Data missunderstood

Big data simply refers to the handling of large streams of diverse data that traditional systems could not process. Big data has almost unlimited uses with some of the most positive involving optimization strategies that can improve us personally and improve society as a whole. A guide to R — the pandemic’s misunderstood metric. ... Some estimates of R t already rely on nowcasting infection data in this way: it is 'the method with the least guesses', ... Lost and Misunderstood Test Results Harm Patients The medical profession must end its refusal to allow direct reporting of significant test results to patients from pathologists and radiologists. This article is an extended 2-in-1 remix of my HBR article and TDS article about analysts.. Be careful which skills you put on a pedestal, since the effects of unwise choices can be devastating. In addition to mismanaged teams and unnecessary hires, you’ll see the real heroes quitting or re-educating themselves to fit your incentives du jour.A prime example of this phenomenon is in analytics. Automation data: The misunderstood strategic asset. Posted on 21 Jul 2020 by Jonny Williamson. Despite the importance of automation in plant environments, there is still some confusion regarding them. Many modern control systems and automation software are based on the same approach as legacy technology, focusing only on the physical part of ... A much misunderstood component of modern life is the role of data in decision-making. Many people have a sense that hard numbers are authoritative and provide a perfect (or at least fairly accurate) representation of reality. Thanks to which, the nascent and often misunderstood field of data engineering seems to have a promising future. Editorial reviews by Deanna Chow, ...

Getting Timed Out in my Own Server

2020.04.08 06:38 DudsManenti Getting Timed Out in my Own Server

First of all, I'm sorry for my english, not native speaker, so I might repeat tons of words. But let's get right into the problem, hopefully you guys can help me out.


I decided to create a server - via Hamachi - using my old laptop, instead of using my main laptop, so I could aLlocate more RAM into the server. I did all the steps just fine, server was always joinable and visible. My friend also could always use it with no issues. Lag was no problem at all.


Untill a few hours later, when I try to join the server, I was getting timed out and/or very laggy.
We we're using our map from our Aternos Server (the reason we left Aternos was due the queue time). Those issues started to show up after I decided to continue a few in-game maps and build a "map wall" (the ones with items frames). I did it for a bit (4 maps + 2 maps I had done inside Aternos Server), left the server, had dinner, and when I came back, along with my friend (which was in his house, in case someone missunderstood it), the issues started to show up.
Started with me being unable to join while my friend was on the server. If I tried to, I would get timed out or wouldn't even leave the "Joining ServeEncrypting" screen (even tho I appeared to him as "joined server"). If my friend was off-line, I could perfectly join it with no lag at all. But if he joined, while I was online, I would get timed out in the moment he joined. Seemed like his connection to the server was interrupting mine.


Later on, I tried resetting the map. Backed up the Aternos Map (let's call it this way) and created a whole new one. We'll call it the New Map. The same issues were happening in the New Map, so we just decided to recreate the whole server file, from scratch. New Map #2 was generated, we tried again, same results. Re-Imported the Aternos Map, same issues.
Now here comes the new main issue: I am, as usual, able to join the server when alone. But now I'm getting very laggy. The server lists shows up 4-8ms, but it is very laggy when I try to play. Only have 1 bar of connection, takes time for a few actions to work, and I get some "good connection" spikes, where chests, chat and other actions are almost instant.
My friend, meanwhile, is able to perfectly play everytime. Never gets timed out, his connection is perfect, no lag at all, just like we had before this all happened. And our internet is the same (pretty sure mine is better actually).
I'm not sure, but the only time we played together was when I created the server in my MAIN laptop. It was a bit laggy because I didn't allocated more RAM at the time, but it worked, no timeouts, nothing like I mentioned. As soon as I moved it into my secondary/old laptop, I believe we didn't get to play together.
Maybe my old laptop has some kind of internet setting that messes with our connection? But I don't see how this would change my own connection to the server and the later lag that I started to get.


