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JOIN the after party. Every Sunday right after service, at 11:45AM, we will have a zoom call available for a time for community. This is a great opportunity to connect with people who are a part of the Watermark community. Watermark's Integrated Water Management Philosophy. Please listen to our message on Florida’s water environments. A Home Where You’ll Thrive At Watermark, we’re committed to creating extraordinary and innovative communities where people thrive. Headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, Watermark currently manages 58 communities in 21 states, including CCRCs, standalone independent living, assisted living, and memory care communities in addition to Medicare-certified rehabilitation and skilled nursing ... Beautiful waterfront office building for lease in Tampa, in the heart of Westshore. 'Watermark 9' features newly updated common areas with floor to ceiling windows and a beautiful spiral staircase. Property management and janitorial services on-site. Minutes from Tampa International Airport and Downtown Tampa. Watermark prints up to 20,000 copies every other Thursday, and distributes them in more than 500 locations throughout Orlando, Tampa Bay, Sarasota and throughout the state. The Watermark at Trinity. The Best Value in Trinity Senior Living. Watermark Retirement Communities, The Freshwater Group and its development partner, BRW, are happy to introduce The Watermark at Trinity, an Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care community in Trinity, Florida, just north of Tampa. Our residents enjoy an affordable, amazing lifestyle near shopping, dining, major ... placeDallas . 7540 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy Dallas, TX 75251. In Person Sunday 9 and 11:15 AM Streaming Sunday 9 and 11:15 AM Watermark Church Tampa Google Calendar ICS; WeeWatermark is hosting their 3rd annual Hunger Project. View Event → Mar. 12. to Mar 19. COVID-19 Update from Watermark ... Watermark prints up to 20,000 copies every other Thursday, and distributes them in more than 500 locations throughout Orlando, Tampa Bay, Sarasota and throughout the state. When water from a flood or storm damages your property, it can leave you feeling hopeless. Trying to remove gallons of standing water yourself seems like an impossible feat. Instead of exhausting your energy, let Watermark Restoration Ltd. handle your water damage services.

