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Sirenia: A Nation Of Five Queens (Part 5)

2020.08.09 01:40 Gunnhildar Sirenia: A Nation Of Five Queens (Part 5)

Nareen looked down at Hildsvíni as she continued to ride intensely regardless of how much her thighs burned. His compliment encouraged the Sirenian warrior to somehow find even more strength to move faster. She fed Hildsvíni one of her breasts as they bounced in unison to the rhythm of her bucking hips, hoping he would bite her there as he did her shoulder. The longer she rode the champion, the slicker her walls had become. Nareen’s wetness coating Hildsvíni’s stiffness, nearly dripping.
Nareen finally relented and let out a loud resounding moan as she felt Hildsvíni’s fingers work their way around her pearl. “Goddess, you truly are a champion, aren’t you?” That was as close to a compliment Nareen would give her sexual adversary. Nareen felt an orgasm swell inside of her. It was pleading to be released. Nareen fought the feeling, knowing that every subsequent release would be significantly less gratifying than the last.
The warrior had lost track of how much time she had spent on top of Hildsvíni. With the feeling of him deep inside of her and his expertly nimble fingers, she finally felt herself unable to hold back the orgasm. She pushed him from the seated position, holding him down with palms to his chest as she undulated her hips with him fully inside of her. She looked down at him and let out another loud moan as she felt the orgasm flow through her body.
Gabrielle held herself up with palms pressed on the tabletop behind her. She sat at the edge of the table as Eiríkr approached, her thighs welcoming him openly. The priestess smiled contently at the sight of the young huscarl taking matters into his own hands. Her nipples remained stiff as he tweaked them between his fingers. She bit her lower lip cutely as she looked down in anticipation. The priestess purred feeling the young man’s slick tongue press against her bulb. She ran her hair through the huscarl’s amber hair, pulling him in to her sex as she thrusted forward, inviting his tongue between her walls. As their slickness met, Gabrielle gyrated her hips slightly but made sure to let him take the lead. This was his moment to have, after all, and she wasn’t going to take that away from him. “Sir Eiríkr, you’re a natural… That feels so good. Sirena would be proud of us.” She purred as she continued to gyrate sensually.
The Duchess looked up at the Jarl as he wiped tears off her face, noticing how much he towered over her. Emilia’s almond eyes possessed an endearing vulnerability that her cousin hid well. Emilia took the drink from Ein and sipped the rice wine. She felt safe with the Jatteson and believed that he would make good on his promise. “Can I tell you the truth? I prefer mead more.” She giggled lightly as she sniffled. “Thank you for making me feel better.”
Emilia’s long raven hair danced to the wind that blew through the room. “You know from this chamber, you’ll be able to see the stars of Sirena tonight.” There was a different kind of twinkle in her eyes this time. “They won’t be shining the brightest this time of the year, but it is still something to behold… If you’d like, I can show you where to look when night falls…” Emilia took another small sip.
As if to taunt her, Hildsvíni waited until the moment of completion to bite down on her, his hands tightening to the same degree as her walls. Admittedly, it was hard for him to hold back his own orgasm, as her climax seemed to yearn his rod to finish as well. Yet, he was a stamina fighter, and was far from done.
The warrior waited until the quivering woman on top of him was most vulnerable, and at that moment, he took the opportunity to give himself a more advantageous position. His physical strength allowed him to lift her body, heavy with muscle, and turn the tables onto his side. Now, on his knees, placing her in the mating position of a dog, Hildsvíni gripped her wrists tightly, refusing to give her a chance to fight back.
"We're not done yet, Lady Nareen. Hope you can handle a rematch!" This time, the Champion was in control, leading her with his own hips, creating a satisfying smack as his waist made her rear end jiggle in a manner not too unlike her breasts from before. Each thrust he gave, he pulled her in with vigor and wild ambition. The Fjeldorian refused to give pause or a moment's respite to the Sirenian.
Eiríkr allowed himself the moment to look up at the statue of Sirenia, his lips continuing to make love with her 'lips.' It was an instance of temporary clarity, the young huscarl thinking to himself: 'Gods, what the hell am I doing? I'm about to give myself in the public, at a church, to a priestess of said church, in front of the goddess that this church idolizes...fuck, Jarl Ein is going to have my head if we get caught...I think?'
He did not resist the movement of Gabrielle's hips, instead moving his head slightly in motion, like a boat on the waves, ebbing and flowing, his tongue acting as the rudder to guide himself to crashing waves upon a shoreline. It was hard to tell if the huscarl was continuing pleasuring her with his mouth because he wanted to make her feel good before he even entered her, or because he was enjoying it so much. Whatever the reason, he did not stop, his fingers doing his best to massage her until she squirmed gleefully under him.
Eventually, his right hand slid off her teat and down her body, testing her entrance with the tip of his index finger, giving his chin a chance to not be as soaked as it should be. Slowly, gingerly, his finger explored her as deep as it could reach, his mouth showing no signs of stopping or slowing down. Once his index was as far inside her as it could reach, he slowly pulled it out of the Priestess, only to plunge it back in.
Joining her within the drink, he returned her offer with a wonderfully warm smile. "...Aye. I'd love to see the stars. I imagine they are different down here than they are up North, if we've moved far enough. You know, in the North, they say that the stars are not only useful for guiding the navigators of the living, but they also guide the dead to the afterlife most appropriate for the dead. They say that when a warrior dies, the best sacrifice one can make to the departed is either his horse or his ship, so that he may have something to carry him off. Fjeldorians do not fear death, nor do we view our gods of death as villainous. In fact, we idolize them the most, as they choose both how we die, and whatever paradise or torment may await us."
Taking another drink, Ein walks with Emilia to the window. He seemed excited to see what she had to show him. "Perhaps, if we manage to get the funds and mayhaps even some land, we could open a Fjeldorian brewery. Then you could have mead as often as your heart desires. In return, we could take the lessons of rice wine up North. Maybe after we slaughter the enemies of Megata, we could set up a trade route."
As the clouds began to reveal the moon, the stars were not far behind, quickly shutting the vocal Jarl up with awe.
Nareen had still been basking in the glory of her orgasm when Hildsvíni turned her over with ease. Before she knew it, Nareen had grabbed two handfuls of hay, bracing herself the best she could as the Jatteson entered her. As her senses started to come back, she looked back at him, the sight of him thrusting relentlessly caused her walls to become even more slick. Nareen offered Hildsvíni a smile as he continued to ram into her, the warrior’s breasts bouncing wildly as they hung firmly from her torso. It didn’t take long for the recovered Nareen to find her competitive spirit take hold of her. She moved counter to Hildsvíni’s hips, leaning her hips forward as he retracted and as he slammed forward, she thrusted backwards until her shapely buttocks crashed into him.
Nareen wasn’t used to being in such a compromising position, even during sex. Being bent over with a man towering behind her made the warrior feel like she was losing in a game where all participants should be victorious. While still on her hands and knee, Nareen swooped a flexible leg upwards and twisted her hips, rocking Hildsvíni off balance once more. When the Fjeldorian landed on his back, he found himself still inside Nareen but with her on top position, her back facing him. Nareen’s next movements were deliberately slow, making sure that Hildsvíni could savor every moment of it. She hoisted herself up just enough to remove Hildsvíni from her and with the guidance of her hand, she slipped his rod into her rear. She sunk in slowly, making sure he felt her warm tightness envelop his cock.
“Oh, Goddess, yes!” The exalted priestess proclaimed as Eiríkr’s finger squirmed inside of her while he kept his tongue working. She nodded her head in agreement with every little movement Eiríkr made to please her. She let her head hang back, relishing in the delight that was Eiríkr’s tongue. The Goddess caught Gabrielle’s eyes, reminding her of what the Goddess would expect her to do for a virgin. Guidance and encouragement was needed. Eiríkr needed to understand that his pleasure was just as paramount. The priestess pulled away from Eiríkr’s face. “You are gifted.” She smirked. “But you should stand and enjoy all that a woman has to offer.”
Gabrielle motioned for the young Jatteson to stand and once he did, she made quick work in undoing his breeches, bringing them down just below his crotch. The priestess smiled at the sight of Eiríkr’s stiffness and made sure to let him know that he was well endowed. With her soft, delicate hands, Gabrielle started to stroke the young Fjeldorian, twisting her wrists as she tugged. She leaned in and kissed Eiríkr, tasting herself on his lips. As she slipped her tongue inside of his mouth, one hand wandered closer to the base of his shaft and started to massage his heavy scrotum. Gabrielle slowly inched her hips closer to the edge of the marble table and drew him in subtly. Before Eiríkr knew it, his engorged tip entered between Gabrielle’s tightness.
The duchess wasn’t used to drinking so much. Ein’s generous pours and her need to keep with the man’s pace had caused her face to blush from the alcohol. Emilia smiled at Ein’s aspirations of having a more interconnected Megata with the Jatteson people. She understood that a strong relationship with the Fjeldorian tribe could mend the wounds that were split open by the political conflicts. “You and your men possess a courage that I’ve rarely seen before. For the longest time, I’ve thought of ridding myself of this place and abandoning Megata because I was certain the Queendom was doomed. But with you here, I think there is no safer place to be than here”
Emilia looked out the window. “There. Sirenians believe that Sirena is out there, looking down on us.” The set of stars was a familiar sight to the Jarl. It was the constellation his people knew as the goddess Freyja. “I truly do believe she sent us to you. It is what gives me hope.” Emilia set the goblet down and giggled. “I have not imbibed like this in sometime.” She walked over to the Jarl’s bed to rest her legs. Even when inebriated, the duchess sat with a rigid, regal posture at the edge of the bed. The stiffness of her spine allowed for her breasts to jut forward, her dudou doing very little to conceal her humble breasts.
Her quick recovery and riposte caught the Champion quite off guard as it was, yet when she slipped him into her other entrance, it was almost too much for him. Her firm, taboo orifice was an experience Hildsvíni never truly felt before, the sensations so intense that he simply gave in, surrendering himself to her, willingly losing the battle of pleasure to Nareen. Before long, the sudden rush of this new unexplored stimulation caused his length to pulse and swell, giving away just how close he was to final ecstasy.
Unashamed of losing in such a manner, Hildsvíni did not even care to hold back his moans of lustful satisfaction, his hands gripping her buttocks with a roughness he was careful not to show before. The combination of noises, from his moans, to the wet sounds of his member sliding in and out of her rear, to the smacking of her butt on his waist, would have made most people achieve orgasm through the music of their rutting alone. As his energy swelled up inside of him, the Fjeldorian couldn't even get the words out to announce his completion, before finally filling her with his warmth, to the point where even Nareen felt his fluids would stain her interior the same white color. Flinging his head back, gritting his teeth, Hildsvíni held nothing back, releasing all his pent up lust inside her forbidden hole, his very vigor leaving with every dropped he filled her with.
Unable to even speak, the warrior soon went limp at the limbs, even as his rod stood erect long enough to finish releasing, the slight throbbing within her being very noticeable. With heavy breaths, and a moment of clarity and rest, the warrior barely managed to scrape a few words together. "...That...that was..unfair...I wasn't...prepared for...mmm...that..."
The sudden urging onwards almost took him off balance in multiple ways, but the second he felt her hot energy swallow the end of his manhood, Eiríkr was unable to even think about any consequences or hesitations. He was glad she was skilled and kind enough to lead him on, but he agreed that he needed to put in enough courage to take what he wanted.
