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3rd party tracking \ using affilaite links in Universal App Campaign

2016.09.27 15:20 Newsmartlobster 3rd party tracking \ using affilaite links in Universal App Campaign

We're promoting an app via an affilaite network (we're the advertiser)
One of the campaign we're using is a Universal App Campaign, the problem is that in a UAC you can't control the ads urls or tracking template, so there's no way to use the link from the affiliate network or the 3rd party tracking.
In other campaign types we use a 3rd party tracking service in the "Tracking Template", for example we use Tracking Desk ( highly recommended BTW ) to send the data to the affiliate network and get conversion data back as well.
I can't add a conversion value or use AppsFlyer for example because we have no direct control \ relation to the app itself.
Any ideas?
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2014.05.01 21:14 ExcelCycling Questions: Excel Auto Fill From Preset List

Hi everyone, please excuse my ignorance with excel. I have a (probably) basic question; any help would be appreciated.
What I want (if possible):
I have an excel speed sheet with data of ~100 different people. The data for each person includes a number, a name and a club affilaition: ex: ( 54 - John Smith - joe blow team ). This number, name, and affiliation (joe blow team) are always the same. What is different is the order each time (ie: in my master list it's 1, 2, 3, 4 - but when I'm entering data it could be 4, 2, 3, 1 or 2, 4, 1, 3.
(I'm doing results for a race, where the numbers ( & name/club) are the same each week but obviously the order can be different each week).
What I'm wondering is if there is a way to 'auto fill' the name and club affiliation by only entering in the number? This was I could just type in the number of the participant as they cross the line and have it auto-fill the name and club affiliation and make doing results much quicker.
Thanks for any help!
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