2010s Edmonton Oilers History Project: 2009-2010

2020.01.19 17:28 THEOILLUMINATI 2010s Edmonton Oilers History Project: 2009-2010

I used to be an optimist. The NHL off-season is prime opportunity to dust out the ol’ proverbs to feed such optimism. We are healed of a suffering only by experiencing it to the full. The night is always darkest before the dawn. Even the Beatles cheekily followed up “It’s getting better all the time” with “it can’t get much worse”. I believed these proverbs in 2009. In hindsight, however, it could get much worse and the 2009-2010 season would set a watermark for impunity. A new nadir. It was truly a debacle of monumental proportions!
Early Off-season
The 2008-2009 season ended with the Oilers racking up 85 points, leaving them six points short of a post-season appearance, where they have not been since their Cinderella run of 2006. Fans had been very vocal that the goat this time be the coach. With Lowe replaced by Tambo, we all figured that the next logical move would be to replace MacT. We got our wish, as on April 15, a mere three days after the season ended, MacT parted ways with (was fired by) the Edmonton Oilers.
The post-season trudged along, and I, and surely many other Oilers fans, watched the playoffs, not only for the love of the game, but for the hate of Vancouver! I hated this iteration of the Nucks more than the Flames! And this made me a Chicago fan by proxy. So it behooves me to give a shout-out to the original 7uongo on May 11, 2009, when Chicago eliminated the Canucks in the second-round in amazing fashion with a seven-spot on ol’ Louuuuuu.
By the end of May, the Oilers found their new coach, hiring Pat Quinn on the strength of his resume and his recent success at the World Jrs, where he coached Canada to another gold medal. The narrative around the hire seemed to indicate that his experience would instill a sense of toughness, grit and defensively tenacity that was lacking in the Oilers game for the past three seasons. People felt that the Oilers were too skilled, a crazy concept in hindsight. Is there such a thing as too skilled? This concept is best illustrated by this ridiculous intro video that I think the Oilers played at home games to start the season.
NHL Playoffs: the seeds of the rebuild
Anyway, the off-season continued. The big story by June was the rematch between Detroit and the Pittsburgh in the SCF, which the Penguins won in dramatic fashion on the back of the strong play of three high draft picks: Crosby, Malkin, and Fleury. Those high drafts picks were the result of some awful seasonal performances by the Penguins. Many began believing that in order to "win in today’s NHL, you needed to tear down your team, suffer several losing seasons, and rack up several highly skilled draft picks. No team seemed to believe that more than Edmonton, which would begin to emulate that strategy in short order. It isn't losing, it's rebuilding! Nevertheless, it was nice to see Sidney win a cup so early in his career.
NHL Draft
In hindsight, isn't this a weak draft? Edmonton’s first pick, Magnus (Svensson-)Paajarvi, was a steal at the time. However, I can’t help but cringe to see that Ellis, de Haan and Kassian were all selected immediately after him. He is currently 35th in points from this draft class, but he never really lived up to his hype, peaking as an NHLer, albeit a middling to lower-end one. Second-round selection Anton Lander served some purpose in the AHL but never got a good shake in the NHL. The rest of the selections in 2009 never saw an NHL game.
The Oilers concluded June by trading Brodziak to Minnesota for picks. Bad trade! Brodziak would be a serviceable center for the Wild and Blues for the rest of his time there. Next came free agency. The most notable acquisition would be signing Khabibulin to a four-year deal. The Bulin Wall had just played 15 games of Chicago’s cup-winning run. His sv % in the regular season was 92%. The Oilers were going for a proven, cup winner. The Oilers concluded free agency by signing Mike Comrie 8 years after the twin towers fell.
So let’s fast-forward to the season opener against the Calgary Flames! And let’s go back to that cheesy intro video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2626EOeUNM
Wow. Aren’t you pumped?
Anyway, this season is a blur to me, so I will attempt to organize it in several categories that I think definitely describe the season. If you want to know stuff like stats or whatever, just go to hockey reference or wikipedia.
The Season Opener
Anyway, the game seemed destined for OT until Bulin made some big gaffe and handed the game to the Flames. Brutal. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdHoB3JpFMU
2009-2010 was the first of seemingly an infinite number of seasons where Oilers led or were a contender in the “man games lost to injury” category. Many of the injuries were to key personnel. Pisani missed the first month with a back injury. In Game 2, Iginla gave Souray a concussion and he missed a month. Staios would have a similar issue the next game. Bulin would get a back injury is late November and miss the rest of the season. He played 18 of the first 23 games. Could fatigue have been a factor? A week later hemsky would get a shoulder injury that sidelines him for the entire season. Comrie got mono. Souray would end his season with a hand injury fighting Iginla. Smid would miss the final quarter of a season with a back injury.
There were many more injuries but this all amounted to some colossal number of man-games lost. I think it was 526 games? It was ridiculous. And key injuries forced inferior players to play higher up on the roster. While I don’t think that the Oilers were destined for even a playoff berth with their original roster, injuries were clearly a catalyst of what would become the Fall for Hall.
The Five-Game Winning Streak