His own hands reached down to her lower cheeks, with a confidence he had never displayed before. Returning the kiss with a passion fueled by pure love, with no traces of lust anywhere across his lips or tongue, the huscarl slowly pulled her in closer, moving himself deeper into her. Being the first time inside a woman, it was impossible for him to hold back his instinctual gasp of sudden pleasure, the breath breaking the kiss for only a moment. He needed her, he needed more of her, refusing to allow a pause for more than a moment, quickly returning to locked lips as energetically as a desert wanderer to a well.
In a manner nearly identical to the movement of his finger from before, Eiríkr pulled back slowly, until only his tip was inside her, before slamming into her as quick as his hips would allow. Unlike most Fjeldorian men, Eiríkr refused to provide a steady pumping motion that his people often gave to their women. Instead of simply fucking her like an animal, Eiríkr knew in his very being that truly making love was a better experience for both members. His hands continued to pull her hips closer to him, as the young warrior positioned his hips with a slight increase in angle, just enough to feel her clit press against his groin. At that moment, Eiríkr knew that he found the best position. As his hips continued their almost teasing motions, slowly out, quickly in, his slightly angled hips allowed her bud to rub and press against him, continuing to send pleasant sensations through it, even without his hands or tongue.
When their kiss broke again, this time so they could both have a moment to breathe, the young man looked into Gabrielle's eyes with a look that wasn't arousal or lust. Rather, it was a look of pure, raw happiness. "Gabrielle, I...I don't want to leave here. I want to stay here like this, with you. This feels...s-so good, I don't...I don't know if I ever want to stop...!"
Ein was not a blind man, and was not afraid to admit to himself just how attractive Emilia was. Yet, he did not stare at her chest, nor did he attempt anything with her. He simply continued to fill their glasses as the stars gazed down upon them. "Perhaps, depending on how many of my men refused my order to 'behave' themselves - those horny mutts - we may have a few young girls with Fjeldorian blood in their veins within a few years!" The Jarl laughed, shaking his head at the thought. "Oh well. I think we both expected a few men to sneak out of the barracks and into the beds of inviting women tonight, eh? Come morning, they'll be the ones to pick up the mammoth droppings!"
As the night went on, Ein could see just how intoxicated the Duchess had become, and with a worried smile, the Jarl sat down at the chair across from her, placing his own goblet on the table next to him. "Well, it is getting late, and I think the booze is getting to our heads. Do you need help returning to your chambers, Duchess? I can have one of the handmaidens aid you, or if you would prefer I take you there myself, I will gladly do so." His words surprisingly weren't slurred, but Ein was a warrior of the Fjeld after all. For all Emilia knew, he could've been drinking since he was a child! His head would occasionally bob, a result from both alcohol and drowsiness, but otherwise, the level of soberness he held was quite impressive.
"If you feel unable to get up at all, Duchess, then you may use my bed tonight. I will gladly find another place to rest my head for the night if necessary. Maids, water please!"
Nareen looked down proudly at her conquest of Hildsvíni as he filled her rear with his seed. She continued to rock her hips back and forth, but now more sensually, coaxing every last viscous drop of the champion’s seen into her. “Do you cry ‘unfair’ out on the battlefield as well?” Nareen said playfully teasing the man as he basked in the orgasm. Nareen felt the man soften ever so slowly inside of her as she kept rocking her hips but still, she felt fulfilled. “I hope you didn’t expect all Sirenians to be as dainty as we’ve been known to be.” She caressed the Jatteson’s chest lightly, displaying a rare affection.
The grip of Nareen soon became too tight for the flaccid Hildsvíni, causing her to pull away. She started to clothe herself, but doing so slowly so that the champion could remember the shape of her body. Nareen knew that she wanted to have him again and wanted to make sure that he felt the same. “If you will not be missed at the barracks, you still have an invitation to my bed tonight.” The well earned film of sweat made Nareen’s skin glisten in the afternoon light. With the sexual tension eased, Nareen started to feel her body complain from the long travel up north.
Gabrielle found it endearing that the young Eiríkr thought he would have a choice in whether he could stop. Despite that, she encouraged him. “Then don’t stop. Not even for the gods.” A smirk followed the playful sacrilegious comment. The priestess’ plump pale breasts seemed to glow in the sunlight as they bounced lightly to each of Eiríkr’s thrusts. The caress Eiríkr’s rod made against Gabrielle’s pearl caused her quiver each time. She wondered if the Jatteson knew how adept of a move it was to angle himself in such a way. Gabrielle kept her eyes on Eiríkr’s as his hips continued to ebb and flow in a heavenly rhythm.
Sex was something sacred and celebrated by most Sirenian cults. A particular form of meditation that Gabrielle’s sect practiced was the strengthening of their inner walls. The Megatan cult would often gather its priestesses, sitting cross legged on sacred rugs and held the muscles that occupied the space between their legs.
The priestess cupped a hand behind the back of Eiríkr’s neck while propping her torso up with the other hand, keeping very little space between them. The heat from the two lovers mixed the sweet scent of the priestess with the huscarl’s manly musk. As tight as Gabrielle had felt to the huscarl when he plunged fully into her, the priestess offered a boast tacitly and clenched her muscles. She smiled at the huscarl after seeing his surprise.
Emilia took the water only to shoo the handmaiden away. “This bed is fit for a king and a harem full of women. If it was all the same to you, I’d like to stay here tonight.” Emilia found her tongue being much looser with the courage of alcohol flowing through her veins. “We can be on opposite sides of the bed if you think your wives would be offended.” The Duchess looked up at Ein with a submissive pair of almond shaped eyes. She was soft spoken and rarely found herself being so forward. “I just… find myself feeling safer around your presence.”
Hildsvíni remained exhausted as she dressed, his breath as heavy as it was before. "N-Not at all, I just...wasn't expecting any dirty tactics!" When he finally did stand, his body was having trouble functioning at a base level. It was clear to Nareen just how much Hildsvíni found pleasure in the taboo art of anal intercourse, what with his legs ever so slightly shaking from how hard he came inside her.
By the time he was dressed and had fully recovered, the Champion had taken a chance to pull her close to him, his hands on her waist. "Your bed, huh? We won't get much Well, perhaps if I got a kiss, I might be convinced." The smug expression he presented was one that showed Nareen just how happy he was to lose in such a manner, despite what he said.
Trying to hold back his moans, as if trying to seem more masculine unnecessarily, Eiríkr still couldn't contain the wince of delight he felt when her walls tightened around him. He felt like his member was being siphoned, demanding his seed to be released inside her. There was no denying that he already wanted to cum, he was inexperienced after all. Yet, the young man held himself back, waiting to cum the moment Gabrielle did. Eiríkr wanted his first time to be equally satisfying.
Eiríkr was thankful that she could not see his toes curl in his boots. The sensation that pulsed up his body from his hips made his whole form quiver, edging him closer to completion. "G-Gabrielle...I...I'm close...p-please, kiss me again..." The Priestess was skilled enough to feel him begin to pull away a bit, as if he was unsure if he should release himself inside her or not. Even his fingers, still squeezing her rear, seemed to loosen up just barely, his hesitation to plant his seed within her becoming apparent in his reactions. His eyes, however, gave away his true desire. He knew he shouldn't, but he wanted to give himself entirely to her, to give her everything he had, until there was nothing left for him to give.
"Ah, my wives would not care. My marriages are strictly political, I haven't even consummated with them. They do not feel any romantic feelings towards me, nor I feel such a way towards them." As much as Ein wanted to talk about his culture with her, since he thoroughly enjoyed the exchange of cultural knowledge, the Jarl felt that the alcohol within her system wouldn't allow her to remember if he explained. So, he saved the information for another time.
"If you insist, I will not argue with it." Taking in her words, the Jarl pondered the size of the bed. Was it indeed meant for harems? It was quite large for a guest bed...perhaps he would confirm it with someone in the morning. Normally, Ein preferred to sleep in the nude, but in order to respect the Duchess while he was in her presence, he crawled into bed with the nightly clothing provided to him. He took the side nearest to the window, looking over to Emilia. "...I am glad you feel safe around me. After all, ensuring safety is why I was hired by your Queen. Tomorrow, we shall discuss the events of the future."
With that, the Jarl rested back, his eyes closed and his body relaxing. It was indeed a comfortable bed. He had hoped his body would remain on his side, for he did not wish to disturb the Duchess in her sleep, or push any boundaries.
“You thought that was dirty, huh? Wait till I’m done with you.” Nareen teased. The warrior looked on as the Jatteson champion struggled to get back on his feet, validating that she had proved herself as a formidable sparring partner. Nareen felt a slight tingle when Hildsvíni pulled her close by the waist. It wasn’t all lust. Sex had temporarily dissipated that kind of primal attraction. What the Sirenian warrior felt was something deeper than she would be willing to admit. She looked up at him and smirked at the man’s request for a kiss, one arm under his and the other caressing his bicep. “A kiss is all, is it?… Well, why don’t you come and earn one.” Nareen’s tucking of Hildsvíni’s bicep inward while twisting her torso resulted in a hip toss. Before Hildsvíni even landed on the sex soaked pile of hay, Nareen had already bolted out of the domicile.
By the time Nareen made it to Megata’s royal castle, the sun had started to dip. That man really does have stamina. Nareen smirked to herself. As Hildsvíni closed in on her, Nareen noticed the Bjargburin Jarl tied to a post next to a large wooden trough. Dustin was on his knees desperately drinking out of the same filthy waters as the horses as the Lung soldiers watched over him. Nareen’s reaction to this was stoic. Hardened by enough battles, she understood that this was a consequence brought on only by the Jarl himself. The willingness to live by the sword must require a willingness to die by one, no matter how much suffering it takes before that happens.
“I guess they’re taking their time in breaking this one.” Nareen said solemnly. The sight of Dustin gave respite to the couple’s playfulness as they climbed the steps leading to the castle.
Eiríkr’s attempt to stifle his moans created a masculine grunt that Gabrielle very much enjoyed. She was unable to wipe the glee from her face as the young Jatteson continued to thrust himself inside of her. The priestess detected the hesitation in Eiríkr’s movements as easily as she could tell he was nearing a climax. She desired his entirety inside of her just as much he did. The connection formed between the two felt spiritual in a way that Gabrielle knew to be rare. The Sirenian obliges the Fjeldorian and leans in, her tongue leading the kiss. Her soft, wet tongue slipped between his lips as sensually as his cock did between hers before her supple lips met his. As Gabrielle leaned in, she skillfully wrapped her legs around his hips and pulled him in, bringing the Jatteson on top of her. While they embraced in the passion of the kiss, their torsos remained still while his hips moved independently of his torso and continued to thrust. Her legs wrapped tightly around him, making sure he knew exactly what she wanted.
The plushness of the bed underneath the Jarl’s back was replaced by the oppressive pressure of being under water. Ein opened his eyes to an indigo darkness. Bubbles filled with his exhalation floated forcefully out of his mouth as he tried to breathe. His instinct to swim upwards was thwarted by what he would soon realize to be shackles around his ankles. Ein’s eyes widened as the prospect of drowning came to realization. But a deep, involuntary inhale soon made the Jarl realize that he didn’t need to breathe. At least not in this maritime nightmare. As he relaxed, Ein could see exactly what the dreamscape looked like. The darkness above him had only offered a small reprieve in the shape of a ray of light. Surrounding him was a forest of verdant kelp that seemed to pulsate.
