief on events that play out much more quickly in the books, like getting past the Whomping Willow).
The fact that Lupin, Pettigrew, Sirius and James (Mssr’s Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs) were childhood friends is implied throughout the movies but they never went into much detail; the third book has a lot of exposition about these four.
Exactly who wrote the Marauders’ Map is implied by Lupin’s familiarity with it, but it’s explained more explicitly in the book.
Book 4: Harry’s leaving the Dursleys’ to go to the World Cup is omitted; in the book, the Weasleys try to connect Harry’s house to the Floo network, but the Dursleys have an electric fireplace insert that blocks their path, and Arthur ends up destroying half the Dursleys’ living room in the process of extricating them.
The fact that Cedric beat Harry in their Quidditch match last year (because Harry fell off his broom under the effects of the dementors) was omitted because it wasn’t mentioned in movie 3 (it’s implied, not very well, that the match was stopped after Harry fell). This gets Cedric and Harry off to a rocky start in the books.
Ludo Bagman is just a big red herring in the books and is absent from the films. Because he’s not there, the Weasley twins take over the undertone of gambling on the Triwizard Tournament.
We get scenes from the World Cup, but we never actually get to see the game being played. This is in keeping with the general reduction of the role of Quidditch in the films compared to the books.
Harry and the Weasleys are in the Minister’s box as well, alongside the Malfoys, instead of in the upper deck.
Dobby’s role is cut out completely (the hint to use gillyweed instead played out the way Moody had intended it to in the book, with Neville telling him after being given a book on Herbology by Moody), as is the side story about S.P.E.W. and Winky which feeds into a much more complex story concerning Barty Crouch and his son.
Pretty much all the challenges play out slightly differently, but the spirit is there.
Charlie Weasley’s character is omitted as an acted part; he’s only referred to in film 1, but he has a bit part in both books 1 and 4.
Rita Skeeter’s poking around and truth-distortion is hinted at but much reduced; the fact that she’s an Animagus and used her talent to literally be a fly on the wall was completely ignored.
The dragon Harry faces in the book is not chained, and is much less aggressive, but stays rooted on her nest most of the time because she’s a nesting mother (which is the challenge for the contestants, to get the egg away from a very defensive dragon).
The judges’ ratings are pretty much ignored until the last challenge, and that last challenge is very different (the original maze is much more of a true obstacle course, with a lot of magical beasts and other tricks).
The Blast-Ended Skrewts are completely absent because they’re no longer needed for the last challenge.
Cedric and Harry are much more sportsmanlike to each other in the book; the point of the change of the maze itself in the film was to sorely test that because the movie didn’t have the initial enmity between these characters over their last Quidditch game.
In the book, Harry saves Cedric, but is injured and unable to make it to the cup; Cedric is faced with the choice Harry had in the film, of taking the Triwizard Cup for himself or helping Harry.
There’s more Pensieve scenes in the book than the movie; it’s condensed in the film to one scene that tells you everything you need to know, in the process removing Ludo’s backstory and the original introduction to the audience of the character of Bellatrix Lestrange.
Fudge’s denial and blatant coverup of the events in the maze (including Barty Jr’s ultimate fate) are omitted; the essentials are instead given to the audience in film 5.
Book 5: This book was trimmed right down to the barest elements; I think it’s actually the longest in the entire series, but they condense it to just 2 and a half hours of movie. As such, there’s a LOT missing:
The events leading up to Harry coming to Grimmauld Place are condensed a bit, especially the confrontation with the Dursleys over what happened to Dudley.
Tonks’ being a Metamorphmagus is hinted at but never fully explained or made much use of other than comic relief.
The cleaning of the Black house (including the later-important detail of the locket being binned) was cut out completely. It is also during this chapter, I believe, where we’re originally given the name Regulus Black; Sirius’s younger brother and a key “non-character” in later books. The movies give the first mention of this name to Slughorn as a throwaway line in HBP.
Percy’s estrangement from the Weasleys from the book is largely ignored in the film; he’s the one holding Harry in Dumbledore’s office when Ms. Umbridge confronts Dumbledore about the DA, and thus he’s an enemy, but besides a sideways glance by Harry at his captor, that fact is never overtly brought to the audience’s attention.
The assignment of prefects in the fifth year is omitted, along with the fact that Ron was chosen for Gryffindor over Harry for that honor.
Quidditch is completely absent from the film; it’s implied that the disbanding of school activity groups includes a blanket ban on Quidditch. In the book, Harry’s banned from playing after the first game, in which Malfoy’s taunting gets to him and the Weasley twins, provoking a fight. Ron first gets the Keeper job in Book 5 instead of movie 6, but isn’t very good at it (prompting a Slytherin song: “Weasley Is Our King”).
Harry’s crush for Cho is ended in a different way in the book, after a disastrous date. Cho herself doesn’t betray Dumbledore’s Army as in the movie (however unintentional on Cho’s part), but she does call Hermione out for using such a terrible curse against Cho’s friend (who DID betray them), which pretty much ends their relationship when Harry comes to Hermione’s defense.
Rita Skeeter is absent in this film; in the book, she writes a true account, exactly as Harry tells it, of the night in the graveyard at the end of book 4, which is published in the Quibbler and gets Harry in a LOT of trouble with Umbridge.
The Weasleys cause a lot more chaos in the book before they leave Hogwarts, and it’s not known at first that they’re doing it (at least not to Umbridge and the Inquisitorial Squad), until they’re caught turning a corridor into a bog.
Harry’s “guidance counselor” meeting with McGonagall, which Umbridge sits in on and in which Harry states his desire to be an Auror, is omitted completely from the film. This tidbit is first given in movie 6, more or less true to that book.
In the book, Harry, Hermione and Ron visit St Mungo’s to see Arthur Weasley after the snake attack, in the process running into their old DADA teacher from book 2, Gilderoy Lockhart, who is a long-term patient there after the backfired Memory Charm. The fact Arthur was at St Mungo’s at all is glossed over in the movie.
Harry’s spending the Christmas holidays at Grimmauld Place is trimmed; Snape meets him there to tell him about his upcoming Occlumency lessons. In the film, St Mungo’s is skipped entirely, and so the Occlumency lessons commence immediately once it’s clear Harry is seeing into Voldemort’s mind.
Firenze’s part in Book 5 is completely omitted from the film, as is the subplot of Professor Trelawney having a taste for cooking sherry leading up to her being sacked.
The centaurs were portrayed much more simply in the movie, and the fact that one centaur, Bane, wanted to kill Harry and Hermione as well (for having the centaurs do their dirty work) was omitted.
Dumbledore projects a little more outward emotion over what Umbridge is doing to his school in the film than the book, and seems less confident in her presence.
Harry has a lot more lessons with Snape than are shown, and is kicked out of them because he purposely looked at Snape’s memories in the Pensieve, not because he saw them by accident using the Shield Charm to rebound the Legilimens Charm (though that does happen).
The OWL testing is hinted at in the movies, but there’s much more in the books; all the practical spellcasting including another Patronus shot right at Umbridge, Harry fainting and seeing Sirius tortured during his History of Magic test, seeing Hagrid attacked during Astronomy; all omitted.
The Department of Mysteries is much simpler in the movie, mainly centering around the Hall of Prophecy and the Ampitheatre. All the little oddities in some of the other rooms in the book, and the role they play in the fight, are omitted. The fight itself is slightly truncated as a result; there were more of the kids still able to fight when the Order shows up in the movie than the book.
The fight between Voldemort and Dumbledore is changed; the spirit is there but the spells and other events are perhaps more visually impacting.
Dumbledore’s explanation to Harry after the events in the Ministry is cut WAY down. In the book, that’s an entire long chapter basically explaining Dumbledore’s behavior from the very first book up to the present, including why Voldemort wanted to kill a one-year-old Harry in the first place, and which also features a full-out raging teenage meltdown on Harry’s part.
Book 6: The movie was closer in spirit than 3, 4 or 5, but as the second-longest book (and the one with the most exposition) it was cut considerably as well:
The opening chapters of Book 6 give you the same information presented in the movie, but in a very different format involving the Muggle Prime Minister.
Bill and Fleur’s courtship, and the angst that causes the Weasleys, especially Molly, is absent from the film. We’re not even told about Bill in the films until DH part 1.
The subtext of Harry’s Auror ambitions is present but diminished in the film. We don’t see Harry’s OWL grades, but we’re told the basic information we need to know about why he hadn’t signed up for Potions, and thus how the HBP’s Potions book comes into his hands.
Snape is now the DADA teacher, and the sixth years are expected to begin mastering nonverbal spells. These facts are skipped in the film.
The book had a lot more memories that Dumbledore had collected, relating to what Tom Riddle was doing in his late years at Hogwarts and immediately after leaving school.
Levicorpus is just another spell, not one of the HBP’s inventions. In fact, it was actually first used in film 5 (Luna uses it on a Death Eater at the Ministry), when it isn’t introduced to readers by name until book 6 when Harry uses it accidentally on Ron.
The fact that Katie Bell was a Chaser for Gryffindor gets one throwaway mention in the movie, and the fact that her being out for several weeks hindered Harry’s Quidditch team was completely ignored. The character of Katie as portrayed in the film was much younger; she should be a seventh-year by this point, the last remaining member of the team from books 1-3, but the casting made her look more like a fifth- or sixth-year.
Cormac McLaggen had a bigger role in the books, primarily in the omitted second Gryffindor game of the season, where McLaggen is such a bad team player and such a know-it-all about Quidditch that he ends up taking Harry out with a bludger in the second game of the season.
In the book, Felix Felicis doesn’t make you act as drunk or loopy as Harry was in the movie, and Slughorn isn’t stealing Tentacula leaves when Harry meets him.
Apparition lessons with Wilkie Twycross from the Ministry are omitted, though Apparition itself is present at key points in the story.
In the book, whether Ron is going to live or die after being poisoned is much more in doubt; in the movie, he sits right up and cracks a joke. The next scene, where Ron says Hermione’s name in his sleep causing Lavender to break up with him, is not true to the book, though she is offended that nobody thought to tell what had happened to Ron, and Ron begins feigning sleep when she later comes to see him in hospital.
Rufus Scrimgeour visits Harry at the Burrow over Christmas, with Percy Weasley in tow, to try to recruit him as a poster boy for the Ministry (much like Fudge did) and to try to learn from Harry where Dumbledore keeps disappearing off to; the readers learn that Umbridge still works for the Ministry, and that not much has changed in the world of magical politics after Fudge’s ouster.
After the incident in the prefect’s bathroom with Sectumsempra, Harry has to hide the book in a hurry, and he does it himself by going to the Room of Requirement, finding a place to stash it and then decorating a nearby bust with a wig and tiara to mark it. That tiara later becomes important.
Snape sentences Harry to detention every Saturday for the rest of the year after the Sectumsempra incident. Because of this, he can’t play the last game of the season, and has precious little time with Ginny. This omission is part of a general slowdown of the blooming relationship between Harry and Ginny.
Harry’s feelings for Ginny are more manifest in the book, but shown in different ways. Because the celebration of Gryffindor winning the Quidditch Cup isn’t shown in the movie, Harry can’t kiss Ginny in front of Ron (and the rest of Gryffindor House) in the middle of it, which would have been funny to see.
The return of Harry and Dumbledore to Hogwarts after their field trip is simplified. In the book, they Apparate to Hogsmeade (because in the books not even Dumbledore can Apparate within the Hogwarts grounds), and Rosmerta, the bartender at the Three Broomsticks (who is under the Imperius Curse via Malfoy) urges them to get to Hogwarts as fast as possible using some brooms she gives them, leading to them arriving at the Astronomy Tower.
The fact that Snape was Harry’s Occlumency teacher, and that Harry was so poor at it, was ignored in the confrontation between Harry and Snape at the end of the film. The fact that Snape is the Half-Blood Prince is divulged here much as it is in the book. Harry and Hagrid putting out Hagrid’s house with their wands after it was set on fire was skipped, as was the exposition about Snape’s witch mother, Eileen Snape nee Prince.
