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The British movie star, Joe Dempsie became quite significant and popular in the movie industry after portraying the character of Chris Miles in E4’s comedy-drama, Skins (2007-2008). It was, however, his role as Gendry in the much-talked-about HBO television series, Game of Thrones that shot him to global limelight. The brilliant actor has been active in the Hollywood industry for over a ... Joe Dempsie and his ex-girlfriend Katie McGarth. Image Source: WikiNetWorth. How Much Is Dempsie’s Net worth? Joe Dempsie earns a decent amount of money from his career as an actor. Dempsie has played in numerous movies and series till date. The Game of Thrones character Gendry has a net worth of $1 million as of 2019. Joe Dempsie: 11 facts about the Game of Thrones star you need to know. Game of Thrones actor, Joe Dempsie, first made a name for himself in the showbiz industry when he landed the role of Chris Miles in Skins. Joe Dempsie bio: age, height, partner, movies and TV shows. 2 months ago 472 views by Adeaga Favour. Have you watched Game of Thrones? If you remember Robert Baratheon's son Gendry Baratheon, then you should know Joe Dempsie. His portrayal of this role earned him the love of many fans, and since then, he has remained in the spotlight. How old is Joe Dempsie? Joe Dempsie age is 32 years. The British actor was born on the 22nd of June, 1987. Body measurements. Joe Dempsie height is given at 5 feet and 8 inches, which is equivalent to 177 centimeters, and he weighs 72 kilograms. His career. When Joe completed his A-levels, he got a job at Cineworld in The Cornerhouse. Interview: Joe Dempsie Joe Demspie talks spy thriller Deep State, Game of Thrones and the legacy of Skins. By The Newsroom. Saturday, 5th May 2018, 10:20 am. Updated Saturday, 5th May 2018, 10:40 am. Who is he dating right now? According to our records, Joe Dempsie is possibly single. Relationships. Joe Dempsie has been in a relationship with Larissa Wilson.. About. Joe Dempsie is a 33 year old British Actor. Born Joseph Maxwell Dempsie on 22nd June, 1987 in Liverpool, Merseyside, England, UK, he is famous for Chris Miles on Skins, Gendry on Game of Thrones.

Final Scenes - Gendrya Endgame

2019.05.15 02:21 Ours1sTheFury Final Scenes - Gendrya Endgame

So I spotted this on tumblr and did a little research myself, as it turns out Maisie Williams mentions in an interview that on her last scene she was balling her eyes out while trying to do a speech, in Joe Dempsie's interview he mentions his final scene partner was crying a lot during his which made him cry.

Could it be that simple?? 1+1=2

I really do think it could be, perhaps Maisie and Joe shoot their final scenes together...ENDGAME!!!
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2017.08.18 18:59 Generationzzw [EVERYTHING] A Recap Has No Name. S7E5: Eastwatch.

A Recap Has No Name S7E5: Eastwatch
Woof. Let’s rip this off like a band aid, the episode wasn’t good. And that’s being polite. This recap is going to hurt me more than it’s going to hurt you Game of Thrones. This is the worst episode since the notorious SERIES LOW, “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken” (S5E6). Yea, the one when the Sand Snakes try to kidnap Myrcella at the exact same time Jaime and Bronn have snuck into the Water Gardens by wearing Dornish solider uniforms, which resulted in the series’ most awkwardly staged and poorly choreographed battle sequences. Oh, right, and Sansa gets unnecessarily raped, while her mutilated foster brother is forced to watch. So at least this episode wasn’t that bad? No one was really raped? Except the audience, so glass half full? A lot of people have complained about the ridiculously swift map traversing in S7. I’m not here to complain about that. They’re speeding it up, great, I’m fine with it. Davos starts out the episode in Dragonstone, goes to Kings Landing, peddles boner meat, comes back to Dragstone, and then ends the episode in Eastwatch … I don’t care. I’m being honest. I have a good imagination. I can fill in the gaps. I can assume 2-5 days took place in between each of those stops. Like I’ve said before, I think each episode of this show spans approximately one month of time, and they’re just showing us the good stuff. The first four episodes of this season were equally sped up (besides S7E1), and were all good to great episodes. So I don’t care about the sped up travel. What I do care about, is when they start efing with the carefully crafted rules of this universe, character motivations, and basic common sense.