I will now describe a few things we tried to achieve by following forums.
I thought it could be some corrupted chunk issue. I'm no expert on it, I don't know exactly how it works, but the same issues happened on the New Map #1 and #2, so maybe a corrupted chunk wasn't the issue.
I thought it could be some sort of DAT file issue (player data). So I deleted (and backed up) the players DAT files and re-opened the server. My friend joined, all fine, no lag. I joined, same issue: timed out. Tried to do that and generate a new world: same issues.
I have tried to disable the Server Laptop's Firewall, Windows Defender Antivirus, but nothing seemed to work.
My biggest headache ATM is that I get low ping on the server list, as I said, 4-8ms. But when online, the server lags.
I haven't found someone with the same issue, specially by the fact that every forum with questions directioned to server lags are erros related to someone not even being able to find the server, connect to the server, etc. In our case, we can see, join, connect, but with the main issues I explained.

Even tho I have tried to achieve some solutions, I'm accepting every time of ideas and tips.
Hopefully you guys can help me out on it, we really just want to finish our journey. You, Minecrafter Fellows, can understand the struggle we're going trough. Anything is welcome.


Additional informations:
Windows 10 64bits, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, 240GB SSD, NVidia GeForce 940MX 2GB, Lenovo Ideapad 320.
Windows 10 64bits, 6GB RAM, 500GB HDD, Intel Graphics Family, CCE.
All Minecrafts account are fully updated, original, same as Hamachi versions. No antivirus installed, only Windows Defender on both devices.
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2020.03.26 13:06 am_I_reallyme A very stupid technical question

I am new to reddit so don't chew my up much if I missunderstood the rules of the subreddit. I am using the same account for both protonvpn and protonmail.
I have forgoten my account password and I didn't set a recovery email so there would be no way to recover the account. Fortunately I am using the protonvpn desktop client and it is set to remember username and password. Looking inside the AppData folder I did find a user.config file which contains a field named "UserVpnPassword" which, based on the name, should be the password stored encrypted.(the path to the user.config file is AppData\Local\ProtonVpn\ProtonVpn.exe_Url_(string of characters which I don't know if I should to make public)\\user.config)
My question is: Can I use this string to log in to my protonmail account or maybe decrypt it to get the password(I now that it doesn't have more than 10 characters)? If I am able to log in to protonmail without finding the password it will be enough as I only need to copy some emails
Thanks in advance:)
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2020.03.14 19:53 MatityahuC [Help] creating a UTF-16 encoded text file.

Tasker and Javascript in Tasker seem to make UTF-8 txt files. I need UTF-16 as an app I'm trying to import the text file into only seems to accept UTF-16 and does not accept UTF-8.
So far (if I have't missunderstood), I can use javascriptlet to make a UTF-16 string:
var str = "u{0048}\u{0069}" alert(str) 
When the alert comes through the screen shows:
data:text/ html;charset=utf-8;base64, Hi 
How can I make a UTF-16 text file?
I've been looking online and going down rabbit holes of byte order marks and converting stuff to bytes and writing the files that way, at this point I'm almost defeated and unsure of where I should be looking.
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2020.01.31 01:50 MorePowder [Spoiler] A little misunderstanding about Dionysus Legendary boon?

The wiki and the Duo and Legendary Boon Map by danikov say that, in order to acquire Black Out, I need Tipsy Shot (Dionysus cast), a way to apply hangover (poison on attack, special, dash or call) AND one of the three: Peer Pressure, Numbing Sensation and Bad Influence.
In the print bellow I just got Black Out without the last mentioned boons.
Print with boons when I got Black Out. (January 30, 2020)
The boons I had, in order of acquisition, were: Shield of Chaos aspect thing, Darkness bonus (+20%), Chaos Flourish, World Smasher (Daedalus Hammer), Chaos Shot, Sure Footing (Athena), Demeter's Attack, Dionysus' Special, Dionysus' Cast and Athena's dash.
If I missunderstood the conditions, please enlighten me. Otherwise if this is a bug or a wrong data on the wiki/Boon Map we should get them fixed.
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2019.12.04 12:36 Fattyss Combine all sheets except 5