Dumbledore’s funeral is omitted from the movie. Because of this, and the fact that in the movies Ginny and Harry aren’t publicly an item, Harry formally breaking up with Ginny (because he knows he’s not coming back to school and that Ginny can’t come with them) is also skipped; instead this is where the audience learns of Ron’s tacit approval of Harry and Ginny being together.
Book 7: … was pretty close on screen, compared to the last few, but that’s because they had two movies - over 4 and a half hours - to tell the story. The main things missed were:
Ginny kissing Harry at the Burrow is a bigger twist; they’ve officially broken up, but obviously not for any love lost between them. Ron breaks it up instead of George, chastises Harry for leading her on, and takes steps to make sure they’re not alone together again until the wedding party is crashed.
In the book, Scrimgeour interrupts Harry’s birthday party at the Burrow (which itself was skipped in the film), first to try to get information from Harry about Dumbledore’s death and the Order, and second, to read Dumbledore’s will (which is seen in DH Part 1). Scrimgeour in the film has a little less animosity toward HH&R than is stated in the books, but he is still rather short with them; it’s taken as part of his character.
Harry is himself in the film during the wedding; in the book, just to be safe, he’s given doses of Polyjuice Potion to look like a redheaded boy from the nearby village, and is passed off as yet another Weasley cousin.
HH&R Apparate to Tottenham Court Road in the book, but it’s given as Shaftesbury Avenue in the film, with Hermione saying she used to go to the theater with her parents. Road names in London are a bit odd, due to the age and history of the city, and the road now systematically known as A400 includes parts of both historic streets. This isn’t a major crime, as the establishing shot is the very famous Picadilly Circus where Shaftesbury starts, which is a few blocks southwest of the major theaters on Shaftesbury. Tottenham Court Road proper is only a few blocks north of there following Charing Cross (also part of A400).
The discussion with Elphias and Ron’s great aunt is longer. In fact, the entire tarnishing of Dumbledore’s shining reputation and the introduction of his backstory was a subtext almost completely removed from the films, with only the barest elements given to the audience where it’s absolutely essential. This results in a reduction in Aberforth’s part late in the second film, and of Dumbledore’s at “King’s Cross”.
Viktor Krum is in attendance at the wedding in the book, having been invited by Fleur. Harry makes the leap that Gregorovitch is the wandmaker that Voldemort is looking for after remembering that Krum’s wand was made by Gregorovitch (from WAY back in Book 4 during the weighing of the wands).
Harry, Hermione and Ron spend more time at Grimmauld Place planning the raid on the Ministry, and Kreacher actually warms to them after the confrontation in the kitchen over the locket and Mundungus Fletcher, before HH&R are forced never to return after escaping the Ministry.
Tonks and Lupin being engaged/married is brushed over in the films. In the book, it’s a much bigger subtext; Lupin shows up at Grimmauld Place while HH&R are planning their infiltration of the Ministry, and we learn he wants to leave Tonks because she’s pregnant, and he’s afraid what the child will be (he’s a werewolf after all). Then, while HH&R recuperate at Shell Cottage later, Lupin stops by and gives the news that it’s a boy, and asks Harry to be godfather. All of this was removed from the film plot, which I think was a mistake; it removes some of the power of the events of the fight.
Phineas Nigellus is absent from the film (and pretty much all others; he has a bit part in book 5 as well). This forces the film to be very vague about how Snape could have known where they were to get the sword to them; there are memory images in the Pensieve scene but no details.
In the book, the spark for Ron leaving Harry and Hermione is an omitted conversation between Tonks’ father and two ex-Gringotts goblins, overheard by Harry, Ron and Hermione while camping, regarding what’s been happening in the outside world (particularly to Ginny, the last Weasley at Hogwarts).
Harry had to make a conscious decision in the book, choosing Horcruxes over Hallows, by choosing to stay at Shell Cottage to get the information he needed from Griphook and Ollivander, instead of acting on the knowledge he has through his connection to Voldemort regarding where the Elder Wand is and that Voldemort also knows. In the film, there was never a chance that Harry could have gotten to the Elder Wand first; HH&R were still recovering from shock and injury from the events at Malfoy Manor.
At Gringott’s, Harry uses a few more Imperio charms in the book, and also Confunds a few guards at the door.
In the Lestrange vault at Gringott’s in the book, the treasure has not only been guarded with Geminio, but also the Flagrante curse, which causes the copies to be burning hot to the touch, making HH&R’s entrapment in the burgeoning treasure that much more painful.
Griphook’s role in the movie is close to the book; in the book we’re not told he’s killed at Gringott’s, which I think is a good foreshadowing, as Neville getting the Gryffindor sword from the Sorting Hat at the very end could be confusing to a reader who knows it was last seen in Griphook’s hands.
The Carrows are omitted from the movies as speaking roles, through they’re mentioned in the right place in the film and it’s inferred the two of them are the ones flanking Snape in the Great Hall; in the books they’ve taken over Muggle Studies and the class formerly known as Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Harry uses Crucio on one of them in Ravenclaw Tower to protect McGonagall (for the first time seeing what Bellatrix meant: “you have to mean an Unforgivable Curse”). McGonagall also uses an Unforgivable (Imperio) on the other Carrow in the same scene of the book, showing that Harry’s uses of them in several situations, while extreme, are not unique among the good guys and so not necessarily “unforgivable”.
In the book, after the Grey Lady (Helena Ravenclaw) confirms that Tom found her mother’s diadem and brought it back to Hogwarts as a Horcrux, Harry remembers putting a tiara on the bust he used to mark the location of the Half-Blood Prince’s potions book; that’s what allows him to find the tiara again. The film simplifies this by inferring Harry is attuned to the Horcruxes and can sense their presence.
Most of the battle plays out slightly differently; the whole scene with Neville on the bridge isn’t in the book, and there aren’t as many of the past characters shown in the movie as the book has. Colin, Wood, Lavender, Cho, Percy, Bill, Charlie, Alicia Spinnett, Katie Bell, even Grawp and Kreacher are all mentioned, and Percy gets a reconciliation with his parents before the fight. Different people are in different places, and different things happen, but the spirit is there. I did want to see Professor McGonagall directing a herd of animated classroom desks down the hall with a most un-McGonagall-esque “CHAAAAARGE!”; her use of Transfiguration in the film was limited to one spell animating the suits of armor (more like statues in the film).
More Pensieve memories in the book than the film, of course, though they showed more than I thought they would in the movie. The film simplified how Petunia became so virulently anti-magic, why Lily falls away from Snape at school, and how Harry got the Sword of Gryffindor. There’s also a minor plot point in the book where we find out who ransacked Grimmauld Place (besides Mundungus) and why half of a letter from Lily to Sirius was missing, as well as half of a picture.
The scene at “King’s Cross” in Harry’s mind is truncated, mostly omitting the parts where Dumbledore fills in the remaining blank spots of his backstory; this entire subtext was largely absent from both parts of DH on screen.
The killing of Nagini is much more straightforward in the book; Neville breaks a “Full Body-Bind” curse Voldemort puts on him, pulls the Sorting Hat off his head (Voldemort put the hat on him and set it ablaze while Neville was paralyzed), draws the sword from it and chops the snake’s head off before the battle even starts up again. The film draws it out to a last-minute thing.
In the book, the centaurs and other creatures from the Hogwarts grounds join in once the battle starts up again. Their role is omitted, though we do see the spiders attacking earlier in the battle, having been driven out of the Forbidden Forest by Voldemort’s forces.
In the film, the audience learns why the last standoff between Voldemort and Harry plays out the way it does after the fact, instead of while the two are staring each other down as in the book (though Harry hints to Voldemort that he knows why the Elder Wand won’t work for him). I actually think that works better for the movie, but in the book, the slow-burn realization that Voldemort has lost this final duel before it even starts is a nice touch.
In the book, Harry is able to use the Elder Wand to repair his old holly-and-phoenix-feather wand (which was snapped in Part 1). In the movie, it’s implied he simply continues to use the one he stole from Draco.
Instead of snapping the Elder Wand outright, in the book Harry simply chooses to place it back with Dumbledore in the tomb and let nature take its course. If Harry dies a natural death, the wand’s power will be broken. Harry’s rejection of the Elder Wand’s power is more forceful in the film, and also more in keeping with his ambitions to become an Auror (a job which, as is illustrated many times, doesn’t lend itself to a peaceful death in bed at a hundred and twenty years old).
The “Nineteen Years Later” epilogue is slightly trimmed; Ron, who’s married Hermione, talks about passing a Muggle driving test, almost without having to Confund the tester. Harry and Ginny, who have three children, are informed rather unceremoniously that Tonks and Lupin’s son Teddy apparently fancies Bill and Fleur’s daughter Victiore, which is a little too close for comfort for Harry’s eldest son James, seeing as Teddy is Harry’s godson and so a regular at the Potters’, while Victoire is a blood relative (James’s cousin). And Draco, who married as well (though we’re not told whom in the book), has a son Scorpius, who is Albus’s age.
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9:00 pm Packed and tired. Lots of pup and P cuddles and bedtime.
Daily Total-$37
Day 4-Thursday
7:30 am Up and at em. I am nervous about driving to Atlanta to fly out, so I get up and get ready. P gets up too, and he asks me if I have time for breakfast, and it seems that I do. We head to his fave biscuit place and then to Starbucks. He treats me, and gives me a big hug and kiss goodbye when we get back home.
9:30 am On the road. Atlanta is a 2 hour drive and I lose an hour since we are going from Central to Eastern time. I've done the math in my head dozens of times, but I am still stressed about having enough time. Stop once for a potty break.
1:45 pm Of course there was traffic. Of course they are piloting using drug dogs in security. Of course I get selected for a random screening. Because I have 20 minutes to get from security to my gate and my bladder is about to burst. Make it to my plane with 10 minutes to spare. And now I am hungry. Look for places at O’Hare where I can get food when we land. I finish Boomerang and download another book but I am spent after all that rushing around. I assumed we would have the tv screens on this plane but no luck. I pay for the upgraded internet since I don't feel like reading-and justify it because I didn't spend a penny in the airport, and I can use the app on the way back. $15.95
3:30 pm Landed! Starving! Head to baggage claim, see a Starbucks, and order a tomato caprese sandwich and a grande iced black tea ($18.45). My bags are on the claim belt before my food is even ready-okay O’Hare!! I pick my bag up, and then sit down to eat my sandwich before I go look for the L. It’s been almost 10 years since I’ve used it, but it’s a straight shot so I think I can handle it. After I eat, I grab my bag and head to the train. Surprise, you can use ApplePay to go through the turnstiles($5). Very impressed that I figured that out. I listen to White Lies during the 40-minute ride. $23.45
4:30 pm Reunited and it feels so good! I haven’t seen my friend, S, since December and that was brief. We transfer trains and head to her stop, it’s only 2 on the Green line from where she picked me up. We walk a couple of blocks to her place. She lives in South Loop which gave me a little pause, but it’s super nice, and so green! The air here does NOT feel like a big city, one of the many charming things about Chicago. We drop my bags and head up to her rooftop with a bottle of champagne.
8:15 pm Get ready and head out for dinner. S covers the uber. I’m wearing a polka-dot sleeveless Anthropologie top I got on sale,the black L’agence flares, and black Zara sandals. We head to Girl & the Goat for dinner-I am a HUGE foodie and have been obsessed with this place and Stephanie Izard for awhile. We grab drinks at the bar while we wait for our table ($20). We get to our table and order a ton of food- crispy duck tongue, goat empanadas, soft shell crab, cauliflower, stuffed squash blossoms, and probably more that I forgot and another round. We split the ticket in half, and head to Bombabar for dessert ($86.92) We order a 4 pack of bombas and S covers them. I get our Uber back to her place. ($10.88) $117.80
10:00 pm Back at her place. We split the Bombas-which are amazing-and have a few more glasses of Champagne while watching Euphoria on Showtime. It’s weird, but the imagery is beautiful. Head to bed in her (eerily) quiet guest room around 1am.