There was a period, from game 28 to game 32, where it seemed like everything was coming together. Despite several key injuries, the Oilers were winning. They were over 0.500. Stauffer was pumped. However, the Oilers would follow this up by losing seven of eight to close out 2009. And these weren’t close games. These were ugly.
The World Juniors
With Eberle returning after his amazing heroics against in the 2009 tourney, Oiler fans were stoked to see him get another shot. Making this tourney even more exciting for Oiler fans was the prospect of seeing Hall and Eberle together. Hall was the consensus number 1 pick in the draft and after a brutal December, the Oilers looked like they had a good chance of landing him. Canada would make it to the final, losing to the USA in OT in a 6-5 barnburner. One of the most exciting games that I ever see play. Eberle scored two clutch goals to tie the game 5-5 in the final few minutes of period 3. At one point in the tourney I recall Gord Miller saying “Hall looks pretty good with Eberle, don’t you think?” El oh El.
The Winless January
The Oilers would manage to go 0-11-2 in January. At this point things were so dire that most people were not watching the games but were asking Taylor or Tyler? The tank was on, and fans were embracing it. After all, Pittsburgh won after years of futility, why couldn’t we?
The Trade Deadline and other roster moves
Oddly enough, there wasn’t much of a fire sale. Grebeskhov was traded to nashville for a 2nd. Visnovsky was flipped to Anaheim for Whitney. Staios was flipped to Calgary it what was the first trade between the rivals in history of the league. The fan favorite Ryan Stone would be picked up on waivers from Nashville in March.
The Shift
There is no better summation for the futility of the debacle of monumental proportions of a season than the shift. Please. Marvel at the shift. Injuries led to the Oilers icing Chorney and Strudwick as a pairing. Yikes. And the two would be on the ice for 225 straight seconds of pressure by the elite Detroit Red Wings. It’s an amazing sequence. If I could get a flair that says “3:45 THE SHIFT” I would ask for it. Hint hint. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZqpW9KTJXo
The bomb at the end of the season
Minutes to hours after the final buzzer sounded on the NHL season, Spector reveals that Souray hates Oiler management and had requested a trade for months. Had he not broke his hand fighting Iginla, chances are that his wish would've been granted! This was a let down. Souray claimed that management pressured him into playing injured after signing as a free agent. Not a good look for the Oilers.
The gist
The Oilers finished the season 27-47-8, amassing 62 points. This was arguably the worst season in Oiler history. Believe it or not, dead fucking last was not something many Oiler fans were used to in 2009. We used to have standards. We used to have pride. We used to value winning over draft picks. This season started to turn the fans onto the acceptance of losing. Rebuilding (losing) to win… eventually. While this year was sort of a fluke, it set a dangerous precedent that Oiler management had a hard time quitting. In fact, I would argue that they still haven’t shook the bear trap of losing off their old boots. They just have McDavid.
Tune in tomorrow as Snyyppis walks you through the 2010-2011 season.
Cool Facts
• The Oilers decided to wear their best jersey at home this season • This would be Rod Phillips’s last full season of play-by-play radio broadcasts. • This would be the last season that the Oilers would force fans to pay for 12-14 PPV games per year. For you youngsters out there, this usually meant that you either had to go to the bar and eat a bunch of 10 cent wings, or get some buddy to buy the PPV game.
Mod Note
Big thanks to FranDreshie for this. This was an amazingly well-researched writeup. We were worried at first how the starting years would go as they were so long ago but wow, you nailed it. We still need people for the last two years so if anyone would like to do those that would be awesome.
Player GP Goals Assists Points
Dustin Penner 82 32 31 63
Sam Gagner 68 15 26 41
Gilbert Brule 65 17 20 37
Shawn Horcoff 77 13 23 36
Patrick O'Sullivan 73 11 23 34
Draft Picks
Player Position Round Overall
Magnus Paajarvi-Svensson LW 1 10
Anton Lander C 2 40
Troy Hesketh D 3 71
Cameron Abney RW 3 (from Philadelphia) 82
Kyle Bigos D 4 (from Dallas via Tampa Bay via Minnesota) 99
Toni Rajala RW 4 101
Olivier Roy G 5 133
Date Team Oilers Acquire Oilers Move
June 27th, 2009 Minnesota Wild 2009 4th round pick (#99 Kyle Bigos), 2009 5th round pick (#132 Olivier Roy) Kyle Brodziak, 2009 6th round pick (#160 Darcy Kuemper)
June 27th 2009 Ottawa Senators 2010 6th round pick (#166 Drew Czerwonka) 2009 7th round pick (#190 Michael Sdao)
July 9th, 2009 New Jersey Devils Conditional Pick (Not exercised) Tim Sestito
September 28th, 2009 New York Islanders Claimed off Waivers Rob Schremp
November 10th, 2009 Florida Panthers Claimed off Waivers Steve MacIntyre
March 1st, 2010 Nashville Predators 2010 2nd round pick (#48 Curtis Hamilton) Denis Grebeshkov
March 2nd, 2010 Boston Bruins Matt Marquardt Cody Wild
March 3rd, 2010 Anaheim Ducks Ryan Whitney, 2010 6th round pick (#162 Brandon Davidson) Lubomir Visnovsky
March 3rd, 2010 Nashville Predators Ryan Jones Claimed off Waivers
March 3rd, 2010 Calgary Flames Aaron Johnson, 2010 or 2011 3rd round pick (2011 #73 Travis Ewanyk) Steve Staios
Standings (Northwest Division)
Team Wins Losses Overtime Losses Points
Vancouver 49 28 5 103
Colorado 43 30 9 95
Calgary 40 32 10 90
Minnesota 38 36 8 84
Edmonton 27 47 8 62
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2019.05.04 20:29 ramba-tambas [Chicago, IL] Real Estate agent provided inaccurate photos in apartment listing, misrepresenting the unit we signed a lease for.

