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Changing pace, 'It Was In Me' takes a more personal route for a self-empowering anthem, giving us everything we love about an Avril Lavigne song. 'Souvenir' keeps in line with the familiar sounds of Avril Ramona, it's gorgeous and energetic with its roll down the windows and scream at the top of your lungs chorus, it feels like a radio hit. — Avril Lavigne (@AvrilLavigne) December 7, 2014 MTV reported that Lavigne also sent a direct message to the fan about her health, stating: 'I feel bad, because I haven't been able to say anything to the fans to let them know why I've been absent. I'm torn, as I'm quite private. Night Out With column follows punk rocker Avril Lavigne and band members Charles Moniz, Matt Brann, Jesse Colburn and Evan Taubenfeld to Chelsea Piers for rock climbing and wrestling and Zen ... Avril Lavigne 'Innocence' Liedtext. Übersetzung nach: ZH FI FR EL HU ID IT FA RO SR ES TR. Waking up I see that everything is ok The first time in my life and now it's so great Slowing down I look around and I am so amazed I think about the little things that make life great I wouldn't change a thing about it ... Here you will be able to find all today’s Wall Street Journal Crossword February 4 2017 Answers.This is a very popular daily crossword with different crossword clues for you to solve. In case you are stuck on a specific clue and you cant seem to find the answer no need to panic, our staff has been updating this site for the past 2 years with all the daily Wall Street Journal Crossword Solutions. T oday’s New York Times cover story on funding for abortion in health care reform has the ... I would like to add the “Avril Lavigne” corollary to “opinions of the shape of the earth ... Ever heard of Abbey Dawn? Me either. But Avril Lavigne is looking to change that. Launched in 2008 by the young pop star, Abbey Dawn is the streetwear line sold exclusively at Kohl’s, but due to dwindling sales figures, Lavigne is re-launching the line in a few months on her new e-shop.Surely taking cues from Jessica Simpson and Gwen Stefani, whose clothing and accessory lines now eclipse ... Please find below the ___ Holding On 2006 song by Avril Lavigne crossword clue answer and solution which is part of Daily Themed Crossword August 28 2020 Answers.Many other players have had difficulties with___ Holding On 2006 song by Avril Lavigne that is why we have decided to share not only this crossword clue but all the Daily Themed Crossword Answers every single day. avril lavigne complicated. Suomi Keskilämpötila The Park Hietsu Pikku Laiva Kalpa Tappara Liput Liiga perjantaina 22.11.2019, Tappara – KalPa. KalPa tulee vastaan, mutta miten lujaa? Tappara hakee CHL-pudotukselleen nyt lohtua kuopiolaisista joten olisiko tämä maalihanat kaakkoon ja 4-5 maalia isännille? Insider. The singer was replaced by Melissa Vandella, an Avril Lavigne look-alike that can do everything the original could do. But America can't be fooled so easily: 'Those who support the [conspiracy] on Twitter back their claim with inconsistencies over the years in the appearance of the star's skin, jawline, eye corners and fashion style as well as handwriting,' wrote the BBC.

ashlee simpson: underappreciated patron saint of teen angst

2019.07.22 02:29 loversalibi ashlee simpson: underappreciated patron saint of teen angst

(this is my first real like writeup-y post so i hope it doesn't FLOP here we go)
the year is 2004. arguably one of the best years for pop music, at least in my lifetime. i am twelve years old, and soon i will be a scene kid, but not yet. right now, i'm an avril lavigne stan, and this year i would also get HEAVY, HEAVY into the green day american idiot album. i was a wannabe rock chick in the extreme but with a huge love for pop. give me a feisty lil teenage girl with a guitar and a spunky personality, i was probably sold right away.
along comes ashlee simpson. now, of course i knew her sister, jessica, but i never found her music very compelling. "pieces of me" was a BOP, enough of a bop that when her debut album "autobiography" was released, i saved up my allowance and got it.
miss ashlee may not have served the vocal acrobatics that her sister did, but that was one of the things i liked about her. i've always loved singing and was a lil theatre/choir kid too, but i have a kinda-raspy voice just like her. i always felt self conscious bc the other girls sounded like clear-as-a-bell angels of musical theatre and my voice is just Not That Kind Of Girl. here was a girl whose songs i could sing along to without straining to try to hit big high notes, which at the time meant a lot to me bc i wanted to be a pop punk princess someday, at that time. and yes, i know we haven't forgotten her (that NYT podcast series on her was outstanding and the taste truly jumped out), but i feel like people don't talk about her enough. so here i am.
a lot of what i love about ashlee's music is down to kara dioguardi, songwriter and american idol judge extraordinaire. on ashlee's reality show for MTV, the songwriting process was shown pretty extensively, and kara worked alongside ashlee, a beginner at songwriting, to help ashlee express what she wanted to express as best they could, and also helped with her vocals.