Hi! I am trying to combine all sheets but 5 specific sheets. My current code copies from all available sheets. Have i missunderstood the if argument or is there something else wrong?
Sub Macro1() Dim sh As Worksheet For Each sh In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets If sh.Name <> "Instruktion" And sh.Name <> "DATA" And sh.Name <> "BUP" And sh.Name <> "RIVA" And sh.Name <> "BÅT" Then Range("A2:Y50").Select Selection.Copy Sheets("Master").Select Range("A2").Select ActiveSheet.Paste Application.CutCopyMode = False End If Next sh End Sub 
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2019.08.21 13:07 Rendoir Question regarding Sascha Willems' Vulkan-glTF-PBR

I have a question regarding u/SaschaWillems's Vulkan-glTF-PBR.
When he creates the descriptor pool he seems to inform Vulkan about an excessive amount of descriptors and descriptor sets.
std::vector poolSizes = { { VK_DESCRIPTOR_TYPE_UNIFORM_BUFFER, (4 + meshCount) * swapChain.imageCount }, { VK_DESCRIPTOR_TYPE_COMBINED_IMAGE_SAMPLER, imageSamplerCount * swapChain.imageCount } }; VkDescriptorPoolCreateInfo descriptorPoolCI{}; descriptorPoolCI.sType = VK_STRUCTURE_TYPE_DESCRIPTOR_POOL_CREATE_INFO; descriptorPoolCI.poolSizeCount = 2; descriptorPoolCI.pPoolSizes =; descriptorPoolCI.maxSets = (2 + materialCount + meshCount) * swapChain.imageCount; VK_CHECK_RESULT(vkCreateDescriptorPool(device, &descriptorPoolCI, nullptr, &descriptorPool)); 
It seems to me in this piece of code, that each mesh-related uniform buffer descriptor and each image sampler descriptor exists per swapchain image count (multiplication in lines 2 and 3).
It also seems that he'll create descriptor sets for each material and mesh per swapchain image (multiplication in line 9).
However, after creating this descriptor pool, he creates a descriptor set per material, not a descriptor set per material and per swapchain image. Similarly, he creates a descriptor set per mesh, not per mesh and swapchain image.
Here's a link to the descriptors setup function:
Did I missunderstood something?
What is the correct approach to setting up descriptor sets? It seems he creates the scene's and skybox's descriptor sets per swapchain image but not the others.
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2019.07.27 17:23 yakamoz27 RAIDZ array capacity too high

Hello ,
I recently buy some stuff in flash sale and i build a new server with these specs :
-Asus X370 prime-a
-Ryzen 7 1700X
-2SSD / 3HDD
I start learning the different technology used with proxmox and linux server LVM/ZFS principally and i start to build RAIDZ-1 array with 3x1TB HDD i follow the proxmox wiki and i use this command for building my raidz array :

"zpool create -f -o ashift=12 Western-RAIDZ raidz1 /dev/sdb /dev/sdd /dev/sde"
And it worked ! But if i understood well raidz is a kind of raid 5 , it has a data/parity sheme equivalent to raid 5 so why my raidz1 array's size is 2,7TB and not 1,8TB ? Did i missunderstood something ?
Here is a screen with my array :
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2018.10.24 05:46 Cpt_Ith Rules Question, why do i feel like people get this wrong?

Data Pad- when the upgraded character attacks -arrow. Draw a card. Then you may put a card from your hand on top of your deck.
It is my understanding that after the attack is complete and damage dealt that you then draw a card and may place on your deck. Making this a “defensive” type of action because you are setting up for your next defense draw usually unless your opponent is out of untapped characters and you are just attacking again.
Some of the player content I’ve read/viewed makes me think I missunderstood the “ —arrow“ in card texts
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2018.10.08 00:49 K0b0L My Personal Hypotatical Commitment Highcount and Why you should NOW invest in APHELION !