Background details: Fiance and I are relocating from Tampa, FL to Chicago, IL for work related reasons. After several weeks of independent research on rental properties, we came to the conclusion it would be best to enlist the help of an agent familiar with the area.

The objective was to meet said agent over a weekend trip to Chicago with the intent to find housing. Much emphasis was made by our realtor on making decisions quickly as there is much competition for apartments. After a few showings, we decided to put in an application for the one apartment that was ideal, which required a payment of ~$1800 up front. Fast forward to the Monday post trip, and we find out we were not "first in line" for the rental and had to choose a plan B. After receiving the news, he advised us that "it would be more of a headache" for us to get our money back out instead. In response, we requested that the realtor find more listings similar to those we saw over the weekend since we didn't feel comfortable committing to any of the other properties physically shown to us.

My fiance had been in consistent contact with the realtor regarding rental options as we needed to expedite the process given our time constraint. The realtor sent us an email with a listing for a unit on his company's website, showing a spacious apartment fitting the criteria we established. The pictures provided on the website (complete with the realty company's watermark) did not specify anywhere that they were "of a similar unit" usually disclosed in listings. It is also worth noting it was indicated both on the realtor's website and via the realtor himself that this unit was recently renovated. In the same email, he provided a link to a video walk-through of the apartment that was heavily reliant on close up shots of small details, never panning properly around the rooms to get a thorough look at the layout. We also saw in the video that the walls were painted different colors from what we saw in the listing. This was pointed out to the realtor along with questions about it, this is when he indicated the unit was renovated and the colors didn't look as bad in person. Willing to overlook a simple issue such as paint color in lieu of missing out on a living space, we moved forward with the lease proceedings.

Excited about our move, we did some additional research on the unit online and were surprised to find actual photographs of the unit on other websites. We found that the size of this unit differs substantially in the actual photographs from the pictures sent to us; for example, the living room is much smaller than the pictures provided by the realtor, who specifically emphasized the "spacious" living room space while sending them. After reviewing the video walk-through again, we found a short segment in which he rapidly pans over the living room to see that it is roughly half the size of what portrayed in the original pictures. This was more than a renovation -- this is a different unit entirely.

We feel that the realtor misrepresented the property and -- in the interest of making a quick sale -- did not act in our best interests. If it is pertinent, he is not licensed and is operating under another individual's real estate license. We would like to recover the funds necessary to break our lease so that we can move into something that meets the criteria we originally set forth. Given these circumstances, do we potentially have any recourse against the agent or real estate company?
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2018.02.01 16:10 ZandrickEllison Offseason Blueprint: Buffalo Bills