the time has come to list what i personally feel are her best songs. this is not to say her other songs aren't good, just that some of them stand out even fifteen years later, and as a matter of fact i am literally listening to her as i type this and getting my LIFE. i don't have the heart to really rank them over one another, and also, that would be marginally more work for me to do, so keep in mind this is in no particular order. avast!
if you weren't into ashlee back in the day, this, besides "pieces of me", was probably familiar to you anyway because it was the theme song to her MTV reality show of the same name! i can still picture the clip of her dyeing her hair in her bathtub when i hear it :') soooo this song is honestly fairly badass, even as a 12 year old when i first heard it i was like "whoa i didn't expect her to put out something this punky". this song gives me alanis morissette vibes, an artist i was raised listening to.
fave lyric: i'm a badass girl in this messed up world. you know what?? you go head ashlee. you ARE a badass girl.
la la
ok, first of all, will you look at her outfit in this video?? those baggy cropped pants, checkered vans.... what a time capsule to the Cute Pop Punk Brat Who Likes Skullz era. i love it. anyway. this song was about SEX AND DOIN IT and i live for it!!! my 12 year old ass was mildly scandalized but mostly just because i was impressed bc she was the youngest person i'd heard sing about sexy stuff so candidly before (i think she was 18 when this album was released)... pretty much madonna was my only precedent for it. of course, we all remember her performance at the rose bowl of this song that was... not great. i don't even want to link it because i felt so bad for her lmao.
fave lyric: you can throw me like a lineman, i like it better when it hurts. ashlee said I LIKE IT ROUGH before gaga was a TWINKLE in her PARENTS EYE (jk i know ashlee isn't way older than gaga. but she IS a year older than gaga, which came as a surprise to me.)
nothing new
so this is still one of my favorite songs of hers. it is also the most alanis of her songs in my opinion. the chorus sounds really 90s to me, and her voice sounds pretty good in it. it's wonderfully angsty, but i could see it getting play on college radio if it weren't for the fact that people already made fun of her constantly (undeserved, and an actual crime).
fave lyric: oh, i can only be myself/i'm sorry that's hell for you!! really surprised i never yelled this at my parents when i was mad at them tbh! i mean how perfect. i'm sorry you HATE WHEN I BE MYSELF MOM
love me for me
first off, hotpolishgermangirl came for all our wigs with this fanmade video. secondly, if you, like me, had taste and owned this album, you know why this song is on the list. and it occurs at 2 minutes 15 seconds in. i've often thought it would be funny to edit in the moan from lana's serial killer in place of it.
fave lyric: when you're crawling over broken glass to get to me, that's when i'll let you stay. boy howdy, if i had a myspace back then, you can bet your ass that would have been my headline.
onto the next album, i am me!
in another life
so this song really holds up IMO. she's showing a bit of vocal growth, good for her! her belts sound a bit more restrained, less shouty here. this has a more relaxed vibe, and this whole album reflects ashlee at a different place in life. the album title and the theme in general show us a more self-assured ashlee and i was READY.
fave lyric: wherever you go, you're always here. a simple yet cute way to say that the one you love is always on your mind and in your heart. awww.
lindsay lohan found dead in a ditch, wigless. now, looking back, it really is baffling to me how wilmer valderrama had half of female hollywood acting a damn fool. he is good-looking but he seems like a top tier fuckboy to me. at the time ashlee played coy, saying it was about a situation many people can relate to: being accused of trying to seduce a jealous person's "boo", as was the slang back then. but we all knew! and she later confirmed it in 2018 to andy cohen that it was, in fact, a lindsay diss track. anyway! this song's bridge is great. at first i thought she was saying "i danced with your boyfriend" tho.
fave lyric: just got back from my tour, i'm a mess, girl for sure. i mean i just think it's really funny to hear ashlee say "girl for sure" here.
so what can i even say. i mean, perfect pop song? eh well maybe that's taking it too far but it IS a bop. i really wanted to stand in a circle with all my girls and clap my hands because this was for me, but i only had two female friends at that point in life so it was more like a triangle and also i had no boyfriend to not need.
fave lyric: grab my bag, got my own money, don't need any man in this room. GRAB MY BAG IS RIGHT!!!!
coming back for more
ok this straight slaps. it makes me wanna jump around. i think the melody of the chorus is interesting, and like "in another life," i think the maturity in the themes of this album mean it's another track that holds up better today.
fave lyric: got myself to blame for all my bad moods. we love a self-aware queen and also, relatable.