Roseroad – Loot Train Attack Aftermath
Ugh. It hurt my fingers to type “Loot Train Attack”. Turns out these writers need GRRM after all. He wouldn’t have named that battle Loot Train Attack if someone had a gun pressed to the back of his head. The episode starts off on an especially painful note when Jaime and Bronn conveniently get washed ashore like 2-3 miles away from the battle. Completely ignoring the cliffhanger from the previous episode when Jaime was sinking like a rock, because of his golden hand and heavy armor. So let’s pretend for a second that Blackwater Rush has an incredibly powerful undercurrent, and it pushed them 2-3 miles away. I can sort of wrap my head around that. But Daenerys saw Jaime Lannister charging her with a spear. Tyrion saw Jaime Lannister charging Daenerys with a spear. Why wouldn’t they go after his body!?!? They need to capture him! He’s an incredibly valuable hostage. He’s the only person Cersei cares about, and he’s the commander of the enemy’s forces. There would be hundreds, if not thousands, of scouts trying to either fish the body out of the river, or going up and down the river banks looking for JAIME FU##ING LANNISTER. It’s really insulting to the audience. This escape is less plausible than S2E4 of That’s So Raven, you know, that classic episode of That’s So Raven … when she puts a stinky wheel of cheese in a hot air vent to protest the schools new uniform policy? You remember. She ends up feeling bad about the prank and crawls into the hot air vent to retrieve the wheel of cheese. So you could imagine Raven’s dismay when she gets stuck, and the only way to leave the air vent is by eating the entire foul smelling wheel of cheese that’s blocking her path. But hey, at least Raven Simone she had to go through something to escape; there was an attempt at character development and growth … unlike Jaime and Bronns apparent casual walk back to Kings Landing. The only excuse I could come up with for this poor writing decision is that maybe Tyrion and Daenerys thought he drowned? But then like 15 minutes later Tyrion is trying to broker a meeting with Jaime.
Welcome to the Comedy Central Roast of Randyll Tarly! Please give up for your roast master general Jeff Ross!
“Thanks everybody … would you get a load of this guy (points at Randyll Tarly). First he opposed Cersei, now he’s fighting with her. Randyll Tarly’s allegiances are looser than Lisa Lampanelli’s pussy lips after a night at the Apollo.” “No but seriously, after Randyll gets burnt by Drogon, he’s still going to be a shade lighter than Lisa’s date last Friday Night.” “Why don’t you just bend the knee man!? Come on! When Monica Lewinsky bent her knees for a powerful leader, she wound up with an eight figure book deal and a line of handbags.” “Maybe your fat son will write the book for you. I can see it now, ‘The Hard On from Horn Hill’, on account of your sunny disposition”. “What’s the deal with your son anyways? Samwell Tarly looks like he got runner up in a Rosie O’Donnell lookalike contest … all that he’s missing are Rosie’s testicles”.
This was one of my favorite scenes from the episode. It’s a fantastic shot of Drogon, looking all regal atop the hill. Although you better watch out Daenerys, self righteous leaders performing hilltop public executions haven’t fared well in the past. Some people don’t like the duality of the Daenerys’s character … is she good? Is she bad? We can’t tell!?!? I think it’s fun. Crazy Dany is the best. It’d be boring if both Jon and Dany played it 100% straight “good guy”. Dany keeps ya guessing. Like when you see an ISIS member driving a van. “Well this could go one of two ways. Maybe they just need a lot of groceries!? … hence the need for a van …”
Bran is either warging into an unkindness (flock) of Ravens, or he got into some especially potent K2.
This has been bugging me. Maester Wolkan was at the Dreadfort in S5 right? The Grizz isn’t actually asking you, the Grizz knows this. Once a Maester is assigned to a castle, you’re essentially there for life. You put your station (the castle you serve) first, and then whoever inhabits the castle second. Take Maester Luwin for instance; despite having served the Starks his whole life, he is legitimately trying to council Theon throughout S2, because he has a duty to Winterfell and whoever posses it. So Wolkan was the Dreadfort maester in S5, but now he’s the Winterfell maester in S6 & S7? It doesn’t really jive with me. I bet the new maester at the Dreadfort still receives a bunch of raven mail for Wolkan. I bet he gets frustrated by it, and it’s a situation just like the 2001 Little T & One Track Mike single “Shaniqua”.
Wolkan don’t live here no mo’ Wolkan don’t live here no mo’ Wolkan don’t live here no mo’ Is Wolkan there? Hell no.