We're nearing the Super Bowl and winding down the offseason blueprint series. Again, these are my two cents on the moves these teams should make, but contribute your own below (especially if you're a diehard fan of the team who watches every snap.)
step one: don't overrate your chances
The Buffalo Bills may have been the most surprising success story in the league. Sure, the Rams and Jaguars were breakout teams themselves, but they both had a lot of talent bubbling under the surface. Meanwhile, the Bills didn't look like a playoff contender -- and they didn't act like a playoff contender (trading away players, starting a rookie QB, etc).
And in truth, the Bills may NOT have been a true playoff contender. They finished 9-7, but that came with a - 57 point differential that suggests they probably should have been around 7-9 or 6-10 instead. If you go over each facet of their team, there are serious concerns at almost every level:
PASSING OFFENSE. An obvious issue here, with the team passing for fewer yards than 30 teams in the league. They couldn't get the ball to their wide receivers, as illustrated by the fact that Deonte Thompson led his peers with grand total of 430 yards. If the team ditches Tyrod Taylor, the passing game may even take a step back from here.
RUNNING OFFENSE. A quick glance over would suggest the Bills ran the ball pretty well. They finished with 2017 yards, 6th most. Star RB LeSean McCoy held up well, with 1500 total yards. But given where Buffalo started, this actually represents a decline. In fact, the Bills led the entire NFL in rushing yards in both 2015 and 2016, averaging 2500+. They struggled to adapt to the scheme of Rick Dennison (now gone). With McCoy aging and center Eric Wood retiring, this decline may continue.
RUNNING DEFENSE. The team allowed opponents 4.3 yards per carry -- bad, but not embarrassingly bad. However, that's a season-long mark; their trend line was much worse. After the trade traded away malcontent run stuffer Marcell Dareus, they got run over. Their week 10 loss to New Orleans represented the low watermark, allowing 298 yards on the ground alone.
PASS DEFENSE. Okay here we go -- the true strength of the team. Despite questionable talent, Sean McDermott's scheme held up remarkably well here. They held opponents to 14 TDs, 18 interceptions, and a QB rating of only 78.9. Their secondary was a standout, with young CB TreDavious White grading out as one of the best corners in the NFL at age 23. If there's a concern here, it would be a lack of pass rush. They accounted for only 27 sacks, with team leaders Jerry Hughes and Shaq Lawson leading the pack with 4 a piece. Sacks tend to be more consistent than other defensive stats, so that's a cause for concern going forward.
I mention all this not to pile on the Bills, but simply to be realistic. After all, we've seen this exact same scenario play out in the AFC East over the last few years. In year one, Todd Bowles went a surprising 10-6, then slumped back to 5-11. In year one, Adam Gase went a surprising 10-6, then slumped back to 6-10. It feels quite likely the same will happen in Buffalo. This team isn't a true contender yet, and may not be one for 2-3 years. The team needs to realize that, and not chase a playoff run in 2018.
If the team can land Kirk Cousins -- great, you do that. But other than that, all the free agents on the QB market (Case Keenum types for example) wouldn't move the needle enough in my mind. They may not even put you back in the playoffs. Rather than do that, the team should hold steady and continue with their rebuild at a reasonable pace.
step two: don't overrate your free agents either
With that same logic in mind (that the 9-7 record represented an overachievement that probably isn't repeatable), I wouldn't bend over backwards to retain the big names from that core group.
The Bills have a few well-known free agents that may generate interest. DT Kyle Williams is still playing well at age 34, although you figure there's a ticking clock there. He's been a great soldier for this team for a while, so I would't mind giving him a fat salary -- but on a 1-year basis. But if he wants to chase a title or a long-term contract somewhere, you let him go and wish him well.
WR Jordan Matthews will also be a free agent. Since the team traded for him, there may be some expectation that they want to keep him for their long-term future. He's been productive in the past, and is only 25. Personally, he's not someone I'd prioritize. He's essentially a big slot receiver right now without great top end speed. He can be a rotational player, but I wouldn't pay him like a starter and certainly not like a star.
I'm more mixed on my thoughts about ILB Preston Brown. Based on the numbers alone, Brown is a star. He's a multi-year starter who racked up 144 tackles this year alone. However, like Washington's Zach Brown, there's some murkiness to those numbers and to "tackles" as a stat in general. "Assisted" tackles count as full tackles on the stat page, and allow for some interpretation along the way. 61 of Brown's 144 tackles were of the "assisted" variety, which strikes me as high. He also doesn't contribute much in the way of big plays -- recording 0 sacks, 0 forced fumbles, 0 interceptions. PFF grades him as a 71.6 rating, suggesting that he's not quite a standout either. I like Brown as a starter -- he's a heady player with experience -- but I'd be careful not to overpay him based on the tackle numbers alone.
The lone free agent in their class that requires a re-sign would be CB E.J. Gaines. The former Ram played really well with the Bills, as did almost every member of Sean McDermott's secondary. Given that it's the true strength of this team, I'd try to do everything in my power to keep continuity there. At only 26, Gaines can be afforded a 3-4 year deal if necessary.
step three: consider taking a step back now in order to take two steps forward
My suggested "moves" for the Buffalo Bills haven't amounted to much so far. Don't chase a QB. Don't overpay for your own free agents. Heck, I wouldn't go out of my way to sign other big name free agents either.
So what the hell are the Bills supposed to do?
As mentioned before, I'd stay patient and continue a long-term rebuild. For that, I'd rely heavily on the draft to collect my next generation of talent. The Bills acknowledged that same principle, and hopefully didn't change their course based on a surprise playoff appearance. In fact, they've already stockpiled some picks; they now have two in R1, and two in R2. With savvy drafting, they should be able to land 4 starters out of that process.
Given the background of their head coach Sean McDermott, I'd try to make the defense a strength of the team. McDermott's best defenses in Carolina were strong at all three levels, but the defensive line was always a deep unit that could generate pressure with the front four alone. More than anything else, that should be the priority for this team going forward. The team could use 2-3 new players up front.
With the # 21 and # 22 picks overall, the Bills should have the opportunity to draft some studs -- in theory. Unfortunately, it's not a very rich draft class in terms of defensive end talent. The only two that jump out to me as R1 caliber talents -- Bradley Chubb (NC State) and Marcus Davenport (UT-San Antonio) -- will likely be gone by their pick. The team may have to turn to defensive tackle instead, perhaps with one that can offer some pass rushing ability as well. Michigan's Mo Hurst may fit that bill: he's generated 24.5 tackles for loss and 10.5 sacks over the last two seasons. He's one of the more underrated R1 talents right now, and would be a great value pick in the 20s.
I'd also like to see the Bills draft a speedy coverage linebacker at some point in the draft, regardless of whether they lose Preston Brown. McDermott's LB corp with Carolina was friggin' awesome, so finding a rangy linebacker would help him quite a bit here.
Perhaps I'm burying the lede here, because I haven't talked much about an actual solution at QB. Again, that's by design. The QBs who would fall to # 21 are going to be question marks -- we're talking about prospects that were bypassed by at least 4-5 QB-needy teams.
The only "aggressive" move that I'd sign off on the Bills to make would be if they happen to fall in love with one singular talent at QB. When it comes to true franchise QBs, I don't care about a timeline. If you have the opportunity to grab one, you do it, and figure the rest out later. The Bills don't have that opportunity based on draft position, but they do based on draft capital. They can float both their R1 picks in a trade and perhaps move as high as # 3 (IND) to secure their man. But again, I'd only recommend it if the Bills are convinced that one of those QBs is destined to be a star.
Barring that, the Bills may have to suck it up and stick to the roster as presently constructed. I don't see a strong need to cut Tyrod Taylor right now; it'd only shed $9 million from their cap. He's about as good as you'll find on the free agent market anyway. Unless you're talking about Kirk Cousins or Drew Brees, you're chasing a marginal upgrade.
In fact, I'll go a step further here. I'd seriously consider a downgrade at QB -- and a turn to the national laughingstock Nathan Peterman. Peterman looked horrible in his one start -- but that was one start, and not even a full game's worth. Peterman has some pro traits that may be worth exploring; if he can prove to be a serviceable starter, he'd represent a cheap one as well.
If Peterman bombed (more likely), then you'd secure yourself a top 5 pick in the next draft. If the Bills can stock up the cupboard with pieces and leave the QB decision until then, it may represent their best hope of creating a long-term playoff contender.
the bottom line
I expect this post to be unpopular, because it's the closest one to suggesting a full on "tank" 2018. For fans of a 9-7 team, that may be insulting. However, I'm only recommending that because of the circumstances involved. Sean McDermott has earned a long leash here (unlike Hue Jackson or Todd Bowles, for example) and doesn't need to win in 2018 to keep his job. He's establishing a culture and a scheme that's built to last.
In fact, it's not so much as a "tank" as a delayed gratification. If the team strengthens up their core and their talent base in 2018, but pushes off the QB decision until 2019, it may be the recipe for long-term success. Tom Brady won't last forever, no matter what he says. If the Bills can push their goal to 2020 instead of 2018, they may be in great shape for the next decade.
other blueprints
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2017.11.08 19:45 xokolade 1st Timer White Gaming Build around $700