He could see no further than five feet from where his eyes were and through the darkness of the sea, the shape of a woman came to view. As she drew nearer, Ein could see the woman possessed a familiar face of a woman whose had statues built in her name. She floated there silently, her mismatched pupils stared intently at the Jarl.
Hildsvíni's heartfelt attitude was just as quickly washed away upon seeing the dishonored warrior. Despite being his enemy, the Champion still held on to a warrior's honor, giving Dustin honest pity. "...Aye. Mayhaps he'll be dealt with tomorrow. They will break his pride, most likely. For a Fjeldorian, it is a fate worse than death, as it ensures that when death finally grants him mercy, he will be unable to feast and drink with his ancestors. But, he knew what the potential consequences were, going up against the Jatteson. Ein is kind to his people and allies, but there is a reason our clan is the smallest, and serves only the High King. Our clan is the most ruthless in battle, and Ein is known to be cruel to his enemies, despite being the youngest Jarl the Jatteson ever had. He wasn't always so cruel in battle, but..."
To see such hesitation to a conversation about his own Jarl was almost surreal, hearing it from a Champion. "I love my Jarl, and would die for him. He has never lost a battle, but that doesn't mean he's incapable of losing. I fear his confidence has evolved past his own personal safety. He is still a man, and someday, he may end up like Dustin. If I can be honest and vulnerable with you, Nareen, I must admit that the thought scares me..."
The rush that flowed through Eiríkr pushed him over the limit. Refusing to break the kiss, responding in kind as their tongues danced, his mind went white as he let himself go inside Gabrielle. The young huscarl was pent up, the warm seed that flowed into the Priestess quickly filling every potential space within her, coating her with his essence. Eiríkr felt his knees grow weary, his hands gripping as firmly as possible, as he continued to throb and pulse his way through his ecstasy. When finally he finished, Gabrielle could feel his heartbeat, just by being held close to Eiríkr. The kiss lasted longer than the orgasm, and when he did finally pull away from her, a thin string of spittle bridging their tongues, the Fjeldorian warrior looked once again into the eyes of the Sirenian priestess, and once again his eyes were glowing with an emotion that was far from lust.
"...Gabrielle...are...are you sure that was a...ah...good idea...?" The air in his lungs seemed to be absent as he spoke, yet he stood his ground, remaining inside her for as long as he was able. It was if he never wanted to be outside her ever again, or was trying to ensure that there wasn't a single drop of seed that dripped out of her. "W-What may ensue could be detrimental...but, I cannot lie...that were...I..." The words were as absent as his mind. As Eiríkr tried to find the words, his grip on her buttocks finally seized, his fingers now finding hers and interlocking tenderly.
The panic quickly dispersed upon seeing the lady of the sea before him. Still, he was uncertain about his breathing, let alone his ability to speak. A rush of questions flooded his thoughts, but only one managed to be said. He did not ask what was happening, for he believed this was all a vivid dream. He did not ask where he was, for he believed he was under the waves. But the woman before him, he could not believe.
"...Who...who are you?"
His own senses were foggy, as if a mist had formed within his head. He tried to swim closer to her, pulling at the kelp to aid him. His body didn't seem to want to entirely respond, putting in more effort than necessary just to lift his arms to the oceanic plant life.
Nareen spoke furtively in response to Hildsvíni's confession. “I appreciate the candor, but why does it scare you? Is it not a warrior or champion’s quest to fight alongside a confident leader?” The Sirenian warrior guided the Jatteson through an annexed section of the royal castle meant for servants and guards. As they roamed through the annexed quarters, Nareen led her guest to the main structure of the castle. Royal guards wearing breastplates emblazoned with the Di Lung crest of a dragon battling a phoenix let Nareen roam about the building without questioning. Lana’s men knew the Sirenian warrior well as she had spent months behind those walls after she was promoted to be a royal bodyguard. However, the same could not be said about Hildsvíni’s. Lana’s royal guards looked at the man with suspicion even though he was clearly a guest of Nareen.
Unlike the diminutive chambers usually shared by several guards, Nareen’s chamber was fit for a duchess. With a view looking out into the Sirenian District. If one knew where to look, he would be able to spot the abandoned domicile where Hildsvíni and Nareen copulated. The sun had started to set on Megata’s royal castle as Nareen set two goblets full of mead on the heavy wooden desk where Nareen’s spare staves and armor rested. A leather breastplate had rested on the floor with a gash that matched the scar on Nareen’s abdomen.
Gabrielle chuckled softly at Eiríkr. “You can be so adorable. Don’t take my words as presumptuous, but Lana did promise the Jarl’s men to a Sirenian wife. Even if that isn’t in your plans, I can always brew myself some pennyroyal tea. Please don’t allow any worries to take away from this moment. You have just lost your virginity and I must say in quite the glorious fashion.” The priestess spoke so casually as if she hadn’t had Eiríkr inside of her. She matched the huscarl’s grip as their fingers intertwined. Another breeze found itself passing through the temple’s garden as if trying to offer a sign. Gabrielle’s bangs danced and floated to the rhythm of the wind, her eyes looking up at Eiríkr with a lover’s glint. As if on cue, a bell from a nearby tower rang, signaling the eighteenth hour.
“I need to go. My fellow priestesses need me for the evening prayer.” She leaned up and kissed the Jatteson huscarl once more, her tongue flicking playfully in his mouth. She didn’t want him to forget this moment. Not just because he had lost his virginity, but because she had lost her longing for any other suitor but him.
“Who am I? I am… curious.” The woman let the slightest hint of a smirk form on her lips. Her words were delivered in a soothing manner, in the same lulling fashion of waves rushing towards a shore. “I’m curious why you’ve chosen to help Sirenia. Your people have resented the inhabitants of the lands south of Fjeld.” The woman’s long crimson hair floated around her like an aura. Her eyes pierced through Ein with its brilliance. One iris blue and sapphire, the other like an emerald.
As the Jarl tried to swim closer towards the woman, he noticed a tug at his ankles. He could see that the iron shackles had been replaced with giant slithering tentacles. The Kraken’s appendages didn’t threaten to hard Ein, but it was clear that it didn’t want him to move any closer to the woman.
"Normally, yes." Hildsvíni spoke with hesitation on their walk, now aware that the Di Lung guards were keeping steady eyes and ears on him. "But confidence and suicidal cockiness are two very different things. That, and like I stated before, I fear his arrogance may not grant him a warrior's death, but rather leave him in a state of shame and dishonor, like Dustin. He does everything in his power to win, even if it means putting his life on the line when there is no need to. Yet, mayhaps I am simply overanalyzing the situation. I care for my Jarl, as all Champions would."
The Fjeldorian was impressed with the leather chest piece before he was impressed with the bedchambers. He met her vessel with his own in a toast, and allowed himself to loosen up, now that he was no longer being observed by the guards
"Did you know that I am nearly a decade older than him? He used to be the youngest Jarl that ever ruled the Jatteson clan, since he took the title at age fifteen. It was less than a month after the death of his father, Gunnhildar Ulfgardsson."
Eiríkr didn't allow himself to be in her way. As soon as their last kiss broke, he gathered himself whilst aiding her as well. Once the two of them were once again publicly presentable, Eiríkr gazed at her one last time for the evening. ", uh...g-good night, my lady." Bashful and red in the cheeks, Eiríkr turned and left.
The word 'wife' remained in his head throughout the remainder of the evening, keeping him awake in his share of the barracks. Wife? He never even considered the possibility of finding one soon, let alone a beautiful foreigner like Gabrielle. "...Gabrielle..." Her name upon his lips allowed him to smile. The very air around him still carried the smell of her ceremony, the sweet scent allowing him to finally succumb to rest by the stroke of midnight. While he was here, he swore to himself that everything he would do would be for her, she would be his encouragement for greatness, and he would be the best man that he could for her alone.
After a moment's pause, blinking with confusion...Ein chuckled. "Well, I must apologize in advance, in case you felt I would answer with something heroic. The power. My clan serves only the High King, but the fact that other kings of the Fjelds exist offends the position of the High King. He has sent his own men to aid my clan because he needs as many allies as possible. His hope is to conquer the rest of these petty 'micro-kingdoms' and finally claim the title as the real High King of Fjelds, and all the people who live within her cold lands."
Ein glanced down at the tendril again, as if he felt it was quite unnecessary for the civil conversation they were having, yet he kept his mouth shut on the topic. "He will most likely demand that I take on a Sirenian wife, and after some time, the High King will have the aid of not only the Jatteson, his most loyal servants, but of the clans and cultures that my wives once called home. Politics, wealth, and above all else, power. Just not for myself. Does my answer offend you? Am I not the mighty hero you hoped would come help your people?"
“Offend me? No. Heroism much like beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It does not matter much to those who he helps the reason why. I do not condone the type of power you seek for your High King. I have seen first hand what absolute power can do to a ruler who is not fit to wield it. I established Sirenia’s pentarchy for that very reason.” The kelp that Ein had brushed aside to move closer to the woman left a slick algae residue on his hand. “But if that is what motivates you to help Megata, I accept that.” The longer Ein stayed in the dream, the more labored the woman seemed to be, as if she needed to concentrate to exist.
“Why do you hold such loyalty for this king? Why not seek power for yourself?” She wasn’t encouraging the Jarl to do so. She was merely curious.
Nareen guzzled the entire contents of the goblet with one tilt of her head before pouring herself another round. “Well, if it’s any consolation, you’re not the only one who fears their leader may make a grave misstep. Some Megatians, even in her higher chambers, have questions about Queen Lana.” Before Hildsvíni got the wrong impression Nareen clarified. “I’m originally from Sirenia’s third queendom, Aquita. So I see the inner workings of Megata with an outside perspective. I was sent here by Queen Emma to help a failing Megata and from what I gathered, some of Lana’s most trusted women seem to question her ability to rule.” Nareen sipped from her goblet this time, savoring the mead instead of devouring it for inebriation. “I don’t have an issue with that unless one of them steps out of line. I promised Queen Emma that I would protect the fifth Queen as loyally as I would herself.”
Nareen let out a sigh as her back met the large bed. “Come. Lay with me. I haven’t shared this bed with anyone since I’ve gotten to Megata.” In a rare display of openness, Nareen welcomed Hildsvíni. She closed her eyes momentarily, not realizing how tired she had really been.
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2020.07.11 01:42 Zurkio14 Bunny stopped eating? *Question*

Hey Everyone!
I was just wondering, if someone could help me here :)
So the whole 'story' starts with my partner and I moving country and leaving our two bunnies (Lana and Coin) behind at a friends. After two months we finally got them back with us and we were super happy.
Weirdly, the older one, Lana started eating a bit less than in the old place. She used to be manic for food and run when she heard the food bag rustling. We figured that it must be the move and left it be. After another 4 weeks, she suddenly became super sleepy, had her eyes shut and ate even less to almost nothing. She also sneezed a little more than usual. We went to the vet and they gave us eye drops and painkillers. We did those two things for about a week and she got better, her eyes were mostly open but still not caring much about food.
After another week, she got slightly worse again, lots more sneezing and a slightly runny nose, so we went to the vet once again. The vet gave us different eye drops, thought it might be an allergic reaction. We used them for 3 days now and her eyes and nose got so much better, still sneezing though, but her appetite is still not there. She drinks a lot more water though.
We tried everything at this point, we switched food, she doesn't like either, we try with fresh foods like lettuce, cucumber and carrot, which she only likes occasionally and she doesnt really eat hay, never really used to, even in the old place.