Littlefinger is back! I’m just glad they gave this character something to do … even if that something is setting up deadly traps for the Stark children. They’ve made him such a putz S5 – S7, so it’s nice to see him return to form. See in the books, Littlefinger is playing chess, while everyone else is trying to figure out checkers. When he peers around the corner it legitimately caught me off guard, and made me feel uneasy, but in a good way. I still think Littlefinger is gonna die this season. But he’s gonna go out fingering.
We check in on the Conclave of Archmaesters at the Citadel. The most learned and powerful minds in all of Westeros. The first thing that jumped into my head, and almost took me out of the scene, was “Why don’t these guys have a better conference room!?” Seriously, the Citadel is like Harvard, and these are the top professors on campus, each a leader in their respective fields of study, meeting to discuss the possibility of the world ending. And it looks like they’re meeting in the prison library from Shawshank Redemption. If you squint you can see BROOKS WAS HERE in the top right hand corner of the screen. I guess the Grizz was expecting something more ornate and distinguished.
It’s hard to blame Sam for zoning out and ignoring Gilly, women right!? No but seriously, the entire audience is trying to zone out and ignore Gilly … ever since S2. There she is prattling on about windows, bowel movements, and the fact that JON SNOW ISN’T A BASTARD, which is basically the cornerstone of his identity. It will be a UGE moment when he finds this out, in what I presume will be an incredible scene in the S7 finale. After this reveal I read some recaps, listened to some podcasts, and talked to some friends that all think this makes Jon Snow (Tagaryen) the rightful heir to the Iron Throne … to the extent that laws of succession even matter in the current war torn climate of Westeros. I disagree though. Jon is the oldest male, and now it’s been proven that he’s “legitimate”. So he has a claim, but he doesn’t have the best claim. Jon’s father, Prince Rhaegar Targaryen, died before the Mad King did. Prince Rhaegar also dies before Jon was born. So after Rhaegar falls in battle at the Trident, the crown passes to his younger brother Viserys. Viserys was crowned at Dragonstone before Stannis assaulted the castle. Later, after they fled, Viserys names Daenerys his heir. Even if Viserys never officially “sat the Iron Throne”, wouldn’t the Kings last kid (Daenerys) come before the Kings grandkid (Jon)? I think GRRM made this intentionally vague and grey. I love the possibility that this could lead to a potential rift between Jon and Dany at some point. Ice Zombies versus Humanity is only so interesting. If/When the White Walkers are defeated; I think it would be fun if this story reverts back to a “human conflict”, Jon versus Daenerys. It fits with GRRM’s themes of “history repeats itself” and “humanity is its own worst enemy”, etc. GRRM has always been fascinated by what happens after the good guys win. I’d love a sad melancholy civil war in the series finale after the good guys “win”.
Drogon smells that Targaryen blood. He knows what’s up. He lets Jon pet him. It’s a fantastic scene. The dragon CGI has been phenomenal in the last two episodes … after the dragons spent the first three episodes of S7 as a glorified “crib mobile” dangling over Dragonstone.
Varys and Tyrion share a drink. They have a cool relationship. I like how freely they can speak to one another. This was the funniest scene in the episode … that’s right, it was better than “Crab Meat Viagra.” I like how Tyrion knows with 100% certainty that Varys already read the scroll (for Jon).
Jorah is back! Annnnnnnnnnd, he gone. It’s a really touching scene when Jorah first arrives at Dragonstone. These two have been together since the pilot, and he’s been through so much to get back to her. He captures a dwarf, contracts greyscale, gets captured by slavers, volunteers for the fighting pits, foils an assassination attempt on Daenerys, fights the Sons of the Harpy, tracks Daenerys back to Vaes Dothrak, travels to Oldtown for a greyscale cure, gets his skin sawed off, and then travels to Dragonstone. Now he’s finally by her side! Good! She could use the council, Tyrion has had mixed results, to put it kindly.