Hello everyone, I'm in need of assistance. It's finally time for me to retire my 7yr old laptop, and now that I have a tablet for work and school, I want to build a leisure machine! I'd like to stay around $700 (I'm somewhat flexible), but I don't really know how price relates to the jumps of medium->high->ultra graphic settings. I'd like to hit the point where I can run high on everything @ 60fps and dip into ultra when the game allows it.
My main games are Overwatch, League, and the occasional MMO. I'm also going to be picking up the new Monster Hunter. The other programs I use on a daily basis are Discord, Photoshop CS7, and Word.
I don't need peripherals, but eventually I want to use two monitors. I will need a WIFI card, since I live upstairs of the router. I'm a college student, would that be able to help me get a discount on Windows 10? Otherwise, just the watermarked version I've read about on here will suffice.
I live by Tampa FL.
Personal preference, I'm going to be sticking RGB lights into it and decorating the case, so can we keep the build black and white? Case wise, I'd like to go with white.
Also just wondering, when's the best time to buy? Holiday season is coming up and I've heard some stuff about inflated GPU prices. If waiting a little can get me more bang for my buck I don't mind, but if the savings aren't that worth it...
Thank you for all your help!
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2016.06.17 00:24 LordFarquad_3rd Request: Inshore slam drawing (redfish, trout, snook)