We are getting worried, because she seems to be losing weight and our vet, after mentioning it to them, didn't really gave an answer to that. We were thinking, could it be, that they eat too much cardboard? They have a lot of it in our flat.
We are really desperate, any help would be great :)
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2020.07.11 01:27 Zurkio14 Bunny stopped eating almost entirely after Eye infection

Hey Everyone!
I was just wondering, if someone could help me here :)
So the whole 'story' starts with my partner and I moving country and leaving our two bunnies (Lana and Coin) behind at a friends. After two months we finally got them back with us and we were super happy.
Weirdly, the older one, Lana started eating a bit less than in the old place. She used to be manic for food and run when she heard the food bag rustling. We figured that it must be the move and left it be. After another 4 weeks, she suddenly became super sleepy, had her eyes shut and ate even less to almost nothing. She also sneezed a little more than usual. We went to the vet and they gave us eye drops and painkillers. We did those two things for about a week and she got better, her eyes were mostly open but still not caring much about food.
After another week, she got slightly worse again, lots more sneezing and a slightly runny nose, so we went to the vet once again. The vet gave us different eye drops, thought it might be an allergic reaction. We used them for 3 days now and her eyes and nose got so much better, still sneezing though, but her appetite is still not there. She drinks a lot more water though.
We tried everything at this point, we switched food, she doesn't like either, we try with fresh foods like lettuce, cucumber and carrot, which she only likes occasionally and she doesnt really eat hay, never really used to, even in the old place.
We are getting worried, because she seems to be losing weight and our vet, after mentioning it to them, didn't really gave an answer to that. We were thinking, could it be, that they eat too much cardboard? They have a lot of it in our flat.
We are really desperate, any help would be great :)
Small Edit She still runs to her bowl but just looks at the food and the walks away.
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2020.01.01 02:29 LordHenry7898 Year One (part 4): Who the hell is Shining

This chapter took forever to write!
Jay had expected the headquarters of Humanity First to be in a cave in the middle of nowhere, as underground resistance movements tended to be. Though the sewers beneath Olympia weren’t exactly the middle of nowhere, they were close enough. However, Jay suspected that they were onto something as he struggled through the cramped, dark tunnels that reeked of human remains. Nobody in their right mind would come down here.
And yet, here they all were. People milled about, repairing things, tapping at monitors, tending to the wounded, and celebrating their victory. De Silva and a few of his men dragged Administrator Shenk off to another room.
Jay’s stomach grumbled. He realized he was starving. He hadn’t eaten anything since the last time the Magisterium had fed him in prison. He had been running on pure “screw you” this whole time. He followed a delicious smell into another room. Normally, his heart would have sank when he saw MREs, but Jay’s mouth watered all the same. Right about now, even human remains sounded absolutely delicious; he was so hungry.
He grabbed one of the packs off the pile and tore it open. He remembered to add water before chowing down and shook the pack around, sloshing the water into the food. He sat down and listened to a couple of fellows from Neptune chat as he ate. Their accents were somewhat penetrable this time, thank god
“Heard we captured someone important,” said one as he inserted his spoon into his Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie.
“Man oh man, I don't envy him. He's fucked," the other laughed as he sprinkled in the hot sauce packet. “It's been far too long, good to have a little hope!”
Jay silently agreed as he ate his Zesty Beef And Cheese Enchilada. It was good to have some hope.
Jay had just opened the drink packet and poured the powder into the water when somebody tapped him on the shoulder. Jay whipped around, his fist raised. He unclenched when he saw who it was. A stocky woman with blonde hair looked down at him. “Colonel Pike?”
Pike shook her head. “Nah, just Pike, now. We stopped using rank when the world went to hell.”
“Wow. What are the odds?” Jay shook his head. “I know things don’t work like this, but it’s almost like the universe wants us to all get back together.”
Jay wasn’t completely incorrect. Where time travel and changes in history were involved, the universe absolutely did work like that, if it would allow the proper timeline to reestablish itself.
“So how’d you end up here?” Pike asked. “I saw something about a prison break on the news. You an ex-con?”
“You’re damn right I’m an ex-con!” Jay said proudly. “But this marks my first time actually breaking out of prison. I normally serve my sentences like a good boy.”
“Colonel Pike!” A woman’s voice rang out. Lana ran from out of nowhere and threw her arms around Pike.
“It’s just Pike now,” Pike reminded Lana as she returned the hug.
“It’s a real touching reunion, isn’t it?” De Silva said as he walked up. Somehow, he even managed to make his excitement at getting half the team back together sound condescending. Jay chuckled to himself. Some people had resting bitch face; Billy De Silva had resting bitch voice.
“Jay, you asked where we were getting our information from. Follow me.”
Jay followed De Silva into what could be called, for better or worse, the command center. Really, it was just a bunch of card tables stacked high with computers and maps.
De Silva slipped on a headset. “Humanity First to Shining, requesting mission debrief.” He sat there a moment. Nothing happened.
Then a shadowy, shifting face shimmered into existence in the middle of the room.
“Speak, William De Silva.” The face said in a heavily modulated voice.
“The information you gave me was correct. We found the prisoners exactly where you said they would be.”
“And your second objective?”
“We captured the administrator running the terraforming operations on Mars, but we need more information before we can plan our next move.”
“This time we will send down a team of agents to assist you. But first you should make introductions.” The face looked directly at Jay. Jay felt his skin crawl; this was unnerving. The face was so heavily shadowed that its features seemed to shift. He couldn’t make out any eyes, noses, mouths, whatever. And yet, he knew what it was.
De Silva took off the headset and spun around, looking directly at Jay. “Jay, this is Shining.”
“Hello,” Jay said weakly. He was a tad overwhelmed, to be honest.
“Greetings, Jason Tersk,” the face said. “We are Shining. We have been fighting the Magisterium since before the star Sol began undergoing nuclear fusion.”
“Um… great.” How did they know his name? Was there something going on he didn’t know about?
“Yes there is,” the face said in its heavily modulated voice.
“We bid you farewell,” said Shining. “We will be with you again in a few moments.” The face winked out.
There was a buzzing noise, and a quick flash. When Jay’s eyes cleared, there were a few people and… others standing there. One was human, with dreads and some bitchin’ facial hair. And shades. Jay thought the other looked like a person, but with mottled gray skin, four arms, and a colorful crest of feathers. She was very obviously female, if her face was any indication. The third looked nothing like a person. Rather, it was a bunch of bugs buzzing around in a tank floating a few inches above the ground. Aside from the tank of bugs, everyone was dressed in charcoal gray combat armor.
“We are representatives of the Watch, the Council of Eight Hundred, and the Array,” the human said. Jay was still trying to place his face.
“Which is which?” De Silva asked.
“I’m the Watch,” the human said. Jay had an idea who he was. “And Cracha here runs operations like this for the Council.” The gray space-chick gave a little wave. “And unit ninety four here is an Array enforcer.” The bugs all buzzed counterclockwise. Ostensibly, it was a greeting.
The human walked over to Jay. “We have a few assets to retrieve, so I’m gonna borrow Jay here.” He pulled Jay out of the room as the other two aliens started talking with people. Once they were clear, the mystery man looked at him.
“You told- will tell me about this meeting, so I know you’ve pieced together who I am by now, dad.”
“Florya?” Jay knew he wasn’t going to be understanding anything more today.
“None other.”
“You look so healthy!”
Florya looked at him, slightly confused. “What do you mean?”
“Last time I saw you, you’d been underground, helping make the Vin. You… didn’t look ok. You also gave me a message for the Council of Eight Hundred.”
Florya got the classic Tersk thinking look. “Must be in the future. My future. What was this message?”
“I don’t quite remember. It was something like… Order eight oh six, nineteen fifty three.”
Florya turned ashen. “I can’t tell you what that means yet, but if you’re telling the truth, this is really, really bad.”
“Soooo…” Jay was starting to get a little overwhelmed again. He wiped his palms off on his pants.
“I know you hate teleportation, but we gotta get those assets.” Florya grabbed Jay. There was a flash, and a sickening feeling. Suddenly Jay and Florya stood in the middle of the street. A certain feeling overtook Jay. He fell to his knees and heaved, vomiting up… nothing. His stomach lurched painfully.
Finally, Jay stood back up and wiped off his face. He looked around as cars swerved to avoid the two men standing in the street. These were like no cars Jay had ever seen. They looked more like big, safe bricks rather than the sleek, aerodynamic rides he loved.
“Welcome to Earth,” Florya said. He pulled Jay out of the street and into the alley.
Jay tried to wrap his head around what had just happened. “So why is my son, who has yet to be born, taking me to earth?”
“I’m a time traveler. Because of the way time travel works, I have to ensure my own existence before I can get to work.”
Jay sat down and took a few deep breaths. “Ok, what’s this asset?”
“Not what. Who.” Florya dug through a garbage pail and pulled out a case. “We’re getting your old team back together. First on the list is Mom. Hold this and push the red button.” Florya passed Jay a silver canister.
Jay’s spirits soared. He had been afraid he’d never see his wife again. He grabbed the cylinder and pushed the button on the side. A gray cloud burst out of the canister and coated Jay. Jay looked down and saw that he was now wearing a nice suit with a tiny combat harness underneath.
“Now, I know you Expedition Fleet soldiers love power armor named after gods, so...:” Florya thought for a moment. “Let’s call this one Assur. That’s the Assyrian god of war. Anyways, rather than traditional armor, this one’s got a personal force field emitter. You may feel a prickle, the shield’s less than a micron from your skin. Now flick your wrists like this.” Florya flicked his wrists.
Jay flicked his in the same way, and a set of pistols materialized in his hands.
“Flick them the other way to put the guns away. Now, there’s also a thing on your palm that can deliver electric shocks, and a small blade in one of the harness fingers.”
Florya continued listing the many ways that Assur could hurt people.
“Now, the job.”
Jay perked up again.
“We’re coming up on a year of occupation, right? Since it’s a new species’ first year, Magisterium tradition dictates that a bunch of bigwigs get together for a big celebration staffed by, you guessed it, the newly-added natives. In this case, humans. And the Watch knows that a certain Tirii Noumaine will be there.”
“And you’re saying this is tonight?”
Jay’s stomach rumbled again. He never did get to eat his MRE. “Hey, any chance we can get something to eat? I haven’t eaten in-” Jay did the math. “...Three days or so.”
That night, Jay sat in a car waiting for Florya to finish up… whatever it was he was doing.
As Jay ate a few more french fries, he looked out the window and saw a bunch of nebbish-looking aliens in the hotel down the street. He gave them a dirty look.
“Holy fuck,” Jay said as the car door opened, and Florya climbed back in. “Don’t scare me like that. What were you doing?”
Florya passed Jay a PAD. “Autosniper.”
“Thank you.” Jay stuck the PAD in his suit jacket, across from the canister with Assur in it. "Hey, have you noticed that these aliens aren't in their environment suits?"
"Yeah," Florya said, loading a pistol. "The Magisterium always starts on developed planets by walling off a section with a forcefield and xenoforming it just enough for them to breathe."
"I see."
“Now, when we drive up, we stop at the guardhouse and say we’ll park around the back, got it?”
“Yeah.” Jay started driving. With all the cars and other transports, it was slow-going. There were even personal shuttles landing and disgorging aliens. Eventually, they pulled up to the hotel property. Jay followed the road past the guardhouse and stopped.