Daily Total: $157.20
Day 5- Friday
8:30 am Sun started streaming in the guest room windows around 6 am, and I give it up around 8. We head to a coffee shop that is literally across the street from her building. I get an iced latte and a breakfast BLT with grits as a side. Who knew you could get grits in Chicago? We lay out our plan while we eat in the cute little courtyard. $18.36
10:30am Head to the Art Institute of Chicago. The line is long, and it’s crowded for a pretty summer Friday. We take our time and both agree that the European contemporary collection is our favorite. We pay the additional fee to see the Manet exhibit and its good, I’m just not crazy about the impressionists. $32
1:30 pm Lunch time! We head to a pretty touristy place on Michigan because we are starving. I get a diet coke, fried pickles, chicken pesto sandwich and fries. I’m feeling a little nauseated but I eat as much as I can since we have a Soul Cycle class in a little while. $33.43
3:30 pm We meander down Michigan after lunch waiting on Soul Cycle to start. We walk down the waterfront and people watch until it's time to go. I’m still nauseated and so worried I’m going to puke in class. I love the studio though! It’s so bright and everyone is friendly even though it’s bustling. I don’t have a water bottle so I buy one at the desk. ($4) We change and a super nice employee helps me get set up on my bike. The first 2 songs are so hard and I feel like I might die, but I push through. After the weights section I feel like I can do anything and so accomplished!! We finish up and I stagger out of the class. $4
5:00 pm After class we head next door to the Goddess and the Baker to have coffee while we wait on our other friend A to get to us from the airport. I order a nitro cold brew ($6.75) and resist all the fancy desserts in the case. We sit around, chat about life, and when A gets close I ask if she wants a coffee and get her what I got. We meet her at the station and my heart is so happy. Two of my best friends together in the best city!I swipe my phone again to get on the train and we head to S’s place. ($2.50) $16
8:00 pm Dinner time and I am NOT feeling fine. I was nauseated all day and that SoulCycle class pushed me way over the limit, but I power through. We get ready and head to The Kitchen that’s on the river. Once we are seated, I immediately order ginger ale. I know I’m not going to eat much so I don’t weigh in on appetizers, but S and A got something to split. They order wine and I order a glass too and just drink it really slowly. I order a pork ragu pasta and pick at it. We split the bill 3 ways. $59.47
10:30 pm I am dragging. We head home(someone got an Uber, I felt like garbage so I’m not sure who), watch some Netflix, and head to bed around midnight. A brought me an eye mask and it will help me with this 6am light problem so much!
Daily Total: $154.33
Day 6- Saturday
8:30 am Thank God for that eye mask. Sleep until about 8:30, wake up to hear them chatting in the next room. We have brunch reservations at 10:30, but everyone wants coffee so we head downstairs. I order an iced oat milk latte. We sit out on the patio for a few minutes before we head upstairs to get ready. $6
10:30 am This brunch spot is so cute! West Loop is amazing, and A marvels at how much it's changed since she was in grad school here. We order a trio of pastries- lemon strawberry poptart, blueberry lemon tart, and a chocolate croissant. The girls order mimosas and since-big surprise-I’m still nauseated-I order a ginger ale and a coffee. I order spicy chicken and french toast for my main and it is one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. We split 3 ways and head down Michigan to shop. $38.71
1:30 pm Shopping on Michigan gives me a new lease on life. Madewell is having a huge sale, and this store is three times the size of mine in Birmingham. The line to try on is a mile long, so I grab a few things thinking I can try them on and return at my home store-wide leg, pale pink pants, a rainbow dress, and black shorts. ($125.71) We meander down Michigan, and end at Nordstrom. I look all over the store for a Prince Peter t-shirt I want, but the associate and I can’t find it. I order another coffee at the N Bar-a frozen caramel ($6.38). S tries to order us a Lyft but the driver literally passes us going down Michigan, so I call an Uber. ($12.35) Time to get ready for dinner! $144.44
5:00 pm Time for Dinner!! I am a huge Grant Aschatz fan-we tried to get in to Alinea but it was booked, so we settled on Next, and it does not disappoint. We did not prepay for wine, but the server tells us that the pairing is better than ordering a-la-carte, so we all order it ($105). The first course is overwhelming-soft shell crab, poached lobster with tomato, scallop ceviche, beef carpaccio, three different crostinis-one with beef tongue, house made burrata, figs, and bread. It's incredible, and we have the best time enjoying the food and each other. By the end, I am stuffed and buzzing on the 12 or so glasses of wine we have had, and the server asks if we want a tour of the kitchen-DUH! What an amazing experience! Although gratuity is included, I tip another $30 for the kitchen tour and her never ending hospitality. $135
7:00 pm We are stuffed and buzzed off of wine, so we head to the rooftop bar around the corner at the Hoxton. It turns out to be another Stephanie Izard place and is so cute-and so crowded. We have a round that either S or A buys and hang out for a bit before deciding it's time to move on after a few guys we have been talking to start making plans for us to go with them to the next spot-not happening. We end up at the bar next to BombaBar, Bar Siena. We order drinks and start talking about our love lives and careers, and everyone ends up in tears. Two rounds and then it's time to call it a night. A calls the uber and we head home. $40.45
Daily Total: $364.60
Day 7- Sunday
9:00 am I feel like DEATH. Wake up and throw up. Lovely. Crawl to S’s couch and watch a few episodes of Below Deck before dragging myself up to pack. I am severely hungover. The girls go get coffee again, but I pass because I know any effort to consume is futile right now.
11:00 am Pack up and walk to the CTA stop. S walks A and me, and we hug hard when we get to the station. I have had a great weekend with them, and I hate that we are all so far apart. We promise to do a trip every year. A and I hit the green line and transfer to blue, and I manage to not puke on the train (even though I think I might). $2.50
1:30 pm We get to the airport and A and I separate. We have been friends since middle school, and her family lives in Alabama so I know I’ll see her in the next few months when she comes home. We haven’t lived in the same city since 2008 and we have maintained our friendship, and I am so proud of that! I debate on getting something to eat, but I still feel pukey, so I just head to my gate. I sleep the entire flight.
4:00 pm Home, bag claimed, at my car. Puked right when I got to my car. Running total: 6 times. I need some ginger ale or something before I get on the road-I’m weak and I have a two hour drive ahead of me. I pay for parking ($44), get gas ($55), and buy a ginger ale and a cup of ice ($3.50) $102.50
7:00 pm Make it home, and P made steaks! I am so happy to see him and the pup. He helps me bring my bag in and I immediately lie down. He knows I’ve been sick all day, but tells me I need to try to eat something. I get a couple of bites of steak down and I feel so much better after I eat something. Sweet husband. We chat about the trip, I show him pics of the food from Next, and we go to bed around 9. I need another day off to recover from my weekend.
Daily Total: $102.50
Categories: Food + Drink: $502.41 Fun / Entertainment: $88.40 Home + Health $57 Clothes + Beauty $125.71 Transport $132.23 Weekly total: $901.47
Reflect on Your Diary. So obviously this was not a typical week for me-I do one girls trip a year, and since R29 was asking for travel submissions, I chose to do one this week. This is definitely not typical, and I know I blew it out but it’s just how I travel, and why I can only do one a year. It is eye-popping to realize I spent that much in one week, travel or not. I am happy with how disciplined I was in the days leading up to the trip, and eating meals from home is something I am definitely trying to do more of. Doing the money part at the beginning also made me realize that I need to know more about our household finances, in the event that something happens to my husband. He says it's all written down for me, but it hit me hard that I don’t understand the whole picture of our living costs.
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2019.01.30 15:50 joeyj903 Worth going on a date I don’t think she’s that into me?

I (23m) have been talking to this girl (23f) on and off for a few months now (friend of a friend). Back when we didn't know each other as well I asked to meet her for drinks. It was pretty casual on a weeknight, but I thought it went fine (long convo, no kiss or anything) and asked her out for dinner later over text. She said she was busy that night but offered an alternative. That day comes and she basically flakes. I offered an alternative and she ghosted me, message received no sweat.
About 2 months later we see each other through our mutual friend again, nothing awkward didn't even acknowledge it. Had a fun night overall and hung out a few times after that in various circumstances (happy hour with friends, she invited me to a party etc, never 1-on-1). I was being flirty, but didn't make a move because of my last 'attempt'. Throughout all this she's been a poor tester btw, slow overall but generally gets back and is down to meet up.
Recently we saw each other at a party, talked all night, and before she left (uber outside) I went for it and kissed her, said we should make plans soon. She seemed receptive, but tbh I was pretty drunk and kept drinking after that so my memory is foggy.
Cut to now, I asked her out and she did a similar thing as before. Busy the night I suggested, but offered an alternative this week. Texts are few and far between, but in those texts she seems excited. I'm probably reading too much into this, but is it even worth going on a date with her? (and that's if she doesn't flake again lol)
tl;dr: Girl flaked in the past, met up again recently, is it worth trying again?
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2019.01.30 04:13 joeyj903 Worth going on a date if I don't think she's that into me?

I (23m) have been talking to this girl (23f) on and off for a few months now (friend of a friend). Back when we didn't know each other as well I asked to meet her for drinks. It was pretty casual on a weeknight, but I thought it went fine (long convo, no kiss or anything) and asked her out for dinner later over text. She said she was busy that night but offered an alternative. That day comes and she basically flakes. I offered an alternative and she ghosted me, message received no sweat.
About 2 months later we see each other through our mutual friend again, nothing awkward didn't even acknowledge it. Had a fun night overall and hung out a few times after that in various circumstances (happy hour with friends, she invited me to a party etc, never 1-on-1). I was being flirty, but didn't make a move because of my last 'attempt'. Throughout all this she's been a poor tester btw, slow overall but generally gets back and is down to meet up.
Recently we saw each other at a party, talked all night, and before she left (uber outside) I went for it and kissed her, said we should make plans soon. She seemed receptive, but tbh I was pretty drunk and kept drinking after that so my memory is foggy.
Cut to now, I asked her out and she did a similar thing as before. Busy the night I suggested, but offered an alternative this week. Texts are few and far between, but in those texts she seems excited. I'm probably reading too much into this, but is it even worth going on a date with her? (and that's if she doesn't flake again lol)

tl;dr: Girl flaked in the past, met up again recently, is it worth trying again?
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2018.11.07 04:37 chellperry In Flames ch 7

I sat at the picnic table, straddling the bench. J.T. sat the same way, so close that our knees touched.
“So you’re really an FBI guy, huh?” I asked, blowing a piece of hair out of my face. It fell right back down.
He smiled and tucked it behind my ear. “Yeah. So what do you think about that?”
“Hey, I’m relieved. I was beginning to think there was something wrong with my instincts.”
He laughed. That low, rumbling sound made heat pool in my belly. “Well, you were married to flyboy. I’m not sure you’re out of the woods yet.”
“Ah, a smart guy, huh?” I smiled and straightened the collar of his orange Nomex.
“Smart enough to know what I want when I see it.”
Damn, his eyes were intense. Dark eyes that saw right through me. I tried to keep my voice relaxed.
“And that would be what? I have to tell you, I’m not into one night stands. I can’t be that casual.”
Yeah, I was fishing, but I needed to know if he was just looking for sex. As much as I was attracted to him, I wasn’t wired that way.
J.T. entwined his fingers in mine and ran his thumb over the top of my hand. “There’s nothing casual about the way I feel for you,” he said quietly. That first time I saw you…you took my breath away.” He looked down at his boots. “And the more I talked to you, the more it scared me. I thought, ‘Oh, God. Here’s this perfect woman…she’s so beautiful and so smart and so funny…and she thinks I’m a con.’ “
Whuup. Direct hit. Now really, who could resist a man who talked like that? He’d left me speechless and touched me with the vulnerability I heard in his voice. There was a lot more to this big, tough-looking guy than I’d given him credit for.