I would like a drawing for a custom long board deck I want to create. The pictures on the internet all have signatures and watermarks so I don't want to use them, also I don't even know if I can. So I would appreciate any drawings that were done and feel free to sign the masterpiece. I'll use the whole image :) [some bait fish for them to chase would be cool too, like pinfish and greenbacks] I live in Tampa and would love to maybe have the skyway bridge in the background. The image I posted is somewhat what I was looking for. Thanks in advance!!
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2011.12.28 07:28 obsidian468 So, flying home from Tampa today, I decided to wear my Ron Paul Revolution T-shirt to the airport to see what would happen.

So, flying home from Tampa today, I decided to wear my Ron Paul Revolution T-shirt to the airport to see what would happen.
This story is a bit long, so skip to the TL;DR if you have a short attention span.
My mother, who drove me to the airport, asked why I was wearing the shirt (she's also a strong Ron Paul supporter, but knows the vitriol he draws from government types - particularly the TSA, who'd be out of a job if he were to become President). I replied simply: "I won't do anything differently than I would if I were just wearing a blank t-shirt. I just want to see if the shirt, by itself, causes me any difficulty."
Upon arriving at the airport, I got out and checked my bags like any other person. I didn't sense any different reaction from the folks working the curbside check-in. As I walked through the airport with my carry-on bag and my laptop bag slung over my shoulder, I started to feel more aware of people looking at me. Perhaps it was just me being paranoid due to expecting a response, and perhaps some of it was real. That said, I look at people all the time at airports, and just played it off as basic paranoia.
The only real reaction that I saw that was definitely because of my shirt was when I looked in the direction of a rather attractive woman, we made eye contact, she smiled, and then her eyes glanced down at my shirt. She then looked me in the eye again with a grimace of disgust on her face. She was obviously not a fan. Oh well. No biggie.
As I got closer to the entrance to the tram to the pier, I had to pull out my ID to present, along with my boarding pass. Instead of my driver's license, I chose to use my State of Maryland Department of Criminal Justice Service (DCJS) Security Technician Certification card (still a photo ID, and one that I'm required to carry while on the job). That ID only provided my name and a photo, but not my address or date of birth.
No ID issues through the initial checkpoint, and again no issues through the TSA ID scan before screening. The TSA agent checking IDs did look a little confused at first upon seeing my DCJS card, but I suppose she either didn't care or actually saw the small type stating "State of Maryland" and the watermarked State Seal. After a short pause she ushered me through.
The next challenge was the checkpoint itself. In every lane the TSA goons were ushering people through the porno scanners. My usual tactic of getting in the line using the metal detectors wasn't going to work this time.
Not wanting to be confrontational (after all, this whole experiment was about wearing the Ron Paul shirt and seeing if that, by itself, would cause any issues), I did my sheeply duties and removed my shoes, belt, and all items from my pockets, along with removing my laptop from its case, yadda yadda - you all know the drill. Then I approached the metal detector (even after seeing that the porno scanner was being preferred).
The guy in front of me uttered a few small words that I heard loud and clear, "I'm going to opt out."
Smiling, I approached the agent blocking the magnetometer. She directed me into the porno-scanner. I stated the same sentence as the gentleman before me: "I'm going to opt out."
I was directed to the side of the lane, so as to not block the sheep that don't care about the 4th Amendment. I stood directly behind the other gentleman that opted out. He smiled at me as I walked over. I greeted him with "You're a good man." We smiled at each other. He got groped, and then I got groped (I just wish I had remembered to say "The narwhal bacons" - I think the guy might likely have been another redditor - and if you are the guy and reading this, hi! Pleased to meet you). Two other people behind me also opted out, one female, and then another male. TSA staff was getting rather frustrated by all of the opt-outs. I was rather amused.
When I finally got to the gate rape point, still with the Ron Paul Revolution shirt on (and instead of trying to cover it with crossed arms, I was trying to show it off with my hands in my pockets, and my arms holding the sides so the front was stretched wrinkle free across my torso - the TSA reaction had been greatly underwhelming at that point), I was asked the basic questions: "Is everything out of your pockets?" "Have you removed your belt?" etc. I was never asked why I opted out (though I had an answer prepared, after seeing some of the recent opt-out experiences posted here).
The pat down was a whole lot less than I had anticipated. The only part I took objection to was when the male TSA goon was inspecting inside the waistband of the back of my pants. Without the belt, the jeans I was wearing are pretty loose. The asshole had them halfway down my ass as a result. I exclaimed, "Search them, don't take them off!" My exclamation was loud enough for other passengers in the checkpoint to notice and look my way. Still, as I was being gate raped, two more people opted out. I think the look on my face at that point must have been a combination of disgust and smugness - disgusted by the groping, but smug because of the number of people opting out.
Another thing... and I must backpedal for a moment - when I was standing behind the guy that opted out ahead of me, we were both standing about five feet from the nudie scanner. I mentioned, "I'm apprehensive about even being this close to the machine." He agreed.
Anyway, on to the groping itself...
As I mentioned, the groping was a lot less than I expected. I suppose that the TSA goon that fondled me wasn't attracted to me (probably straight and living in an obscenely anti-gay part of Florida), as when he came to my crotch, he made two quick strokes on either side of my groin, never touching my dick. It was enough to disturb pubic hair, but not enough to even give a brief sensation of touch to my penis. He basically glossed over it, with a quick streak down either side of my junk with the backs of his hands, never actually touching my dick.
I was disappointed, since I had a ton of responses prepared for the assault on my genitalia, a region that has never been touched by any males besides myself.
Oh well. That was about it. After the search, he asked me to wait until he swabbed his gloves for explosives (he actually said, "wait here until I check my gloves - the machine he checked his gloves with was an explosives sniffer - something I know intimately from my days working in airport security). After he got the results, I was free to go.
As as side note, while I was detained before the groping, I was asked to point out my possessions on the x-ray belt. I indicated that the last carry-on and the next two trays were mine. The TSA goon that was tasked with bringing my belongings to me tossed my pocket possessions tray on top of my laptop, and then slapped my laptop bag and carry-on bag on top of that, and brought it over, not caring about what she might have busted.
After all of that bullshit, I managed to catch my flight on time.
TL;DR: Wore a Ron Paul t-shirt to an airport - wasn't assaulted any worse than I expected - and all with no real delays - still an interesting story
submitted by obsidian468 to OperationGrabAss [link] [comments]