I did Some research and Calculation Today and i Wanted to Share with you.
I am follwing APH since ICO but never got in, the ICO was around the time i went pretty hard into Crypto and this NEO and this Wallet / DEX got my attention, i got some small bags which i was holding because i was Waiting for the Mainnet and the DEX, which was now announced for the 10th of October 2018
ICO Price was 0,13 cent Trading now around 0,06-0,07 USD, so you get it now with a nice discount and dont have to Wait so long as an ICO investor for the arrivial of a Working Product (Wallet was ready since ICO, but i mean the real thing ... the APHELION DEX)
After Announcement the Trading Pairs have been also been mentioned so i did some Research about how much money could be traded on this DEX
So First ..... APH Wont get 100 % of the Daily Trading Volume of the Trading Pairs, this is unlogic but in a Business you allways try to get a good part and calculate with a hypothetical part of the Market. So lets assume APH would get 7,5% of the Daily Trading Volume of the mentioned TradingPairs traded the APH-Dex.
Second the Calculation is just a simple highcount of overall Volume and Commitment to the Network all Numbers are Hypothetical.
Data Pulled on Sunday 07.10.2018 Trading Volume overall was Low
Crypto Asset Daily Volume (Data 07.10.2018) 7,5 % of Overal Daily Volume
NEO $139.180.443,32 $10.438.533,25
GAS $2.753.485,82 $206.511,44
APH $121.070,58 $9.080,29 (here i asume we will get way more then 7,5% of the Daily Volume, imo most APH will be Tradet on the APH-DEX, but lets leave the numbers low for calculation)
DBC $204.706,28 $15.352,97
NKN $362.444,43 $27.183,33
PHX $304.070,00 $22.805,25
SOUL $681.304,82 $51.097,86
TKY $493.606,72 $37.020,50
TOTAL $144.101.131,98 $10.807.584,90 So if 7,5% of All Daily Trading Volume would be traded on APH-DEX we would get this Ammount DAILY!
10 Million Daily Volume is a little bit high compared to to other Decentralized Exchanges but APH will Start with pretty Decent Trading Pairs. I am sure we will see this amounts of Daily Volume Sometime in the Future as Crypto evolves.
So to be more realistic for the start we lower the Daily Hypothetical Daily Volume to 1.807.584 USD I Personaly strongly Belive that APH with this nice looking Wallet with LedgerNanoS integration and DEX Trading can totaly realistic aquire 7,5% of all overall Trading Volume of the Listed Trading Pairs.
Exchange Daily Volume Approx. 1% Fee of Trading Volume Collected by Exchange Hypothetical 80% Fee Distribution DAILY POTSPLIT At this Point there are only around 73 Wallets holding over 100.000 APH Tokens / 360 Wallets over 10.000 APH and 1250 over 1000 APH So we calculate hypothetical a TradingFee Pot Split trough 100 and asume you have around 100.000 APH 30 DAY - 1 Month
APHELION (Hypothetical) $1.807.584 $10.807,58 $8.646,07 $86,46 $2.593,82
IDEX $1.164.814,00 $11.648,14 $9.318,51 $93,19 $2.795,55
SWITCHEO $53.786,00 $537,86 $430,29 $4,30 $129,09
BANCOR $693.465,00 $6.934,65 $5.547,72 $55,48 $1.664,32
EtherDelta $119.767,00 $1.197,67 $958,14 $9,58 $287,44
Kyber Network $147.578,00 $1.475,78 $1.180,62 $11,81 $354,19
Waves DEX $1.895.122,00 $18.951,22 $15.160,98 $151,61 $4.548,29
CryptoBridge $1.525.377,00 $15.253,77 $12.203,02 $122,03 $3.660,90
OasisDex $443.910,00 $4.439,10 $3.551,28 $35,51 $1.065,38
StellarX DEX $298.928,00 $2.989,28 $2.391,42 $23,91 $717,43
OpenLedger DEX $270.822,00 $2.708,22 $2.166,58 $21,67 $649,97
DDEX $198.855,00 $1.988,55 $1.590,84 $15,91 $477,25
if APHELION can get 7,5% of Trading Volume (Hypothetical) $10.807.584,90 $108.075,85 $86.460,68 $864,61 $25.938,20

This is all Basic Calculation ... there is a typical "Weight in the Network" amount with your APH Stake "Commitment" which i just ignored and just divided the Top Wallets and assume I am one of them.
so please dont shoot me this is all just Hypothetical Calculation.
Ok what else to say? There is a Medium Article Aphelion DEX Fees and Committed Distributions Demystified which also explains how Trading fees will be Calculated and its slightly different then the basic 1% of Trading Volume but for my calculation I went to a Basic Amound of 1 % ... IDEX in comparison charges 2%
Did i missunderstood something? Please feel free to Tell me your Opinion.