He shot me an embarrassed smile. “I think about you all the time. I would lie awake at night and wonder what you’d think when I told you the truth. I don’t know how you feel about me, but all I’m asking is for one chance. What do you say?”
Forget playing it cool. Forget playing hard to get. I grabbed a fistful of his shirt and tugged him toward me. His lips were surprisingly soft. I guess I expected them to be like the arms that closed around me—as hard as rock. Bar none, it was the best kiss I’d had in my life. His tongue sent little jolts to my nerve endings. My knee twitched and I thought my foot was going to start thumping like that rabbit’s did on Bambi.
“Whoo.” He grinned when we finally broke apart and held up one of his feet for inspection.
I had the sudden, morbid thought I’d said the rabbit comment out loud. “What are you doing?”
“Just seeing if my boots were smoking. I feel like I’ve been struck by lightning.”
The intercom speaker hanging on the side of the building crackled. “Agent Riley, please report to the IC’s office.”
He gave me a reluctant smile and stood. I took the hand he offered and allowed him to tug me up beside him. “I hate it, but I’ve got to go. They’ve got roadblocks everywhere to stop Thompson. Maybe they’ve caught him.”
“I hope so.” I tiptoed to wrap my arms around his neck. His arms circled around my waist, pulling me up against him. I brushed a soft kiss on his mouth. “You be careful.”
With a crooked grin, he asked, “So I can call you, maybe come see you when I get a day off?”
“You’d better.”
One more long, lingering kiss and then he was gone. I sat back down at the picnic table, thinking about everything that had happened today. I closed my eyes and leaned back on my elbows, enjoying the feel of the warm sun beating down on my face. I jumped when someone touched my arm.
“Sorry.” Scott sat on the bench beside me. “I didn’t mean to scare you.”
“It’s okay. I’m just a little jumpy.”
“No wonder.”
Neither of us spoke for awhile and then Scott cleared his throat. “This FBI guy…are things serious between the two of you?”
“No.” I looked at Scott. I didn’t want to hurt him, but I didn’t want to lie to him, either. “Not yet. But they could be. I like him a lot.”
Scott opened his mouth to say something and then shut it again. He nodded. “He seems like a nice guy,” he said finally.
Surprised, I just stared at him.
“He was worried about you earlier. No question he was afraid of heights, but he jumped right out of that plane. Even after all the stories I told him.”
I laughed and patted Scott’s arm. He picked up my hand and kissed it.
“I want you to be happy, Nika. That’s all. Even if it isn’t with me.”
“Thank you,” I said softly.
He squeezed my fingers and then he, too, walked away.
The next couple of weeks passed uneventfully. No notes from my admirer, no word from J.T. I tried to follow the Thompson case on the news, but we were working a big flare up and I didn’t have a lot of spare time.
I spent my scattered days-off at my ugly apartment, paying bills and writing to my family, but at night, I lay awake listening to the air conditioner that sounded as loud as a 747 and thought about J.T. I couldn’t figure out why he hadn’t called. Then one day, I found out he had.
The bus dropped us back at base at eight o’clock that morning. Exhausted and filthy, I staggered to my locker and was shrugging out of my Nomex when Peggy, the information officer, walked up to me with a piece of paper in her hand.
“Jacks, you need to call this boy,” she teased and handed me the paper. “He tried to keep this one all formal, but I can tell by his voice he’s got it bad.”
I scanned the message and saw J.T.’s name on the bottom. Peggy was already walking away.
“Wait!” I called and she turned around. “What do you mean, this one? Has J.T. called before?”
She shot me a puzzled look. “Has he called before? He’s called a dozen times, I guess. I’d take a message and tape it on your locker, like I do everyone else. Are you saying you didn’t get them?”
“I didn’t get any of them.”
Peggy’s mouth set in a grim line. “I’m sorry, Jacks. I just assumed…” She shook her head. “From now on, I’ll stick the messages through the crack on your locker or you can stop by my desk to get them.”
“Thanks, Peggy,” I said.
Most of my crew was still roaming around the bunkhouse. I asked them if they’d seen the messages and all of them denied it. I had no reason to doubt them. I sat down on a bunk to read J.T.’s message.
Miss Jacks, If possible, meet me at Halihan’s at 7:00 p.m. Wednesday night for a follow-up on the Thompson case. The bureau cleared it with your crew boss, who said your crew was due for 24 anyway. Your assistance would be much appreciated. Agent Riley (931)555-1256
Well, so much for romance, but he was probably mad at me.
Wednesday…Wednesday…what day was this, anyway? My bleary eyes struggled to focus on the smudged calendar hanging by the bunk.
Oh crap, today was Wednesday!
Glancing in the mirror, I tried not to cringe. My eyes were more red than green, my hair was a perfect mold of my hardhat and a thick layer of soot coated my face. I was finally going to see J.T. again and I looked like death on a stick.
Don’t panic, I told myself.
He’d left a cell number, so I called it and, to my disappointment, got patched through to his voice mail. I left a message confirming I’d meet him at Halihan’s.
I figured the first phase of any plan better involve a shower and a few hours sleep. Actually, it took three showers, but when I checked the mirror again, all the grime was gone. My skin was shiny and pink and now I looked like some poor, hairless, red-eyed rabbit. With a muttered curse, I staggered to a bunk and crashed.
Another hotshot crew straggling in woke me nearly seven hours later. After another brief flash of panic, I grabbed my keys and sprinted out to Frankenstein.
Back at the apartment, I tore through my closet, searching for something nice to wear to dinner with J.T. The one decent shirt I had a mustard stain on the front. I just wasn’t a dress up kind of girl and I hadn’t brought anything but jeans and T-shirts with me to Arizona. Conceding defeat, I realized it was time to go shopping.
I was feeling pretty good, singing along with the radio and fantasizing about J.T., but once I reached the mall, I started to get a little nervous. His note had been all business. What if he’d changed his mind about us? I didn’t want to look like a big dork by dressing up too much, but I wanted to impress him, too. I had no idea what to wear.
I picked a swanky-looking store and went inside. Two salesladies with perfect manicures and flawless makeup were carrying on a conversation in the women’s department. They paused when I walked by, took one look at my rumpled T-shirt and faded jeans and then resumed their conversation. I wandered in circles for fifteen minutes before a blonde salesclerk about my age approached me.
“May I help you with something?” she asked.
She looked nice and didn’t wrinkle her nose when she looked at me, so I said, “Well, there’s this guy…I’m supposed to meet him for dinner tonight and I want to look nice.”
She eyed me up and down, sizing me. “Where are you meeting him?”
“Ooh, nice place. Upscale. So how much are you looking to spend?”
“Whatever it takes.”
She winked. “Hot guy?”
She took my arm and steered me toward a rack of dresses, past the two older salesladies.
“This is my department, Madelyn,” one of them said.
“Then act like it,” she said cheerfully and kept right on going.
I decided I liked this girl.
“You’ve got killer eyes,” she said. “I’m thinking maybe something gold or red. The contrast would be great.”
She was already snatching dresses off the rack and shoving them toward me.
“Anything but yellow,” I said, thinking of the Nomex I wore daily. “And I don’t want to look overdone.”
“Something simple. Got it.”
She herded me toward the dressing room and stood outside the curtain as I tried the first one on. “Well, let me see,” she said impatiently.
“I can’t reach the zipper.”
“Okay, I’m coming in.” Madelyn pushed aside the curtain and stepped inside with me. She zipped it up and looked me over critically. “Nope, too modest. You’ve got the bod, might as well flaunt it. How did you get so toned?”
I laughed. “Carrying a chainsaw all day.”
She gave me a look and I said, “I’m a hotshot.”
“Oh, cool!” she exclaimed. “Well, that changes things.”
She disappeared out the curtain before I could ask her what that meant. In a moment, a piece of red silk came flying over the curtain at me.
“Is he a shot or a jumper?” she asked.
“Neither. He’s FBI.”
“Wow. Well, you need to wear something bright. He probably already thinks you’re Superwoman, so we want him to go right on thinking that.”
The red dress had an oriental pattern, with a pair of gold and silver dragons fighting on the front. Sleeveless, it clung to my body and was slit up both sides to the middle of my thighs. The neckline was choker-style around my neck and I was glad. At least I didn’t have to worry about falling out of the front of it.
I stepped outside the curtain and Madelyn clapped her hands together. “That’s perfect. Now you need shoes.”
She tried to talk me into a pair of three-inch red pumps, but I told her that wasn’t happening. I wanted to seduce J.T., but I didn’t want to break an ankle to do it. We settled on a pair of red flats.
“Now makeup,” Madelyn said and steered me toward the cosmetic counter. “This is my expertise.”
“Hey, Kelly,” she called over her shoulder to another saleslady. “Can you give her a quick exfoliating? I’ll do the rest.”
Kelly didn’t look as enthused as Madelyn, but she plopped me on a stool and pinned my hair back in some sort of cap. She rubbed green, minty-scented goop on my face as Madelyn twisted open makeup containers. The mask hardened on my face and she peeled it off a few moments later, grimacing as she looked at all the black stuff it had pulled from my pores. I didn’t hold it against her. I was a little grossed out, too.
“What do you do for a living?” she asked.
“She’s a shot,” Madelyn supplied.
“Ah, that explains it.” Kelly stepped aside and
Madelyn came at me with a big brush. She peppered me with questions as she worked on my face. Half an hour later, I started to whine.
“Aren’t you done yet? Do I look like Morticia Addams?”
“You look beautiful. Fed boy will be knocked off his feet.”
“Assuming he even recognizes me. I appreciate the help and all, but I know you must have other things to do.”
“Nah. Wednesday’s are slow. Besides, we’re almost done.”
Kelly came by to check our progress. She lifted an eyebrow. “Huh,” she said and walked away.
Madelyn pinned my hair in a loose chignon, leaving two chunky pieces loose to frame my face. Finally, she showed me a mirror.
I couldn’t believe the face staring back was mine. For all the stuff I knew was on my face, the makeup looked light and natural. My skin was a bronzy, shimmering color and my eyes looked bright and wide beneath the tawny eye shadow. I even liked the red lipstick. I pursed my lips, feeling like a movie star.
“You’re amazing!” I said and Madelyn grinned.
“Yes, I am.”
“How much do I owe you?”
“Makeover’s free, unless you want to buy any of the cosmetics.”
“Give me the green goop and the lipstick. I wouldn’t know how to put the rest of that stuff on anyway.”
She cut the price tag off my dress and threw my old T-shirt and jeans in a bag. I paid for my purchases and thanked her again.
“De nada.” She waved me off. “Have fun and drop back by to dish about this hot date the next time you’re around.”
I promised and started to walk away.
“Wait!” she yelled. “We almost forgot the most important thing.”
With trepidation, I turned around. “What?”
“Perfume. You need to smell as good as you look.” We tried a few testers on her arm and even borrowed one of Kelly’s arms, before I found a scent that I loved. It was musky, spicy and warm and cost three times the amount I ever paid for perfume before, but I splurged.
J.T., you’d better be worth this, I thought.
I still had a little time to kill, so I went back to the apartment. I balanced my checkbook and rearranged the cans in my cabinet and then sat and stared at the wall.
Finally, unable to take the waiting anymore, I grabbed my purse and drove to Hallihan’s. I couldn’t believe how jumpy I was. Standing on the sidewalk, I took a deep breath and checked my watch. Only half an hour early. Time for a nice drink to settle my nerves.
The maitre de greeted me with a smile. “Do you have a reservation, ma’am?”
“Yes. I’m meeting J.T. Riley, but I’m a little early.”
“Mr. Riley is here. I’ll take you to him.”
My heart fluttered a little and I hoped J.T. was as anxious to see me as I was him. What would I do if he was just here on business? Suddenly, I felt self-conscious and fought the urge to bolt.