2011.08.15 12:00 Majupra Hockey Futbol Kit: Washington, Winnipeg, Tampa Bay (the real ones)

All done. I might revisit a few that, as I've done more and more, look not as sharp as when I first did them.
Previous jerseys: I've made some tweaks to older ones, just listing the changes: Pittsburgh home completely redone from first release, consol energy logo added to text. Vancouver changed orca logo to stick in rink. Anaheim, Boston, Carolina Black, Dallas, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, San Jose and St. Louis all had their sponsor logos resized to be more in line (smaller) with the rest.
Tampa Bay: So, for those who didn't figure it out, these were just Detroit's recoloured with Toronto palette and Lightning logos. Couldn't pass that joke up. These are the real ones.
Home is a mix of their new jerseys with their classic look. Black being included and victory stripes from the old, colours and simple styling from the new. Away is simple and I like it, but I think some people probably won't. I'm ok with that.
Washington: I spent a long, long time on these getting that weagle watermark to look right. Worth it. The home are just nice and simple, but the Washington colours are great so I probably could've just waved my mouse around the screen and had a good jersey come out of it.
Winnipeg: This was kind of fun being able to imagine how their jerseys are going to be, colour dominance wise. Who knows if it's right, but I think it looks alright. The away, I definitely wanted a throwback Jets, and nothing says that to me like the whiteout. I couldn't do just whiteout, though, so I just kind of fucked with the shoulders and arms for a while until that came out and I think it looks nice and clean.
Well, that's it boys. Thirty down. I'm probably going to visit the Hartford Whalers and Quebec Nordiques sometime soon. Also, I'll probably create a second album with all the advertising removed for people who hate it.
submitted by Majupra to hockey [link] [comments]

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