A Traksko in body armor looked at him. “We’ll, uh, park around the back.”
“Anything to declare?” The lizard asked.
Jay looked at Florya. Florya nodded and got ready to materialize anything.
“Yeah, we’re chefs, so we decided to bring our own knives. You know, the ones we’re good with.”
Florya materialized the case of knives and pulled them out of the glove box. Jay grabbed the box and held it out, opening the lid.
“Thank you, sir.”
Jay put the box away and drove around to the back.
“If we can put the fear of god in some of the high command tonight,” Florya began, “We can send a message all across the Magisterium. These people come from all across the universe.”
“So, let me get this straight. We get in there, do our jobs for an hour or two, go to the bathroom, put on our suits, and… bust Tirii out? With maximum carnage? And why do we even need all this hostage crap?”
“Their lives are optional.” Florya slid his own Assur into his coat. “But minimum casualties are preferable.” He rolled his neck real quick. “Look, the Magisterium can’t know that any of us- the Council, the Array or the Watch- are operating on earth. We’ve been fighting this shadow war for billions of years. If we just walked in there, grabbed mom, and left, they’d be onto us.”
Jay understood. “So we disguise it as a bunch of pissed-off humans raiding a fancy shindig.”
“Exactly. Now look pissed-off!”
Jay grabbed the box of knives and followed Florya into the back entrance. Almost immediately, they were accosted by a frantic-looking chef. Without a word, he shoved plates of hors d'oeuvres into their hands. “Start serving these!”
Jay grabbed a plate of spring rolls and followed Florya out to the main area, where the fete was already in full swing. Almost immediately, a corpulent being with skin the texture of brisket grabbed a handful of food and began chowing down.
“By the void!” it said, splattering Jay with spittle and bits of chewed spring roll. “Your people may be barbarians, but your food is incredible!” Jay was sure it was meant to be a compliment, but he would have given anything to slide on Assur right here and rip this motherfucker’s gallbladder out.
“Thank you, sir.” Jay put on a smile. He had to find Tirii first, then he could murder aliens. Jay circled through the crowds, serving food and listening to peoples’ remarks on his species. Every so often, he circled back into the kitchen and came back out with another tray of some fancy food, and the cycle continued.
He had been serving stuffed mushrooms to a creature that looked like a human-sized sparrow with its head sunken into its body when he saw Tirii. She was standing behind the bar, serving drinks. The bird must have thought Jay was confused, because it started explaining how animal byproducts were ok as long as the animal that made them wasn’t harmed in the process of obtaining them. It then regaled them with how it thought humans were just misunderstood, and the violence was just a natural response to learning one’s true place in the universe, especially for a race from such a deadly world. Jay looked for a way out.
“I, uh, I gotta keep serving these.” Jay wiggled the tray for emphasis.
“Of course, my boy, of course!” The bird bid him adieu, and Jay was off again. He circled around to the bar.
“So how do you wind up serving drinks to aliens?” Jay asked, setting the tray on the counter.
Tirii looked up and dropped the glass she had been wiping in surprise.
“Jay? I thought you- What the hell are you doing in here?” Tirii asked as she got down to clean up the mess.
“We came for you,” Jay slid a third Assur canister over the side of the bar. “When shit hits the fan, press the red button.”
“What do you- Who else is here? Petya? Lana? Pike?” Tirii pocketed the canister before anybody saw.
“Just me, and our unborn son, Florya,” Jay said. “I’ll explain later,” he added when he saw Tirii’s look.
“Oh, god.” Tirii looked around. “You’d better go.”
Jay got up and finished his rounds before returning to the kitchen, where he ran into Florya. “It’s time.”
Florya nodded and grabbed a handful of powdered sugar. He threw it onto a burner, igniting it. As the cooks ran around, trying to contain the flame, he and Jay slipped out.
“How’d you know that would work?” Jay asked.
“Basic chemistry, dad,” Florya explained. “Airborne powders are flammable. And sugar is flammable anyways. Double the foof.” Florya pressed his button, and Assur poked out from under his sleeves.
“Are you sure you’re my son? I don’t recall ever being that smart. Must be from your mother.” Jay pressed his own button and felt the familiar tingling sensation.
“I’m pretty sure. Masks?”
Visual Obfuscation masks were an impressive piece of technology. Jay pulled his own out of his pocket. He slid the rubbery gray material over his head. After a second or two, the material rippled and took on the appearance of a face; not Jay’s face, just a face. It blended in smoothly with his own face. Florya’s mask made him look like an angry old man.
Jay nodded to Florya.The younger man pulled out his PAD and took control of the autosniper. Jay heard gunshots, then screaming from the other room.
“Now!” Jay and Florya kicked open the door to the meeting hall and fired into the air. “Everybody to the center of the room!” Jay yelled. “Now!” he bellowed when everyone milled around, too scared to do anything.
“Alright, listen up, we have a couple of demands we want made!” Florya hollered at the aliens. Through the shattered window, Jay could see Traksko and Shavarine and countless other heavily armed aliens pouring out of armored vehicles.
“So somebody is going to go out there and give this list to the police.” Florya held up a tiny drive. He looked around. “You!” He walked over to a thing that looked like a red and white-spotted mushroom. “You’re going to take it out. Then you go free.”
Meanwhile, Jay heard whispering. Brisket-Skin and Birdman seemed to be engaged in a furious debate.
“I told you the natives were vicious! The Magisterium is right to treat them as they do.” Brisket sputtered and slobbered. “Don’t you see? They’re doing this as a response to how they’ve been treated, you mutt!”
“You fool! These aliens are bloodthirst-”
“Shut up!” Jay couldn’t believe it. “Shut the fuck up! You people are hostages! There’s… etiquette to these sorts of things! Rules!” Who the hell argued about morality while they were being held hostage?
“And they’re rude, too!” Brisket whispered.
“Ok, next person who talks is getting their head blown off!” Jay yelled. He relaxed a little when the voices stopped.
Behind the bar, Tirii threw on her own Assur and bounded over the counter, joining Jay. “I made it!”
Jay quickly showed Tirii how to use Assur. Tirii flipped the bird, materializing her middle finger blade. “That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.”
Jay passed her a mask. “These fancy-ass ones don’t really work for nonhuman skin tones, so you get a ski mask.”
Tirii slid on the mask. “So do we get out of here, or…”
“I think our son has some sort of agenda. From what I’ve seen of it, I don’t blame him.” Jay pointed his pistol at the quivering aliens. They seemed to be growing restless.
A light shone from outside. “This is the police!” a voice hissed. “You have no right to make any sort of demands. You have five minutes to release the hostages before we begin shooting!” The aliens outside all raised their weapons.
Florya grabbed an alien and put his gun to its head, walking into the window. “You don’t know how to negotiate with humans, do you? You see, you’re in no position to make demands like that! Anyone comes in here, or any of us die, everyone left alive starts shooting!” Florya threw the whimpering alien back down and materialized a bag. “These motherfuckers just sealed their fate.” He started assembling the device inside the bag, placing the completed sentry gun in the doorway.
“Did you mean all that shooting hostages stuff?” Jay asked as he accompanied Florya, who had materialized a second bag.
“Of course not. I don’t commit atrocities, I change history. But they don’t know that.” Florya reached in the bags and clustered some mines under the windows. “Some time in the future, you’re going to tell me exactly how this all goes down. There’s going to be four teams: one coming in through each window, and a fourth coming through the door.” He tapped a few options on his PAD. “And this is the Magisterium’s communications.”
Jay was glad Florya did that, soon as he patched in, the comms crackled. “It’s time. Teams one through four, get in position.”
Jay, Tirii, and Florya ran to the center of the room, where they kicked over a table and squatted behind it. Brisket-Skin tried to snag a few fallen canapes.
Florya materialized one last bag and passed his parents each a rifle. Jay took aim as the two remaining windows shattered. Ropes dropped down in front of the holes as small metal objects flew into the room.
They must have been alien stun grenades, because they made a lot of light and no noise. he hostages all fell asleep, slumping over.
“Teams one through three, go!”
Jay, Tirii, and Florya began firing as aliens dropped in through the windows, shooting back as they descended. Some fell from the ropes as they were hit. Soon, Traksko started getting through, and were blown to pieces by the mines.
“Team four, go!”
Jay heard the sentry gun open fire, then stop soon as it started.
“Team four is down. Repeat: Team four is down.”
By now, soldiers had gotten through the mines, and were taking cover around the room. Jay fired at a lizard hunched behind a corner. It disappeared in a puff of shattered wall and fired a bright red bolt, blowing a chunk out of the table. Florya engaged Assur’s active camo and disappeared.
The lizard behind the wall jerked. Florya’s active camo ran out, and he reappeared, his blade stuck in its neck. He pulled the blade out, and the alien fell to the ground.
Jay rolled his neck and dove out from behind the wrecked table. He grabbed a drinking glass off the floor and flung it at a Shavarine before diving to the floor, firing at a cluster of Traksko. The air was blown from his lungs as he hit the floor. Jay continued firing as he rolled to his back and sat up, shooting at a Ver Iko behind them. The bony alien’s plates shattered, revealing the flesh beneath. Another shot, and its head was torn apart.
Jay stood up and tackled another Ver Iko, sending them both tumbling through the window. Jay landed hard on the pavement. The Ver Iko didn’t move. Jay sat up, firing at the remaining soldiers before rolling under a truck. Here, he was afforded some protection, at least. He fired out at the last few soldiers. When the last one fell, he crawled out, shield engaged. There was a boom, and Jay felt he had been punched in the stomach. He doubled over, and Assur gave him all sorts of warnings about systems failing. The motherfuckers had tried to shell him! The turret on the APC began to slowly turn.
Jay ran for it. If that thing fired, there was no way he was going to survive. The APC fired again, and Jay was thrown by the force of the blast. He landed weirdly, and heard something in his leg snap. It hurt like hell to stand on. Jay limped onwards, fighting to put as much distance between himself and the armored vehicle as much as possible.
He limped into an alley when he heard a boom, followed by something exploding. The aliens obviously didn’t care about collateral damage; he was exceedingly close to something that likely still had people in it. Two lights blinked on at either end of the alley. These turned out to be hazmat suit-clad aliens who zoomed towards him on something he could only describe as hoverbikes. They blocked the ends of the alley, and turned towards him. The two drivers pulled out sticks and hit a button. The gadgets came to life with a crackle. With a whine from the hoverbikes, they started accelerating towards him. Jay dropped to the ground as one passed over him. The other rose into the air, allowing its partner to pass below. Jay was scared to move. He imagined himself impaled on that sharp-looking front and decided he really, really didn’t want that to happen.
Then the sound of weapons charging up shook him. One of the hoverbikes charged its main weapon and fired. Jay rolled out of the way, though the blast left him with some burns. He gingerly got to his feet; between the burns and injuries and his snapped leg, he was surprised he was even doing this. He materialized his pistols in his hands.
The one hoverbike fired again, and Jay dove out of the way, screaming as he landed on his leg. He fired at the hoverbike as it sped towards him, and the driver slumped to the side. The bike listed to the left and crashed through a garbage pile. Jay got to his feet again. The remaining bike sped towards him, and Jay was caught on the front, like a fly on a windshield. The alien made a noise like a chicken as Jay climbed up the front. He grabbed the thing by the hazmat suit and yanked, tearing the suit, revealing, surprise, surprise, some alien that looked like an ugly-ass four-eyed chicken. It made gasping noises and clutched at its face and throat. It must have lost control of the hoverbike; Jay was thrown off the bike and into a pile of trash cans.