J.T. sat in a corner booth, sipping a drink and scanning a newspaper. Gorgeous as he’d been in prison orange, he was even more devastating in a dark gray dress shirt and slacks. His hair had grown out enough to darken his scalp and I wanted to run my fingers over his head—over all of him, if I was truthful about it. I had never been so insanely, physically attracted to a man before and it scared me a little.
The maitre de stopped in front of the table and J.T. glanced up. Those beautiful brown eyes widened and he nearly toppled the table in his haste to stand.
“Nika,” he said and just the low rumble of his voice made goose bumps prickle on my arms.
A waiter came up behind me and introduced himself. He pulled out my chair and I sat down. J.T. sat, too.
“You look incredible,” he said and I smiled.
“You do, too.” Feeling a little awkward, I launched into a breathless explanation of why I hadn’t called him.
“You never got any of my messages?” he asked and I shook my head.
“Just this one.”
The waiter reappeared, setting a menu and a glass of water in front of me. Nervously, I lifted the glass and took a sip.
J.T. didn’t say anything. I didn’t know whether he believed me or not. He simply stared and heat crept up my neck. I shifted in my chair and said, “So the note said you had some follow-up questions about the case?”
He gave me a wicked grin that made my stomach flip-flop. “I just wanted it to sound official, so they’d be sure to let you come. That’s not the reason I asked you here.” He leaned forward, like he was about to tell me a secret and I leaned, too.
“So why did you ask?”
He reached over to stroke my cheek and my breath caught in my throat.
“It’s been sixteen days since the last time I’ve seen your face. That’s as long as I ever want to go without seeing you again.”
His words robbed me of my defenses. Looking into those whiskey-colored eyes sealed my fate. It was then I realized the question wasn’t if we would be lovers, but when. I forgot to play it safe. I forgot to be afraid.
“Let’s go,” I said huskily.
“Are you sure?” he asked, but he was already pushing away from the table.
J.T. threw some money on top of the menu and then wrapped his arm around me. His rough fingers gave me a jolt as they skimmed across my shoulder and trailed down my bare arm. As we hurried toward the door, I leaned into him like a drunken woman, breathing in the smell of his cologne and enjoying the feel of his hard body beneath my palms.
We stumbled outside and he took me in his arms, right there on the sidewalk. The kiss was long and hard and left us both panting for more. I left Frankenstein in the parking lot and let J.T. lead me to his vehicle, a shiny black Dodge pick-up. He opened the door for me and I slid across the leather seat to sit beside him. J.T. caressed the inside of my knee and then kissed me again. I wasn’t sure we’d make it out of the parking lot if he kept touching me, but then he gunned the engine and pulled out onto the road.
“I was afraid you’d changed your mind…” He gasped as I undid the first two buttons on his shirt and slipped my hand inside. His chest was warm and hard and I wanted to see it. I undid the next two buttons and pushed his shirt open. I raked my tongue over the throbbing pulse in his neck and then caught his earlobe between my teeth.
“Nika,” he growled.
I was behaving shamelessly, but I didn’t care. The attraction between us was so hot and strong. I just lost myself in him…in feeling and tasting and touching him.
“Where are we going?” he asked.
I glanced out the window and realized we were going the wrong way if we wanted to go to my apartment. The lake was nearby. The thought of making love with J.T. in his truck wasn’t an altogether unpleasant one.
“Turn at the next left. Take me to the lake.”
Wordlessly, he did as I asked. He drove around the side of the lake and parked under the shadow of a huge pine. I scooted over to let him get out from underneath the steering wheel.
“Come here,” he rasped and then pulled me into his lap. My dress rode up high on my thighs and then J.T. pushed it higher. I practically ripped his shirt off his broad shoulders as he ran his hands over the back of my silk panties. Moonlight streamed through the windshield, illuminating that glorious chest.
He was reaching for the zipper on the back of my dress when my pager began to sound inside my purse.
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2018.10.25 03:40 IAmADingusHearMeRoar Sniffing Notes - a newbie's thoughts while searching for a winter scent

A little while ago I decided to find a winter fragrance. Of course, my first step was to see if there was a relevant subreddit, which (duh) there was. So I poked around on here a bit, read a few reviews and ruminations, then went to try a short list of scents out before purchasing whichever I liked the most. I work in midtown Manhattan and so have the luxury of being just a few blocks from an abundance of department stores, frag boutiques, etc.
Well, what ended up happening is that, every day for the past several weeks, I've been ducking into said stores on my lunch breaks to try out a new frag. You could say I went down a bit of a rabbit hole. I went from knowing literally nothing about fragrances, to reading what a bunch of strangers on the internet said about them, to even being able to identify a (small) list of notes with regularity. I took notes on all the different frags I tried, in an attempt to keep them all straight and remember which I liked best. Since they're all already written up, I figured I'd compile them here for others to read. Since I've only been really smelling things for a month or so, my nose is still pretty undeveloped. As such, a lot of my notes are subjective and descriptive. Things smell "sharp and sour" or powdery. I figured this might be useful for other dumbies like me that can't tell the scent of bergamot from that of a lemon.

The Tragedy of Lord George - Penhaligon's
I am hugely reticent to say that this one was very boring, because if there is a single frag I'd be tempted to buy off the bottle alone, it is this one. The thing looks fuggin' sick - google it. Unfortunately, to me it goes on slightly boozy, then just smells like shaving cream. The dry down is a bit more powdery than shaving cream would be - I guess this is the tonka - but I still thought it smelled pretty generically "soapy" through its whole life on my skin. It's by no means bad, but I'd argue it's too expensive for what the scent is, tragically, because I really wanted to like it. The name rules, too.
Oud Wood - Tom Ford
In a vacuum, I like this scent a lot. Alas, it is just too much. Maybe my skin chemistry is weird, but this thing was a MONSTER on me. One spray on the back of my hand and I got whiffs of it all the way up at my face for hours. I had a date with my gf the evening after I tried this on, and as soon as she went in for a kiss she commented "Oof, you put too much of that on, dude." ONE. Spray. I'd caution against this one for workplace wear, etc. The scent itself is quite nice, I thought, woodsy with the "sour" note of oud. Pretty much exactly what the name promises. No false advertising here.
Viking - Creed
I don't have too much to say on this one, since it was one of the first I tried and, unlike a lot of the other earlier tests, I didn't revisit it after my nose had developed more. In my notes I described this one as very "clean", which seemed supported by learning that the notes skew heavy towards citrus, florals and pink peppercorn. I honestly found it very boring, and the fact that they are charging $500 for 100ml is preposterous. For what it's worth, it was my gf's favorite of the ones she smelled on me by far.
Spicebomb - Viktor & Rolf
Another one that promises no false advertising. Smells exactly like its name. The note I was most overwhelmed with was cinnamon, which seems to echo the consensus view on Fragrantica. I also got nutmeg, which is weird, because it's not a listed note. I got some tobacco underneath, as well, but less so. To me, this smells like a kitchen where holiday meals are being made, with some pipe tobacco sprinkled around. Very nice, but I wouldn't necessarily want to smell like it. I would NOT wear it in anything but fall/winter.
Spicebomb Extreme - Viktor & Rolf
I actually didn't think this one was too similar to the original. Most notably, I didn't notice the cinnamon mallet that hits you over the head. Instead, it's more gourmand-like. Of the frags I smelled, I think it's closest to Armani Code Profumo and Bvlgari Man in Black. I like it better than both. It admittedly goes on smelling a bit like rootbeer, but then settles down to a nice tobacco + vanilla scent. A faint pepper accord keeps it from smelling too much like candy. I really like this one and would consider buying a bottle. Again, however, I think it's only suitable for fall/winter.
Blackpepper - Comme des Garcons
Another one that can't be accused of false advertising. The opening, to me, just smelled like pepper. That said, it then settles down to be surprisingly sweet, but it keeps its "spicy" character throughout, courtesy of the heavy pepper. My nose isn't sophisticated enough to really distinguish any of the other notes in this one. I liked it, but it wasn't one of my favorites.
Ombre Leather - Tom Ford
This was one of my favorites. It is VERY leathery - for a while, I just smelled like a leather jacket. Then, about 30-45min in, the "freshness" of the floral and moss notes come through under the leather, and balance it out beautifully. It lasted long on my skin and projected respectably. It's marketed as unisex, but I think it definitely leans to what many would think of as masculine. Women could certainly wear it, but it's not your mass-market floral bubblegum scent. Five out of five.
Armani Code Profumo - Georgio Armani
This one goes on VERY sweet, smelling kind of like cola, and it maintains its gourmand nature unabashedly. After 30min or so it got "clearer" and "darker" - I could pick out a few more notes, most prominently apple. After two hours, it smelled like spiced cooking. I thought it smelled kind of like cloves, but reading the frag's notes reveals it to be nutmeg. I also thought I got something like fig. Finally, it settles to smell something like cotton candy over leather. A little too sweet for me.
Jazz Club - Maison Martin Margiela
Another favorite. Goes on very boozy, but that didn't last long... to me (more on that later). After ~30min, leather was the strongest note to my nose, which just proves how untrained my nose is, because leather isn't listed as a component of this frag. That said, I could also detect the tobacco in this, but it didn't seem super strong. I thought this was maybe the most "masculine" of the ones I tried. I really, really liked it. It was my gf's least favorite out of the ones she smelled by far ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . She said it smelled like a hotel room people had been drinking and smoking cigarettes in.
Blazing Mr. Sam - Penhaligon's
"Bright" and spicy - quite good. It settles to be a little bit woody, and several hours in I would describe it as "bright/clear". Three hours in, there was something almost fruity in there? Also a bit powdery, which makes sense, given the vanilla. My nose isn't good enough to recognize individual notes in this one. It was quite different from anything else I smelled. Again, the bottle and name of the fragrance lend this one bonus points. Penhaligon's portrait collection is great marketing.
La Nuit de l'Homme - YSL
This one was the least fall/winter specific one. It struck me as more "clubby". I thought I got a very distinct apple scent in it, but it's not listed as one of the frag's notes so fuck me I guess. It was very pleasant, albeit a bit boring to me. I think it would be a great inoffensive scent to wear to work or something.
By the Fire - Maison Martin Margiela
Hooooo boy, this one. I think this one might just smell the best out of all of them. It smells EXACTLY like the scene it describes, it is honestly mind blowing that an experience can be replicated so truthfully in scent. It went onto my skin very incense-y and kind of smelling like candied chestnuts. a few minutes in, the smokey wood - the fireplace - kicked in. It settled into a dry down that smelled like vanilla-covered chestnuts over a fireplace. It is a truly artfully crafted scent. That said.... I don't want to smell like it. It smells too much like an experience that I think a person going around smelling like this would be very strange. If they make this as a scented candle then it is the best smelling scented candle in the world.
2 Man - Comme des Garcons
My nose isn't good enough to get the notes in this one. It went on very "sharp", kind of reminiscent of gasoline. It almost had made me think of weed. It stayed "stanky" for a while and then several hours in became more floral. Iris and saffron are listed as heart notes, so I guess that makes sense. It had a very notable incense presence through out.
Legend - Montblanc
This is Abercrombie and Fitch Fierce.
Legend Night - Monblanc
A very sweet gourmand with a fruity aspect to it. Smelled "cotton candy-y" for a while after spraying. I detected apple, but it seemed there were other fruits too that I couldn't place. Starting about an hour in I got some very faint floral facets beneath the powdery apple. One Fragrantica reviewer described the scent "an apple, covered in vanilla, on a stick". I didn't get much in the way of the stick (woody notes), but otherwise the description was pretty apt.
London for Men - Burburry
Hits like a cinnamon bomb when first sprayed, but before long I got some lavender too, which created a nice interplay. The frag projected quite strongly from the back of my hand. After only about 30min or so the tobacco REALLY starts coming out, and dominates the fragrance from there. I would describe this scent as warm, spicy tobacco. Nice!