Then they devise one of the dumbest plans this show has ever come up with. They’re going to send some of the realms most important leaders (including a King) North of the Wall to extract a dead person, and then bring that dead person to Kings Landing in an effort to win an alliance with Cersei!? Who can’t be trusted, and doesn’t have an army anymore. It’s bafflingly dumb. Then on top of that, Jorah essentially volunteers to die, after he’s just been reunited with the only person he cares about. Equally head scratching is when Daenerys, despite having 100,000+ people at her disposal, lets him go!! Tyrion hands Jorah a coin for reason? And he’s like “bring it back to me” … which almost certainly means he’s not bringing it back. Then the music swells and Jorah gives Dany a heartfelt goodbye, except this time I feel nothing, absolutely nothing. It’s cheap and sloppy TV. At the 18 minute mark of the episode Daenerys is welcoming Jorah to Dragonstone, at the 27 minute mark he volunteers to capture a zombie (even though he’s never seen one), and then at the 46 minute mark Daenerys is telling Jorah goodbye (possibly forever). I like to think of someone trying to binge watch S7 in the future, who nods off when Jorah arrives, takes a quick 28 minute snooze, and wakes up to Jorah leaving … that person would assume they’ve slept through 2-3 episodes. But they’d be wrong. Jorah’s stay on Dragonstone is over quicker than Anthony Scaramucci’s stint as White House Communications Director. After Jorah leaves, you burn his bed sheets right? Just to be safe.
When he first arrives I like how Dany double-checks that he no longer has a deadly infectious disease before she goes in for the hug.
Jon finding out that Bran and Arya are still alive should have been more of a moment. Did the writers from Ballers and GoT swap writing assignments for one episode? Is there like a really bad ass episode of Ballers out there? One that’s uncharacteristically coherent, and dramatically rewarding. And Robb Corddry lets a witch burn his daughter at the end.
Kings Landing
Cersei is drinking for two! No but seriously, they’ve started at least two episodes this season where Cersei is having wine for breakfast. If you thought Joffrey was fun, imagine that personality with fetal alcohol syndrome … then you got a character! What will they name it!? Joffrey, Myrcella, and Tommen didn’t really follow any sort of pattern. But the Lannisters have a loooooong history with “T” names … Tybolt, Tygett, Tytos, Tywin, Tyrion, Tommen, etc. Yea, that’s what they’ll do; they’re definitely naming it Tywin if it’s a boy. But here’s the thing … it’s never being born. Maggy the Frog said Cersei will have three children, and the rest of her prophecy was spot on. So I find it hard to believe that Maggy’s math was off by one kid, prophetic witches are known for strong math skills. Miss Cleo went to MIT after all. So Cersei will either lose this kid, or even more likely, this ensures her imminent death … well, within the next six months or so, however far along she is. Some people have speculated that she’s lying about the kid. What is this the Days of our Lives? Jaime will already do WHATEVER she wants already, he’s pot committed at this point, zero reason to fake a pregnancy. Some people have speculated it’s not Jaime’s kid. What is this the Maury Povich show? This is ridiculous. The Red Keep is pretty empty after she blew up the Sept of Baelor and took the throne. Who would she have slept with? Euron? She clearly finds him repulsive. The gay banker guy from Braavos? Not likely. Qyburn? I assume he’s into dead people … they don’t talk … which means they don’t say “no”. Cersei is knocked up, and it’s Jaime’s, 100% certain … well, after the piss poor writing in this episode, I better knock that down to 98% certain.
Speaking of terrible writing, woof, where to begin? What exactly makes someone a good smuggler? Being able to operate a rowboat in broad daylight? You did it again Davos! You smooth son of a bitch. You found sand. How do you do it!? The idea that Tyrion, without a disguise, who’s the most wanted man in Westeros (he’s essentially Bid Laden walking around NYC in 2002) could sneak in and out of the Red Keep unmolested is the worst part of the episode. No, wait, the fact that they bent over backwards to reunite Jaime and Tyrion and then they only stay with the scene for one minute is the worst part of the episode. No, wait, the idea that CERSEI F##KING LANNISTER WOULD ALLOW HER BROTHER TYRION TO LEAVE KINGS LANDING WITHOUT CAPTURING OR KILLING HIM BETRAYS EVERYTHING WE KNOW ABOUT HER CHARACTER. Yea, that’s the worst part of the episode. She’d rather die than let him leave that castle … truly unimaginable.
Wow. Gendry is ready to go! He’s been warming up in the bull pen for three whole seasons, and he’s throwing nothing but fastballs. He’s distractingly hyper in his scenes … like they had Joe Dempsie snort a mirror full of uppers before the cameras started rolling. Slow it down spaz. The second we see the two gold cloaks you know they’re getting hammer smashed. I have to admit, the hammer deaths were pretty cool. And hey, if the hammer didn’t kill em, they were gonna die from food poisoning anyway. You don’t eat spoiled shellfish that’s been sitting out in the sun all day, off of a strangers boat. At least with the hammer they went out with some dignity (a warriors death), and not grimacing on a toilet.