He lay there, hurting, as the bike crashed into something. Before the Magisterium came, everybody had nanites in their blood that dulled pain and dealt with injuries. One of the first things Mankind’s new rulers did was deactivate the nanites. That meant that while Jay could deal with minor injuries, like burns or a faceful of glass, something like his leg was going to hurt.
“Jay?” Called a man’s voice.
“Jay!” A woman’s voice this time. Hay recognized those voices.
Tirii stood over him. “Florya! Over here!” Jay’s son quickly ran over and pressed a metal cube against Jay’s knee.
“On three.” Florya grabbed Jay under his arms. Tirii grabbed his legs. Surprisingly, they didn’t hurt anymore. Jay felt a pleasant numbness overcome him as his wife and unborn child dragged him to a car.
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2017.06.11 06:02 tombstoneshadows28 All of the MPAA/CARA-rated films of 2003 (out of the 3,982 films released worldwide that year.)

  1. Blizzard (Director: LeVar Burton)
  2. Brother Bear (Director: Aaron Blaise + Robert Walker)
  3. Finding Nemo (Directors: Andrew Stanton + Lee Unkrich)
  4. Piglet’s Big Movie (Director: Francis Glebas)
  5. Quigley (Director: William Byron Hillman)
  6. The Adventures Of Ociee Nash (Director: Kristen McGary)
  7. The Jungle Book II (Director: Steve Trenbirth)
  8. The Legend Of Johnny Lingo (Director: Steven Ramirez)
  9. The Young Black Stallion (Director: Simon Wincer)
  1. 1 Love (Director: Leon Gast)
  2. 3 pazeste (Director: Ovidiu Georgescu)
  3. A Light In The Forest (Director: John Carl Buechler)
  4. A Tale Of Two Pizzas (Director: Vincent Sassone)
  5. Agent Cody Banks (Director: Harald Zwart)
  6. Captain Sabertooth (Director: Stig Bergqvist + Rasmus Sivertsen)
  7. Chasing Papi (Director: Linda Mendoza)
  8. Cheaper By The Dozen (Director: Shawn Levy)
  9. Daddy Day Care (Director: Steve Carr)
  10. Day Of Defense (Director: Adam Lawson)
  11. Die Wilden Kerle: Alles ist gut, solange du wild bist! (Director: Joachim Masannek)
  12. Elf (Director: Jon Favreau)
  13. Freaky Friday (Director: Mark Waters)
  14. From Justin To Kelly (Director: Robert Iscove)
  15. Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S. (Director: Masaaki Tezuka)
  16. Good Boy! (Director: John Hoffman)
  17. Holes (Director: Andrew Davis)
  18. I Am David (Director: Paul Feig)
  19. Johnny English (Director: Peter Howitt)
  20. Just For Kicks (Director: Sydney J. Bartholomew, Jr.)
  21. Kangaroo Jack (Director: David McNally)
  22. Kart Racer (Director: Stuart Gillard)
  23. Kitchen Stories (Director: Bent Hamer)
  24. Kung Fu Girls (Director: Alice Wang)
  25. Loco Love (Director: Bryan Lewis)
  26. Looney Tunes: Back In Action (Director: Joe Dante)
  27. Peter Pan (Director: P.J. Hogan)
  28. Pride + Prejudice (Director: Andrew Black)
  29. Radio (Director: Michael Tollin)
  30. Red Betsy (Director: Chris Boebel)
  31. Rugrats Go Wild (Directors: John Eng + Norton Virgien)
  32. Schultze Gets The Blues (Director: Michael Schorr)
  33. Secondhand Lions (Director: Tim McCanlies)
  34. Sinbad: Legend Of The High Seas (Directors: Patrick Gilmore + Tim Johnson)
  35. Son Of Aladdin (Director: Singeetham Srinivasa Rao)
  36. Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over (Director: Robert Rodriguez)
  37. The Cat In The Hat (Director: Bo Welch)
  38. The Deserter (Director: Eric Bruno Borgman)
  39. The Ghost Club (Director: Ralph E. Portillo)
  40. The Haunted Mansion (Director: Rob Minkoff)
  41. The Lil' River Rats and the Adventure of the Lost Treasure (Director: Dan T. Hall)
  42. The Lizzie McGuire Movie (Director: Jim Fall)
  43. The Photograph (Director: James McDonald)
  44. The R.M. (Director: Kurt Hale)
  45. The Seventh Man (Director: H. Charles Riedl)
  46. The Snow Walker (Director: Charles Martin Smith)
  47. Uncle Nino (Director: Robert Shallcross)
  48. What A Girl Wants (Director: Dennie Gordon)
  49. When Zachary Beaver Came To Town (Director: John Schultz)
  50. Where The Red Fern Grows (Directors: Lyman Dayton + Sam Pillsbury)
  51. Wondrous Oblivion (Director: Paul Morrison)
  1. 2 Fast 2 Furious (Director: John Singleton)
  2. A Foreign Affair (Director: Helmut Schleppi)
  3. A Guy Thing (Director: Chris Koch)
  4. A Mighty Wind (Director: Christopher Guest)
  5. Alex + Emma (Director: Rob Reiner)
  6. American Generator (Directors: Shannon Burgan + Michael Marco)
  7. Anger Management (Director: Peter Segal)
  8. Anne B. Real (Director: Lisa France)
  9. Big Fish (Director: Tim Burton)
  10. Biker Boyz (Director: Reggie Rock Bythewood)
  11. Bill The Intern (Director: Will Hess)
  12. Bon Voyage (Director: Jean-Paul Rappeneau)
  13. Bringing Down The House (Director: Adam Shankman)
  14. Bruce Almighty (Director: Tom Shadyac)
  15. Bulletproof Monk (Director: Paul Hunter)
  16. Calendar Girls (Director: Nigel Cole)
  17. Camp (Director: Todd Graff)
  18. Carolina (Director: Marleen Gorris)
  19. Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle (Director: McQ)
  20. Coronado (Director: Claudio Fah)
  21. Cualquiera (Director: David Marqués)
  22. Cuban Blood (Director: Juan Gerard)
  23. Danny Deckchair (Director: Jeff Balsmeyer)
  24. Daredevil (Director: Mark Steven Johnson)
  25. Darkness Falls (Director: Jonathan Liebesman)
  26. Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star (Director: Sam Weisman)
  27. Down With Love (Director: Peyton Reed)
  28. Dumb + Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd (Director: Troy Miller
  29. Duplex (Director: Danny DeVito)
  30. Ek Aur Ek Gyarah: By Hook or by Crook (Director: David Dhawan)
  31. El regalo de Silvia (Director: Dionisio Pérez)
  32. Escape From Cuba (Director: Tom Logan)
  33. Evil Alien Conquerors (Director: Chris Matheson)
  34. Exorcism (Director: William A. Baker)
  35. Fear X (Director: Nicholas Winding Refn)
  36. Fear Of The Dark (Director: K.C. Bascombe)
  37. Finding Home (Director: Lawrence David Foldes)
  38. First Morning (Director: Victor Vu)
  39. For Real (Director: Tim Reid)
  40. Girl With A Pearl Earring (Director: Peter Webber)
  41. Gods + Generals (Director: Ron Maxwell)
  42. Gold Diggers (National Lampoon’s) (Director: Gary Preisler)
  43. Grand Theft Parsons (Director: David Caffrey)
  44. Grind (Director: Casey La Scala)
  45. Haasil (Director: Tigmanshu Dhulia)
  46. Hangman’s Curse (Director: Rafal Zielinski)
  47. Head Of State (Director: Chris Rock)
  48. Hollywood Homicide (Director: Ron Shelton)
  49. Honey (Director: Bille Woodruff)
  50. Hoodlum + Son (Director: Ashley Way)
  51. Hope Springs (Director: Mark Herman)
  52. How To Deal (Director: Clare Kilner)
  53. How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days (Director: Donald Petrie)
  54. Hulk (Director: Ang Lee)
  55. I’ll Be There (Director: Craig Ferguson)
  56. Intolerable Cruelty (Director: Joel Coen)
  57. It Runs In The Family (Director: Fred Schepisi)
  58. Just Married (Director: Shawn Levy)
  59. Kaena: The Prophecy (Directors: Chris Delaporte + Pascal Pinon)
  60. Lara Croft - Tomb Raider: The Cradle Of Life (Director: Jan de Bont)
  61. Legally Blonde II: Red, White + Blonde (Director: Charles Herman-Wurmfeld)
  62. Love Don’t Cost A Thing (Director: Troy Byer)
  63. Luther (Director: Eric Till)
  64. Malibu’s Most Wanted (Director: John Whitesell)
  65. Masked + Anonymous (Director: Larry Charles)
  66. Master + Commander: The Far Side Of The World (Director: Peter Weir)
  67. Matchstick Men (Director: Ridley Scott)
  68. Maximum Velocity (Director: Phillip J. Roth)
  69. Mona Lisa Smile (Director: Mike Newell)
  70. My Boss’s Daughter (Director: David Zucker)
  71. Nate + The Colonel (Director: Paul Winters)
  72. National Security (Director: Dennis Dugan)
  73. No Return (Director: Tom Sylla)
  74. Noi The Albino (Director: Dagur Kári)
  75. Northfolk (Director: Michael Polish)
  76. Off The Map (Director: Campbell Scott)
  77. One Last Dance (Director: Lisa Niemi)
  78. Osama (Director: Siddiq Barmak)
  79. Out Of Time (Director: Carl Franklin)
  80. Outrage (Director: Morrie Ruvinsky)
  81. Paycheck (Director: John Woo)
  82. Perfect Strangers (Director: Gaylene Preston)
  83. Pieces Of April (Director: Peter Hedges)
  84. Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl (Director: Gore Verbinski)
  85. Pitcher + The Pin-Up (Director: Drew Johnson)
  86. Reconstruction (Director: Christoffer Boe)
  87. Rosenstrasse (Director: Margarethe von Trotta)
  88. Runaway Jury (Director: Gary Fleder)
  89. S Club Seeing Double (Director: Nigel Dick)
  90. S.W.A.T. (Director: Clark Johnson)
  91. Saints + Soldiers (Director: Ryan Little)
  92. Scary Movie III (Director: David Zucker)
  93. School Of Rock (Director: Richard Linklater)
  94. Scorched (Director: Gavin Grazer)
  95. Seabiscuit (Director: Gary Ross)
  96. Sex At The End Of The Millennium (Director: Sheldon Neuberger)
  97. Shanghai Knights (Director: David Dobkins)
  98. Shattered Glass (Director: Billy Ray)
  99. Shortcut To Happiness (Director: Alec Baldwin)
  100. Something’s Gotta Give (Director: Nancy Meyers)
  101. Sometimes A Hero (Director: Jalal Merhi)
  102. Spin (Director: James Redford)
  103. Star Runner (Director: Daniel Lee)
  104. Stuck On You (Director: Bobby Farrelly + Peter Farrelly)
  105. Swimming Upstream (Director: Russell Mulcahy)
  106. Swing (Director: Martin Guigui)
  107. Terrarium (Director: Mike Conway)
  108. The Animatrix (Directors: Peter Chung, Andrew R. Jones, Yoshiaki Kawajiri, Takeshi Koike, Mahiro Maeda, Kôji Morimoto + Shinichirô Watanabe)