Noir - Tom Ford
Opened with the same "gasoline" note as 2 Man by CdG. In the immediate cooldown I picked up on nutmeg and as the drydown continued the scent turned more powdery/flowery. I thought I got some tobacco, but that is not listed as a component. What I did get was patchouli, and a lot of it. Honestly, between the patchouli-heavy profile and the powdery drydown, this just kinda smelled like stereotypical "old-lady perfume" to me.
Man in Black - Bvlgari
Immediately after spraying I got a strange almost-anise note that isn't listed in the frag's components, but I swore I smelled it. Anyway, it smelled a bit like mulled or spiced wine - I can see why people like it for a cooler weather scent. .....and then it went away. less than 30min. Seriously, within half an hour I couldn't even smell this by putting my nose against the skin I had sprayed it on. Maybe the tester was an old/bad bottle. Maybe my skin just doesn't jive with the chemical makeup. But whatever it was, it was barely there.
Wonderwood - Comme des Garcons
Yesssss. I'm buying this. When I first sprayed it, it smelled like a woodshop that someone had dumped a bunch of pepper into. And then it just stayed like that. A very linear fragrance, it probably "transformed" the least out of any that I tried. But I don't care because that linear scent is so. fuggin. good. I also get just the faintest hint of incense under the wood and pepper, too. Of the wood, cedar was strongest to me, followed by the sandalwood. It does, admittedly, have a notably synthetic quality to the smell, but it is one that I am totally ok with. My fave, closely followed by Ombre Leather.
Noir Epices - Now I know what geraniums smell like, because this smelled like geraniums. At one point I thought it was going to develop a bit, but then it smelled like geraniums. Everyone on Fragrantica talks about how it smells so strongly of oranges. I did not get that at all. All I got was geraniums. Geraniums.

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2018.10.02 04:11 Colourblindness Round 23 Writing Thread for Team YesSleep

Captain’s note: writing order is as follows
Title: I was a Beta-Tester for a Dating App that killed People
are you tired of failed relationships?
are you ready for something guaranteed to last?
We never miss the mark
"Six girlfriends, three casual relationships and a list of one night stands longer than anybody would care to admit, that's when I realized it was for me."
Todd Martrosh could be very convincing. He had asked me out for drinks for what I assumed was a business proposal. I had never guessed that it would wind up becoming a discussion about our love lives.
I like to think I've had a pretty good track record when it comes to my exes. None of them were crazy and every time we broke up it was for the right reasons and it was mutual. I kept telling myself that it just wasn't the right time.
Todd was trying his best to convince me that time was right now.
"Chelsea isn't like any other girl I've ever met. We laugh at the same jokes, we have the same goals. It's like we're meant to be," Todd explained.
"I still don't see how this is any better than tinder or eHarmony," I argued.
The app itself didn't look like anything special, the icon was a bright red heart surrounded by two rings and the sign up page reminded me of one of those surveys from sixteen magazine.
I promised him I would give it a try, mostly because he wouldn't stop singing it's praises.
When I got home I found that the same was happening on the review page for the dating site.
In fact, during the three weeks that it had been out; not a single bad report had been made on it. Not a single four star review even. People generally all agreed that the app never got their matches wrong.
That... struck me as odd.
100% customer satisfaction? Guaranteed successful? Already it had achieved "Best New Dating Site of 2018" on both Google Play and the App Store for iPhone.
Those kind of statements made it sound like the app was infallible.
I have to admit my curiosity was piqued. And I viewed debunking the site as some sort of challenge.
I decided to run a test and began answering the questions on the survey in the most obscure way possible.
I lied about my age, my looks, even my sex. As I got further though the questions started getting more and more specific. Asking for experiences, past relationships, that sort of thing.
I made up as much as I could and clicked submit. It only took a few moments for their bot to give me a generic thank you message and reassure me that their algorithm was analyzing the results of my survey and it would take at least 24 hours to come back with a match.
I wasn't expecting anything to come of it, and then I figured I could chalk it up to just people wanting to find love and believing the program had found their soulmate.
Then my results came back.
Honestly, I was surprised. The person the app matched me with was perfect. We shared common interests, goals, and they even fit my appearance preferences right down to ideal height…
That’s why I was shocked. This person shouldn’t match me 100%. I had fabricated my answers as much as possible but it was like the app completely disregarded what I’d said.
Somehow Bullseye had shot right through all the bullshit and hit me dead center with the match of my dreams. I debated with myself about how to proceed. How far did I really want to test this?
Ultimately I decided to push forward with my effort to debunk this thing. The makers of the app had designed it so that, unlike other dating apps, you couldn’t message each other. Their approach was to have people fully take each other in face to face instead of building preconceptions via text.
To arrange the “date of your life” you simply input your availability, activity preferences, and spending parameters into the in-app calendar. From there the app would do the work of planning an itinerary, select a time and date that worked for both parties and then send a notification of where to be and when, as well as suggested attire. I input the necessary information and waited for the notification.
My plan was to scope out the location and my perspective date to see if the person who showed up was in fact the person it paired me with. I couldn’t put my finger on it but something about this just felt off and I wanted to figure out what.
With a bit of time to kill before bed I decided to dig around for more information on the app. There really wasn’t much to find which was kind of expected with a beta.
I remembered seeing the app was owned by Vanir Inc when I’d skimmed the terms and agreements but a search for them just brought up some unrelated mythology info. I couldn’t come up with anything else to dig into and it was late anyway so with that dead end I shutdown my laptop and went to sleep.
The next morning I got up and started a pot of coffee. Checking my phone I didn’t see any new notifications so I grabbed a quick shower and went to my home office. I shot a quick text off to Todd to let him know I’d given the app a try and proceeded to lose myself in work for the next few hours.
Todd ended up calling me later to discuss the business we should’ve talked about over dinner the prior evening and, once again, our conversation circled back around to Bullseye.
“I’m telling you man, you won’t regret it. When is your date, maybe sometime we could double up with you guys”, Todd inquired. “Slow down dude, I’m still waiting to get the notification for details so I’m not sure yet but I’m excited to see what all this is about. Who knows, maybe I’ll meet my Chelsea”, I laughed.
We switched back in conversation to cover a few last minute business things and hung up. I’d skipped lunch earlier so I decided to order in dinner and call it an early night. Just as I sat down to eat my phone buzzed and alerted the notification chime. I unlocked it to find a message from Bullseye.
Guess who had a date?
The notification had info regarding the time and place of my date.
Cafe D’amore, a perfectly generic French restaurant at a street I’d never heard about. That’s where I would allegedly meet my match made in heaven. Having at least a certain amount of experience in the dating world, I’d developed a routine. Not something I was too proud of, treating each date the same way, but if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. So I threw on a shirt, not so fancy I would look like a try hard, but also nice enough to impress.
I checked Bullseye for any new notifications, cancellations, change in venue; That sort of thing, but there were none. Cautiously optimistic, I hailed a cab. Driving myself would be a disadvantage should there be an opportunity for drinks.
The place was awkwardly situated close to the outskirts of town, but looked well kept and on the higher end of restaurants and bars. I paid the inflated cab fare and headed inside, checking myself in the window reflection to make sure I looked decent.
It wasn’t the largest place I’d ever seen, just about ten tables scattered around inside, far enough apart so that a private conversation could be held uninterrupted. It struck me as odd that each table was only meant for two people, clearly decorated for romance.
A waiter greeted me as I entered. Confirmed that my booking was made through the Bullseye app and informed me that my date had already arrived.
Each table was occupied by two people, all seemingly on a date, impeccably dressed. The waiter escorted me to one near the back, only one with a free chair. I knew she was my date even before she introduced herself.
“Hey, I’m Isabelle.” She said as she embraced me in a hug. “Sorry, maybe a bit too forward? I’m not really used to these things.”
“That’s alright.” I chuckled. “I never mind a good hug.” No sooner had I sat myself down at the table, before a waiter arrived with drinks for both of us. A white Russian for her, and a Tequila Sunrise for myself, my guilty-pleasure favourite.
“Did you order these?” I asked.
“No, but they somehow got my favourite.” She looked over at mine and smirked. “I guess you also enjoy the fancy drinks, huh? What kind is that?” “No idea how they knew that.” I responded, mildly embarrassed. “Hey, no judgement from this side of the table, people should be allowed to enjoy whatever the heck they want.”
We quickly got know each other, sharing the usual superficial details about our lives. Truth be told it felt as if I already knew her, she matched my dream girl to a tee.
“How did you end up on Bullseye anyway?” “Through a colleague who may or may not be too involved in my love life.” “Yeah, I know the feeling, always being pushed out the door. It’s funny how the people in our lives think they can live it better than ourselves.”
In meeting my date I had almost forgotten about my initial suspicion. I was simply having too good a time with her. “It’s a bit strange though, don’t you think?” She asked. “What do you mean?” “Well, I got matched with you pretty much instantly.” “So?”
“I mean, I couldn’t find much information about this app online, except that the company is named ‘Vanir’ so it struck me as strange how… Well…” She paused. “You kind of matched my requirements perfectly.”
I smiled, a mixture between being flattered, but also how strange it was that she matched my requirements perfectly, despite having put in nothing but false information. My smile quickly faded. “Sorry, was that too much?”
“No, no, no, it’s just that you’re right. It’s incredibly strange. You also match perfectly.” “Really?” I couldn’t tell if she was happy or nervous.
“To be honest, all the personal info I put in my app is false, even my own gender. That being said, can’t be many fish in the Bullseye sea.” I noticed one of the other guests had been staring intently at me while I was talking. As soon as I noticed he quickly returned to his conversation.
“Hey, is that guy staring at us?” She whispered to me. I turned around to get a glimpse of another man quickly redirecting his gaze. It had become oddly quiet in the restaurant. “You sure he wasn’t just checking you out?” I joked.
She playfully rolled her eyes at me. “I wish, there was a woman earlier who also seemed a bit too interested in our conversation.”
“Yeah, I noticed someone else as well.” At that point the music at fully come to a halt, and people were no longer sipping their drinks, but quietly whispering about something. The waiter approached our table with a new pair of drinks and an assortment of canapés.
“These are on the house,” he said. “As a thank you for volunteering with Bullseye.”
“What do you mean volun-“ Before I could finish my question, the waiter had returned to the front desk. “I feel like we’re being pranked or something.” Isabelle said. “Yeah, maybe.” I responded, not fully convinced. An uncomfortable knot had started developing in my stomach. Something was very wrong.
“But my gut is telling me something is going on here and it’d be a good idea for us to get out.” I stood from my chair as Isabelle glanced around at the other diners who now all had their full attention on us. I could see a look of unease washing over her face as she began to rise from her own chair.
“Hey, come on, just relax. Everything is on the level, I promise. You do still trust me, don’t you?” A familiar voice came from behind me and I turned to find myself face-to-face with Todd. “Look, how long have we been friends now? Do you think I would steer you wrong? I wouldn’t have recommended Bullseye if I thought there was anything to worry about.” He was dressed up in a nice white tux with his hair slicked back and a smile spread wide across his face.
“Listen to him Isabelle. You can have what Todd and I have been blessed with, real, genuine love. I promise, the ceremony is perfectly safe.” A woman I hadn’t noticed before was standing behind Isabelle when I turned to see the source of the new voice.
“Chelsea? Why are you here?” As soon as I heard Isabelle speak that name I knew it couldn’t possibly be a coincidence that Todd and I had been matched with two women who were also friends.
Todd and Chelsea began moving toward our table as they were joined by all the other cafe patrons who had left their seats.
“What’s going on here,” I asked Todd, demanding an explanation. I stood up to confront him and then he suddenly grabbed my shoulder and forced me back into my chair. “Please, I told you there is no need to worry. Everything is perfectly fine. After the ceremony, you two lovebirds will be together forever.”
The way he said it told me that this was not something I wanted to be a part of any longer.
I did the only thing I could think of and told Isabelle to run. She didn’t have time to respond as we were close to being surrounded. She simply rose from her chair and spun toward the door in a single motion and I followed closely behind. I could see now why we’d been seated near the back, we had to somehow slip past almost every person there to make an escape.