catch me when i fall
this song was written about ashlee's infamous SNL hoedown. i know because she said that before she performed it on her second SNL performance. and in my opinion she redeemed herself! in my 2012 headcanon ashlee called up lana and was like "bitch, i been there. let me buy you a cherry cola because you do not drink alcohol anymore." this song is a ballad, which is really not my thing, but the vulnerability is a bit of a change from her last album, because even the downtempo songs on Autobiography were a bit more sassy/punchy IMO.
fave lyric: eh i don't know i don't really have one tbh
outta my head (ay ya ya)
i am still shocked this song got paid DUST BUNNIES. it sounds like an eighties song -- an ACTUAL eighties song, not the annoying stereotype people always go to when they're trying too hard to sound 80s. i believe timbaland worked with her on this, which is unusual for her but it paid off!
fave lyric: if you tell me one more time how i should live, i swear, i'll bite your head off! i love the campy tone she says this with. bitch didn't mince words!!
anyway, that's my spiel. if you think i left out some good ones, please make your case in the comments! i would love to hear your feels. i haven't listened to her newer stuff, but should i? has anyone here heard it?
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2016.05.22 12:57 psycho_alpaca [OT] psycho_alpaca's guide on how to funny.

Because I was inspired by this lovely post on dialogue by 232C, and also because people often ask me about it and also because I have to keep my mind busy on Sundays so I don't shoot myself between the eyes, I decided to write this little guide about humor writing. Bear in mind that I'm not the most qualified person in the world to write about humor (or any other subject with the exception of Jon Bon Jovi trivia, for that matter), but most of my responses here are at least an attempt at being funny, so I figured that's what I do best. Anyway:
1) You're not going to make money by making people laugh.
Humor is not a big genre, as far as popularity goes. In the pantheon of great writing, we have very few examples of immortalized authors who dedicate themselves to comedy – there's Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, Kurt Vonnegut, maaaybe Chuck Palahniuk… and that's pretty much it (It's not. I'm forgetting people. Please let me know in the comments section, as angrily as possible). My point is: I don’t remember the last time I saw a humor novel on a best sellers list. Pure literary comedy rarely sells well. I don't know why that is, but I get a feeling it has something to do with the fact that comedy is a genre that, if not done well, reads awful. We can get through a so-so fantasy or paranormal novel (even an atrocious one like that Miss Peregrine's Home for Shitty Characters and Convoluted Plots abomination) without throwing up, but there's nothing worse than reading 300 pages of an author's failed attempt at humor. It's like watching a fish thrashing out of the water. It makes us cringe.
2) How good comedy writing can still help your not-comedy story.
That being said, most books feature humor as a subgenre (John Green is wonderfully guilty of that, and he has four books on the NYT best seller Young Adult list right now), meaning that they aren't 100% comedy books, but comedy is present throughout the story. Most Young Adult books, for example, are pretty much even mixes of comedy and drama (unless they're genre pieces like Hunger Games and the likes).
So let's talk humor from the perspective of a primarily non-funny story. The happy truth for those who enjoy being funny on paper is that a funny prose is an amazing asset for any book. It can make or break a story. We'll forgive a lot for a book with a good funny prose, just like we'll forgive someone telling us a shitty story if they tell it in a fun way. I've mentioned John Green before, but he's worth mentioning again: none of his books are pure comedies, and yet they all feature jokes and little play on words and an overall irreverent and funny prose all the way through. It's so effective that we're willing to put up with a sometimes very slow paced plot and a lot of repetition. In Paper Towns, for example, Quentin spends something like a hundred pages going from subdivisions to abandoned strip malls to school to his house without ever finding a clue on the whereabouts of Margot, but we're still reading and still entranced by the book, because Quentin's irreverent narration makes us feel like we're listening to a real and funny person talking about his real and funny life.
(It's worth mentioning that comedy won't save your book if your book doesn't have an interesting plot, though. In the end, we're still reading Paper Towns because we want to find out where the hell Margot is. And we only care about where she is because she's an interesting character and Q is an interesting character. There are layers under the funny prose keeping everything together in that book, and there should be in yours too.)
Okay. So I talked about the importance of a good joke. Now how do you do it?
Like this:
3) First rule of written comedy: Don't try be funny all the time.
I've learned this the hard way: good comedy lies on the jokes you don't make.
It used to be that, in any first draft I wrote, every few words would be a different joke. So, if I ever wrote a story like this:
"psycho_alpaca slipped on a banana peel and fell."
You can be damn sure the first draft was something like:
"The sun beat psycho_alpaca's face like alcoholic ex-boxer watching the semi-finals of the second league bocci ball tournament and getting very angry that his favorite player is losing. He took a step out of his soul-sucking house where his decrepit wife cooked dinner (or maybe the house was decrepit and the wife soul-sucking: he could never quite remember) and wasn't halfway down the street when a fucking asshole banana peel slipped itself under his shoes and sent him flying in the air like a cannon ball on crack-cocaine and then shooting back to the ground ass first like a rag doll with emotional issues."