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2018.07.19 10:58 seeuentee Reproting error of PPC camapigns in Analytics

This may or my not be specifically a PPC problem, but it is originating there.
I do SEO for a web dev agency, and a little PPC for some clients, I'm pretty new to the company so a lot of the clients are not ideally set up and I'm not familiar with all the non-seo accounts yet.
We have an existing client who has in house PPC.
The issue is the PPC campaign conversions are being attributed to direct traffic. They asked me to take a look, but I'm not familiar with the client nor their website set up. While my GA is pretty decent I rarely check anything to do with PPC campaigns, other than keyword reports.
The client uses Paypal for all payments, and we can't install a direct payment option. I am assuming that somehwhere in the users journey the session sdata is being stripped out and the return path after a successful conversion is being treated as direct.
My first check was to see if the referral exclusion filter was in place, it was. But it is not keeping session data alive.
I have spent the last few days trying to figure what else is causing it, when I found a single HTTP page in the conversion path.
I thought this was the error causing the drop of session data so I had the dev fix the HTTP page to HTTPS so all of the connecting pages are HTTPS, when I checked conversions this morning they were still direct attributed.
Is there any other reason the filter would not keep the session active? Or have I missunderstood the process in GA.
How do PPC campaigns with 3rd party payments normally get tracked?
I'll xpost this in an analytics thread later if it is more suitable there. But since this seemed to be a ppc related issue I figured someone here would've handled this before, or could let me know a better option.
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2018.04.15 19:18 3nvme Brotzu update. Hope?

This below is an update when the user "clockwork" (reliable source) asked G. Brotzu follow up questions regarding the presentation.
"G. Brotzu says that the statistics has been missunderstood. The hairgrow for the testers after 6 months is 11% (I don't know if that's a good or bad number, because I have no idea who the testers are and their backgrounds or if it's the testers that we saw yeasterday... but he said that the results are the same for male and female).
There will not come any new/updated data with results from testers who has been using the lotion for longer then six months. (I said that something people want to see). The respond was: "For us all this tests are enough."
I responded: "How come? People are reffering to the five years claim and want to see something like that." The answer I got was: "The people who use minoxidil and finisteride gives hart desise and hormonal problems" (That made me think: was this test more to examine any possible side effect according to the amount of the lotion that was used?"). He then said: "The five years of claims are me and two of my friends. Obviously is not possible use this data. All of us have restore only a few years of hair bald. Actually we do not loose hair. This is the perfect product for younger baldness, and to help the transplant to create a good vascular base."
I responded: "A few years, is it like 1,2...5?" The answer I was given was: "Near five".
My latest question was about maintenance. The answer: "Perfect. Is better use for two months the lotion daily, after is enough to use the lotion 2/3 days a week. We have 5 years of experience. During this period, we have not seen any sides or decrease in effectiveness."
Me: "People want evidence. More pictures!" The answer: "I suppose that Fidia will use the pictures during the marketing period." He couldn't tell me when that periods will begin because "We developed the lotion. We do not make marketing decsions".
That's all I got for now."
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2018.03.21 23:08 Datty94 Upgrade needed. Help mewith my gaming & coding rig