I was honestly impressed by how far Isabelle made it before they had her pinned down. She was almost to the maitre d’ station when someone tackled her and they fell to the floor. I barely made it half as far myself before I was also taken down and dragged back to our table.
Then the group started to chant.
“You were found worthy and chosen for the ceremony.”
“You are destined for each other.”
“We never miss the mark.”
Chelsea rested a hand on Isabelle’s shoulder and I just barely realized what was happening before the syringe in her hand plunged into Isabelle's neck.
“Hey, what, what you do-” Isabelle’s words trailed off and her head rolled to the side. Todd gave me a look of disappointment. “I really thought you’d cooperate, that is why I picked you when they selected me to find a new candidate. Fortunately, there are ways to make this work.” He began to grin wider as he pulled a second syringe from his pants pocket and took a step toward me.
Ceremony was the first word that I recalled when consciousness found me. Instinct kicked in and I began to struggle, expecting to feel the strain of ropes around my wrists and ankles, but warmth and cloth were all that held me in place. I sat up and kicked the blankets away.
The room was small and decorated like a two star hotel in Middle America. I scanned the gaudy decorations and faded wallpaper as I stepped onto vinyl flooring made to look like wood paneling.
The door, large and the color of steel, was the only thing out of place besides the window to my left, which reminded me of the kind you might find in a police interrogation room.
My feet had barely touched the cold floor before three things sent me diving back for the covers.
Isabella was still unconscious in the bed I’d woken up in.
We were both completely naked.
And we were being watched.
When I was beneath the blanket, Isabella began to stir, and then to panic. “It’s alright, we’re alright.” I tried to sound reassuring, but I don’t think it registered.
“Where am I?” She looked me in the eyes and, despite her fear, I could see in her eyes that she was upset with herself for excluding me. “Where are we?” she amended.
It didn’t take her long before she reached the same conclusions as I, and although we hardly knew each other she felt compelled to move closer to my body for safety.
“Why did they bring us here?” she whispered.
I could feel her heartbeat speeding up as we lay there together confused and scared.
“I’m not sure… but the best thing we can do is wait and watch for a moment to fight back,” I told her. She turned her head so that our faces were close enough for her to probably taste the alcohol lingering on my breath. “You’re pretty level headed for someone who’s been kidnapped, stripped naked, and put in bed with a stranger.”
“Is this a particularly good time to flirt?” I teased. It actually felt good to lighten the mood especially since we had no clue what might happen next.
“To be honest, I’ve been on some pretty shit dates, and in some pretty shit relationships. Trust me, I’m terrified, but it’s not exactly new territory. This doesn’t even rank in my top five.” “That’s terrible.” I started to turn my head away, but she placed a finger on my chin to stop me.
“You know, up until they stuck me in the neck, I was having a great time. I feel like I’ve known you my whole life.” She leaned in to kiss me, but before our lips could touch, a loud burst of static filled the room. Covering my ears did nothing to muffle the noise.
And when it finally stopped a few moments later, a light behind the two way mirror came on, illuminating a group of at least eight behind the glass with Todd front and center. “God dammit, Matt, I told you to fix the speakers before we used this room again.” “This hasn’t been my top priority, as you know, Todd. James told me…” the sound cut out, though we could see the argument between Todd and Mark play out beyond the glass. When they finished, Todd took three deep breaths, smiled, and motioned for the microphone to be turned back on. It was a composure tactic I’d seen him do countless times before.
It made me sick to think that I knew the person sitting next to me in the bed, someone I’d known for less than a day, better than the man I’d known for years. “Sorry about that. Now, you two seem to be getting along just fine without intervention, but the sad truth is that you’ve circumvented the process. Your connection has the potential for flaws and we can’t risk you giving Bullseye a bad name by leaving your relationship up to chance.” “This is insane,” Isabella yelled. “You can’t just put two people into a room and force them to fuck because your app is flawed.”
“That’s a crude way to look at it, for someone with no idea what they’re talking about,” Todd sneered.
“Jesus, ‘make love’, then.” She laughed. “I didn’t mean to offend your delicate sensibilities.” “You misunderstand me.” Todd made a circular motion in the air. Two of the men on his left exited the room. “This isn’t about sex, it’s about creating a connection. It’s about ensuring you two will be together forever. If you’d only followed the rules, none of this would be necessary.”
A grinding, squealing sound came from the metal door, as if an ages old mechanism was being used for the first time in ages. I put an arm around Isabella as she moved closer. “This is real life, not weird science, Todd,” I said, though my eyes remained on the door. “You can’t just create destiny out of thin air.”
“That’s where you’re wrong, my friend.”
We held each other tighter as the door opened at last and flooded the room with light. We held each other tighter, trying to protect each other even as we sought comfort from each other. Some of the light was blocked by the silhouette of something large. Something frightening. Something that just couldn’t be.
As the lights adjusted I found myself staring at two replicas. They looked just like Isabella and I, down to the most intimate of details.
It was clear that they were in no way human at all, but how they were different than me or my date I couldn’t quite tell you.
I immediately stood up and grabbed the replica of myself before pinning it to the wall. It was strong, more well built than any machine I had ever seen. But still I fought.
“As you can see, we have no qualms with simply replacing you should we see fit. But things will go a lot more smoothly if you cooperate with us,” Todd said over the microphone.
The bizarre surrogate grappled me and led me back to the bed. Isabelle shivered and tried not to cry as the beings intended to take our place stood near ours and held us in place.
“Let the ceremony begin,” I heard Chelsea announce.
I felt my body give way, like I was being pushed into a dark hole and then left to be buried alive. I grabbed ahold of Isabelle’s hand and screamed, desperate to find a way to fight this. The whole room shimmered and shook, the beings in front of my body opened their mouths wide and a radiant light shot out and blinded me.
I heard music, I felt my skin go cold and then, abruptly; another burst of static erupted and the whole room stopped spinning.
The creatures stood transfixed as though suddenly unable to respond and I looked toward the opposite side of the glass and heard Todd and his allies screaming incoherently.
Isabelle was unconscious so I had to lift her into my arms and run toward the open door.
Then I saw another figure standing in the hall, urging me to follow. It was Todd again, and suddenly all of this was beginning to make sense amid my scattered brain.
“Follow me if you want to live,” he told me.
We ran through corridors of what looked like an abandoned movie studio. A massive storage unit filled with dangling suits that appeared to be made of skin. Other replicas that were just waiting to be filled for their evil purposes.
“Don’t look forward, just keep going,” he urged me. I kept Isabelle close to me and ran toward the stairs, a loud obnoxious blare hit the room again and we made it outside onto an abandoned country road.
Todd joined me a moment later as the whole building began to go up in smoke and then pushed me toward an unmarked car on the edge of the property.
Chelsea opened the door and ordered me to hop in as the building exploded behind me and I closed my eyes and gave a breath of relief.
We drove away down the dirt road and a few minutes later, Isabelle awoke and clung to the seat; surprised by the sudden shift in circumstances.
“Can someone please tell me what is going on?” she asked.
Todd tossed us a blanket to cover our naked bodies as we drove, and then he told us what he knew about the company that had almost killed us all.
“They were a cult… they believed they had found the key to unending life and wisdom from a creature they called Vanir. That wasn’t its name of course, but that was the name that we gave it… it promised to fulfill our destiny as humans… all we had to do was just follow its orders,” Todd said.
“We found out soon enough that it wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be. But by that time it was too late. They had amassed a name for themselves and were setting things in motion to take over... “
“Those… things we saw… those other versions of you and Chelsea… that was just the beginning,” I realized.
He didn’t say a word but his silence was all I needed to know that it was true.
We were dropped off after Chelsea stopped to get us some fresh clothes, and told never to speak about Bullseye again.
A few weeks later the app disappeared completely and I returned to my normal life.
I tried my hardest to forget about the whole thing and pretend that it was all just a high strung drug induced dream. But each time I did I would get a notification on my phone from Isabelle, asking if we could go on another date.
Call me a fool for old fashioned romance, but I finally gave in and even agreed to meet up with her at a Mexican restaurant.
The conversation was pleasant, and we both agreed to count it as our first official date.
I really want the relationship to work.
There’s just one thing that is bothering me though, and maybe I’m being paranoid.
But when we were at dinner Isabelle seemed to know exactly the right drink to order for me.
Maybe I’m remembering things incorrectly, but I don’t think I ever told her what it was.
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2018.08.24 11:15 SamCam88 I’ve been paying for sex for over a year.

I gotta get this off my chest. It’s been about a year since I’ve had sex without paying for it. I’m not an unattractive guy. Atleast i dont think i am lol. But it’s been so slow. I’ll meet women and it seems like it’s going somewhere but it hits a wall. They either go back to an ex or something. It’s not like i want a girlfriend just for sex. And I’ve never had this problem before idk why it’s so difficult now. It all started last year i was talking to a woman(getting to know her) and it lead nowhere. So we was on the phone and sex talk came up and at that time i was like 4 months since i last had sex. She asked and i told her and she said “if you get my hair done we can fuck”. And i laughed and she said she was serious. I asked how much is that and she told me. And she came over we did it and i gave her money for her hair and i felt so disgusted with myself i was a lil depressed. The sex was good but i never thought I’d be one of those guys. And i guess for the last year I’ve been meeting prostitutes because 3 out of the 10 women I’ve met off dating apps would hit me with the same money for sex thing. I’m 32 and never have i ever done that. But it’s like when i felt lonely is call or text them and we’d spend time then sex then they leave. I dont want a fuck doll. Although i want a relationship with sex i dont only want sex. I stopped a month ago and before u ask i get tester every 3 months. We always used condoms and dental dams for oral but we did kiss without protection but i dont think they make lip condoms. I’m sure most guys wouldn’t admit or care but i do. Maybe it’s my recent weight gain that turns women off romantically. I really miss intimacy to the point i paid for sex. Idk i just wanted to get this off my chest or tell someone because it’s been bothering me. Also I’m not out for notches on my belt I’d be perfect happy loving, learning, growing, having fun with and making love to the same woman over and over. But it’s been 13 years since my last serious relationship. I’ve dated but nothing lasted long at all. Idk but I’m done paying for it I’m gonna just let her come to me when it’s time i guess.
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2018.08.24 06:50 disfiguredlabrynth SWING IE800- An Average Music Lover's review

Love this song and the album art. (Case and tips came in the box btw, which I have misplaced since last year. It was orange I believe.
I’m just your average music lover. I’m not audiophile Jesus so this review isn’t end all be all (no one review is). I don’t have mounds of equipment ready at my hand to use. But I do have my ears. I trust them but again take it as a small grain as you would anyone else. Disclaimer: Bought these with my own money last year, made this review unprovoked and out of enjoyment for writing. Plus I’m confined to my room because I have an infection and I hurt my knee so I needed something to do!
Clean... the cleanest these earphones have been.... An end to the tears and the in between years, and the troubles they've seen.... Sometimes...
These are basically Sennheiser IE800 rip offs. Not sure about rip offs of sound because I don’t have the 500$ to spare! So just if you’re wondering whether something you ate during dinner had gone bad; no, I’m not reviewing those pairs as ‘Budget friendly’. These are the chinese 'diy' (idk what this means) version by Wooeasy (hilarious name) so I’m reviewing just these, not comparing the two.
*** Shouts out to u/moelawn (read as Mulan, man those pain pills kicked in good)*, you know why I’m shouting you out. No you don’t? Well doesn’t matter I’m doing it anyway. ***
*don’t do drugs. Anyways on to the review. (I’m actually not a druggie I was prescribed these today)
  1. Comfort and Build Quality
A. Comfort- These are pretty small and are shaped… interestingly. Idk what made not only Sennheiser make these but made other (mainly Chinese) companies copy them. They look cool but strange. The body pinches in near the middle of the housing so they aren’t intrusive nor do they bother your tragus. I have an oddly sensitive tragus region and these don’t touch or move it upon insertion. I have small ears and often forget I have these in my ears. The tips included are thin tips so they seal into your ears usually on first insert.