See how weird that read? Even though these jokes might work separately, they feel forced here because they're crammed together in a single paragraph. It feels like I'm using my story as an excuse to write as many jokes as I can (which I sort of am, but the reader doesn't have to know that), instead of peppering my book with humor here and there. Good humor is sparse, and catches you off guard when you least expect it, like a good prank, or syphilis.
So by all means, write all of your jokes down on a first draft, if you can't help yourself. But then look back at it and kill most of your babies. Don't try to be funny on every line, or you'll end up not being funny at all.
4) Second rule of written comedy: good comedy comes from good characters.
You know why Harry Potter isn't funny, except for maybe a few passages along 7 books? Because Harry Potter is a boring character. The Wizarding World behind Harry Potter is incredible, and the story and things happening to and because of Harry Potter are amazing. But Harry Potter the dude is as bland as an Avril Lavigne cover of a Nickelback song. He's a blank slate protagonist, meaning he has no strong defined qualities that set him apart. He's written in a way that pretty much everyone can relate to and put themselves in his place: He's a good guy, likes his friends, breaks the rules a bit but nothing extreme, just like you'd expect from a teenager. So of course he doesn't make us laugh. Laughter comes from interesting characters, not from predictable goody-good heroes.
You know who makes us laugh the most in the novels? Even more than Fred and George? Luna (not you, Lovewell, my eternal nemesis. I mean Luna Lovegood). Luna's looney and spacey attitude is hilarious. And it works and makes us laugh because Luna herself is so interesting a character. Her ramblings about conspiracy theories and fictitious animals are golden, and lines like "I enjoyed the meeting. It was like having friends" put anything Fred and George say to shame. Why? Because Luna is not a common comic relief trope like Fred and George, nor is she a standard bland protagonist like Harry. Luna rings real, with her serene, hippie-ish aura, her weird thoughts and quirks and her backstory as the daughter of the editor of an independent counter-culture magazine. She's an incredibly interesting and rich character, and that's why she's funny. Also, by the way, why Snape can be hilarious at times, even though he's such a tragic figure.
So, to get back to the issue: if you try to make an uninteresting character funny, you're likely to have a hard time. Either you'll risk writing them out-of-character or they'll end up being… not fun. Harry can't say 'NOT MY GIRLFRIEND YOU BITCH' to Bellatrix, because that feels out of character for him. Harry's a boring twat, no way he'd say that. The most we'd get out of him would be a 'I WILL SAVE YOU BECAUSE IT'S THE RIGHT THING TO DO AND I'M BORING, GINNY'. But Molly? That line was so unexpectedly funny, and yet it retrospect, it's exactly how we'd expect Molly to react. It makes perfect sense. Again, because even Molly Weasley is a more interesting character than Harry Potter.
And now you'll ask me: but Alpaca, how do I write an interesting character?
And the answer to that, obviously, is who the fuck knows. That's what every writer is trying to do ever. Though, if people like this post, I can ramble on about how to create interesting characters in a future post.
5) Third rule of written comedy: I don't have a third rule, but I feel like two rules is too short.
Also, unexpected is funny. But not random. Like Molly's bitch line. You have to surprise your reader, but not cheat them. You want them to go 'Oh, shit, that was funny' not 'Oh, shit, that was out of character."
6) I don't care about any of that generic advice crap, Alpaca. Can't you just give me a cheat sheet of funny?
Here's what works more often than not:
-Moody people are funny. Characters who lack the patience for all this shit will make for funny moments, if you dialogue them right (see 232C post for how to dialogue good). Hell, I wrote a whole novel around a moody teenage zombie girl that derives most of its humor from the fact that she's kind of a bitch.
-Self reference. If you mention something on page two about how Daisy loves ducks, and then on page forty seven someone offers her duck for dinner in an attempt to win her heart and then all of a sudden a bunch of duck-murder-related things start happening, the reader will feel like they're 'in' on the joke because they 'get' the duck references. Seriously. Pattern recognition. It's a thing.
-Have a wild card character. Every good story has one. John, from John Dies at the End. Zaphod from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Bachman, from Silicon Valley. A crazy, alcoholic, party-monster side character goes a long way.
-Use bad words very carefully. The word 'fuck' is like a very very big and shiny golden necklace. Sure, it can work, but only in very specific situations. Most times it'll just seem like you're trying too hard.
Anyway, I hope this helps and inspires some people. I see very few good comedy works out there… it'd be nice to have more writers working on making us laugh.
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