I like the location! It looked cool in the credits, and in the show. I’m not sure why they couldn’t launch this expedition out of Castle Black? But I’m all about it, we only have nine episodes left (including this one), let’s stretch and explore as much of the map as possible! It was a little silly that they named this episode “Eastwatch” when we only spent four minutes there. But whatever, I suppose Eastwatch is better than what they should have called this episode, “Don’t Watch”. So here we are with our rag tag bunch of unlikely heroes, that all have a unique skill set, and a reason to distrust at least one other person within the group ... sigh … oh boy … did we just watch 65 hours (episodes) of buildup, for a super hero movie!?
Thoros – The Red Priest: Can bring people back from the dead, man bun
Beric – The Lightening Lord: Died six times, flaming sword
Gendry – The Bastard Blacksmith: Has a warhammer, new buzz cut
Sandor – The Hound: He’s mean with a sword, and even meaner with jokes
Tormund – The Bear Whisperer1 : Great personality & charisma, Leader of the Free Folk. Wait, is it worth it to risk him!?
Jon – The Prince that was Promised: Longclaw (Valyrian steel sword), pouty face, King in the North. Wait, is it worth it to risk him!? Jon and Tormund have thousands of lives they’re responsible for, this seems reckless.
Jorah – The Creeper: Likes younger chicks, and loose fitting shirts, has a coin from Tyrion
1 Tormund had sex with a bear in the books, or least that’s part of his legend, it could be a tall tale, or just a very hairy Wildling women. Oh, sure, like your worst sex partner is any better.
The Eastwatch Avengers – Survival Odds
  1. Jon Snow/Targaryen: 100% likely. “For his is the Song of Ice and Fire”. They just brought him back to life 15 episodes ago.
  2. The Hound: 90% likely. They just brought him back 10 episodes ago. Overwhelming fan favorite.
  3. Tormund: 80% likely. He’s the only window/vessel we have into the Wilding people at this point. There’s about 4,000ish Wildlings at Eastwatch, if memory serves. It would be a little sloppy to kill Tormund, and cast “New Tormund” for S8, just to get perspective from the Wildlings.
  4. Gendry: 50% likely. Did they bring him back to close a S3 plot loophole (when he last appeared), and get two episodes of warhammer action out of him? Or is he one of Jon’s buds at this point “in the wars to come”, similar to Ned and Robert, which they so heavy handedly explained to us? I don’t know. This one could go either way.
  5. Beric: 20% likely. He seems pretty dead. Not in the main cast. People not in the main cast have been dropping like flies in S7.
  6. Thoros: 10% likely. Not only is he probably a goner. They’ll likely kill him first!? Due to his ability to bring people back from the dead. So if he dies, it escalates the drama for the remaining characters.
  7. Jorah: 5% likely. Two emotional embraces with Daenerys. Tyrion gave him a coin and said to “bring it back”. He might as well have handed him a Death Certificate and said, “Here Jorah, just have someone fill in the cause of death when it happens, alright? See ya bro.”
8: Wildling Extras: 0% likely. I tried to freeze the entire party walking out of the tunnel. There’s about 0.5 seconds of screen time that shows six dudes carrying sleds & supplies for the seven guys with speaking parts. These guys are just six pieces of cannon fodder (stunt men) to use in cool death scenes, towards the beginning of the episode. You can’t kill Thoros in the first 12 mins. But you can kill Wilding Extra #4 in the first 12 mins.
Listen. I obviously have a ton of narrative complaints from this episode. But it’s certainly not the actors faults. As a matter of fact, the three Lannisters were so good that I almost believed the piss poor scripts they were reading. But I’m done complaining. Even the worst episodes of this show have significant strengths: the Roseroad hillside execution, Varys & Tyrion in the Dragonstone throne room, Jon petting Drogon, Littlefinger’s Arya trap, Jorah reuniting with Daenerys (even if it was later betrayed when he left), some of the Eastwatch stuff (specifically the Hound, Tormund, and the shot of everyone leaving), and Gendry Hammer Smash. About 40% of the episode was “decent to good”. And here’s the thing, everyone will totally forgive the other 60%, if they nail the penultimate episode and the finale. I believe they will do just that. We could look back at S6E5 with more respect later on, after some of the things they hastily setup in this episode are paid off.
Here’s another nice thing to consider. You’re probably sad that the season is 5/7’s over. Well, there’s another way of looking at it. The last two episodes are 70 and 80 minutes. Let me show you what I mean …
-Using Episode Count: 5/7: This season is 71.43% done.