  109. The Battle Of Shaker Heights (Directors: Efram Potelle + Kyle Rankin)
  110. The Book Of Mormon Movie, Volume 1: The Journey) (Director: Gary Rogers)
  111. The Bottom Line (Director: Matt Posey)
  112. The Box (Director: Richard Pepin)
  113. The Boys + Girl From County Clare (Director: John Irvin)
  114. The Company (Director: Robert Altman)
  115. The Core (Director: Jon Amiel)
  116. The Divorce (Le Divorce) (Director: James Ivory)
  117. The Fighting Temptations (Director: Jonathan Lynn)
  118. The In-Laws (Director: Andrew Fleming)
  119. The Italian Job (Director: F. Gary Gray)
  120. The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen (Director: Stephen Norrington)
  121. The Long Ride Home (Director: Robert Marcarelli)
  122. The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King (Director: Peter Jackson)
  123. The Medallion (Director: Gordon Chan)
  124. The Petersburg-Cannes Express (Director: John Daly)
  125. The Rundown (Director: Peter Berg)
  126. The Triplets Of Belleville (Director: Sylvain Chomet)
  127. The Visual Bible: The Gospel Of John (Director: Philip Saville)
  128. Timeline (Director: Richard Donner)
  129. Tokyo Godfathers (Directors: Satoshi Kon + Shôgo Furuya)
  130. Under The Tuscan Sun (Director: Audrey Wells)
  131. Uptown Girls (Director: Boaz Yakin)
  132. View From The Top (Director: Bruno Barreto)
  133. Westender (Director: Brock Morse)
  134. What The Eye Doesn’t See (Director: Francisco J. Lombardi)
  135. Where’s The Party, Yaar? (Dude, Where’s The Party?) (Director: Benny Matthews)
  136. Willard (Director: Glen Morgan)
  137. X2: X-Men Untied (Director: Bryan Singer)
  1. 11:14 (Director: Greg Marcks)
  2. 13 Dead Men (Director: Art Camacho)
  3. 16 Years Of Alcohol (Director: Richard Jobson)
  4. 21 Grams (Director: Alejandro González Iñárritu)
  5. 3 Blind Mice (Director: Mathias Ledoux)
  6. 5150 (Director: Daniel Gardner)
  7. A Good Night To Die (Director: Craig Singer)
  8. A Man Apart (Director: F. Gary Gray)
  9. A Miami Tail (Director: Melvin James)
  10. A Tale Of Two Sisters (Director: Jee-woon Kim)
  11. Absolon (Director: David De Bartolome)
  12. Acacia (Director: Ki-hyeong Park)
  13. Air Marshal (Director: Alain Jakubowicz)
  14. Alien Hunter (Director: Ron Krauss)
  15. All The Real Girls (Director: David Gordon Green)
  16. American Splendor (Directors: Shari Springer Berman + Robert Pulcini)
  17. American Wedding (Director: Jesse Dylan)
  18. Anatomy II (Director: Stefan Ruzowitzky)
  19. Ancient Warriors (Director: Walter von Huene)
  20. Anything Else (Director: Woody Allen)
  21. April’s Shower (Director: Trish Doolan)
  22. Après Vous (Director: Pierre Salvadori)
  23. Aquanoids (Director: Reinhart ‘Rayteam’ Peschke)
  24. Artworks (Director: Jim Amatulli)
  25. Assisted Living (Director: Elliot Greenebaum)
  26. Baadasssss! (Director: Mario Van Peebles)
  27. Baberellas (Director: Chuck Cirino)
  28. BachelorMan (Director: John Putch)
  29. Bad Boys II (Director: Michael Bay)
  30. Bad Santa (Director: Terry Zwigoff)
  31. Barely Legal (Director: David M. Evans)
  32. Basic (Director: John McTiernan)
  33. Behind The Red Door (Director: Matia Karrell)
  34. Betrayal (Director: Mark L. Lester)
  35. Beyond Borders (Director: Martin Campbell)
  36. Beyond Re-Animator (Director: Brian Yuzna)
  37. Beyond Recognition (Director: Tom Muschamp)
  38. Black Cadillac (Director: John Murlowski)
  39. Blackball (Director: Mel Smith)
  40. Blind Horizon (Director: Michael Haussman)
  41. Bloom (Director: Sean Walsh)
  42. Bookies (Director: Mark Illsley)
  43. Bought + Sold (Director: Michael Tolajian)
  44. Boys On The Run (Director: Pol Cruchten)
  45. Briar Patch (Director: Zev Berman)
  46. Bright Young Things (Director: Stephen Fry)
  47. Brothers In Arms (Director: Paul Alexander)
  48. Bulgarian Lovers (Director: Eloy de la Iglesia)
  49. Carandiru (Director: Hector Babenco)
  50. Casa De los Babys (Director: John Sayles)
  51. Chasing Holden (Director: Malcolm Clarke)
  52. Chooch (Directors: J.C. Bari + Rajeev Nirmalakhandan)
  53. Cow lok yuen (Director: Wai-Keung Lau)
  54. (Directors: Zalman King + Scott Sampler)
  55. Citizen Verdict (Director: Philippe Martinez)
  56. Claustrophobia (Serial Slayer) (Director: Mark Tapio Kines)
  57. Cleopatra (Director: Eduardo Mignogna)
  58. Code 46 (Director: Michael Winterbottom)
  59. Coffee + Cigarettes (Director: Jim Jarmusch)
  60. Cold Blooded (Director: Randy Bradshaw)
  61. Cold Creek Manor (Director: Mike Figgis)
  62. Cold Mountain (Director: Anthony Minghella)
  63. Confidence (Director: James Foley)
  64. Consequence (Director: Anthony Hickox)
  65. Controlled Chaos (Director: Azita Zendel)
  66. Cradle 2 The Grave (Director: Andrzej Bartkowiak)
  67. Crime Partners (Director: J. Jesses Smith)
  68. Crime Spree (Director: Brad Mirman)
  69. Criminal Ways (Director: Nick Giannopoulos)
  70. Cutthroat Alley (Director: Timothy Wayne Folsome)
  71. Dallas 362 (Director: Scott Caan)
  72. Dark Side (Director: Dominic Shiach)
  73. Daybreak (Director: Björn Runge)
  74. Dead End (Directors: Jean-Baptiste Andrea + Fabrice Canepa)
  75. Death Of A Dynasty (Director: Damon Dash)
  76. Deliver Us From Eva (Director: Gary Hardwick)
  77. Den Of Lions (Director: James Bruce)
  78. Descendant (Directors: Kermit Christman + Del Tenney)
  79. Detention (Director: Sidney J. Furie)
  80. Detonator (Director: Jonathan Freedman)
  81. Devil’s Harvest (Director: James Shanks)
  82. Devil’s Knight (Director: Quan Phillips)
  83. Devil’s Pond (Director: Joel Viertel)
  84. Die, Mommie, Die! (Director: Mark Rucker)
  85. Disaster (Director: Yossi Wein)
  86. Dogville (Director: Lars von Trier)
  87. Dopamine (Director: Mark Decena)
  88. Doppelganger (Director: Kiyoshi Kurosawa)
  89. Dorm Daze (National Lampoon’s) (Directors: David Hillenbrand + Scott Hillenbrand)
  90. Dot The I (Director: Matthew Parkhill)
  91. Dragon Head (Director: Jôji Iida)
  92. Dream Warrior (Director: Zachary Weintraub)
  93. Dreamcatcher (Director: Lawrence Kasdan)
  94. Dunsmore (Director: Peter Spirer)
  95. Easy (Director: Jane Weinstock)
  96. Easy Six (Easy Sex) (Director: Chris Iovenko)
  97. Elephant (Director: Gus Van Sant)
  98. Emile (Director: Carl Bessai)
  99. Emotional Backgammon (Director: Leon Herbert)
  100. Evil Breed: The Legend Of Samhain (Director: Christian Viel)
  101. Expiration (Director: Gavin Heffernan)
  102. Exposed (Director: Misti Barnes)
  103. Facing Windows (Director: Ferzan Ozpetek)
  104. Fate (Director: Ace Cruz)
  105. Final Destination (Director: David R. Ellis)
  106. Fire Over Afghanistan (Director: Terence H. Winkless)
  107. Firefight (Director: Paul Ziller)
  108. Fish Without A Bicycle (Director: Brian Austin Green)
  109. Flesh For The Beast (Director: Terry M. West)
  110. Foolproof (Director: William Phillips)
  111. Frankie + Johnny Are Married (Director: Michael Pressman)
  112. Freddy Vs. Jason (Director: Ronny Yu)
  113. Gang Of Roses (Director: Jean-Claude La Marre)
  114. Ghost Rock (Director: Dustin Rikert)
  115. Ghost Of The Needle (Director: Brian Avenet-Bradley)
  116. Gigli (Director: Martin Brest)
  117. Girls Will Be Girls (Director: Richard Day)
  118. Going Down (Director: Alfonso Pineda Ulloa)
  119. Good Bye Lenin! (Director: Wolfgang Becker)
  120. Gothika (Director: Mathieu Kassovitz)
  121. Haggard (Director: Bam Margera)
  122. Hellborn (Director: Philip J. Jones)
  123. Heroic Duo (Director: Benny Chan)
  124. High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story (Director: A.W. Vidmer)
  125. High Tension (Haute Tension) (Switchblade Romance) (Director: Alexandre Aja)
  126. Hollywood North (Director: Peter O’Brian)
  127. Hood Angels (Director: Paul Wynne)
  128. Horror (Director: Dante Tomaselli)
  129. House Of 1000 Corpses (Director: Rob Zombie)
  130. House Of Sand + Fog (Director: Vadim Perelman)
  131. House Of The Dead (Director: Uwe Boll)
  132. I Accuse (Director: John Ketcham)
  133. I Capture The Castle (Director: Tim Fywell)
  134. I Love Your Work (Director: Adam Goldberg)
  135. I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead (Director: Mike Hodges)
  136. I’m Not Scared (Director: Gabriele Salvatores)
  137. Identity (Director: James Mangold)
  138. Imagining Argentina (Director: Christopher Hampton)
  139. In Hell (Director: Ringo Lam)
  140. In The Cut (Director: Jane Campion)
  141. Intermission (Director: John Crowley)
  142. It’s All About Love (Director: Thomas Vinterberg)
  143. Jake’s Booty Call (Directors: Eric Eisner + Julian Max Metter)
  144. Japanese Story (Director: Sue Brooks)
  145. Jeepers Creepers II (Director: Victor Salva)
  146. Jericho Mansions (Director: Alberto Sciamma)
  147. Jersey Guy (Director: Elia Zois)
  148. Ju-On: The Grudge II (Director: Takashi Shimizu)
  149. Just Another Story (Director: GQ)
  150. Kill Bill, Vol. 1 (Director: Quentin Tarantino)
  151. King Of The Ants (Director: Stuart Gordon)
  152. Kontroll (Director: Nimród Antal)
  153. Kung Phooey! (Director: Darryl Fong)
  154. LD 50: Lethal Dose (Director: Simon De Selva)
  155. La taqueria (Director: Martin Delon)
  156. Last Life In The Universe (Director: Pen-Ek Ratanaruang)
  157. Latter Days (Director: C. Jay Cox)
  158. Le pacte du silence (Director: Graham Guit)
  159. Levelland (Director: Clark Walker)
  160. Levity (Director: Ed Solomon)
  161. Liquid Bridge (Director: Phillip Avalon)
  162. Little Erin Merryweather (Directors: David Morwick + Michael Civille)