What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.
Two requirements: - Gaming (Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2, Black Desert Online / other MMOs) - Data Science (mainly quite resource-heavy Machine Learning Modeling via R & Python, training statistical and AI models without relying on cluster computing)
What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?
2500€ - 3000€ max. lower end would be appreciated if possible
When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.
Within next two weeks. However, if the response is to increase my budget for a proper build fitting my requirements, Im willing to swallow that pill which, however, would require additional time.
What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc)
PC, no externals. Dual 1080p monitor setup is already in place - however, as mentioned in the title, one aspect for me is some kind of future-proofing my build. Therefore one of those monitors could get replaced by a 2k / 4k suggestion if seeing fit.
Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?
If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.
As mentioned, possibly at least one of those 1080p monitors. Further I have an Asus gtx 1070 Dual OC, which Im currently planning to reuse. If you dont see it fit, make another suitable suggestion. Got a Samsung 250GB Evo SSD with OS as well.
Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?
Yes, right away, both CPU & GPU
Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)
i7 8700k with those extra cores looks sweet in regards to parallelisation of Python. Further, one major point for me is to inlcude a water cooling loop in this system. CPU & GPU. Im aware that EKWB does not support my card, however LiquidExtasy seems to have a block ( Please correct me if I missunderstood something here.
Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?
I would prefer a mATX case if possible to have it standing on my desk. Tempered glass window is a must. Additionally, I totally fell in love with the Element build by Vir1lity ( Im fancying the silver colour scheme in combination with the custom wooden front. As this would go perfectly for my office I would like to stick with such a theme but include some forest green in there (liquid, cables, just emphasizing some elements)
Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?
Extra info or particulars:
Again, if the budget is too tight for a proper gaming & coding rig including water cooling, it's perfectly acceptable to say so. Im just curious if you guys could come up with something neat. Thanks in advance !
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2018.03.09 21:55 thatleechi spec shitshow #1

im here to have some fun. english is not my first language so bear with me.
now, before we fall down the rabbit hole of wild speculations, lets level first.
crypto is part of a paradigm shift in how we interact with data. money is just a form of data. ripple wont be that shift.
take that, ripple!
of course, XRP might save you some money while you are transfering 10k with moneygram to a nigerian prince, but else it doesnt get more boring considering we are in a paradigm shift. or ncash - the usecase is simply to narrow minded considering where society is headed. anyway.
i take it as a given that you guys read the leaked emails, if not heres a fun recap:
and this:
im posting these because i want to make a point that i hope sticks with everyone here because i think the DCI incident is just a taste of whats to come - and i loved every second of it. because you are not part of a paradigm shift if you dont rustle some academic jimmies. see that crazy guy over there saying the world isnt flat? thats right. we want that. we want our network under attack 24/7 and hundreds of coders going trough every single line of code there is. if not - IOTA wouldnt be relevant.
so yesterday a document was released by the
FinTech Action plan: For a more competitive and innovative European financial sector
i dont know about you but that sounds like something you might want to give a read if you are invested into crypto, but maybe thats just me.
FinTech solutions using digital identification, mobile applications, cloud computing, big data analytics, artificial intelligence, blockchain and distributed ledger technologies are being rolled out.
  bla bla bla bla  
It can help to deepen and broaden EU capital markets by integrating digitisation to change business models through data-driven solutions for example in asset management, investment intermediation and product distribution
  bla bla bla bla  
Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies will likely lead to a major breakthrough that will transform the way information or assets are exchanged, validated, shared and accessed through digital networks.
you have my attetion. thats one hell of a stance. couple years ago people laughed at crypto. lets see if there are connections to IOTA:
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which will become applicable in May 2018, is also of critical importance for a proper use of innovative datadriven financial services15 as is the proposal for a Regulation on a framework for the free flow of non-personal data in the EU16, which seeks to ensure that non-personal data can move freely across the single market.
there we go. our first lead. the foundation is very aware of this landscape. good sign. even better: they educate us on the topic!
FinTech is a priority area also at the international level, for example for the G20.
(and way later in the document)
Some technology providers already make efforts to inform regulators and supervisors about the nature of their technologies and how they are applied in the financial sector. However, many authorities are reluctant to receive training or engage in discussions when hosted by selected vendors.
The Commission will establish an EU FinTech Lab to raise the level of regulatory and supervisory capacity and knowledge about new technologies. It will do this through demonstrations and expert discussion in a non-commercial, neutral financial technology Laboratory. The Lab will bring together multiple vendors, in particular from the EU, with regulators and supervisors so they can raise and discuss regulatory and supervisory concerns.
The technologies addressed could include:
-authentication and identification technologies,
-application programming interfaces and open banking standards and
-specific cases for using distributed ledger technology, cloud technology, machine learning and artificial intelligence,
granted, i have no idea what regtech is but one thing i do understand. one addition to the foundation makes a lot more sense now:
let me quote: Julie currently sits on the Fintech advisory board of the German Ministry of Finance and the G20 Digital Economy Experts Task Force and is a resource person for the UN Internet Governance Forum
so you see, things start to make sense. without a person like julie on your non profit foundation, there would be little to no sense to even try to do what IOTA tries to do. now we start to understand why the foundation set their priorities the way they did and understand how genious this approach is. maybe IOTA has a chair on this table. ye ye trinity, Q... whatever lets move on:
they even got some extra intel on their team:
thats some OG fintech right there. just listen to what he says:
we see incredible opportunities to change the viability, costs basis and execution of dozens of industries and verticals.
now heres a big question: ...will the IF be part of the EU FinTech Lab?
In the document they also talk a lot about the threat of cyber security. Of course, if you start to connect every device into a network and so on, having that network disrupted would be more than fatal. in my opinion cyber terrorism is probably the biggest threat right now besides nuclear weapons. without electricity or the web our society simply will not function anymore and people will die, make no mistake about it.
As the financial sector becomes increasingly dependent on digital technology, ensuring that the financial sector is safe and resilient is essential. In this respect, the Commission aknowledges the importance for digital services to incorporate a 'security by design approach' and, in this respect, has already put forward a proposal36 to create an EU certification framework for ICT security products and services.
  ok this one im pulling out of my ass BUT we know that israel is at the forefront of cyber security. because with these kinda neighbours you really have to be. wouldnt it be awesome if IOTA would have people working in the same city as probably the leading experts in cyber security are? considering data integrity is a major feature in the protocol?
you see where i am going with this. iota tries to solve REAL WORLD PROBLEMS. our society NEEDS something like IOTA to continue to go on this path we are on. will it be IOTA? as small retail investors - one can only hope.
now here comes what still boggles my mind. IOTA goes even one step further - fully understanding what we just learned. they want to build a network that solves all of the above, make industry 4.0 happen, pushes data out of centers into the fog and make it OPEN FOR EVERYONE. jesus fucking christ. its almost to good to be true.
now when they say they dont have liberal intetions, like david likes to pride himself with - they are right. this has nothing to do with political affiliations or agendas either your tech cuts it or it does not. and if you are a for profit company - you can fuck right off because you already lost all legitamacy IMHO. (timestamped)
i think there is more to IOTA than bosch and IOT, trinity, JINN and Q. and if we only focus on these things we miss the bigger picture of what IOTA is trying to achieve. and if this goes bust, thats okey i only invest what i can afford to loose. and maybe you guys can stop being impatient fucks crying for announcments and together we can dig into this more deeply and learn how society will change and how IOTA will be part of that change :)
if i completly missunderstood some parts i quoted, let me know.