-Using Minute Count: 290 / 440: This season is 65.9% done. We have more than 1/3 of the season left!
You’re Welcome
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2016.11.02 13:49 darrylthedudeWayne My idea for a sequel to Freddy Got Fingered

set 16 years after the events of the first film Gord Brody is found in a farmer's barn and has been unconsious for 13 years he awakens and sees the world has changed and he is trying to adjust as he becomes a detective. Meanwhile at an all girls school one of the students dies and a puking epidemic spreads through the school so one of the teachers (played by Lauren Cohan) calls to Gord for help wall Gord is also trying to restart his cartoonist career and from here insanity ensues.
Tom Green as Gord Brody
Rip Torn as Jim Bordy
Kurt Russell as The Farmer
Chloe Grace Moretz as the Farmer's Daugther
Steven Ogg as Steve (Gord's partner in justice)
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as Himself
Lauren Cohan as Mrs. Green (The teacher who calls for Gord's help and is his love interest in the film)
John Goodman as Thomas Bordy (Gord's Uncle)
Nikoli Coaster Waldu as Himself
Bencio Del Toro as Moses (the school janitor)
Joe Dempsie as Mickey O Rielly (an Irish handycap michanic who Gord befriends)
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'They didn't appreciate the fun we were having ... The First Time with Maisie Williams & Sophie Turner - YouTube NICK HOULT REVEALS ABUSIVE GAY RELATIONSHIP Game Of Thrones: The Cast On Their Favorite Scenes, First ... Arya X Gendry  Partners In Crime  Game Of Thrones Joe Dempsie Clearasil Voice Over 1 Joe Dempsie & Karima McAdams get VERY flirty during ... Amazing Facts About Joe Dempsie (Gendry) Networth, Movies, Height, Girlfriend Game of Thrones: The Real-Life Couples of Winterfell ... My First Job: Karima McAdams

Joe Dempsie: 11 facts about the Game of Thrones star you ...

  1. 'They didn't appreciate the fun we were having ...
  2. The First Time with Maisie Williams & Sophie Turner - YouTube
  4. Game Of Thrones: The Cast On Their Favorite Scenes, First ...
  5. Arya X Gendry Partners In Crime Game Of Thrones
  6. Joe Dempsie Clearasil Voice Over 1
  7. Joe Dempsie & Karima McAdams get VERY flirty during ...
  8. Amazing Facts About Joe Dempsie (Gendry) Networth, Movies, Height, Girlfriend
  9. Game of Thrones: The Real-Life Couples of Winterfell ...
  10. My First Job: Karima McAdams

Can they just never stop, please? Part 2: Watch Real Life Couples of Game of Thrones in our video! Here's the breakdown of GOT Stark family real-life partners. Find out surprising facts about Game of... Partners in Crime (Ft. Ash Costello) Artist Set It Off; Album ... Joe Dempsie On Gendry & Arya In 'Game Of Thrones' The Interrogation Room PopBuzz Meets - Duration: 7:14. Nick Hoult from 'About a Boy' talks to Holy Moly on the BAFTA red carpet and confesses the painful abuse he suffered at the hands of his Skins co-star, and sometime lover Joseph Dempsie. Joe voice over for clearasil. 'Game of Thrones' stars Maisie Williams and Joe Dempsie Blinkbox and Digital Spy panel Q&A: Part 1 - Duration: 3:59. Digital Spy 25,984 views Joe Dempsie & Karima McAdams on Deep State Season 2 - Duration: 10:01. HeyUGuys 9,845 views. 10:01 'Game of Thrones' Cast Play Theme Tune On A Kazoo In 'The BIG GOT Pub Quiz' ... The cast of Game of Thrones including Maisie Williams (Arya Stark), Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark), Iain Glen (Jorah Mormont), Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lann... Maisie Williams & Sophie Turner on the first time they met, getting matching tattoos, having 'Game of Thrones' sleepovers and more. Subscribe to Rolling Ston... Joe Dempsie & Karima McAdams got VERY flirty and hands on whilst talking about all things Deep State Season 2!! The pair play spies who fall in love (but als... Joseph Maxwell Dempsie (born 22 June 1987) is an English actor, best known for the roles of Chris Miles in the E4 teen comedy-drama Skins (2007–2008) and Gendry in Game of Thrones (2011-2013 ...