  163. Lost Junction (Director: Peter Masterson)
  164. Lost Things (Director: Martin Murphy)
  165. Lost Treasure (Director: Jim Wynorski)
  166. Lost In Translation (Director: Sofia Coppola)
  167. Love Actually (Director: Richard Curtis)
  168. Love Chronicles (Director: Tyler Maddox)
  169. Love Me If You Dare (Director: Yann Samuell)
  170. Love Object (Director: Robert Parigi)
  171. Love, Sex + Eating The Bones (Director: Sudz Sutherland)
  172. Lucía, Lucía (Director: Antonio Serrano)
  173. Mail Order Bride (Directors: Robert Capelli, Jr. + Jeffrey Wolf)
  174. Mala carne (Director: Fabián Forte)
  175. Malevolence (Director: Stevan Mena)
  176. Mambo Italiano (Director: Émile Gaudreault)
  177. Manfast (Director: Tara Judelle)
  178. Manhood (Director: Bobby Roth)
  179. Marci X (Director: Richard Benjamin)
  180. Melvin Goes To Dinner (Director: Bob Odenkirk)
  181. Midnight Mass (Director: Tony Mandile)
  182. Milwaukee, Minnesota (Director: Allan Mindel)
  183. Monsieur Ibrahim (Director: François Dupeyron)
  184. Monster (Director: Patty Jenkins)
  185. Monster Man (Director: Michael Davis)
  186. My Life Without Me (Director: Isabel Coixet)
  187. Mystic River (Director: Clint Eastwood)
  188. Natural City (Director: Byung-chun Min)
  189. Ned Kelly (Director: Gregor Jordan)
  190. Nemesis Game (Director: Jesse Warn)
  191. Net Games (Director: Andrew Van Slee)
  192. Nicotina (Director: Hugo Rodriguez)
  193. Nola (Director: Alan Hruska)
  194. Nothing (Director: Vincenzo Natali)
  195. Octane (Director: Marcus Adams)
  196. Old School (Director: Todd Phillips)
  197. Oldboy (Director: Chan-wook Park)
  198. Once Upon A Time In Mexico (Director: Robert Rodriguez)
  199. One Missed Call (Director: Takashi Miike)
  200. Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior (Director: Prachya Pinkaew)
  201. Open Range (Director: Kevin Costner)
  202. Open Water (Director: Chris Kentis)
  203. Operation: Balikatan (Director: Cirio H. Santiago)
  204. Owning Mahowny (Director: Richard Kwietniowski)
  205. Paradise Found (Director: Mario Andreacchio)
  206. Paris (Director: Ramin Niami)
  207. Particles Of Truth (Director: Jennifer Elster)
  208. Party Monster (Directors: Fenton Bailey + Randy Barbato)
  209. Passion’s Desire (Director: Mike Sedan)
  210. Pauly Shore Is Dead (Director: Pauly Shore)
  211. Penetration Angst (Director: Wolfgang Büld)
  212. Playas Ball (Director: Jennifer Harper)
  213. Posers (Director: Katie Tallo)
  214. Power Play (Director: Joseph Zito)
  215. Prey For Rock + Roll (Director: Alex Steyermark)
  216. Prison-A-Go-Go! (Director: Barak Epstein)
  217. Purgatory Flats (Director: Harris Done)
  218. Purple Butterfly (Director: Ye Lou)
  219. Quattro Noza (Director: Joey Curtis)
  220. Quicksand (Director: John Mackenzie)
  221. Rats (Killer Rats) (Director: Tibor Takács)
  222. Red Passport (Director: Albert Xavier)
  223. Red Riding Hood (Director: Giacomo Cimini)
  224. Red Roses + Petrol (Director: Tamar Simon Hoffs)
  225. Red Serpent (Director: Gino Tanasescu)
  226. Red Zone (Director: Lee Madden)
  227. Reeseville (Director: Christian Otjen)
  228. Remember Me, My Love (Director: Gabriele Muccino)
  229. Resistance (Director: Todd Komarnicki)
  230. Rhinoceros Eyes (Director: Aaron Woodley)
  231. Rick (Director: Curtiss Clayton)
  232. Road Kings (Director: Detdrich McClure)
  233. Rolling Kansas (Director: Thomas Haden Church)
  234. Ronny Camaro + Seven Angry Women (Director: Bo Linton)
  235. Rude Boy: The Jamaican Don (Director: Desmond Gumbs)
  236. Screen Door Jesus (Director: Kirk Davis)
  237. Season Of The Hunted (Director: Ron Sperling)
  238. Shade (Director: Damian Nieman)
  239. Shelter island (Director: Geoffrey Schaaf)
  240. Shredder (Director: Greg Huson)
  241. Shrink Rap (Director: Doug Cox)
  242. Sin (Director: Michael Stevens)
  243. Sister Blue (Director: Doug Greenall)
  244. Skin Deep (Director: Sacha Parisot)
  245. Sky High (Director: Ryûhei Kitamura)
  246. Slaves Of The Realm (Director: Lloyd A. Simandl)
  247. Sol Goode (Director: Danny Comden)
  248. Southside (Director: Billy Hayes)
  249. Speed Demon (Director: David DeCoteau)
  250. Spinning Boris (Director: Roger Spottiswoode)
  251. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter...And Spring (Director: Ki-duk Kim)
  252. Stander (Director: Bronwen Hughes)
  253. Stealing Candy (Director: Mark L. Lester)
  254. Stealing Sinatra (Director: Ron Underwood)
  255. Subterano (Director: Esben Storm)
  256. Sucker Punch (Director: Jeff Crook + Josh Crook)
  257. Surrender (Director: Katherine Brooks)
  258. Swimming Pool (Director: François Ozon)
  259. Swirl (Director: Les Wilson)
  260. Sylvia Plath (Director: Christine Jeffs)
  261. Taking The Westside (Director: John N. Perez)
  262. Tangy Guacamole (Director: Mike Deeney)
  263. Tapped Out (Director: Georgio)
  264. Tears Of The Sun (Director: Antoine Fuqua)
  265. Tempo (Director: Eric Styles)
  266. Terminator III: Rise Of The Machines (Director: Jonathan Mostow)
  267. Testosterone (Director: David Moreton)
  268. The $cheme (Director: Marcus Gautesen)
  269. The Actors (Director: Conor McPherson)
  270. The Animation Show (Directors: myriad and various)
  271. The Barbarian Invasions (Director: Denys Arcand)
  272. The Beat (Director: Brandon Sonnier)
  273. The Best Of Youth (Director: Marco Tullio Giordana)
  274. The Big Empty (Director: Steve Anderson)
  275. The Blind Swordsman: Zatoichi (Director: Takeshi Kitano)
  276. The Bog Creatures (Director: J. Christian Ingvordsen)
  277. The Bone Snatcher (Director: Jason Wulfsohn)
  278. The Cooler (Director: Wayne Kramer)
  279. The Era Of Vampires (Director: Wellson Chin)
  280. The Event (Director: Thom Fitzgerald)
  281. The Face Of The Serpent (Director: David B. Craig)
  282. The Falls (Director: Paul DeNigris)
  283. The Fast Life (Director: Douglas Elford-Argent)
  284. The Flower Of Evil (Director: Claude Chabrol)
  285. The Foreigner (Director: Michael Oblowitz)
  286. The Ghosts Of Edendale (Director: Stefan Avalos)
  287. The Ghouls (Director: Chad Ferrin)
  288. The Green Butchers (Director: Anders Thomas Jensen)
  289. The Hebrew Hammer (Director: Jonathan Kesselman)
  290. The Human Stain (Director: Robert Benton)
  291. The Hunted (Director: William Friedkin)
  292. The Invitation (Director: Pat Bermel)
  293. The Job (Director: Kenny Golde)
  294. The Last Horror Movie (Director: Julian Richards)
  295. The Last Samurai (Director: Edward Zwick)
  296. The Legend Of Diablo (Director: Robert Napton)
  297. The Librarians (Director: Mike Kirton)
  298. The Life Of David Gale (Director: Alan Parker)
  299. The Man Who Copied (Director: Jorge Furtado)
  300. The Matrix: Reloaded (Directors: Lana Wachowski + Lilly Wachowski)
  301. The Matrix: Revolutions (Directors: Lana Wachowski + Lilly Wachowski)
  302. The Memory Of A Killer (Director: Erik Van Looy)
  303. The Missing (Director: Ron Howard)
  304. The Mother (Director: Roger Michell)
  305. The Mudge Boy (Director: Michael Burke)
  306. The Mummy’s Kiss (Director: Donald F. Glut)
  307. The Night We Called It A Day (Director: Paul Goldman)
  308. The Order (Director: Brian Helgeland)
  309. The Recruit (Director: Roger Donaldson)
  310. The Room (Director: Tommy Wiseau)
  311. The Saddest Music In The World (Director: Guy Maddin)
  312. The Shape Of Things (Director: Neil LaBute)
  313. The Singing Detective (Director: Keith Gordon)
  314. The Sleeping Dictionary (Director: Guy Jenkin)
  315. The Statement (Director: Norman Jewison)
  316. The Station Agent (Director: Tom McCarthy)
  317. The Tesseract (Director: Oxide Chun Pang)
  318. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Director: Marcus Nispel)
  319. The United States Of Leland (Director: Matthew Ryan Hoge)
  320. Thirteen (Director: Catherine Hardwicke)
  321. This Girl’s Life (Director: Ash Baron-Cohen)
  322. Time Of The Wolf (Director: Michael Haneke)
  323. Tio’s Game (Director: Juan Carlos Buitron)
  324. Tiptoes (Director: Matthew Bright)
  325. Tough Luck (Director: Gary Ellis)
  326. Tube (Director: Woon-hak Baek)
  327. Twist (Director: Jacob Tierney)
  328. Two Days (2 Days) (Director: Sean McGinly)
  329. Undead (Directors: Michael Spierig + Peter Spierig)
  330. Underworld (Director: Len Wiseman)
  331. Vampire Effect (Directors: Dante Lam + Donnie Yen)
  332. Vampires Anonymous (Director: Michael Keller)
  333. Veronica Guerin (Director: Joel Schumacher)
  334. Virgin (Director: Deborah Kampmeier)
  335. Visitors (Director: Richard Franklin)
  336. Vlad (Director: Michael D. Sellers)
  337. Warriors Of Heaven + Earth (Director: Ping He)
  338. Wasabi Tuna (Director: Lee Friedlander)
  339. Water Under The Bridge (Director: Clark Brigham)
  340. Water’s Edge (Director: Harvey Kahn)
  341. What Alice Found (Director: A. Dean Bell)
  342. What Boys Like (Director: Lawrence Gay)
  343. White Rush (Director: Mark L. Lester)
  344. Winter Break (Director: Marni Banack)
  345. Wishing Stairs (Director: Jae-yeon Yun)
  346. With Or Without You (Director: G. Stubbs)
  347. Wonderland (Director: James Cox)
  348. Written In Blood (Director: John Terlesky)
  349. Wrong Turn (Director: Rob Schmidt)
  350. You’re Killing Me... (Director: Antoni Stutz)
  351. Zelary (Director: Ondrej Trojan)
  352. Zhui ma lao (Director: Chi-Liang Liu)
  1. Dangerous Pleasures (Director: Madison Monroe)
  2. The Dreamers (Director: Bernardo Bertolucci)
  3. Young Adam (Director: David Mackenzie)
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