peeaaace out
edit: timestamp was wrong
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2017.07.11 13:31 Superf1cial Completely new to making gold, how do you determine what is worth shuffling?

This is the biggest thing that left me confused. I've tried to read all of what the sidebar has to offer and visited the tagged youtube channels/blogs and watched a couple of their videos. Through that I've atleast in theory learned how to setup TSM atleast if I didn't completely missunderstood it reads auctionhouse data calculates through that if for example crafting an specific item is profitable and it also gives you the ability for several macro stuff, grouping, scanning the auction house etc.
What I'm still asking myself since it has been mentioned in several videos. I don't remember exactly who it was but he essentially made a tutorial on a simple TSM setup from install to setup and how you can start turning stuff into profits but he also said that you will learn what is worth flipping/shuffling for way more profit than the simple setup he has done in that video.
Goldmaking 1on1
Thats the one I was talking about. So simply said. How do you determine what item you want to shuffle for a profit? The concept itself seems simple but actually knowing what is worth your time seems so hard.
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2016.07.19 01:09 Rmockler Koding Solo

Can someone explain to me what has happened to koding? I go away for a few months and now it has totally changed. what is going on? I am reading the documentation and notices. very disappointed.
Well, it is probably my own fault.
I think I see what I did wrong..... I think I missunderstood "VM" for my files.
From email titled "Inactive VM termination - 2nd & final ping"
If you’re thinking, “OMG, my data!” then don’t worry, all you need to do is log back into Koding to reset the clock. We DO NOT keep a backup of these deleted VMs. If however, you don’t need that VM anymore then no action needed.
I think I assumed that the VM would be just stopped and not deleted, as it says above. Maybe I SHOULD have worried a little as I was about to loose my files.
Looks like Goodbye Koding, Hello localhost!!!!
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2016.04.06 19:29 Jonarz Interrupt Flask script on signal from client