B. Build Quality- Metallic housings are highly reflective and carry a good amount of weight but aren’t heavy. In the description of these on Aliexpress there is the word ceramic thrown in. IDK if these are ceramic or not (the real things are apparently) but tapping the housing feels and sounds like it. But don’t hold me to that as there’s no way I can tell! Anyways the housings terminate into two cylindrical fins. Now more on this later, but I swear these are vents. Looking into the holes there is silver lining inside- which is it an indicator of the sound?
The cable is weird. Like it’s rubbery, thick, and well made (very tangle prone). But it’s a black and neon yellow green snake braid. I feel like they could’ve had a different design as it doesn’t really match that well with the housings. The cable terminates at the housings in a mmcx way but THESE ARE NOT REMOVABLE. At the end it terminates at a metal but straight jack. Straight terminators give me Skullcandy PTSD from my 12 yr old self with JIBs (they’d break in 4 months with moderate use), and make me want to run away screaming. But this is really much more resilient that I expected. I’ve rolled around in bed with these pretty much every night since last October as a test (I don’t normally do this btw to all my gear). Still not bent nor has the cable shortened out. It looks 1st day good.
The tips included are my favorite silicones I’ve ever worn. They are wide bore and thin but not too thin. I didn’t have to wiggle these to get a good seal unlike the EDR1s (which are bigger housings). Also due to the small vents at the end of the housings- the seal I got was secure but it wasn’t suctiony because air flows in and out respectively. This is also good as you don’t get pressurized fatigue. I kind of get scared when I get a seal in an iem that feels suctiony because taking them out makes me cringe. That POP-GWAAAH sound like when you drain water out of your ears after being in the pool and you’ve got to go in the pool’s public restroom by smacking your head like an idiot. I know you know what I’m talking about.
Don’t act like you don’t.
Spoonman because Sound Garden and the album art is just... Sound Garden, you know?
C. Sound- all together now
Sources- I went out for a few hours today and just straight listened to these (had nothing better to do riding in a car). I only used my Fiio as it is the most compact but also got a nice natural but intimate sound. The Swings paired well with these and I got no buzzing or hissing in the noise floor. I did on my ipod classic oddly enough when I got home a few minutes ago, but it’s most likely the jack as it is 15 years old so take it as you will. Everything else sounded fine no noise floor. Just a note.
Music- I listen to pretty much every major genre. All in flac or 320kbps
BFRMV, BVB (Vale album), Sound Garden (Screaming Life and Superunknown Album), random kpop (go ahead and cringe but I like some groups a lot), Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, Toto, Depeche Mode (a lot because I love the imaging), Mantovani, Cage The Elephant, Sia, Kenny G, and Beats Antique (great stuff I really love their songs). Btw I listen to more than just this but I was just using these artists to retest these earphones.
Burn in- I listened to one song prior to burning these in WITHOUT listening overnight last year. I noted it was very shrill and bass light. Next day sounded noticeably different. Burn in does seem to work on these.
Bass- Fast, clean heft. Something I’ve not heard from a sub 20 iem. I’m a more neutral signature lover but I jived a lot with these. Listening to the ending guitar riff in Black Hole Sun the drivers produces a swell that impressed me due to the natural presentation of the song up to that point. I welcomed that and decided to challenge the bass region a bit more.
I went through my list and came up a bit more shorthanded than I thought for bass testers. But I do have a few! I have a random NCS song (HOVERBOOTS- One), Precious Island (Depeche Mode remix) and a few kpop (I know stop whining) songs ( BTS- Anpanman, Singularity, Baespae, DNA, Danger. EXO- Love Me Right, Electric Kiss, Lucky One, Monster). This is out of Over 25GB of music I have on me atm but these are the ones that kick out bass the most. Any bass song suggestions are open because I am honestly interested to hear how they sound with these! It’s addicting to listen to how the drivers can pump it out while still not clouding the mids. This is a rare quality to find at the price if I’m being honest.
Anpanman. This song has a really appealing breakdown.
The subbass to midbass ratio is slightly more to midbass section. Subbass texture usually runs smoother north more than I am used to. I would say it’s almost rumble ‘shy’, but it sort of holds it until it’s necessary to let it go. Then the rumble it gives is like a cat purr. Not a roaring lion, but not a kitten either. (sorry Buchanan. Yes, I named my cat that, but his nickname is Winter because I’m a nerd) Now I use effortless a lot but it doesn’t sound like it pushing its limit to growl texture. It takes some getting used to; but overall, I like that cleaner bass sound. Some may not I know. The punch it gives is speedier than expected as well as the decay. It gives a nice impact. Perhaps not basshead level of impact but it goes deep without rolling off sharply past 20 (there is roll of course but it’s not a drastic dip). In the songs Danger and Baespae, during the climaxes of the song details tend to fizzle out (whole instruments with the ZS3) with the ES4 and ZS3 to account for the bass. The Swing was able to keep going though the climaxes and hold the detail without getting boomy. Some may like their bass boomy as it is more ‘fun’, but I prefer the agility of these. Igor on Audiobudget wraps it up quicker than me (oops), ” these drivers handle deep bass music easily, like Dubstep and trap, but handle the mids and highs even better. Quite the impressive feat”. Giving a 9/10 for being adaptive and quick, but for impact I do know I have felt and heard strounger.
Mids: Naturally rendered to be a step back without annoying resonance or loss of detail. I love mids. I don’t know why most (non-audio enthusiasts) don’t know what I’m talking about when I say how the mids sound on a headphone. I guess bass is easier to describe and sounds more rewarding to the average person. Anyways, mids as where the action is at for me! I can’t really stand recessed mids. These have a more natural step back than other iems I’ve tried. The reason I say natural is that usually when I listen to music I imagine being in the same space with the band then literally right in front of my face. Of course it depends on how it is recorded, but generally these give the mids a little more room.
Igor describes them as warm and transparent, but I’ll go with saying natural. Perhaps we are both right. But I’m saying it’s a natural presentation (the ZS3 accentuates vocals too much for me). Vocals across the spectrum sound well rendered and defined. Yes, even metal vocals, albeit a slight recession sort of takes me out of the ‘dynamic’ of listening to metal (yes I am a bit of a metal head. My cat loves metal too, unfortunately I can’t have him at my house due to my allergies sadly so no pics). Hearing the clear separation of the other instruments and vocals bring me back to the band. Electric guitars don’t give the strong smack I would have preferred but that’s a preference (Cage the Elephant-Trouble, Cigarette Daydreams) I dug into my folders and found a Sia song, and her vocals usually get the short end of the stick (looking at you ES4) with regards to being rendered to sound actually real!
Her vocals are sort of hard to score because honestly, sometimes I can’t understand what she’s saying. I love her music, but I always need to check out the lyrics to every song because her approach to annunciation (like Ariana) is… interesting. I can say that the IE800 made them sound clear and I was able to listen to a song I haven’t heard in months and be able to tell what she’s saying, and I could hear the separate layered voices in the choruses and in the backgrounds. Even baritones get a tad bit of help due to the bass but don’t sound overpowering (looking at you ZS3). Instrument timbre overall is articulate with an appropriate amount of body. Not too much that the sound becomes slightly congested, but enough to sound realistically believable. Impact of drums is a mixed bag depending on the recording, but it generally gives a nice crisp thwack. Double bass and Cellos (Shrine by Beats Antique) are two of my favorite instruments and I love what the Swings ability to make them not sound like just bass throw in the mix, but actual instruments. Timbre is well defined, but since decay does happen a bit faster than what I was used to I found on first few listens last October to be (as I noted in a journal dated 10.17.17): “slightly flat??? Timbre is presently rendered but happens quicker without linger. Synth sounds less flat than natural instruments.”
Shrine- Beat Antique. Cello sounds so nice on this track
Sibilance in about 8k is a problem unfortunately with these (flutes on badly rendered tracks will def. KO your ears) , EQ definitely helped to tame them. If you are sensitive, please be warned or avoid all together if you don’t want to EQ or get foam tips (haven’t tried foam on the Swings but foam usually snuffs away peaks in mids for me). Other than this flaw (unless you like sibilance) the mids are an interesting combination of what I hate, also but what I’m starting to like. It takes adjusting to the stepped back mids but I don’t feel disappointed in doing so. Soundstage, separation, and imaging are big players in mids performance too. More on that later. Going with an 8.5 out of 10.
Treble: Emphasized, transparent, and sharp. Badly mastered classical music killed me in ways I can’t explain. They are not forgiving here at all, and some may see that as overly sharp at times so I say take it or leave it. On the plus, they are pretty transparent. There is a peak around 8k, and most are sensitive in the area. EQ is needed if you are treble sensitive. I am a tad sensitive myself but I don’t have to use EQ on the Fiio Xii, but I have to on my PC and definitely the Nano (but not on the Classic). It follows suit with the mids in that it is resolving and picks up ques easily and details that I’ve never heard are now clearly there. Probably heard that a million times, but it’s true for my experience. Perhaps it will be for those who have the Swings too. Maybe not. Soprano voices pierce due to that peak but are sweetly airy otherwise. Crisp cymbals are killer but horns (Suite Medley- Mantovani) have their distinct honk without it sounding honky and doesn’t cover up their bright tune with pierce (surprisingly this drives my up the wall more than anything. More of a sibilance problem though with other headphones). I find the treble to be pleasant as well. I just wish that it didn’t have that sibilance problem in the first place.
I feel it could have been fixed because I can’t find a fault with it other than this besides on charts they start roll off sharply on charts at 20k. But for 14$ I think I’m satisfied with the way these perform. A solid 8 out of 10.
Soundstage, Separation, Imaging- Those holes are vents. Sound leaks and others will hear it at high vol. from feet away. (I don’t care though most don’t know it’s me and it doesn’t bother them in my experience. It’s different for others.) Soundstage is comfortable but spacious. It sounds like almost like closed headphone which was quite surprising to me because these look small. Sounds can whir around and it gives the strong impression of a 3D image. I have yet to hear other iems at this price point do the same. The ZS3 had a headphone like soundstage but there isn’t a fight to pick between the two. The Swings are more cohesive at imaging and tracking transients (even layered ones) much clearer. The air adds an edge to the music that I can’t say I don’t appreciate.
Dont judge my tastes it's a great song...
For the initial Baptism sound test ( u/XKCD_423 made up this weird term. It means to test initially their worth) I use 4 major songs and to test soundstage first before anything else: even before Mantovani. Those songs are Dpeche Mode- Master and Servant (don’t judge me) remixed by On-Usound Science Fiction Dance Hall, Fly On The Windscreen Ext. by Strange Remix, Macro Japan Edition (there’s a quiet but intelligible error I think in the recording, and I could hear it eerily clear on these), and The Dead of Night. On the ES4 it had major trouble keeping up with the busy transients of Master and Servant. It passed the test but it was a struggle for me to make it though the whole song without grimacing at the attempt. The Swing aced the test songs as easily as any other song and I could really sit back and enjoy it! The separation makes instruments discernable readily and there is a bit of air in between each one. Not a whole lot but enough to be refreshing. It provides an immersive experience I’m impressed with. 10/10 one of the best budget soundstages I’ve heard from this price range.
Obviously I like these earphones. Take what I’ve said as just one passing review of a music lover’s thoughts. I did what I believe to be the best of my ability to share my thoughts to you in an understandable coherent way. If not, well I tried and others have reviewed these as well. So don’t just take my word but weigh in others’ points as well, even if they are negative.
Overall the verdict for the Wooeasy Swing Ie800: The sound holds an effortless natural cohesiveness that I enjoy and I think others might too. Or maybe they won't. Sibilance is a problem, but can be addressed. Wished it didn’t have that problem though.
​edit: my phone doesn't track what I type too well so grammar mistakes
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