I'm writing my first Flask app. On the server side I've got a task that might take up to a few minutes, depending on data provided by the user. I would like to have a possibility to stop the script from running, when the user closes the tab/window. I've tried to do it by sending a request with JavaScript and passing it to the loop in the session, but it seems that I've missunderstood something and it doesn't seem to work. How should I write the code to be able to interrupt it mid-execution?
Main route:
@app.route('/', subdomain='lastfm2spotify', methods=['GET']) def index(): session.pop('interrupt', None) if 'lastfm_username' in session and 'playlist_name' in session: token = session['token'] lastfm_username = session.pop('lastfm_username') playlist_name = session.pop('playlist_name') sp = spotify.create_spotify_object(token) try: lastfm_user = lastfm.get_lastfm_user(lastfm_username) except pylast.WSError: session['error'] = ' Invalid LastFM username.' return render_template('index_error.html') loved_tracks = lastfm.get_loved_tracks_list(lastfm_user) tracks_ids = [] for track_name in loved_tracks: tracks_ids.append(spotify.get_spotify_track_id(track_name, sp)) if 'interrupt' in session: print("INTERRUPT") return redirect('/') try: playlist_id = spotify.create_playlist_for_user(sp, playlist_name) spotify.add_tracks_to_playlist(sp, playlist_id, tracks_ids) except spotipy.client.SpotifyException: del session['token'] session['error'] = ' Spotify token has expired.' return render_template('index_token_error.html', auth_url=util.get_auth_url(SP_OAUTH)) session['spotify_username'] = sp.current_user()['id'] session['playlist_id'] = playlist_id return render_template('index_success.html') if 'token' in session.keys(): return render_template('index_form.html') return render_template('index_spotify.html', auth_url=util.get_auth_url(SP_OAUTH)) 
Interrupt route:
@app.route('/interrupt', subdomain='lastfm2spotify', methods=['GET']) def interrupt(): session['interrupt'] = True return redirect('/') 
The JavaScript:
window.onbeforeunload = function () { var xmlHttp = new XMLHttpRequest();"GET", "/interrupt"); xmlHttp.send(null); } 
Please note, that something that is obvious for you, is not obvious for me, as I am only starting with Flask. Thank you very much in advance.
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2015.03.09 18:05 xCiiD [Discussion] SATA 6G and SSD's

Hey there!
I have a little question. I'm pretty sure I missunderstood something. But here is what I guess to know. The SATA 6G port does support data transfer rates up to 6Gb/s (6144Mb/s if I am right).
The "best" SATA SSD's for example the upcoming Kingston HyperX Savage one does feature read 560Mb/s and write w/e.
If I compare 6144Mb/s with 560Mb/s I'm a bit confused. Could you explain to me what I did missunderstand?
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2014.05.03 22:50 thiswebthisweb How secure is firefox sync if I can reset my password with just an email adress?

With the new sync system, I can reset my firefox sync account password by just giving my email. They send you a link to reset it. My question is doesn’t it mean anyone with access to my email account (including gmail) , or anyone who can hack it, can then change and access all my sync data (which contains every password I’ve ever used in my life). As I see it, no matter how secure firefox, its sync servers, client side key, your sync password and end to end encrypotion is, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is security of my email provider and/or my email password. Are people aware of this? The average user doesn't choose a strong password for their email, and gmail accounts are not encrypted on googles servers- and we already know google/NSA have access to this . - This seems to me to be a major security flaw. Mozilla have gone to great lengths to make sure only you can decrypt your sync data and know your password (which creates your encryption key locally) but if all I need to reset that is access to my email, then whats the point, the reset sync password option via my email provider is by far the weakest link. And most email accounts are easily hacked, many people will have created them years ago without strong passwords in mind for this kind of system. Or have I missunderstood how the reset works?
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